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What Are You Telling Yourself-The Power of Auto Suggestion

November 2nd, 2012

It is widely known to those who have studied the arcane sciences that we do indeed have an ongoing conversation with ourselves at all times. What is interesting to note here is that by holding these constant conversations we directly or indirectly are shaping the outcomes of the story of our lives.

This ability to suggest to ourselves what we one to become or experience is another tool in our tool box provided by the grand architect of all life to enable us navigate the tricky contours of our days.

And this is a good thing; the problem is of course that we are not fully aware of the benefits of such a practice in our lives.We do talk to ourselves most of the times but it is done in an unconscious manner and more so in a way that weakens us instead of strengthening us.

What needs to happen if we are to lead a totally successful life is to begin to suggest to urselves those experiences which we intend to experience and with time we will begin to realize that those things which we had suggested into our experience will become true.

This is an amazing trick to learn for it allows you to not panic when confronted with challenges. Not that you can suggest your way out of missteps the past, it is just that doing so will help you into building the foundations of a new and brighter tomorrow.

This truth is based on the fact that you are what you experience and you can experience what you indeed desire in your life even in a makeshift imaginary way.

Here in is the secret of your total success in life. As always you do not have to believe it. Try it. There is always enough challenges in our daily lives to work on. Open up to this new trick of the sages and you will be happy for it.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of Forgiveness Revisited

October 24th, 2009

Forgive. Be free, wild and happyOne of the most destructive forces in your quest for success is anger. Angry folks live miserable lives. You cannot claim  a life of total success when you are filled with anger.

Many things can make you angry. Trust me I have been there. It is not an easy task to live an anger free life. The world is full of many triggers to make you angry.

In difficult and stressful  times it is easier to get angry than in comfortable times.

Granted that we all get angry more often than it is necessary, let us revisit the power of forgiveness in life.

To forgive is a most freeing act of love. Forgiveness is an act of unconditional love. You forgive not because you are right or wrong. You forgive because you love. You forgive because you love yourself as well as your neighbor.

You simply let go.

Science has proven time and again that the emotions and feelings associated with anger are toxic. They are toxic to your health, to your life and well being.

So what makes us then so prone to feelings and sentiments of anger in life?

In my case, I have found that I get angry when I do not get my way. Not that I am really angry, it is  more so a feeling of frustration.

I am usually frustrated that I am not understood or that my expectations in certain situations have not been met.

In such cases I have sought to communicate more efficiently to make sure that my expectations are clear.

Now interestingly, even when your expectations are clear, you may find that things don’t turn out just the way you wanted them.

Can this be a cause for concern? Yes, of course. Can this be a cause of anger? No, Certainly not.

So what gives then? Again come in to my world for examples. I have found that a false sense of self is the culprit. My ego needs stroking from time to time.

Our egos take a beating when faced with challenges and defeats. Our sense of self may be diminished. Our egos may be somehow deflated hence our angry reactions.

Anyway, the ideal is to forgive yourself. Let go. There are many other things in this life to hang on to besides the things you have not achieved.

Letting go of your prized possessions and viewpoints is the key to forgiveness.

Doing so will open the door to another mansion of peace and solace in your life. It will open the door to the protective mantle of life. And you shall be free and joyful again.

Forgiveness opens the door to gratitude and gratitude is the fountain of all abundance and total success.

Now, there is enough in your life now that aggravates you. So, why not try this out. Take time out and just practice forgiving yourself and others.

Now, remember that forgiveness is unconditional. You are not in a court of law. Let life handle that. It will, just forgive.

Life has already offered all to you. Learn to receive. You learn to receive by bringing the power of forgiveness into your life.

Actively seek to be happy no matter where you are. Herein lies the key to the secret power of forgiveness.

Yours in total success,



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Boost Your Confidence Now: 4 Quick Tips

May 16th, 2009

Take in the measure of your full worthThe world is an exchange mechanism. You bring value to receive value. That is the name of the game.

Do not despair if things are not working right for you. You will come out alright if you retain your self confidence.

Even when your circumstances are bleak  you can boost your self confidence in life and dramatically succeed.

Here are 4 tips to instantly boost your confidence in Life and succeed:

1. Seek ways to be relevant.

You see life responds to life. Find ways to be useful to society. It is the only way you can genuinely and instantly reboot your relevance in society. There is something intrinsically valuable in your life. Make that the center point of your existence. Let it become the raison d’etre of your life.

2. Know what you have to offer.

Value is a subjective experience. If you do not see the intrinsic value of who you are none  will see that. If you see value in who you are this will generate a boost in your self esteem. Project this realization in all you do. The world will only reflect to you who you have conceived of yourself.

3. Self promote.

Sell yourself without appearing haughty. The brand that is you will not be demanded if it is not known in the market place. Start by espousing the ideals or ideas that propel you in life. Communicate these in simple consistent ways and you will generate a buzz about you. You will have a fair chance to compete.

4. Do not take rejection personally.

Understand that your unique value will not be perceived or appreciated by all you meet. This is normal. Do not take rejection personally. The world is such a diverse place and people have so many tastes and sensitivities. There is something for everyone. Successful sales people do not stop working when they get their first no. Learn from them.

Life is a story that is speaking to you. It is continually giving back to you the story you have created. Do not be fooled. If you are not happy with the circumstances you are living in, change them. It is you who created the story. Start by becoming confident of who you are and what you are destined to become.

What you are destined to become is your creation. Your self confidence is the all important fuel for this to be accomplished. Above all remember that you cannot successfully sell yourself to others unless you have sold yourself first to you.

Yours in total success,


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Overcome Rejection and Thrive: 4 Tips

May 14th, 2009

Reach out in confidenceDo not fall into a life of dejection and remorse when you are rejected. We all know rejection hurts.

You may be rejected by your spouse or friend. You may be rejected by your employer when you are fired or laid off. You may face rejection when you loose in any venture.

It doesn’t matter whether it is an election or a sales contract gone awry. Rejection hurts.

Do not feel dejected and despondent when this happens. Lick your wound and get back into the stream of life.

Here are 4 tips to help you overcome rejection and thrive again:

1. Be who you are.

Stay true to yourself no matter what. It is tempting in times of rejection to try to become what others think of you. Avoid this at all cost. You are a free born. Stay true to who you are. There is something for everything that has life life here below.

2. Look forward to the possibilities of the future.

Your emotions are glued to the circumstances of the past. If you keep looking at the failures of yesterday you will never be able to overcome the trials that came with it. No matter what happens in life there is always the bright promise of tomorrow. Things can be different. Wipe the slate of yesterday clean with the possibilities of what can be tomorrow. Let this be your guiding light as you work your way through the pains of rejection.

3. Channel your frustration into creative pursuits.

There is an enormous reservoir of emotional energy that is unleashed in the face of any rejection. Do not let this go to waste. Channel the pain, anger, hurt and anguish you feel into a creative pursuit. Pick up a new hobby, work on projects that you have kept in the back burners for  awhile. Do anything you fancy. There is a greater chance that you will succeed. You now have an enormous amount of free flowing energy in circulation in your life. Don’t let this go to waste.

4. Reach out to life.

You have value. Do no let  someone’s opinion of you be the defining measure of your worth. The pain you feel in rejection is the anguish of not being desired. You have something to give. Something to share with life. In the face of any rejection whether from a friend, spouse, employer or  your peers do not despair. Reach out to life and play again.

You were born free. You can ascertain the value of your life by developing an impenetrable shield of self confidence. You are worthy of your own measure. Dig deep within and polish up the gem that is you. Thrive again. Look beyond the horizon of today and embrace the multiple opportunities of what is to come. Are you ready?

Yours in total success,


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How to Generate a Healthy Self Esteem

April 13th, 2009

istock_000002924843xsmallYour sense of worth is directly linked to your ability to succeed. Do not under value your worth or under estimate your potential to succeed in life. All is possible. Do not despair, all is not lost.

Times may have taken its toll on you. We all fail sometimes. You are still capable nonetheless  of rebuilding the life of your desires.

The first step in this process is to have a healthy and abundant dose of self esteem.

Here are 3 ways to quickly rebuild and regenerate your self esteem:

1. Find ways to be relevant.

You are useful to life. That is why you were created. Find ways to process the intrinsic value of your life for the good of all. You become relevant in life by offering value to life. You become relevant by having in abundance what is needed by others in the community you live. You can only have the unique value of your life in abundance. What is this value? Find it and let this become front and center of your life.

2 . Expand your field of relevance.

Expand your field of influence. The more people are in need of the the special value you possess , the greater your field of influence. Bring the unique value of your life to as many people as you can. Those who serve the most are esteemed the most.

3. Make your life count for something.

You are a reflection of your inner worth. If you think you are worthless you will come across as one. If you know and believe that you are here for a noble cause you will come across as one. There is a reason you are the way you are. Celebrate your life. Pick through your heart’s desires and find that which commands your attention. Stick with this till the sun sets on your time here.

Nothing is wasted in  nature. That includes your life. We all have value. Life is wealth. Your life can be harnessed for the good of all. Your esteem of yourself is the ultimate pass way to begin to tap into you and your power.

You were not created to fail. You were created to choose to fail or to succeed. You are worth your own measure in gold. Self esteem comes from within. It has always been your choice.

Yours in total success,


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3 Quick Steps to Boost Your Morale in Difficult Times

March 15th, 2009

fight backThe times are treacherous to say the least. Most people are facing hard times for the first time. They do not know how to make sense of the current chaotic economic situations they are facing.

Do not let these circumstances reduce your sense of worth. There is nothing as damaging to your will to succeed as a sense of despair.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you boost your morale and self esteem in an otherwise depressing set of circumstances.

1. Seek to contribute.

Strive to see yourself as a contributor to life. Extend a hand to others that might need your help. Take the attention off yourself and look out for ways to be useful to yourself and your community. It need not be grand and public; in your own small way seek to be of service and help to all you meet.

2. Think not of money but value.

This will read crazy. But it is a miracle insight. Seek to find value within you. Not the value of money but your true worth. It is difficult in hardship to think well of yourself. Well, look at yourself again and all the truly magnificent qualities and value that is in you. Focus on this and share it with your world, your community.

3. Live for a legacy.

Life is a short run in the long run. True success comes easily to those who have worked all their lives to create a legacy that lives on after they are long gone. Your desire to live for the long haul will give you the power to carry through the hardships you are currently facing. Hardships are not long run events, they are temporary.

Keep your eyes on the big picture of how you want to be remembered. This will keep things in perspective for you no matter the odds you now face.

There is no denying that times are tough. It is easy to take this in and judge yourself as a failure. Avoid this at all cost. Your self esteem will directly determine if you succeed or fail. And the greatest gift of all is you have the power right now despite all that has happened to change your outlook on things.

Give yourself a powerful boost to success by reevaluating and correctly situating your self worth today.

Yours in total success,


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