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Beat Tough Times in Life

April 2nd, 2014

It is very easy to feel down when times are hard. Change can be a very painful thing. Do not despair even as you go through the pain and struggles of your life. It is not that you have been denied. Life denies none. Change happens and life must go on.

Here are two things that I have found to be pretty effective in helping you face tough challenges in life:

 1. Do not be attached to anything.

This is not to say that you should be cold and aloof towards life. No, it simply means to be able to enjoy and make use of what gives without becoming dependent on them. In other words let not your desires steal your joy.

2. Create your own heaven.

This is one sure fire way to create a happy and fulfilled life here on this earth. Find your own ways to become happy no matter what is happening. Life is life; no one has a monopoly on how it ought to be lived.

So long as you are willing and able, you can partner with life and co create as you have desired and designed.

It is easy to sit around and gripe or complain all day about how life sucks.

The funny thing is that life goes on despite our gripes and complaints. The wise thing to do then will simply be to be proactive. And creatively carve out for ourselves a space and time continuum that will reflect the designs of our inner most desires.

Doing so will give you a much needed sense of control in this world of change that we live in. And it is this sense of control that will be responsible for creating the peace of mind and fulfilment that we so crave.

Do not take my word for it. You’ve got to live it to believe it. A satisfied life is a very individual undertaking. Let not the dead energies of what you have experienced hold you back.

Go within and do the work and you shall know.

Yours in total success,


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Desire - A Gift of Creation

March 13th, 2014

In all you do, know that if you want, you can. Desire is the starting point of all creation. No one can hold away from you that which you have accepted within and sanctified with your sacred power.

As the river flows to the sea, so will the things desired and consciously willed by you, flow towards you. The power of life is your unconditional and everlasting partner in all you do.

You are a force of nature. You do matter and the things that happen to you can be made to respect the direction you want them to follow. You are not a lifeless entity walking the wide expanses of earth not knowing what to do.

You are a force to be reckoned with. Let your life count for something whatever that may be.

Believe in the power of life; rest in the perfect assurance that your desire has been met. Choose the life you want to live and create the circumstances you want to experience. It is all a game.

And remember that you cannot desire what you have not percieved. In other words if you desire it, it is simply because you, your trueself is already in possesion of it.

Now claim it, whatever it is. Make it what you will, where it matters most.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of the “I AM”

March 13th, 2014

We postulate that which we become. Life is an exact mirror of our postulates. What you assume to be true remains your truth. Life is a subjective reality; to each his or her own.

Now, if you desire to become wealthy, for example, you will have to BE wealthy; note that you will not be required to have wealth to become wealthy. You will only be required to “BE WEALTHY”. To be wealthy is a state of being. And you can capture this state of being by the postulates that run through your mind.

What you affirm through the “I AM “is what life will give back to you. It will confirm your affirmations. That is its job. It is to firm up your circumstances so that they will align with your convictions and affirmations.

You always “are”. There is no way you will “be” not.

Now, are you what you want to “Be “or not; and if not, why?

Well, here is a suggestion. Figure out for yourself what you desire or want. Now, BE IT. How; by holding it in your being as if it already is.

The BEING state is more important in life than the HAVING state. We have somehow gotten this twisted overtime. BE IT and you will HAVE IT. This is a law.

So here: what do you want to become. Or better still who do you say you are?

Answer: I am……..???(Please complete.)

It is your life BE what you want. More later.

Yours in total success,


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A Bouquet of Roses and Smiles for You

March 13th, 2014

If you bring nothing with you to life and have only come to take, take and take, you will have nothing but a life of misery. For some here, it is all about taking and taking and more taking. Sad indeed, for despite the endless taking they still are never satisfied or fulfilled. They languish in want…wanting more.

Well, for some of us here, it is all about giving, giving and more giving and the well never runs dry. Always fulfilled and happy, their cup runs over. They are totally successful, happy and fulfilled.

For these here, they come to life with a bouquet of roses and lots of smiles as in love. This is all they have come to share with the world. And so find a smiling and loving world looking back at them. They are so happy, successful and fulfilled…they live in bliss.

What have you come to give? Or did you come to take, take and take? Eden is calling. Adam’s garden is still at your disposal. Go within to find it. Open the flood gates of the love that is within and you will find total success in this your life…guaranteed.

Yours in total success,

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Life as a Mirror-Another Secret to Your Total Success

July 28th, 2012

Life is a mirrored experience. In other words, what we call our living experiences is the reflection of images created and projected by us. This  is hard to accept given the troubles and challenges we sometimes face but it is true all the same.

This is why it is often said that “Heaven helps those who help themselves.” In this statement is the entire mystery of life divulged for those who have the acumen to understand what is contained there in.

There is an old saying that says” what monkey, see Monkey does” and this is not only true for the monkey but for us too. What we see in the mirror of  life is what we will do. It is what will happen to us. This is a law. We cannot do or become anything greater or lesser than what we have seen or captured in the imaginative body or realm of our lives.

This is what explains the wide differences that exist amongst men and societies in this world. It is simply because we see differently and so act diferently. And in so doing we have different experiences which no one can take away from us no matter how hard they try.

Some Governments in the recent pasts tried to influence the destiny of thier peoples by providing for them. The intention was good but the mechanics was seriously flawed.

No one can take the place of personal initiative in our collective effort to be better. In such environments where this primary cosmic responsibility is not encouraged or has been hijacked, life will become stale and less than fulfilling for the group.

And so it has been for centuries gone by. The race thrives upon the collective will of each and every one to to do and be better. To do so they must see themselves as betterred in the realm of thier imagination and it will be so in the experiences of the lives they live.

It is easy to give up when faced with the headwinds of life. Some have simply given up the fight to lift up themselves. For fear of failing they have reduced their expectaions and recoiled into a less than full life.

In doing so they seek the confort of the false prophets who continually tell them to pray for a miracle to operate in their experiences.

We are a sacred conception of life. We are animated with a magical faculty that is designed to sustain us through thick and thin. This discourse will be void of meaning where it not that I have personally experienced the mystical association between what I have seen with my so called imaginative eye and what I have seen in my physical life.

I am not in any way making fun of those that strive daily for the betterment of themselves and their families and societies in the conventional sense. My point is simply that we must strive from within; first to break the boundaries and constraints of our limited beliefs and self imposed boundaries of lack. And secondly to reclaim full control of the life we live.

Having done this we can begin the process of self releasing which  will build up our confidence and raise our expections of life to higher levels of fulfiment.  If not our efforts will be in vain or produce inefficient results at best.

Life has not denied anyone access into her stream of infinite supply. It is your imperfect understanding of her mechanics that is the reason for your imperfect life. This is why it is widely said and claimed that” the truth shall set you free”. In otherwords, come to the understanding of the supreme edict of this life and you will be unbound from the limitations and imperfections of yersteryears.

You must first emancipate yourself from within before your circumstances and experience can in themselves expereince a lift up. The one is a consequence of the other. There is no sidestepping this rule in life.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Life does not waste itself. To receive, a receiving medium must be provided. If the receiving platform is absent, life will not provide, for to do so will only result to waste so to speak. And in its all knowing wisdom, life knows who is ready to receive and who is not. It does not waste.

By seeing in your imaginative realm the pictures you want to experience in the physical experiences of your world you begin the process of receiving.

Prayer and all other forms of divine supplication has been our cherished way of manipulating or influencing the imaginative pictures we hold.

If these are not working, find other ways that work and start doing so now. There is no reason to wait. All of your life experiences depend on this single discipline of yours.

Let your experience reveal this truth to you.You owe it to yourself.

Yours in total success,


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The Hidden Wisdom of Change in your Life

May 18th, 2012

Use the energy of your disappointments in life as the fuel to propel you towards the direction you want to travel to. Do not mind that you are now being held back by the experiences you have.

It is the goal that you desire in life that matters not where you are. Others want to fail. In fact they act like failures and complain that they have not found the success they are looking for. They claim to be victims and hold themselves in the very conditions they wish to avoid by proclaiming and affirming the power of the obstacles they face over their desire to progress in life.

Realize that life is balanced and just at all times. The world is configured in this way to give all a fair chance at finding for themselves what works here below. The creator has little or nothing to do which what goes on. He has done his job and waits patiently for the cycle of the life he has given you to complete itself.

All has been given to all and the brave and courageous amongst you will find this truth for themselves. Do not believe my words try this out for yourself.You have a native mystic power which when activated can overcome all that stops you from being what has been decreed in your heart of hearts.

Open up yourself to the raw energies of the pain you face if pain there is in your life. Be honest to yourself. Open yourself to the feelings that courses through you; look at the circumstances in which you live under. Now, if you feel that you deserve better begin the upward motions that is necessary to lift you up and out of the predicaments you do not want.

Reach for the conditions that you want to experience. It is as simple as that. This is why the cosmic law of life is based on the fact that you will reap as you have sown. Nothing more,nothing less.

The bar of life is held high by the creative power so that you do not sell yourself short. Like a good coach, life knows your potential. It knows what you can accomplish with what you have. It will never let up. So stop brooding over spilled milk and brace up for a new day.

Aim high in life, aim higher that the circumstances in which you find yourself. This is why we welcome all the challenges that come in our lives. They serve to wake you and me up from our slumber. They are the stepping stones to the heights of our true destiny.

So, here are 4 tips to get you started on this journey:

1. Release yourself unto your dream.

Burst yourself loose. Go all out and embrace the dream, the energy of the thing that you have set your sight on. Do not hold back. In doing so you hold back the birth of the thing that you carry in you.

2. Maintain your poise.

Practise the calm silence and assurance of one who is in the know of the workings of life. Such self confidence and assurance has a way of helping you defeat the feeble energies of the things you do not want in your life.

3. Act only when needed.

Conserve your energy as much as possible. It is ipmortant to build a mental store of pure undefiled power from which to pull in times of troubles and challenges. Talk less if you can. Honor the silence in you and do not get involved into the  petty talk and slander that is so common today.

4. Give thanks upon waking everyday.

You set a positive tone for your day by creating a vortex of gratitude which is offered to the life. Even the birds know this, that is why their first mutterings in the day is always a song of gratitude sung to the power from which all things come.

We all have a native and unique mystic imprint which is there for our succour and solace in the face of our challenges and difficulties in this life. It is there, just as you have eyes to see and ears for hearing. Our difficulties gain the upper hand when we do not actualize this power.

Rest unperturbed, dear reader, in the assurance that all that you seek is already in existence. Maintain an unruffled countenance no matter the menacing threats of your troubles. Don’t mind how big or monstrous or frightening they seem to be.

Work needs to be done only in the inner sanctuary of your life and here you have the power to mould and shape the experiences you desire for yourself. Do so and unleash them unto this realm of time and matter and you will experience first hand the miraculous power that is hidden within us all.

Yours in total success,


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Why Seek Personal Power

April 24th, 2012

If you replace the words: seek ye first the kingdom and all things will be yours with these words: seek ye first the power and all things will be yours, you will discover the secret key to an abundant and fulfilled life.

I sincerely think and believe this is what was behind the message of this often quoted biblical verse. The reason I have often asked my readers to seek power is because it is the gateway to eternal peace and freedom in this life and beyond.

True power is freeing and progressive. It allows you to put things in their right order and therefore come to the ultimate realization of what this life is about.

Some think you can come to salvation through being resigned to your circumstances. Others think it is by being meek and humble and so on.

This is not true. True humility is a side effect of power. It is when you can and decide not to; just because you can, that you can truly call yourself humble. It is not when you cannot, because you can”t. This is the way of the weak.

Be not be deceived by the fads that have been thought to the common man all these years. You were not born to be a slacker. You were born to best out your life. Not to accommodate your short comings with the rather flimsy excuse that it is ok to be humble.

Ask the sperm that finally got to the egg in your mother’s womb, how it got there, and it will tell you that it had to best out the others. It was not by being meek and humble. No, it was done by the exercise of power and shear will over the ambition and common desire of the millions that began the journey with it.

No one is saying that you go out and lord it over all others. No. All I am saying is that you have to assume your role as a living conscious creator capable of creating effects in life. You are not under the mercy of some tyrannical power that moves you against your will and designs.
Seek power. There are two ways to go about it.

The one is to seek to know who you are and where you are in your journey in this life. This approach will allow you to clearly define what path to follow in your affairs. It will allow you to seek dominance over the circumstances of your life.

The second approach is to completely negate the influence of matter and materiality in your life and therefore become minimal in your needs and wants.

Either way you will come to the same finality, which is that you live your life according to your own terms and independent of the dictates of matter.

This here is the reason why you seek power; It is to experience the joy and freedom of experiencing life on your own terms.

Others of course have preached of the middle way. Here they speak of being in the world and not of it; in other words to have to be spiritually independent of matter although fully engaged in it physically.

Whatever works is fine. Neutrality is not a choice. All that is worth noting here is that you will need to seek power to permanently dwell in the path you have chosen.

Drive your destiny whichever way you choose. The gifts of life do not come because you are pious or religious or moralistic for that matter. This is another untruth that has to be debunked. The gifts of life will come to you only when you have mastered its laws and how to operate within the science that it offers to you incessantly.

It is only then that you can safely love and live the life that was dreamt by the creator when it first impulse you into being.

Seek true power and you will find true freedom.

Do not yield to the false credo of humility and meekness. Only the brave, daring and powerful will inherit this world. The power from which all things come is not built upon a platform of weakness.

You can take this to the bank.

Yours in total success


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Build Your Power

April 23rd, 2012

You were not designed to be powerless. You were created from a blue print of majestic power. In the face of your present troubles it is easy to feel weak and embrace powerlessness.

This is why you are not happy and fulfilled in life.You have given up your place in the throne of life. It is simple. Come back to your place of power and all will be well again.

It doesn’t matter whether you are poor, sick or destitute. This is because what is required of you is an intangible movement of sorts. Refrain once and for all from identifying yourself with your physical conditions.

Identify yourself with your physical conditions only as isnecessary when you have to move and have your being in this earth dimension. You must play the role you have chosen for yourself, that is all.

Beyond this, center yourself in your place of power. This is to be found in the contemplative alter in your life. In there brew as a master brewer must, for the brew that is brewed must be drunk you. 

It was said of old that foxes have holes but the son of man has no place to call home. In other words until you have come to the true realization of your true power you will not find peace anywhere here on earth.

Start today to build true power within yourself; in doing so you will begin to free yourself from the prison of the elementals that have held you captive for this long.

So here are five pointers to get you stated on this path:

1. Do not be afraid of death.

Celebrate life in its place. Greet the light of day without shame; be glad for all that has happened and all that is yet to happen. Death is the ultimate jailer of man. For once do not be troubled by this.

2.Imagine a life in which you are the winner at all times.

This does not mean that you do not fail sometimes. It just means that you adopt an attitude in which you rise triumphantly at all times even in your failures.

3. Seek the good in others.

In all circumstances look for the good. There is always a silver lining to every cloud. All who have life here have something in them that is designed to make your life better. Go for that.

4. Open up your world to the world.

You were born to be a gift in this world. Start the process of conscious gifting. Consider your smile, your voice, your actions for example as conscious inputs to the world around you. You live in a field of love to receive you must give.

5. Be centered in compassionate love.

None here below is perfect. Practise instant forgiveness at all times. Let the waves of compassion and deep love overcome you at all times especially when confronted by the shortcomings of one of your kind.

Seek to be the one you were created to be not the one your circumstances have created you to become. Sink in the depths of your soul and you will fine the lone star of the light and power that you are.

You will never be lost in your own power for it is not your power as such but the power of the behind the breadth of the life that is in you.

In you is a spirit DNA that is your true heritage. You cannot afford to live the life of a peasant when you are royalty by design. This is why there is strife and confusion in your life.

Come back home to where you belong. The stars, the sun and all things living and unliving are waiting to help you affirm your power in the great presence of all that is.

Yours in total success,


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The Fundamentals of a Great Life

April 19th, 2012

You have been told often that the pursuit of happiness is the purpose of living this life. And that is true.The only problem is that happiness is not an absolute that you can arrive at and say I am done.

There is always the ever elusive next step that hunts even the most successful in this world. In other words the pursuit of material success as such is not a guarantee of achieving happiness.

Something else is the issue here. You do not live by bread alone it has been said and this means that your ultimate satisfaction in life does not depend on your material pursuits alone.

Seek instead to live a great life and you will find the fulfillment and grace that will make for a happy life.

So how do you come to a great life? Here, these three principles will help:

1. Be authentic.

There is nothing that speaks of greatness than the idea that you are negotiating this life on your own terms.Be who you are and do what is resonating from your inner sanctum. A lot of people live quasi wasted lives living off the visions and designs of others. This is why they feel weak and powerless. Be true to your self in a pragmatic and realistic manner and you will feel the rejuvenating power of an authentic life that always leads to greatness.

2. Honesty and integrity.

This ties in with being authentic. The idea is for you to be honest to yourself as to know what works and what doesn’t and so act accordingly. A lot of folks live lives of quiet despair. Chained by the conventions of the society they live in they do not have the courage to be different. It is this lack of self integrity that makes for a dull and less than great life. Self actualize; do not die with the song in your heart.

3. Live for something greater than self.

Most great men were great servants. If you research this well it was not so much about the moral basis of their actions in as much as the fact that they choose to serve beyond self. This act of self sacrifice alone is capable of propelling you into the excitement and grace that comes from having chosen to lead than to be led.

There is really no reason here to live a normal or lack lustre life when the possibility to come out of this living experience with a bang is always there. You will never be happy if all you seek is happiness. This is because happiness itself an end result. It is simply the side benefit of having decided to live a bold and great life.

The common man has been led into thinking that he can buy happiness and this is a lie. No one can. What you can do is own up to the authentic and true expression of who you are and in the end you will find the sweet tidings of happiness flowing incessantly towards you.

This is because you were not created to live in the shadows of your circumstance but to stand up erect in the face of the head winds of life and pronounce your supremacy over matter and all its affiliates.

Doing so you reflects the power of creation itself and such a union is the basis for your true happiness and grace in this life and beyond.

Your in total success,


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Live the Authentic Life

April 18th, 2012

I had decided long ago to dedicate the rest of the time I have here on this earth to explore the reasons why we are here. And it has slowly but surely dawned on me that the reason we are here is to simply reclaim our power. This is not an easy task.

There is a present danger that has engulfed the world today and that is groupthink. People want to conform; they want to be like the Jones. This is where the great challenge is. Do you. You were not created to conform into a thought matrix created by others. You will lose your unique identity and personality in doing so. And it is this uniqueness that is indeed the foundation of our common progress and survival as a race.

No one has a monopoly on how to live this life. You are just as important as the next person around you. Honor that which is uniquely yours and express the value that comes from within you.

Do not fear the world, for the battle was won when you took in the breath of life at birth. The father of creation does not create imperfection. And above all, remember that you are a star in your own right. Burn and burn brightly so that the light which is in you can be seen by all.

Do not worry if you do not receive any accolades or the praises of men. Forge on in the knowledge that some stars are only seen when the sky is darkest. Worry not about tomorrow for you are today active in the cosmic furnace of your life; keep at it and let tomorrow meet you there, where all is brewed according to your tastes and designs.

Go out in life with the dynamic faith in Life. Call its name in good and bad times. Invoke the name of the one power of all life. He is an equal opportunity power and responds to all who have impressed upon it.

It is common practice for most people to swear in the name of the father of all creation. Such an utterance when not backed by your actions, feelings, thought and imaginings is nothing but empty talk.

Call out the name of the most high if you know not his power. And when you call it, know in your heart that it has heard you. It has heard and answered you. Be still and know then that He is the Power, the creator of the heavens and earth. Do not waver in doubt and remorse. Be glad for all your days are kissed with the comforting presence of the one power of all that is. Such is the mighty revelation to the children of faith.

Now, with such an assurance turn on the faucet to the inner fountain in your life and let the waters of life that are in you flow out abundantly to all. Do not fret or cower in the face of the challenges you will surely face.

Know once and for all that you have now been taken care of. Go out to life in full force. Be, say and do the things that you have set your eyes on. To be and do otherwise is cowardice. You have been called upon by the law of creation to discover your true power. Act now in the name of the one who began it all.

You see most people want to be happy. They want to be happy, peaceful, prosperous and successful. This is a normal desire. The challenge is; you do not know how to find the true peace and fulfillment that your soul craves. You have been thought to think that it is through material seeking only that you will find your paradise but it is not so.

Go within and rest your burdens unto the hands of the one power of all life. As was said in the days gone and still true today, “Come to me all you who are burdened and heavy laden and I shall give you rest.”

Come to the awareness of the sacred heart within you and find the eternal grace that your spirit craves. By yourself you will find certain anguish and pain. Seek the alliance of the power of all life and you will find true comfort and rest. All your days will be blessed by the sure knowledge that you are at one with the father who created the heavens and the stars.

It is this realization that will give you the final peace and happiness that you long for. It is this realization of your alliance and intimate complicity with the first cause of all creation that will enable you to love all as you love yourself and to love the God of creation with all your might and power.

How do you do this? It is simply by honoring the supreme urges of life that flows through you at all time. Have the courage to be and do as is dictated from the inner sanctum of who you are. Be authentic.

Doing otherwise is to negate the power of life that is within you and whose only purpose is to see that you and it are one.

This is the reason you are alive today. It is to reclaim your power. It is right here with you now, waiting.

Yours in total success


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