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The Power of Persistence

February 1st, 2012

Your life can be whatever you have made it to be. No one can deny you the power to decide for yourself what you want to make of your life.

I started this blog in 2009. Freshly laid off from my job I had to find something to do. Times were had and employment was very scarce. This blog served as a therapy for me as I struggled to reinvent myself. It was not long before obstacles veered me off course. And I stopped blogging. It has been almost two years today. And I am not giving up. Neither will I give up; for this is the thing that makes my soul sing.

Today, I am back. I insisted on having my way despite the doldrums that I encountered. And yes I am back again.

This is the result of the power of persistence. Nothing that happens in your life has the power to overcome the momentum and resolve of your heart. You can take this to the bank. This is because what is in you is greater than all that is outside of you; for you are sourced from the living waters of life itself.

Challenges are as unique as the individuals facing them but the power to overcome these is common to all that have the breath of life in them. Insist and persist in the achievement of the designs of your heart. Your fortunes or misfortunes can be influenced by the fresh impulses of the life you give them.

I do not take any pride in lecturing you dear reader; this is not my intention. What motivates me in writing these things is the truth that I experience everyday as I confront the challenges that come with daily living.

I am sorry it took this long to get back on the saddle. But I am back and gratefully so. Together we will explore the ever expanding spectrum of this life.

It is our desire to lay bare the falsehoods of this life for all who have the eyes to see. And together we will again triumphantly engage our days on earth comfortably tucked in the understanding that we are indeed the makers of our own tomorrow.

Yours in total success


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Happy New Year: Make it Count this Time

January 9th, 2010

The unity of thought, vision and purpose is the ultimate power to transform the life you live. These three: thought, vision and purpose are the backbone of all that happens in your life.

Now, all is as you have earned. You can create or recreate the conditions in which you have life.

It is a new year and life has quickly returned to normal. Now, what do you want to experience in this new year? There is nothing magical in life. You can achieve all.

Find the time to meditate upon where you want to be or what you want to achieve. This is the most important step you will have to take  to find total success in your life.

You cannot become successful when you do not have a goal.You can only succeed when you have achieved your goal. Set one where none exist.

Now, with all the power in your world align your thoughts, your vision and purpose with this goal. It is as simple as that.

You see, there is a power in the universe that seeks to fulfill your every wish. It is its nature to fulfill your desires unconditionally. You can consciously work with this power. This is the highway to the majestic life of total success that awaits you.

And then at long last you will discover the profound peace of the life you have been honored with. There is more than meets the eyes.

Take time in this new year to rediscover this mighty gush of the power of life. It is working constantly to deliver to your doorsteps that which you have ordered for yourself.

Do not be timid in your taking for all is unconditionally served from the plenty of its unconditional supply.

Yours in total success,


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Dare and Succeed in Life: 4 Tips

October 1st, 2009

Dare!!!There is a power in this world that guides you. It’s only function is to help you to accomplish the things you have put your mind to.

What have you put your mind to? What have you determined for yourself today?

Let life be your partner in this venture. It will help you out. Surrender to its power and wisdom. Let it help you navigate the complexities and challenges you face daily.

It shall surely guide you to your destination. It will, it is in its’ nature to do so.

All is possible in your life. Do not think otherwise. You only have to try this out to convince yourself.

Develop the self conviction and assurance of the power of life in your affairs. This is the ultimate key to the profound reassuring peace in life that all seek.

Act and act now. You cannot just stay put and expect things to change. Action is needed on your part. Start the motions that  will lead you to where you want to be.

Now here are 4 steps to get you going right away:

1. Be grateful.

The two most powerful words that you can express in your life is: thank you. Be grateful for where you are now. Be grateful for the life that now runs in you. Gratitude is an affirming power. It allows you to impregnate the mind with the gifts of life. It will open up the door of abundant possibilities for you.

2. Be open.

Be open to all that gives around you. Listen more than you talk. Do not be quick to judge situations that you come across in life. Let things and ideas percolate in your mind. Give them time to calibrate. Be slow to judge and stay wide open to receive the bounties of this life you live.

3. Be proactive.

Act differently if you expect different results. Change is created by your actions. That is how powerful you are. Take the initiative to trace a different path for the experiences you wish to encounter. Act now, let the game begin.

4. Trust.

Build trust in the guiding hand of life. It is invisible yet as powerful as anything that you can imagine. Build trust in this power. Act in its name at all times. Do not seek the alliance of man but surrender to the the strong invisible arm of all life. This is necessary to conquer the fear and hopelessness that is the common lot of humans.

Dare and you will succeed.  You were not created to suffer from lack. Success is so near and so real. Do not allow yourself to swim in the sea of quiet despair.

You were meant to be alive and prosper. Wake up and live.

Yours in total success,


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Reawaken the Memory of Who You Are and Succeed

August 10th, 2009

Rise and shineYou are a mighty creation and creator in one. This you have forgotten and this is the problem you have to overcome to succeed in life. All the challenges you face are created out of the ignorance of who you are or who you can be.

Do not bear witness to the folly of victimhood. You will and can become great again if you realize once and for all who you truly are.

There are many who suffer from disease and lack out of ignorance; not out of denial from life. Life does not deny. It gives, it is it’s nature to give and give abundantly.

Turn away from your ways of old and begin to receive from the store house of life. Remind yourself of who you are and reap the harvests of your sowings.

Here are a few tricks to help you reawaken to your true self and power. With time and practice success will come to you in  no small measure.

1. Forgive all
Do not blame any one or any force seen or unseen for your mishaps in life. Hard times are made of the same stuff good times are made of. It is only the contents of the time that chqnges. Do not drink from the cup of bitterness and spite no matter how justified you think you are. You do yourself little good by assuming that you are a victim of circumstances.

2. Seek the sanction of the universal power of Life.

Seek the alliance of the great power of life not man. Send out your request to life with certainty. Be specific in your goals and vibrate within the energetic vortex of your desires. Recalibrate your feelings and your whole being to be in sync with what you desire.The power is in you. It is neutral and waits only to serve the impressions you have made of it.

3. Free yourself from thre unprogressive thoughts of your past.

Embrace the promise of the future.You will feel the deep waves of despair if you are stuck in the what has happened in your life. Life thrives on hope and hope is the bedrock of faith. Your life is a reflection of your faith; trust in the next moments of life. You are always given another chance in all you do to make things better. Embrace this and you will come to the pure realization of the power of grace in your life.

You were not created to suffer. Life does not create to punish; there is something in you that is aching to come out into the world; a thing that is uniquely patterned for you. Now find this out. Challenge yourself to live a life of truth. Be on your way to rediscover who you are and what you are here for.

All life has meaning including yours. It might not yet be obvious to you becuase of the craziness you see and experience daily in life. Even in your chaos there is an order visible to those who care to look.

Find yourself again, retrace the path to your fathers kingdom. That too is waiting at the gates to take you into your rightful inheritance of abundant joy and success.

Yours in total success,


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Tommorow is Here, Now - Make the Best of it Now

August 2nd, 2009

Be now what you want...confidentlyIt is easy to understand that your present creates your future. It sounds nice to the ears.

This is one of the puzzles of human life. We know that we create our future out of our present actions yet we continue to act in the present as if the future does not exist or matter.

To change your life, change your present. To change your present, change the way you think about the present. This shift in attitude is all that is necessary to set the ball rolling in the direction of your future.

You see, your thoughts, attitudes, expectation and feelings in this moment of your life is an investment. It is as if you are sowing seeds in the garden of time. A garden already tilled by nature.

This now,this capsule of time in which you now exist is like a river. It flows through towards the future. It is not you who flows towards the future. You are unchanged. Time, the past, the present and the future revolves around you. It revolves around your sun - the power of your attention.

As this time capsule revolves around you it drops its cargo according to your command. You command it to drop its cargo by the power of your attention. It is as if you shine your light upon that which you desire and give it the nod to be in your reality.

And so all is here. You loose your power when you think of tomorrow as separated from now. If you desire to be a thing in the future, be it now; first in your mind and when tomorrow comes  it will meet you where you are today, here and now.

Tomorrow is here. In fact all is here and now. Now, what do you want or desire? Be it now. Claim it for yourself no matter the evidence of your circumstances.

Yours in total success,


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Deconstruct your Past and Recreate your Future

July 20th, 2009

 This moment is your best friendYour past is the record of where you have been in life. Your life experiences will reflect your history only if you remain inactive in your present circumstances.

You see the place where your mind is at most will eventually be where you most want to be. And with time you will end up being there. This has nothing to do with  the moral and ethical laws of society.

If you dwell in the past whether in regret or with nostalgia you will end up recreating the same scenes of the past. You will relive these experiences.

To create new circumstances of your life deconstruct the past. Put forward a new spin on what has happened as you forge on with the dreams of your heart.

Here are five ways to deconstruct your past and recreate the future of your dreams:

1. Tear down the castles of regret in your past.

You cannot live without your past, but you can live without the negative experiences of your past. Delete from your memory the negative imprints of things that have already happened. Regrets about your past are the silent thieves of your power to create another future. Learn the lesson of the unfortunate events of your life and use them as fodder for the job at hand.

2. Free yourself from the effects of your story.

You can do this by telling yourself another story. Put a spin on the events that you have experienced to suit the your goals. You are the most important person in the story of your life. Be on the front page of this story. Take on the center stage. It is what you say that the world echoes back to you with a sigh. Tell it like you mean to have it and it shall be so.

3. Be content and grateful for where you are now.

This is an instant antidote to regret. Be grateful for how far you have come. Do not pay attention to the bruises you have incurred. The important thing is that you are still alive. Be open to the promise of what can be, not what has happened.

4. Draw strength from the supreme justice of life.

Life will come through for you no matter what your past has been. The trick is to face the light of day being true to yourself. It did not put a longing in your heart that could not be fulfilled. Trust in this power and all shall be well. Draw your strength from this assumption.

5. Be absorbed in the now.

The stream of life is flowing now towards the the dreams and goals of your life. It is this invigorating gush of the life power that gives life to your goals and dreams. This will build enthusiasm in your pursuit. To maximize the energy from the stream of life focus your attention on the now with laser like precision.

Tomorrow is here. The future is now. Master your now and you will master your tomorrow. This is why you are so powerful; because you can take control of this moment. Stop the constant inflows of what has happened. Embrace what the future can be.

Your future is not a distant reality of your present. The future is a myth of an over stimulated imagination. Be here and now. Set your compass to the true north of where you want to sail this ship.

Invest in the moments of your life. Buy the shares of the circumstances you want to experience. A and tomorrow shall repay you with handsome yields. It never fails. All is at your beck and call.

Yours in total success,


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Overcome Excessive Fear in your Life: 5 Tips

July 8th, 2009

You are supremeFear is an emotion you experience when you are not secure. It is the lack of confidence in the present and the future of your life. It is a feeling and nothing else.

Do not fall into its beastly grasp. You are meant to happen in the scheme of things and not the other way around.

Fear is natural when you unknowingly face the unknown. Some fear is necessary as it allows you to reactivate and engage your survival skills.

It allows you to get creative in confronting the challenges of your life. You don’t want to be a fearless fool in life.

What you need to overcome is excessive fear. The kind of fear that paralyzes you into inactivity and allows you to compromise your values.

This is the wrong kind of fear and one that needs to be dominated at all costs.

Here are  5 easy tricks to overcome excessive fear in your life:

1. Face your fears.

The only way to get over your fear is to face your fears. This may seem contradictory but until you face the monsters of your imagination they will not go away.

2. Build self confidence.

Confidence is inner work. Convince yourself that you are equal to the curve balls life throws your way. Find activities in your life that are confidence boosters. Indulge in these.

3. Develop an adventurous spirit.

A sense of wonder and adventure in the pursuit of life will shield you from excessive fear. Go into life with the desire to discover what can be not what has happened. Be open to possibilities.

4. Welcome failure.

Your fear of failing is the reason you are where you are. Failure is a farce. It does not exist. Embrace the experience of trying again when you do not achieve your goal. There is always a second run in all you do.

5. Have fun.

Develop the habit of having fun in all you do. Some chores or tasks will be difficult that is a given. Smile even when your heart is aching. There is magic in a merry heart which can make for better days in your life.

Fear is a very human reaction to the deep void of the unknowns in your life. Your future is an unknown void so to speak. It is easy for you to let fear fill this vacuum of time and space.

All you need to do in essence is to prepopulate this void or vacuum with the visions of what you desire in your life. This way you will build a knowing confidence of what to expect in life and eradicate all fear.

This certitude coupled with a sense of adventure will encourage you to face the future.

Don’t let the vacuum of the future be populated by emotions of fear. Colonize the virgin moments of what is to come with the visions of what you intend for your life. You will be pleasantly surprised at your own success in overcoming fear.

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Yours in total success,


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The Power is Within you - Get Out of the Way and Succeed

July 7th, 2009

The power is are it.Now, life can be treacherous at times. You stand a real risk of loosing your power when confronted with challenges. Be firm in your trials and tribulations for the power to change all is within you.

What is within you is greater than all that is outside of you. What can yet be is greater than than all that has already happened.

Seek the fortitude of the power within. Do not submit to the ephemeral influences of your circumstances no matter what they are.

The power within you is marvelous, excellent and indomitable. And you are crafted to express it in its fullness in your life. It is your misconception and misjudgment of what you can be and become that is the problem.

Your life is meant to be an open confession of the grandeur and majesty of the power running within you. The power seeks to proclaim its glory over all the world. Now get out of the way and let it do its work.

Here are 5 ways to help you get out of the way of your life and succeed in all you do:

1. Avoid all fears.

Your fears are the bedrock of failure in your life. Do not sell yourself short. You are a life and you have a right to be here. Do what you desire without fear of man or beast. Do not be soft in the middle.

2. Do not submit to the dictates of your circumstances.

You are a creator in all respects. Be uncompromising in meeting the desires of your heart. Remember where there is a will there is a way.

3. Question reality.

The things that you see and experience in your daily life were put there by the creative action men like you. Question what does not feel right to you. Your insight might be the turning point for a new reality and experience for mankind or yourself.

4. Stand up and think.

Be proactive in all you do. Participate in life.  Don’t just follow the routines and pathways of yesterday. There may be something better lurking in the horizon. Life is counting on you to find that. Stand up and think. Be fully active in the pursuit of life.

5. Trust in the wisdom and power of life.

Do not concern yourself with the works of man. The redeeming power of life is within you. What belongs to you cannot belong to another. Life’s scale is balanced at all times.

The power is within you. Become like an innocent babe again and let this power work to bring all that you have desired into being. It is possible. Relax in the arms of life and let it reveal its secret mysteries to you.

Find out what it is that you want to accomplish in your life and focus on it. That is all that is required. Let go, and let in the power and all shall be well with you.

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yours in total success,


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Seek the Life of your Desires and Succeed - Declare your Independence

July 4th, 2009

 Wear the crown of liberty in your life and succeed.The promise of life is available to you at all times. Your future can be reformed to fit the desires of your heart.

Declare your independence from the tyranny of unwanted circumstances in your life.

Define your vision and create a road map through which you will attain your goal. Life is a continuous game of seeking and finding or not finding.

Those who seek and find are considered successful and those who seek and do not find are not considered successful.

This is the crux of the matter. If you seek and do not find do not despair. It is not because the object of your desires does not exist. It is simply that you have not perfected the art of seeking.

Here are four ways to help you declare your independence from the prison of lack and succeed in living the life of your designs:

1. Do not accept failure.

Failure does not exist. It is a trick of the mind. You only encounter temporary set backs in the journey towards your goal. So, if you encounter an obstacle on your journey take it for what it is and that is all. Don’t let the obstacle define the outcome of your desire.

2. Avoid compensatory behaviors.

Do not substitute your desires with make do achievements. Be real and authentic enough to go for the real designs of your heart. It is easy to pacify the mind of one who is not devoted to his goal. This you must avoid by adopting a non negotiable vision of what you want to achieve in life.

3. Be Gutsy.

Do not be soft in the middle. Life responds swiftly to the bold and daring. Be dramatic in your aspirations. You gain nothing by playing small. Look at the majesty of life all about you. There is nothing small or meek about life. Go for the stars. Activate the power of great success in your life.

4. Nothing is impossible.

Remember that nothing is impossible if you do not know that it is impossible. The boundaries of your mind and imagination are man made. All is possible in your life. The constraints of your life are artificial. Push yourself beyond the bounds of what is normal and you will find success.

You can bounce back from all adversity. You can be made anew. There is always a new dawn in life. Embrace this new dawn by declaring your independence today.

If you are weak say: I am strong. If you are poor say: I am rich. If you are sick say: I am well. Say these with passion and conviction and see what life offers to you. Declare your independence and be free once and for all from the tyranny of unwanted circumstances.

Give yourself a shot of redemption in the arm and you will find success in all you do.

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Yours in total success,


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Affirm your Supremacy Over the Circumstances of Your Life

June 21st, 2009

Embrace the promise of a new dayYou are a success machine, you cannot fail. You can only become what you have created. You succeed all the time because you create all the time.

The problem is you are not aware that you are a creator. This  is why you panic when your circumstances are not just what you desired.

But again you created these circumstances so you are successful. The ideal therefore is to be able to create the circumstances which you desire. Not the circumstances that you do not desire.

Affirm  the power of life in you and create the results that you want.

Here are 3 simple ways to free yourself from the grip of your circumstances and affirm your supremacy over all you desire in life:

1. Strive for  non material things.

Strive to be non attached to the material circumstances of the life you live.You are of a non physical essence encapsulated so to speak in a physical embodiment. This is a temporal affair. Do not confuse the medium in which you have life with who you are. Be gracious to yourself. Put things in their proper perspective. Give to the material realm what is due to the material realm. Give to life what is life’s.

2. Do not settle for cheap pleasures.

It is easy to become subdued by the cheap pleasures of the senses. Many live their lives in the pursuit of emotional highs and sensual stimuli. This you must avoid at all cost. Do not become a social submissive, beaten into submission by the fleeting promises of the cheap pleasures of life. Strive instead for the higher essence of life : Love, service, gratitude, patience, poise etc. You will find true power and lasting joy if you make these your desire.

3. Adopt the servant mind.

Adopt the attitude of one who has come so others can be enriched. Live with no expectations of entitlements. Assume the posture of a contributor and a giver. You have already been served by life that is why you serve life. Turn the tables. Give and give again. There is a special treat reserved by life for those who have discovered this.

Be all the man or woman you are called to be. This life is a gift. You really loose nothing in all your travails. You are the incarnation of the supreme power of life. You cannot loose because the power does not loose.

In the face of your challenges do not despair. Take heart; walk into your future with the courage and confidence of your inheritance. Be a hero to your life. Do not buy into the false teachings of doom and gloom.

Life is bigger than all that can happen here below. Before these things were, you were and after these things, you still are.  Be present in the cosmic firmament of time. Be ready to ever project and forge ahead with the secret designs of your inner chambers.

Do not yield to the suffocating stranglehold of what has happened in your life. Forge on instead; freed by the liberating influence of what can be.

You can change your life now and create the desires of your heart.

Yours in total success


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