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The Power of The Will

September 30th, 2016

Life has gifted us with certain tools to confront the changing fortunes of our lives here on earth. This earth medium is one of change. There is no fixity in matter. All things change. Interestingly they change according to the whims of man.

Creation has done its part. It did its part when man was created as a sentient being. It is now up to you to finish the great work of creation. At least as it concerns you and the sphere of influence under your control. And this sphere may be your home and family or work and society as a whole. It really doesn’t matter where or what the field of action is.

The main point here is as Blake put it longtime ago: “nature without man is naught”. You are useful. You are useful to life. In fact in all honesty you are a subset of the divine will. It is designed to work through you to manifest its glory over all creation.

That is how important you are to life. And more so why you were endowed at birth with this power of the will. To do what? To bring to bear the volition of your desires to bare upon the changing scenery of matter. And thus establish supremacy overall.

So here is the task; stop complaining and go to work. Go to work within the inner faculties of your being. Will what you desire and want out of life into being. Yes, it may take while. We are only beginners. That is so . It is the plan. But begin nonetheless.

Quit playing the victim card and go into the inner reaches of who you are and begin to fashion out the world as you have conceived it to be. And with the scared touch of your father who art in heaven it will be as you have conceived with time. And at long last you too will come into the perfect understanding that you are a co creator of this reality called life.

It cannot be learned in any other way. There is help aplenty for one who dares to jump into the arena. In no time will you be raised from an apprentice of the art to a master. A master of the surging currents of creation streaming incessantly within you.

This my friend is the reason we are alive; to come to the full awareness of who we are co agents of the creation here, now and in all eternity. Take this to heart, dear reader. Make this day to count for something.

Yours in total success,


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A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

September 29th, 2016

Indeed a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. All life is change. In other words there is no fixity in our circumstances. Life is a continous flow of cosmic energy manifested in our circumstances. Some circumstances are pleasant and welcome by us. Others are not.

In fact more often than not we look at the unpleasant circumstances as a challenge; a crisis of sorts. This is generally because we are not aware of the fact that we, in one way or the other opened the door for this to be made real in our lives.

Anyway, the point here is all things that happen to us do so for our ultimate good. The underlying energy of all life is good. It is meant to sustain, improve and elevate us into a higher realization and knowingness of who we truly ARE. This is why we should look unto every crises or unwelcomed change as an opportunity to be improved and self edified.

It does not matter what it is. Find a way to transform the energy contained within the event or circumstance into something positive and uplifting for one and all. Now you will have to try this to believe it. But it is as real as can be if we do the work.

And the work is to be alert to the energy streams that wash over you at all times. Being this alert you will retain control of the energetic outpours coming from you. Be alert to this as well and you will begin to understand the subtle energetic influences of your life and how they affect you. And in doing so you will have the opportunity of recalibrating these influence.

You do so simply by using the energy of the unwanted to fuel the wanted. Not doing so, the energy ingrained in the unwanted circumstances will be left unexploited. It will revert back to where it came from and thus leave us weakened.

Remember all events and circumstances, the good, the bad and the ugly are fundamentally powered by an energetic vortex which is the creative juice of all life. Do not let it go to waste. Mine this cosmic juice in all that happens in your life and use it to go higher and higher. For life; all of life is meant to sustain and prosper you.

Yours in total success,


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The Golden Gift’s Of Life’s Moments

December 21st, 2015

Every moment is a golden moment. Every moment is a creative opportunity. This is why life is golden. There is no other gift that will ever surpass the gift of life that we presently enjoy.

The reason we are not so conscious of this gift is because we are oftentimes overwhelmed by the energies of the challenges we normally face in life. And this is ofcourse due to our not having understood who we are in essence and what power we have as Human Beings.

Our every step or action in life is a creative opportunity. Not many people view it as such. But it will be a good thing to begin to practice this salient art of mindfulness.

Every thought, every imagining, every attitude and every expectation that you harbor in the course of your day or night is the silent force that secretly molds your life experience. And this is not up for negotiation.

We have been told and schooled to view life in the framework of the Past, Present and Future. And this is an untruth. There is nothing like this in the truest sense.

You are now your past and your future is now you. It is all always now, in this moment, that we constantly work with the energies of our own creation to fashion out the experiences we desire to live through.

Being active here and now and consciously harnessing and molding the currents of the lives we intend to live we create our so called future.

So here is a great tip for you dear reader:
Live consciously. How? By being awake in the present. We do so by simply using or viewing every moment of our life as a give and take mechanism.

Here we give up what we do not want for what we want. This is done in thought and feeling; using the imaginative power of your higher self carve out the new edifice of the person you desire to become.

By so doing you will take control of the building blocks of the  imagined edifice that is you. Now, sculpt as a sculptor would to bring out the beauty of the edifice that is yours to erect.

Here in has been released a great secret for the edification of your soul purpose.

Be well and moreso be at work. Make this life count for something.

Yours in total success


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The Power of the “I AM”

March 13th, 2014

We postulate that which we become. Life is an exact mirror of our postulates. What you assume to be true remains your truth. Life is a subjective reality; to each his or her own.

Now, if you desire to become wealthy, for example, you will have to BE wealthy; note that you will not be required to have wealth to become wealthy. You will only be required to “BE WEALTHY”. To be wealthy is a state of being. And you can capture this state of being by the postulates that run through your mind.

What you affirm through the “I AM “is what life will give back to you. It will confirm your affirmations. That is its job. It is to firm up your circumstances so that they will align with your convictions and affirmations.

You always “are”. There is no way you will “be” not.

Now, are you what you want to “Be “or not; and if not, why?

Well, here is a suggestion. Figure out for yourself what you desire or want. Now, BE IT. How; by holding it in your being as if it already is.

The BEING state is more important in life than the HAVING state. We have somehow gotten this twisted overtime. BE IT and you will HAVE IT. This is a law.

So here: what do you want to become. Or better still who do you say you are?

Answer: I am……..???(Please complete.)

It is your life BE what you want. More later.

Yours in total success,


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How your Habits Control your Destiny: 5 Ways

August 3rd, 2009

Fight the cravings of your habits...The major obstacle to overcome by all who strive to succeed is the tyranny of one’s habits. They sneak up on you and become your life routines.

These routines control the pattern of your actions. And your actions are the raw materials of the castle of the life you build.

Take charge of your habits. You are a creature of habit. You are wired this way. The secret therefore is to create habits that serve you.

This is where the challenge is. Now, to overcome this challenge, here are some interesting facts about your habits and how you can break them:

1. Habits are the product of your belief.

Your habits are the outcomes of what you belief. Belief is a powerful force in life. It will shape what you do and what you do repeatedly will create a habit.

2. You can belief anything you want.

You are free to belief in anything you want. This is real power. If your habits are not working for you start by changing your beliefs and all will change with it.

3. Your habits are the embodiment of your dreams.

Your habits are the clothes you wear on your dreams. If you cherish your dream you will dress it up nicely. You will develop excellent habits to nourish the dream. You dress your dream by your attitude and actions in regards to the dream.

4. Your goals determine your routines in life.

Your routines in life are determined by your goals. Your goals are the most important and  most powerful aspect of your life not your habits.

5. You change your habits by changing your goals.

To change your habits be they good or bad change your goals.This is how powerful you are. Change your goal and commit to this new goal and your routines will change.

Now most people think you have to change your habits to create successful change in your life. This is a wrong and long way. It doesn’t work that way.

You are  a creature that thrives on incentives. Gain and self benefit is the emotion that will set you on course. In order to stimulate this natural trait in you develop incentives yourself. Create incentives with a worthwhile goal that you desire. And your universe will recalibrate itself to serve the purpose that you have designed for your life.

This is the way to break through your stifling habits and create the life of your desires.

Yours in total success,


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Tommorow is Here, Now - Make the Best of it Now

August 2nd, 2009

Be now what you want...confidentlyIt is easy to understand that your present creates your future. It sounds nice to the ears.

This is one of the puzzles of human life. We know that we create our future out of our present actions yet we continue to act in the present as if the future does not exist or matter.

To change your life, change your present. To change your present, change the way you think about the present. This shift in attitude is all that is necessary to set the ball rolling in the direction of your future.

You see, your thoughts, attitudes, expectation and feelings in this moment of your life is an investment. It is as if you are sowing seeds in the garden of time. A garden already tilled by nature.

This now,this capsule of time in which you now exist is like a river. It flows through towards the future. It is not you who flows towards the future. You are unchanged. Time, the past, the present and the future revolves around you. It revolves around your sun - the power of your attention.

As this time capsule revolves around you it drops its cargo according to your command. You command it to drop its cargo by the power of your attention. It is as if you shine your light upon that which you desire and give it the nod to be in your reality.

And so all is here. You loose your power when you think of tomorrow as separated from now. If you desire to be a thing in the future, be it now; first in your mind and when tomorrow comes  it will meet you where you are today, here and now.

Tomorrow is here. In fact all is here and now. Now, what do you want or desire? Be it now. Claim it for yourself no matter the evidence of your circumstances.

Yours in total success,


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The Supremacy of Desire in Creating your Successful Life

July 5th, 2009

Desire the nectar of life and you will find lasting success.Desire is the supreme force of success in your life. You cannot succeed without a desire to succeed. You must be hungry for the thing you seek to accomplish it.

If you are not where you want to be in life it is because you have not desired it. You may have wished it upon yourself but you have not desired it.

Cultivate the desire for the things you wish to see in your world and you will be moved to accomplish them. You are a cause factor in your life; an effect creating machine.

Here are 3 quick reasons why desire is the most important factor if you long for a life of total success:

1. Desire begins the process of self transformation and revitalization.

Without desire you will become the victim of the forces of inertia. No one can help you when you you have not decided to help yourself. You help yourself by longing for something other than what now gives in your life. By longing for something that you now do not have you create a cosmic vacuum of sorts. You create a receptacle that will soon be filled by the demands you have placed upon life.

2. Belief is not a prerequisite in desiring.

Desire is an active emotional response to the lack you have experienced in your life. Belief is not necessary to desire something. By longing, you lay the foundation of the new circumstances that you intend to create. Desire, seek different experiences if you are not satisfied with what now is. The government of your life lies squarely on your shoulders.

3. Desire triggers your imaginative power.

All that has been accomplished in your life begins in your imagination. An active imagination when properly harnessed is unstoppable. When you desire you jump start the imaginative powers in your life. And by awakening your imagination you directly tap into the indomitable force of life to fulfill your needs.

Now, you will meet with challenges on your journey towards success. This is a given. What is also a given is that with your desire to renew the circumstances of your life you will succeed.

You see Your desires if strong enough will create strong intentions. Intentions when strong enough will create goals. And goals are the golden pieces of a successful life.

You are the maker of your destiny. This is because you have the right to desire anything. Just to desire it is the beginning of a successful life.

Remember you do not have to belief yourself here. Just begin the process. All your difficulties are an orderly mess waiting to be orderly untangled by the solutions you provide. Your desire to change these circumstances is the starting point.

Don’t wait a day. Fate or destiny is a farce. You can carve out the life you want to live by desiring it.

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Yours in total success,


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Direct the Flow of your Life Power - 3 Tips

June 23rd, 2009

The power of life runs through you.You have been given this body and the senses for a reason. It is to be a life. To sense the force of life as it flows through you.

Do not waste this opportunity. Seek ways to sharpen your focus on the life current that flows through you.

You see, in crises situations you panic and loose your cool over the direction of your life.Times are hard and challenging no one is denying that.

But you have the power to experience the current that is flowing through you now. You can redirect this current to be in harmony with where you want your life to be and it will be so.

The power is in your hands.

Here are 3 simple tips to recondition and redirect the flow of your life power and succeed in all you do:

1. Be present.

Learn to be in the moment. There is so much to enjoy in your life. There is so much around you that can stimulate emotions of gratitude and joy in your life right now. But you have to be present to experience these.

2. Do not take things for granted.

Take time out despite your troubles to feel your way around. Look into the eyes of the people around you. See how they react to the energy of things that happen to them. Feel the pace of your breath. Take out some quiet time for yourself and just be. Watch the birds or a flower in bloom. Become involved with life.

3. It is OK to fail.

Yes, it really is. The catch is not to stay with your failures. Try again. Take a pause from where you have been but try again. The hurt you feel in failure is the cry of rejected energies. Recollect these energies and redirect them towards a new goal. Something went wrong that can be fixed. Sort this out and set sail anew.

You were given the privilege of life because you were judged fit for life. Do not judge yourself otherwise. You deserve to be here in this time. You were created with the the tools necessary to create a life of fulfilling happiness and total success.

Be awake. Seek the perfected life. The body and the senses were given to you in order that you might experience the fruits of your creations.

Seek what you want. Set the goals of the life you wish to live. Marshall the power and energy needed to power your vision from within. Harness your thoughts and feelings to serve the purpose of your life and you shall succeed.

Discipline is required. Be steady in all your ways and your days will reflect the calm resolve needed to bring all your wishes to reality.

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Yours in total success,


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Reclaim your Authentic Power in Life and Succeed

June 22nd, 2009

Weave the tapestry of your unique life.You live in a world hastily pieced together by the powers that be to maintain the peace. Conventional wisdom has always been a flawed paradigm for change.

The leadership of the world operates from a platform of crisis management.

They think they have the solutions to the ” impending doom ” of the rank and files of society. It is this conception that allows them to lord it over the unsuspecting masses of the world.

This is the arrogance of privilege and power. Your lives depend on the unlimited supply of providence. Do not rely on man or any association of men for your supply. Let sleeping dogs lie.

It is easy to be caught up in the patronizing gestures of the power of society. You are not a crises, never was meant to be. You are in this moment in a harmonic dance of sorts. It is you who listens to the music. Dance according to the tunes you hear.

Step on the floor of life with the audacity and conviction of the drumbeats within you. Don’t buy into the false doctrine of gloom and doom. Such a perspective will make you loose your authentic power.

Reclaim your power from the social realm. Governments and all external authorities exist because of you. They exists because of the power you have given to them. If you deny them this power they will not exist.

The false display of chaos is the cover needed to usurp your right to self determination. All power maniacs know this. They have mastered the art of crises creation and maintenance for their own benefit.

So be it.

Now, here are 4 quick tips to free you from the suffocating grip of the social power:

1. Be authentic

Copy cats are nothing but social parasites. They do not have the capacity to survive in the long run. Live the free life. Free to be who you are.

2. Exercise patience in your endeavors.

The desire for quick and easy games is the downfall of many. Time is needed to birth out your manifestations. It is a natural law. Work with that.

3. Do not be afraid of death.

Your fear of death is infantile. There is nothing as certain as your eventual demise. Embrace it in your life. It will put things in perspective for you.

4. Embrace the urgency of now.

Procrastination will leave you open and defenseless to the corrupt morals of society. Act and act now. Seize the opportunity of the present and march towards your goals.

There is more but time will tell. There is an epic battle in all the worlds. It is the battle of the unlimited inner forces of life and the limited external forces of man.

You were created and given dominion over all things. Guard this privilege with the ferocity of one whose life is in danger. And it really is…that is when you do not act accordingly.

You can create create the life of your dreams if you know how.

Yours in total success,


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Develop the Stamina of Success: 3 Quick Tips

May 21st, 2009

You are uniqueIn times of great change ideas abound. You may be tempted to fall for the criticism of your peers and give up your dream.

This is why people fail. They do not have the stamina to live out the reality of their own creation.

They are fickle and finicky. They switch sides with the passing winds of time. They do not wait enough to activate the receiving power of their lives. And so they fail.

Here are 3 simple tricks to keep you on course in difficult times:

1. Be humble.

Humility is not a simple discipline. People think they know everything. Flee from this attitude. Stay poised only in the desires of your heart. Do not resist the opinions others have about you. It is only you and your ideal that matters to life. Don’t go into a fight or argument about who you are. You and your opinion of yourself are the only thing that matters.

2. Stand tall with your convictions.

The designs of your heart are filled with an energy not from this realm. Nothing that stirs your heartstrings is purposeless in this world. Embrace your dream with authority and certainty. You would not dream it if it was not possible to accomplish it.

3. Act according to your inner direction.

Use your time wisely. Do only what you have judged right. Let the naysayers bask in their creations. Be certain only of who you are and the direction of your journey.

The journey of your life is full of turns and twists. It is full of blind spots. Let your inner compass guide you to your true north. Not the false north of society but the true longing and desires of your heart. Stay true to who you have deemed your purpose to be. Time will tell. Let it be the judge not man or circumstance.

Nothing has ever been created by a wavering mind. Be still in the conceptions of your heart and all shall come to pass in due time.

Yours in total success,


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