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Why I Write This Blog

April 1st, 2014

I have been told that I should not be wasting away my insights by just publishing them as such in an open platform. And that others will make use of them and take advantage of my largess so to speak.

In such cases, I have sincerely welcome these suggestions. I think they are coming from a good place; meaning they are well intentioned.

I am thankful for the ideas and suggestions, but honestly what I say or write here does not belong to me. It belongs to life and is meant to be shared and enjoyed by the few who find them meaningful.

There is always more from where they come from. I sincerely cannot, even if I wanted, restrict the flow of what is destined to come out.

It is not like I have a choice in this matter. I am compelled, so to speak.

What I should say though, is that what I write are not just words. They serve as guide posts to the source power. They will do you no good if you, dear reader, do not in your own way try to apply them in your life.

Do not ever take my word for it. There are  no textbooks where these come from. No academic degrees to back up the expertise that are here in revealed.

But if you dare to apply them in your life with heart and passion ,you will find for yourself the truth contained in them. My humble assignment here is to show the way. And that is all.

As a messenger, my job is to convey the message as is, not as I think it is, or as I am.

What I will lay claim to ,of course is that, if you for once have a need for a real horizons busting experience on the things that I write, then invite me in.

The reason I say this is because there is a certain power that comes with this turf. A power that you can benefit from if need be.

This cannot be found in words. Here, you will need to experience it. To live it before you believe it.

And that is my promise to you. I can help to rekindle the fire within you. And with the warmth and light of this flame you can comfortably find your way back home; back to the true source of all that is here and in the hereafter.

So it is that I have been chosen so that you too will be chosen. And it is your choice. No rush.

Yours in total success,


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Harness the Power Within You and Succeed in All You Do

March 13th, 2014

To harness the true power of your life you must be able to channel the course of your mental stream to your desired goals and dreams. And do so in such a way that the fulfillment of your desired goals become inevitable. The world is a magical place. There are various forces at work in fulfilling the desires of your heart. All that is required is that you focus your attention enough on the goals or goal that you have have until they are realized.

This is the key: until they are realized.

You see, your attention is a receptacle. It is the cosmic means through which you receive that which you have conjured from the universe. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the this power that you have. Focus your attention on what you desire.

Set your goal and stake your life on the premise that it shall be realized in your life. Stick to this goal or ideal no matter what happens. Day and night remain focused on the wishes of your heart.

In due time your attention, thinking and feeling will synchronize to produce a cosmic momemtum that will generate the force neccessary to move the thing desired by you into your circumstances.

It will generate a sense of irreversible faith that will soon change into a feeling of cosmic entiltlement. And when this happens you should know that you are already in possesion of the thing desired. Once this happens, you can be sure that your goals will be met much sooner than later.

Sacrifice your self and your attention on the altar of your desires and in due time your desires will be made manifest in your life.

Words are not enough to explain what I mean. So, strike out a new path in your life and put this simple exercise to work and you will discover it’s truth for yoursself.

Many before you have done so and found total success in life. It may well be your turn now. What are you waiting for?

Yours in total success,


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How to Overcome the Obstacles in Your Life

March 13th, 2014

Obstacles abound in life. Life is an obstacle course. We are also created with the tools and skills necessary to successfully navigate this course of life. These tools are within.

Now, just as a stream will flow around an obstacle on its WAY to its destination, so too will your stream of consciousness flow around your challenges, obstacles and dilemmas to fulfill its pull: to achieve its goals.

The stream of consciousness that you are, will journey into the sea of consequences embedded in your experiences in life. Do not fight with the challenges you face. Go around them. Be fluid in consciousness as a river or stream is and course your life and your experiences around and away from the obstacle you face.

A river does not worry when it comes accros a boulder on its path. It does not negate the boulder or confronts it. It slowly but surely streams around it as it journeys on.

And you can do same. It does not matter what the circumstance is; just move on and go beyond the challange and you will be on your way to your total success in fulfilling the pull of your heart.

You are a force of nature to reckon with. The things that happen to you will respond to the conscious inputs you attribute to them. Try it for yourself and you will discover the magic of life.

Yours in total success,


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The Golden Arc of Success

March 13th, 2014

There is an arc of success in all that happens in our lives. It is the golden door of opportunity that belies any crises that we are facing or going through. The trouble is, we tend to stare at the crises and forget the equally present golden door of opportunity that came with it.

It does not matter what today is or what yesterday was for that matter. What does matter is what tomorrow shall become. The choice is yours to make. This here is our power.

This golden door, this arc of success is always open. Life is unconditionally merciful. We are under an eternal canopy of grace. It has never and will never serve us a challenge without the tools and wherewithal to resolve it.

What is required of you is to challenge your status quo. Become an undertaker, put your creative genius to work and fend for yourself. It is OK If you fail and yes, you will fail but, you may as well come out winning.

This here is the game changer. Be willing to take the risk to fail. It is this entrepreneurial courage which will serve as a prelude to your ultimate success.

Above all, remember these words: Life is whole and infinitely just. You are surrounded at all times by the unlimited supply of providence. And you have access to the unconditional power of redemption. Believe in the virtues of Grace, Industry and Charity. Life rewards effort regardless of your past or present.

Believe in the love of the creator and its creation. Take comfort in the power of giving. Share what you have, where you are.

You shall succeed come rain or shine; and fulfilled too. Nothing in your life is an overdose. The cosmic measure of creation is exact and infinitely precise. Work with what is and what shall become, will be. If you WILL IT, IT WILL.

This here is an uncommon insight from the bottom of my heart. Do not take lightly.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of the “I AM”

March 13th, 2014

We postulate that which we become. Life is an exact mirror of our postulates. What you assume to be true remains your truth. Life is a subjective reality; to each his or her own.

Now, if you desire to become wealthy, for example, you will have to BE wealthy; note that you will not be required to have wealth to become wealthy. You will only be required to “BE WEALTHY”. To be wealthy is a state of being. And you can capture this state of being by the postulates that run through your mind.

What you affirm through the “I AM “is what life will give back to you. It will confirm your affirmations. That is its job. It is to firm up your circumstances so that they will align with your convictions and affirmations.

You always “are”. There is no way you will “be” not.

Now, are you what you want to “Be “or not; and if not, why?

Well, here is a suggestion. Figure out for yourself what you desire or want. Now, BE IT. How; by holding it in your being as if it already is.

The BEING state is more important in life than the HAVING state. We have somehow gotten this twisted overtime. BE IT and you will HAVE IT. This is a law.

So here: what do you want to become. Or better still who do you say you are?

Answer: I am……..???(Please complete.)

It is your life BE what you want. More later.

Yours in total success,


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A Bouquet of Roses and Smiles for You

March 13th, 2014

If you bring nothing with you to life and have only come to take, take and take, you will have nothing but a life of misery. For some here, it is all about taking and taking and more taking. Sad indeed, for despite the endless taking they still are never satisfied or fulfilled. They languish in want…wanting more.

Well, for some of us here, it is all about giving, giving and more giving and the well never runs dry. Always fulfilled and happy, their cup runs over. They are totally successful, happy and fulfilled.

For these here, they come to life with a bouquet of roses and lots of smiles as in love. This is all they have come to share with the world. And so find a smiling and loving world looking back at them. They are so happy, successful and fulfilled…they live in bliss.

What have you come to give? Or did you come to take, take and take? Eden is calling. Adam’s garden is still at your disposal. Go within to find it. Open the flood gates of the love that is within and you will find total success in this your life…guaranteed.

Yours in total success,

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A Technique to Clear Your Mind and Find Strength in Troubling Times

March 13th, 2014

If you become quiet, really quiet, you can tap into the secret and sacred hum of the Life Force coursing through you. Here, you can again become centered and whole. You can if you will be strengthened and find solace in troubling times. To achieve this clearing of self, avoid the chatter of idle minds and fill yourself with love, unconditional love that is. There is always another dimension of being that is much better than your present experiences. It beckons continually for it knows the troubles and worries of your aching soul. Few find it; not because it is hidden but because it has given it’s all to all. All is here, we have been abundantly provided for. None is left out. It is all up to you. Go within and be still, be still and know what is to be known.

Yours in Total Success,


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The Seed of Creation

March 13th, 2014

All that exists in your world is the product of inspired action. Innovate to succeed. Innovation is the art of making new. It is the art of pure creation, a means through which you can harness the powers of your creative action.

Innovation is inspired by motivation and motivation is simply having and maintaining a positive handle over the challenges of life. Your life is guaranteed to have challenges or setbacks. It is the nature of the universe.

To be alive is to constantly be immersed in a world of unknowns and seeming insurmountable circumstances waiting for your response. And all the universe is waiting for is your response.

Life does not judge you; it does not deny you. You are the key and life is the keyhole. Put the key in the keyhole and open the door to the life of the circumstances you have willed for yourself. The seed of creation; all creation lies within you.

Yours in total success,


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Being-A Secret Recipe to Your Total Success

August 22nd, 2012

As a follow up to Desiring and Allowing, let us now look at the third and final part of this trilogy of success-Being.

To be who you have envisioned yourself to be is a challenging endeavor for those that are yet untrained in the art of life. In other words, we abort the creative action by not incorporating this that is desired or allowed to take root in our circumstances.

Life is a perfect mechanism. It will do its part but you must do your part. There is no way around it. Being, simply implies that you create a conscious outflow of the creative currents surging from within your inner designs.

The things wished, desired and allowed for cannot come to be in your circumstances until you become them. And you do so simply by acting the things out in a manner that affirms their presence in your life. This is the logic behind the famous saying: Fake it till you make it. 

Act now, as if the thing wished for is now present. This is a not so common tool of the trade to be mastered by those who want to experience any success in their lives.

The reason for this is simply that things are nothing but the externalization of energetic patterns. In other words if you can muster the energetic patterns of the things or circumstances desired you can have the thing or the circumstance experienced in your life.

The energy in other words, is the sustaining power of the thing or circumstances experienced. The thing or circumstance of itself is of no use and little consequence.

Say for example, you are in ill health and you want to come back to a state of ease. This process of healing can be started and done simply by summoning the energy of wellness into your present presence. And as you continuously dwell within the energetic framework of wellness, health will return.

All prayers and supplications of man is an attempt to control their energetic orientations. It is this cosmic patterning that is responsible for the imperfections in our world today for not all have mastered the art of summoning the vibrations necessary to power the motions to influence their fortunes as desired.

Seal your daily prayers and meditations with the divine seal of being. Examples of this abound in all the prayer endings of the great religions and spiritual traditions of the world.

The sealing here is meant to transfer the cosmic energy contained in the invocations of your petition or prayer into the virgin newness of this moment. It is this cosmic imprint which is the seed of all that will happen in your life. All that is experienced therein must be seeded in the bedrock of time and space to take root.

Do not take these things lightly. We have gone through much suffering as a race and it is time that the truth be told.

Depending on the issue you are dealing with such techniques may not work as fast as you desired but it will work if you stay at it. It is a law, a very natural law indeed.

The things and circumstances we experience in this world have no power but the power you give them. Be it that you have envisioned to be. The power of the word that is in you in due time will make sure that all that has received the secret command from the inner chambers of your heart will come to pass. It is so that the world is created and conceived.

Do not let this discourse go to waste. I am sure we have enough challenges in our lives to practice on. Find out for yourself if what is written here makes any sense or not. In the end you will know and it is this knowledge that will set you free from the prison of matter.

It is our collective destiny to remove the veil of ignorance shading us away from the light of truth. Man suffers out of ignorance and until the day that he shall come face to face with the verities of existence he will continue to suffer.

Here now my friends, is  a chance to step out in faith to the wonderland of the supreme power and dominance over all things material and immaterial.

Discover you and your power just by being and the shackles of yesteryears will be broken forever.

Yours in total success,


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Life as a Mirror-Another Secret to Your Total Success

July 28th, 2012

Life is a mirrored experience. In other words, what we call our living experiences is the reflection of images created and projected by us. This  is hard to accept given the troubles and challenges we sometimes face but it is true all the same.

This is why it is often said that “Heaven helps those who help themselves.” In this statement is the entire mystery of life divulged for those who have the acumen to understand what is contained there in.

There is an old saying that says” what monkey, see Monkey does” and this is not only true for the monkey but for us too. What we see in the mirror of  life is what we will do. It is what will happen to us. This is a law. We cannot do or become anything greater or lesser than what we have seen or captured in the imaginative body or realm of our lives.

This is what explains the wide differences that exist amongst men and societies in this world. It is simply because we see differently and so act diferently. And in so doing we have different experiences which no one can take away from us no matter how hard they try.

Some Governments in the recent pasts tried to influence the destiny of thier peoples by providing for them. The intention was good but the mechanics was seriously flawed.

No one can take the place of personal initiative in our collective effort to be better. In such environments where this primary cosmic responsibility is not encouraged or has been hijacked, life will become stale and less than fulfilling for the group.

And so it has been for centuries gone by. The race thrives upon the collective will of each and every one to to do and be better. To do so they must see themselves as betterred in the realm of thier imagination and it will be so in the experiences of the lives they live.

It is easy to give up when faced with the headwinds of life. Some have simply given up the fight to lift up themselves. For fear of failing they have reduced their expectaions and recoiled into a less than full life.

In doing so they seek the confort of the false prophets who continually tell them to pray for a miracle to operate in their experiences.

We are a sacred conception of life. We are animated with a magical faculty that is designed to sustain us through thick and thin. This discourse will be void of meaning where it not that I have personally experienced the mystical association between what I have seen with my so called imaginative eye and what I have seen in my physical life.

I am not in any way making fun of those that strive daily for the betterment of themselves and their families and societies in the conventional sense. My point is simply that we must strive from within; first to break the boundaries and constraints of our limited beliefs and self imposed boundaries of lack. And secondly to reclaim full control of the life we live.

Having done this we can begin the process of self releasing which  will build up our confidence and raise our expections of life to higher levels of fulfiment.  If not our efforts will be in vain or produce inefficient results at best.

Life has not denied anyone access into her stream of infinite supply. It is your imperfect understanding of her mechanics that is the reason for your imperfect life. This is why it is widely said and claimed that” the truth shall set you free”. In otherwords, come to the understanding of the supreme edict of this life and you will be unbound from the limitations and imperfections of yersteryears.

You must first emancipate yourself from within before your circumstances and experience can in themselves expereince a lift up. The one is a consequence of the other. There is no sidestepping this rule in life.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Life does not waste itself. To receive, a receiving medium must be provided. If the receiving platform is absent, life will not provide, for to do so will only result to waste so to speak. And in its all knowing wisdom, life knows who is ready to receive and who is not. It does not waste.

By seeing in your imaginative realm the pictures you want to experience in the physical experiences of your world you begin the process of receiving.

Prayer and all other forms of divine supplication has been our cherished way of manipulating or influencing the imaginative pictures we hold.

If these are not working, find other ways that work and start doing so now. There is no reason to wait. All of your life experiences depend on this single discipline of yours.

Let your experience reveal this truth to you.You owe it to yourself.

Yours in total success,


Copyright 2012 All rights reserved worldwide.

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