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The Cosmic Use of Time

November 17th, 2015

There is a rhythm to life dictated by time. Sunrise and sunset are natural calibrations of time. They provide us with a space and time reality upon which to experience life, at least in this realm.

Man is but a blob of energetic patterns maintained by vibrational pulls that he is open to. And so is he motored into action daily;creating the experiences which he lives through. There are no mysteries.

At sunrise there is the energy vortex of dawn.The invigorating rays of the morning sun is but a pale reflection of the life giving influxes of the lifepower that is coming our way. No wonder we feel invigorated and refreshed at this time; ready to tackle what lies before us.

At sunset the invigorating energies of dawn are replaced by the dissipation of the active rays of life. Thus the feeling of tiredness and the desire to gradually wind down to sleep or some sort of inactivity.

To use time in a well meaning manner, it is wise to use this natural calibration to the best of our advantage; to further our life’s goals and pursue the passions of our hearts.

So, here are three universal precepts that you can use to efficiently pull from the cosmic gift of time:

1. Rise early.

Rise up early and do so daily. Pray or meditate upon waking. Go within in whatever way you can or know how and receive. Life is a giving force. When we pray in the right way or meditate or go into the silence we actualize the gift that is coming to us. And thus strengthened, we are ready to meet our day. There is provision for all seasons.

2. Fully activate your day.

Do all you have agreed for that day and do them fully with the means at hand. Do not judge yourself or your efforts. Work earnestly for your upkeep and those that depend on you. Work is worship. It is the worship of the Divine, present in all life. If of able body and or mind do not hesitate to fend for yourself and earn your daily keep. Avoid sloth and idleness as if it is a plague.

3. Retire early.

Early to rise and early to bed is not just an age old saying. There is a profound truth in that statement which when mined will yield jewels of wisdom to you. As the life giving rays of the sun retreat, so too must you find a way to call off the day and retreat into your own sanctuary.
This is for your good. Weakened by the toils of the day, man is at his weakest at dusk. Having expended the invigorating energy influxes of dawn, he is now vulnerable and so to survive, he must go back to the source power; whatever it is for you. Use this time to re calibrate and recenter your self. Call in the horses and take a little time out to recenter as you go to sleep.

There is a whole lot more that can be said about this process. I have only scratched at the surface here. It is important to rethink our cosmic use of time as we continue to dive deep into this new age. Technology is a good thing but it can become a bad thing if we do not rein it in to harmonize with our natural cosmic disposition.

Practice these tenets for a while and see what happens in your life. The universe is structured and ordered to follow Law. Not the law of man but the law of life. It will do us good to be obedient and concordant with it’s sacred rhythm if we are to make any good of it.

Yours in total success,


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The Cosmic Tug of Time.

March 13th, 2014

There is a constant battle that rages on in the life of all. And it is between the pull of our past and the pull our future. This war rages on constantly in our present. It shows in our choices and circumstances.

Your past is nothing but a record of where you have been. Yet it is powerful enough to determine where and how far you can go. If you do nothing it will create the foundation of all that will happen in your so call future. In fact it will replay and recreate the same scenes of yesteryears.

This is fine if you are happy with what gives. However, if you are not then we have a different issue.
And it is to free you from the energy imprints of the past. You can do this my recreating new energy imprints today. This here is the challenge and one that is difficult for most of us.

No problem. Here is a suggestion: just be you. How? Be authentic; simple but powerful. Doing so frees you from the power of convention. Doing things your way will allow you to become creative. Becoming creative is the gateway to Soul Artistry.

It is this artistry of the soul that can show you how you can again harness the power of the present to mold the outcomes of your tomorrow.

Life is sufficient to itself you included. Avoid the bustle of the masses and the pressures of convention. Listen to your heart. And with time its sacred song of redemption will burst forth like a morning spring.

And you will know.

Yours in total success,


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The Falsehood of Time

June 8th, 2012

What locks you in the falsehood of life is the illusion of time. You see, you do not know that time does not exist. It is actually a falsehood that life has placed on our way to help us situate ourselves here until such a time when we can discern the pure truth for ourselves.

It is common knowledge that we live in a past, present and future continuum. That is to say that our time is divided into three compartments.This again is not true, time is not linear, in fact there is no past or the future. These are creations of our mind.

All is now. The reason you create the past is because of your actions. In other words by positing and acting you create an impression in the mind of that spent energy. It is this realization of the spent energies of your actions which is called the past.

And of course the now, at this moment, you are spending energy and so this moment is called the present because you are actively spending the cosmic energy of life. This is why the future is revered because we see in it a reserve of unspent energy.

Life is nothing but a sea of energy in which we have our being. By spending this energy of life we create what is called the past and looking forward to the unspent reserve of energy in and around us we talk of the future.

I say this to say that there is no reason to focus on your spent energies. This is likened to living in the past, meaning that you are living on the wasted field of spent cosmic energies. The ideal is to live in the now, where the swirling energies of life are present for you to form out as you have envisioned.

You see, the future does not exist unless when impressed upon by the active projections of your mind and vision. In other words nothing is yet formed in the unformed realm of life. Those that are trained amongst you understand this. They move into the future with the audacity and confidence of one who knows that the world is his for the taking.

One of the reason people fear in life is simply because they do not know that they have the power to shape and mold the large untapped reserves of energy streams that surrounds them at all times.

You see, they look at life as a static, linear phenomenon. They take the indexes of the present as their starting point in life and projects these to the untouched realms of life calling it the future.

The future does not exist. All you can do is shape what is to come by acting now in the way you want to be tomorrow. This is a great liberating truth. You can determine what tomorrow is going to be by acting it out now. Isn’t this liberating?

I think it is. The problem is that we are passive spiritually speaking. It is as if we are asleep.

Take for example, one who has been sick all his life. He knows nothing but sickness in his life. Such a one will have a hard time thinking that he can create a future of sound health in his life. Why so? Because he does not have the will and imaginative power to envision a healthy life going forward.

This is because he is energetically stuck within the designs of sickness that has engulfed him all through. For such a one, a quick and thorough realignment of his spiritual energies is required for him to quit thinking and creating more sick days of his life. It is easy; the problem is that he may have become accustomed to sickness as a way of being.

You were created to be a mini God. In other words, you were created and given life on this earth so that you can come to the quick realization of who you are and of your true powers as a child of God. You will be of no use to any one feeling victimized by life because no one has made you a victim but yourself. Life does not create victims.

At this very moment you can begin to free yourself from the prison of the past and embrace the now which is where you are always going to be. In other words the now, this cosmic magical moment here and now is where you are always going to be.

This again is because you are the constant in the equation of life.You are the sun of the universe you inhabit. All other things including your physical body are nothing but temporal creations meant to serve you in your journey here below.

So, do not lend any more of your precious “force vitale” to the the dead scenery of the field of your spent energies. To do so will give them the revitalizing power to become present in your life. Stay focused my friends, in the eternal presence of the now.

Here, sow the seeds of the harvests that you expect in your days as the forward moving forces of life continue to reveal itself to you.

You were not created to be a victim of time. You were created to come to the full realization of yourself as one with the omnipotent power of creation. Stay true to the inner whisperings of your spirit. Do not be shy, be bold. Move majestically into the castles and mansions of your heart. Live the life you will, all is possible.

You are not an error of creation. The power that started it all is here with you as you navigate the contours of your cosmic journey. It shall see you through.

It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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Time and your Total Success in Life

May 21st, 2012

You have been trained by popular culture to dissociate yourself from the natural cycles of life. And this is the reason for the feelings of despair and unhappiness that hangs over the head of the race as would a dark cloud.

It is possible to be genuinely happy irrespective of circumstance. And it is only when you can be happy irrespective of your station that you can claim to be a total success in this life.

Many seek the gains of the material world thinking that this alone is the gateway to paradise only to find at the end of their journey that it was all a waste of time. It is doubly hard for those who have sacrificed heart and soul for the promise of gold and silver for the pain and disillusionment is even greater.

It is this that led the the Nazarene to ask: what use is it to gain the world and loose your soul. And that man shall not live by bread alone.

Let me go back to the illusion of time for a moment here. All of life has been programmed to work through life cycles established by cosmic intelligence.

There is the sunrise and sunset, there is the full moon and the new moon and there is the revolution of the earth around the sun. These are natural cycles that has been programmed by creation. All living bodies in this world are configured to respect and abide by this natural rhythm of life if they are to find peace and harmony in their lives.

In other words, creation manifested itself here as days, moons and seasons for a reason. Now, most of us do not dance to this rhythm of life. We do not sleep when it is sundown and do not wake up when it is sunrise. We have created the week out of the time slot between sunrise and sunset which has now been programmed into your mind as a work week with a weekend to boot.

Within this natural rhythm of life rests the recuperative and restorative agents necessary to renew and regenerate life at every turn.There is a give and take pattern embedded in the system that allows life to sustain itself no matter what has happened.

Now, you are also under the influence of these cycles of life no matter what you think. Your life energies are being perpetually reconfigured and rebalanced as is necessary by the cosmic forces of life to sustain and nurture you in your journey no matter what has happened.

The problem is; not being aware of the invisible hand of life we feel and think we are alone. It is this feeling of aloness that creates despair in our lives. And in the depths of our despair it is easy for us to give up the fight and natural desire to align with the life force coursing through us. It is easy in such times to embrace the-anything-goes mentality.

Remember that you are not an accident. Life does not create accidents. Everything including you is in the grasp of a greater factor or force in this life. And this force is the force of love; a love of life for life’s sake and nothing else.

I say all this to say that you should hold fast and maintain your spiritual poise in the midst of the challenges of your life. Life is life. It does not depend on your station here below.

Times are hard and challenging, no one denies that. Do not despair for change is in the making. Life knows how to recharge and self rejuvenate despite all.

Seek instead to maintain the harmony of mind that is necessary to weather the storm sof your days. You will notice in due time that the challenges will begin to by themselves unravel.

It is not that you do nothing. It is simply that you act with the understanding that whatever challenges comes your way can be overcome not by frantically chasing the things away but by calmly reasserting your power over them.

Pull the curtain over the scenes of the life you do not want in your life. You may have failed but your are not a failure. Learn to differentiate your actions from you as the actor. Develop the poise and stamina necessary to weather the storm and you shall be alright after all.

Discern the illusion of time and its influence in your days. Know that there is a season for everything as was said in the old; And if your faith be strong as was foretold by the ancient prophets you can tell any mountain in your life to move and it shall be so.

And in the instance where it refuses to move you can indeed move away from it.

Anything that comes into your life will go out of your life if you do not want it there. You are not condemned to entertain situations and circumstances that are not in the realm of what you have dreamt of.

Do not be impatient, work within the cycles of your natural life. Take defeat or failure with the assurance that they too shall pass. Not because your are idly standing by; no, it is simply because you know that you have the power to create the change you desire and are willing to do so .

Here in lies your power. It is the reason you can sleep while the wind blows; for busy in the workshop of the upper rooms of your life all shall be well in due time.

Let time become your friend. There is enough to worry about as it is, there is no use complicating what is already complicated.

Yours in total success,


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Be Present in the Now to Succeed in Your Life

April 12th, 2012

Let bygones be bygones. You have often been told. This is not just another proverb or saying of the times. It carries with it the deep wisdom of the universe. It is a perfect tool to get you centered again in the truth of who you are.

Time is linear in the modern concept of today. We have the past, the present and the future clearly demarcated for our common use. The problem is we have a tendency to hold on to the past as if it is a separate entity in itself. The same is true of the future.

The tragedy is that in doing so we forget about the present time. The present, which is where you are here and now is the cornerstone of our life experience. The past was once a present and the future was the present before it transitioned into the future. So, if anything, focus on the nows of the life you have in order to control or at least give some direction and sense to the life you are living.

The reason for this is because if you focus on the past in your life you will not be able to be mindful of the things that are in your present; in doing so your unattended present will roll over into your future undefined by you. This is why it will always seem as if you are spinning your wheels on the same spot when you are trying to change things for yourself by dwelling on the past.

The solution is not to focus on the past or the future for that matter but to be here and now in this present moment . Here are a few tips to help you become centered in the present and get the job done:

1. Firmly plant your energies in the fertile unspoiled fields of the present.

Your attention is all you have. If you focus it on the present it will allow you to see what needs to be done and set you on the path of getting it done.

2. Act and do so now.

Do something now; anything to move you towards your goal. It is not the size of what you do that matters but the idea of being active in the garden of your life.

3. Forgive yourself and others.

What ties you to the past despite your effort is un forgiveness. Forgive yourself and all others for their actions whatever it is. Just forgive. Let it go instantly. You want to free the powerhouse of your attention at all time so that it will do the work that needs doing.

4. Do not be afraid to fail.

The fear of failure is man’s suicide. I do not know where this fear of failing came from. You are meant to fail because you learn best through your own mistakes. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. This will cause you to be stuck in a time warp. You need to set yourself free. Come down from your high horse and get your hands dirty.

5. Let it be fun.

Don’t take yourself too seriously now. Life is more than that. Have fun, be light about the process. Nothing is that important to have you walking around all uptight as if the universe is about to crumble. Have fun, be light in your temperament and go about your business.

This life we have is a mystery only because you want it to be. Nothing is hidden or a secret. All you have to do is to bring to bear the power that is in you on the challenges that you are facing. That is it. If you do so you will find success beyond measure.

The idea is to wake up every morning with the will and desire to claim your day and make it work for you. It is your day! Life is created to serve you and not the other way around; to do so you must be present in this present time. Summon the powers of all that you are and begin to cross out those challenges that you may have on your to do list.

Consider your attention as one would an electrical current. It is energy in its purest form. Shine this light on your present and you will find the keys to your future success.

All is in the present. It is the repository of your past and the seed bed of all that will happen in your future. Take up the challenge to be more present in your present and you will rediscover your true might and power in no time.

Yours in total success,


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The Urgency of Now- A Secret Key to your Success in Life.

March 3rd, 2012

Time is the greatest illusion to the trained eye. It does not exist as a matter of fact. And this will be dealt with in another post. There is a common agreement that time has three components which I will cite here: the past, the present and the future.

Ordinarily we are thought to look at the events of our days through these prisms. The problem is that time does not distinguish itself as such. It is us who with our imperfect understanding of things have chosen to divide time as such.

What is hidden behind this concept is the idea of change. Everything changes and so to qualify and quantify this change man invented time so to speak.

How does this affect you in your journey to a successful life? All things are changing as you must have now known. It is not time that creates this change. It is but your perception o what reality is for you.

Time to be sure can be likened to a river that flows continuously to an ocean. The waters of this river cannot be separated into the parts so to speak. All is fluid.

All you need to do when you seek to create success is to understand and master the urgency of this present moment. Everything exists now. The things that were done yesterday and the things that will happen to you tomorrow are all here in this present. They are here with you, waiting only for you to act on them so to speak, to give them direction.

You are never helpless in life. The system has been created to favor you.

If you ask a man how he is doing, he may rush on to say for example, that things are not good. And if you push him a little, he may rush to say it will get better. He projects his hope for a better life to the future. In other words he removes the possibility of the thing wished for happening now in his life; and pushes that to a far flung undefined time in the so called future.

This is where there is trouble. It is the reason that you have not found the success that you are always dreaming of.

In this moment, this here, this now, is all that is to happen in your life. This world of potentialities is compressed into the magnetic field that you represent.

The greatest secret is that this field is very sensitive to your inputs at all times. It changes constantly to reflect your moods, thoughts, imaginations, expectations, fears and so on.

And it continuously configures itself almost instantaneously to fit the energy impulses that you constantly generate. Anyway enough of this.

So, if you want to be healthy for example, you say: I am healthy. You do not say I will be healthy tomorrow. You say you are healthy now!

This is a great practice for those who succeed in life. They are actively present in the now of their own lives. They actively so sow the seeds of what they reap in their experiences.

Master the fierce urgency of this moment. Draw in all your troops back to the base - this present moment. And abracadabra, put forth what you desire withe the force and conviction of the living man or woman that you are.

“Let there be light…let there be day…”  it is said in holy books. The creator did not say there will be light tomorrow. It was “…Let there be light!!! It did not say that there will be light tomorrow. It pronounced light into existence and beheld that it is good.

And you too can. Do not understestimate yourself or your creative prowess. You and the creative impulse of  all life are one.

So, here are a few tips to help you harness the power of your present and succeed in all you do:

1. Proclaim that you are what you want now.

Proclaim the thing that you desire as here now; even if the thing is not physically present. Assume that you are it. Walk as if you are it. Talk as if you are it. Do it now.

2. Control your imagination.

Keep a short leash on your imaginative wanderings. See in there only the image of you as you have proclaimed.

3. Act not from what gives in your life.

Act now from the energetic platform of what you have declared of your circumstances. Don’t pay any attention to what is going on now in your life. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what happens from here on. And this you now is under your absolute control.

Now, life has an intelligence which is beyond your understanding. Do your part and it will do its part. You were bonded to this intelligence when you came to life and the power is still here. It is with you.

Do not seek normalcy. Profess, proclaim and permit what you desire to come to you and your experiences will adjust accordingly and instantly.

This is the magic of the universe. It is the secret key to a life of fullness and abundance. Let your experiences proof this to you. I am sure it will irrespective of the  circumstances you are in.

Yours in total success,


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Time Management: A key to Your Total Success in Life. Part A

February 13th, 2012

Time is one of the resources freely given to you by Life. There is always that time span between sunrise and sunset in which you have the choice to do as you please.

There is also the timespan between sunset and sunrise when the laws of nature demands that you rest.

This beautiful rythm of life presents to you the greatest gift of providence. It allows you the possibility to be alive and provides a medium in which to make manifest your desires.

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail lies in their ability to effectively use the time life has given them.

This may not come off as true but it is the truth. The most common excuse for example, of all those who have failed in one endeavor or the other is that they did not have time enough to carry through with the tasks at hand.

But here is a secret: If you can master the time you have, you will come out a master of your world and circumstances.

This is because time is the finest particle of what all things are made of. In other words all things are seeded in the fertile beds of time before they can sprout to life.

And you can therefore work these beds of time and appropriately seed whatever outcome you desire in them.

How can this be done?

Here, three ways:

1. Dwell in the realm of possibility at all times.

2. Think only thoughts of the things and goals that you have set for your life at all times.

3. Do only the things that will further advance the goals that you have set for your life at all times.

These pointers will unfailingly bring you to the destination of your choice. Try it and experience this for yourself.

The only thing that you will need to acheive your goal of total success is self discipline. It is the only price to pay. There is no other way.

Success is the realm of the brave amongs us. It is a cup that is drunk by those who are bold enough to challenge where and how they spend thier time.

This may sound too simplistic and you are right, truth is simple. All simple things are true. Excuses under the false pretexts of reason and logic will be the downfall of modern man.

Do not fall for this prank of the ages. Use the time you have. Manage the time you spend with your imagination, thoughts and actions.

There is really nothing else to discover in this world. Life has laid bare its treasure for you and all.

It is our task and calling to uncover this treasure first in ourselves and then in what lies outside of us. Paradise is here, go for it.

Yours in total success,


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Avoid Repeating the Mistakes of your Past: 4 Steps

November 9th, 2009

Fish in different waters for different resultsThe reason you fail to advance towards the achievement of your goals is because you are repeating the patterns of your past. You are prone to think that you are making progress because you are active.

This is the trick of the mind. It makes you feel that you are actively engaged in the affairs of your days. Of course you are active in the sense that you are alive; but you are marking the passage of time on the spot you were on yesterday.

Life s a progressive force. It is not stagnant and so your life is a reflection of your understanding and use of its power.

If the results you are having are not moving you forward it means that you are still working with the forces and habits of your past. It means that you have not harnessed the potential and promise of the future.

Here are 4 quick steps to get you to avoid repeating the missteps of yesterday and embrace the dawn of a new day:

1. Live in the now.

Develop a rapid reaction system to deal with the memories of what yesterday has been. Be present in the now. Be thrilled by the understanding that now is the stuff from which your future is carved. Be here and now as you wish to be when tomorrow comes. Anchor yourself with the currents of the present and you will master the outcomes of your future.

2. Avoid being a stiff neck.

Develop a multi track mind. There are a million viewpoints from which to view this life. Be open. Do not be a stiff neck. Look around you. Be observant take in the diversity of life. Be open to the counsels of life. You will be guided when you least expect.

3. Live on the edge of life.

Stay away from the comforts of what has been. Embrace the wild wonders of the unknown. Live as close to uncertainty as you can. Become a risk taker. Life richly rewards the bold and adventurous. Your pioneering spirit is the key to your ultimate success.

4. Avoid regrets.

Avoid regrets, no matter what you have done in the past. Regrets will get stuck upon the tracks of your yesterday. Regret nothing, no matter what you have done. Think of your past foibles as the price you paid for the lessons you have now learnt.

Free yourself from the routines of your past. Wake up to the fortunes promised you by life. Let the imprisoned stay asleep. Stay away from the pack, strike anew upon the the uncharted waters of what can be.

Trust your instinct to survive. Let the past be the past. Sail confidently towards the desires of your heart. Avoid the comfort of your laurels. Forge on even when there is no where to go. Forge on into the nothingness that is to come.

Above all avoid the temptation to fall back on what or where you have been. Embrace the future with all your power and life. It will never fail you.

Adopt the repentant heart where mistakes have been made and move on. Nothing but the pure promises of the future awaits you. Do not come into the inheritance of your future marred with the burdens of the times past.

Yours in total success,


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Deconstruct your Past and Recreate your Future

July 20th, 2009

 This moment is your best friendYour past is the record of where you have been in life. Your life experiences will reflect your history only if you remain inactive in your present circumstances.

You see the place where your mind is at most will eventually be where you most want to be. And with time you will end up being there. This has nothing to do with  the moral and ethical laws of society.

If you dwell in the past whether in regret or with nostalgia you will end up recreating the same scenes of the past. You will relive these experiences.

To create new circumstances of your life deconstruct the past. Put forward a new spin on what has happened as you forge on with the dreams of your heart.

Here are five ways to deconstruct your past and recreate the future of your dreams:

1. Tear down the castles of regret in your past.

You cannot live without your past, but you can live without the negative experiences of your past. Delete from your memory the negative imprints of things that have already happened. Regrets about your past are the silent thieves of your power to create another future. Learn the lesson of the unfortunate events of your life and use them as fodder for the job at hand.

2. Free yourself from the effects of your story.

You can do this by telling yourself another story. Put a spin on the events that you have experienced to suit the your goals. You are the most important person in the story of your life. Be on the front page of this story. Take on the center stage. It is what you say that the world echoes back to you with a sigh. Tell it like you mean to have it and it shall be so.

3. Be content and grateful for where you are now.

This is an instant antidote to regret. Be grateful for how far you have come. Do not pay attention to the bruises you have incurred. The important thing is that you are still alive. Be open to the promise of what can be, not what has happened.

4. Draw strength from the supreme justice of life.

Life will come through for you no matter what your past has been. The trick is to face the light of day being true to yourself. It did not put a longing in your heart that could not be fulfilled. Trust in this power and all shall be well. Draw your strength from this assumption.

5. Be absorbed in the now.

The stream of life is flowing now towards the the dreams and goals of your life. It is this invigorating gush of the life power that gives life to your goals and dreams. This will build enthusiasm in your pursuit. To maximize the energy from the stream of life focus your attention on the now with laser like precision.

Tomorrow is here. The future is now. Master your now and you will master your tomorrow. This is why you are so powerful; because you can take control of this moment. Stop the constant inflows of what has happened. Embrace what the future can be.

Your future is not a distant reality of your present. The future is a myth of an over stimulated imagination. Be here and now. Set your compass to the true north of where you want to sail this ship.

Invest in the moments of your life. Buy the shares of the circumstances you want to experience. A and tomorrow shall repay you with handsome yields. It never fails. All is at your beck and call.

Yours in total success,


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Peak Performance: 3 Secret Keys to Get the Best Out of Your Day

April 20th, 2009

Clear the obstacles in your day.I have found that life is the art of problem solving. The challenges you face are normal. Nothing is out of place.

You will become successful no matter what happens if you develop superior problem solving skills.

Success is the art of problem solving. Life is a path strewn with all kinds of challenges. None is spared from the curve balls of living life.

Overcome the huddles on your path to a successful life. Become a peak performer.

Here are 3 tips to help you problem solve and become a peak performer:

1. Automate what you can.

You have a fresh stack of 24 hours to your credit everyday. Find the things you are compelled to do everyday and make them routine. Do them repeatedly at an appointed time and place. They will become second nature.You will in no time begin to do these with little or no thought or energy expended.

2. Become creative as you approach non routine tasks.

Non routine tasks are the curve balls life will inevitably throw at you. Automating your routine tasks frees you up for your curve balls. Be contemplative, imaginative and creative as you face the unforeseen circumstances in your life.

3. Be playful and adventurous.

It is difficult to tap into your creative genius when you are uptight and heavyhearted. Nothing is that important. Be lighthearted and playful as you tackle the tasks of your life. Be playful. Being playful generates happy feelings in you and your surroundings. There is nothing like a congenial atmosphere when it comes to getting things done. And done efficiently.

The secret to peak performance is to work smart.You can squeeze as much juice out of your 24 hour credits as you want. Organize your life along the lines of a simple happy routine. Be creative and lighthearted when life throws a curve ball. You will go a long way to make your day a fruitful and productive one. And your life and circumstances will show well. You will find success.

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