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Imagine What Can Be

November 23rd, 2015

How to unlock the world of what is possible is the secret code to success in life. We are limited only by our ability to see ”what is” as reflected to us by our so called realities. And this is a big mistake; because “what is” is not the promise of what can be. Infact “what is” is nothing but a shadow of what can be in your life.

This is hard to grasp for one who is not schooled in the art and sciences of harnessing or tapping into the world of what can be. Overwhelmed by the dynamics of “what is” they have been cut off from the possibilities of what can be. This is why there is so much strife and disharmonies in the world today. We simply are not awake enough to know that there is ample supply for all seasons.

The greatest challenge facing us today is a  lack of the full use of the imagination. Few amongst us have mastered this sacred craft. The time has come when we are obligated to reinvent ourselves as a race and regenerate the race mind. And this can be done simply by harnessing the world of possibilities as captured in this little mantra: imagine what can be!

Leaders of men and change gurus the world over can and will only be successful in their various missions no matter what they are by reinventing “what is.” And imagining what can be is the surest means of doing so.

The world that we now experience was created of course out of the imaginings of those that came before us and the world that will be experienced by those that come after us will be the imaginings of us here present today.

Life is for the living. There is no reason to look for the living amongst the dead. All that is, is; all that can be, is not yet. This is where work needs to be done.

There is much that can be said here. This I have reserved for a later post. Life is not meaningless; there is a reason for us being here. There is a reason for going through the challenges of our daily routines.

Happy is he who indeed has a handle on what this reason is; he will be born again to a new world of possibility and endless adventure.

Yours in total success,


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The Law of Life Revisited

March 29th, 2014

There is but one law in this life. And it is the law of life. It is the workings of this law that regulates all that gives in existence.

Its workings are unconditionally just and all is duly recompensed.

In other words, there are no victims in life. Life does not take any hostages. So what does this mean? It is simply that, you are where you are, because that is where you belong. Simple, so simple that we miss the point. The truth, as in all things is simple.

Now, if for some reason you are not happy with where you are or you think you deserve better, it is OK. It is your life, change it.

How? By simply becoming responsible for the results you desire, whatever they are; by doing the things that will bring you there. The problem or challenge then is, what should you do or how you should do it.

Well, life is here; if you listen, it will guide and nudge you into acting and being in that certain way that will bring the results. This is the power of the loving grace of life. All is within you…all.

Now, having done all that you have done, rest assured and be still. Know that the cosmic train of life will grind its way to the portals of your life with the events, circumstances and things that you had co created for your self.

It may take a long time or no time at all. But all will be in your life as you have impressed upon the impartial fabric of the cosmic power. So it is.

Well, in the in - between time, be still and know that you are a child of the universal power just as all else. There are no favored beings in the cosmic scheme of things. All, everyone, is under the strong and loving arm of the cosmic law. You have a right to be here and be as you have desired. That is all.

And even after your right actions and right beings, nothing seems to happen; you must not despair, for there is always a fresh dawn. A new day always awaits, full of life and promise for you to start anew if you wish.

There is no hurrying in these matters, for as we say from my native land ” Na last time be time.”

Well, its springtime, the April rains are here and we will soon be blessed with the blooms of the flowers of May.

Life gives, it gives always. Our greatest challenge is how to accept these gifts and the giving from the force of providence.

Be open and you will know. Be open in love and gratitude to all and you will know.You will experience the workings of the Supreme Law of life first hand. And you will know what is to be known once and for all.

Yours in total success,


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The Way to Success

March 13th, 2014

There is always another way of being other than what gives presently. It is not about being rich and famous or poor for that matter. It is simply being you; sublime and wholly connected to the life force coursing through you at all times.

This wholeness and centeredness will give you the peace and the aura of satiety that we so vainly seek. To be happy is to be truly successful.

Money is not the way, not health, fame or what have you. The way is to simply be. Be authentically present here and now; and in every moment of your life. Become aware of the mighty wind of the love that surrounds you at all times.

And you will be hitched unto another force field in which your every need will and can be met. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking the law.

Do not perish for lack of knowledge. Experiment and know.

Yours in total success,


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Honoring the Balancing Act of Nature

March 13th, 2014

Nature is supreme. Life is omnipresent, omniscient and is omnipotent. We are but little play things in the grand scheme of the cosmic order of all life. It is a balancing act at all times. The scales must be balanced at all times for all of life to exist as it is and has been since creation.

Do not cry or weep when change comes or when you seem to be down on your luck. It is not by chance. All is played out according to a code that is supremely just and fair to all.

Be cheerful as you can be and muster the strength to begin again when things don’t seem right. With enough time and effort what is yours will naturally gravitate to you. No questions asked.

This is the miracle of the balancing act of nature. All has been given. It is our imperfect receiving that needs working. Not the wisdom of the infallible first cause of all life.

All is here for your total success in life…if you are open enough to receive.

Yours in total success,


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The Art of Knowing.

November 19th, 2012

This our time can be rightly called the age of knowing. It is easy to fall for the gospel of charlatans who wants you to live in ignorance.There is an art in all things including the desire to know. To truly know what life is about is the greatest desire of the awakened one amongst us.

You have a right to know.You have the right to know the whole truth but only if you desire such. Life knows this and so it is willing to work with you to reveal itself and its mystery to you. If you seek you shall find. If you knock the door shall be opened.

You seek by carrying yourself in a certain way. In acting in this certain way you invite the pearls of wisdom and the light of enlightenment to rain down on you.This life is a very special thing.

We are basically alone beings, in our souls that is. We came here for a very personal adventure.You can make it an adventure in knowing. It is all your choice.There is an art of knowing, an art to life which when discovered will reignite the flame of love divine that is deeply embedded in your hearts.

No rush, life waits and all is set and configured to lead you to your own rebirth. It will lead you into the totally successful creature of the most high that you already are.

Yours in total success,


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Stop Waiting and Start Living Again

November 1st, 2012

We all have a a tendency to wait in life. We have been trained to be reactive so to speak and this is where our problems begin. It leads to a less than full life. Our relationships with our friends and or family may get sour,we may loose our source of income or our finances may take a hit. In fact many things can happen in this life to make things look a little frightening to say the least.

But no matter what happens it will be wise to not wait for things to change. It will be indeed wise to take on your challenges head on with a cheerful attitude knowing that all that is promised you in this world is life and nothing else. What you cannot afford to do is to stop living and wait. What will you be waiting for if not ore disappointment and despair.

Start living here and now where you are with what you have and how you are;don’t wait. Waiting is the door through which our circumstances gain control over our lives.

Change happens and you too can happen. Change can come any how it desires to come but within you is the power to live in anyway you want your as well.

Do not get stuck in what has happened and fall into the trap of waiting for life to restore what has already been lost. Move on and keep on moving for as long as the juice of life flows within you.

Dust your of your feet in the unwanted circumstances that you are now living in and set sail for a new Jerusalem and remember to have fun while in the process. All life is life. All is sourced from the same power.

Yours in total success,


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Never Stop Improving

July 16th, 2012

This here is the secret to your continuous total success in life. Never stop improving. Life is nothing but an adventure of sorts. All is complete and finished. We have even now been sufficiently provided.

This is the truth. The problem is that we do not know how to take from the infinite storehouse of life. And the answer to this is simply to continuously self improve. In other words, never stop to improve upon what is in your life.

This is the gateway to your total success in life. This, because life without your self improving efforts will surely become a sour display of failure and discouragement. So, never stop improving.

Most of us are caught unawares by the challenges of our times because we somehow had stopped the process of self improvement. Thinking that we had arrived, we had dropped the ball as if the game was over. And so shocked by the self degradation that follows, we hasten to attribute that to bad luck or some other superstitious construct.

Life is in your hands, including your life. It and all that comes thrives off the sustaining power given to it by you. You are a creative power; breathing life into the the clay of your imaginative posturings they take on life and have forms in the arena of your daily circumstances.

It is when the burning coals of your power and attention have been removed from under the circumstances of your life that these fall out of the field of your experiences, only to be resurrected back into life if you so desire.

This the ultimate magic of life. It is no secret at all for we are living incarnations of this principle in all actuality.

All goals are attainable. Life, including your life is an exercise of infinite abundance. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.The work that needs doing is but with you. Self improve in any way you can. The work is never done so to speak. Keep your eyes firmly on the ball.

Seek to improve upon what already is. All that has form is in an invisible but active process of disintergration whether you like it or not. This cannot be avoided. It is a cosmic precept that cannot be avoided.

What you can do on the other hand, is to be cosmically active within the creative chambers of your life in other to continuously regenerate and sustain that which you have deemed neccessary for your livelihood here on this our earth.

Keep improving and you will again find the true peace, joy and fulfillment of life that was promised you from the beginning of time.

All this talk about waiting for a paradise that will only come after death is hogwash.You have been even now provided with the master key to a life of total success and fulfilment. You owe it to yourself.

Start where you are, with what you have, to be there, where you want to be now. And life will see you through.

Yours in total success


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The Folly Of Victimhood

June 10th, 2012

What makes you alive is the active cosmic breath that animates all. It is this power that is responsible for awakening your spiritual senses and ability to realize and experience the fullness of life.

The great tragedy is that not knowing the full potential of this cosmic power we tend to wallow in our failings and insecurities much longer than it is necessary.

The environment in which you live should have no role to play in determining for you what your tomorrow will be. You are equal to the task no matter what it is. This is because what is in you is stronger that what is outside of you.

It is common practice to wail in pity in the wake of the challenges in life.This is again a misconception of what life is and what is expected of it.

I say this only to say that no matter how bad the past has been the future can be shaped to your liking. All that is necessary is to focus not on the rather harsh environs of the life you live but to focus on the throbbing vital force of life which ever forward moving, can be consciously harnessed to serve the purpose of your heart.

Appreciate you for who you are not for what you have created or failed to create. You see, the creator doesn’t take pride in his creations in as much as in the creative power in them.

Much of the vast continent of Africa, for example, harbors wealth yet untold but the children of this continent continue to suffer immeasurably from want and disease. Why is this so? It is simply because they have not realized that they have the power to create the change that is needed for them to accept the full spectrum of their inheritance as children of the one power of all life.

It is easy in the face of challenges to give in to the feeling of victim hood. This here must be avoided at all cost. You are never a victim. You may not know this but it is true all the same. No one Living or death can influence the pathways you have chosen to express the life in you unless you give them the permission.

And you do so spiritually speaking by identifying yourself as a victim. By identifying yourself as a victim you are acknowledging and affirming the power of the thing or circumstances you are a victim of over your life. You have given the keys to the thing or circumstances in other words to continue to mess with you.

So, who are you Kidding? You cannot continually affirm an issue and expect that issue to go away. You cannot continue to be saying and affirming that you have been dealt a bad card in life and in the same breath expect the card to change.

To do so will be spiritually dishonest. Knowing who you are, you can play the hand you have been dealt with the vision and firm conviction that all will be for your ultimate good and advancement and it will be so.

The great secret that has been hidden from the masses in all this time is that you ought to be fully independent and self reliant for your livelihood no matter what is going on in your life. In other words do not rely on the promises of anyone to make a headway for yourself in this world. It is a lie; not your parents, Governments, friends or family. To do so is to set up yourself for failure in life.

This  is why it is said so often that God is a jealous God. In other words you have been configured to seek and receive direct sustenance from the primary source of life and no other source.

You must therefore become totally responsible for your whereabouts no matter what is touted in the public square. Doing so, you will guarantee for yourself a life of peace, prosperity and total success. I am not knocking down grace in life. That too has its place but let it come to you as a surprise and not as an expectation.

A lot of us today have to rethink the premise on which we live life. Things have changed so much. The securities upon which society was built seem to be crumbling and crumbling fast.

A new paradigm has to be introduced into the public place for us to fully assume the mantle of power that is implicitly and interestingly unleashed in such times as these.

You are only alive because you are a cosmic entity endowed with the power to influence the environment in which you have life. Do not take this lightly. It is easy to bounce around all day long not knowing what this life means to you. This is why you may be experiencing a harsh and challenging life.

To smoothen things out for you seek to regain the mantle of power. Give the vessel you are sailing in some direction. Take charge of the journey and set sail.

Living in the past you reignite the death coals of years gone by. Why will you do that when the present, uncut, waits for you in all its splendour and promise.

Stay here, my friends, and now, with the tools of the trade that has been given you by life, chisel out the masterpiece of the life you desire to create.

Stay at it, one stroke at a time. As you sculpt, life will sculpt with you. All it seeks is to bring out of you that which the grand architect itself has in the blueprint of this adventure called life.

How else will you come to know what it is in store for you without unwrapping the gift that is you. You are a resource of infinite value to life. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Take pride in you not what your circumstances are saying about you. Take pride in the fact that in you is a vortex of creative energy capable of removing the mountains in your life if you so desire.

In recognizing this power, you recognize the hand of your father who art in heaven and through whom all things are possible.

This is why you are a gift to life. Take this to heart and do the work that is required of you. We are all laborers in the vineyard of providence. There is no use in lamenting in this time of great challenge. No one has been denied.

All was given to you at birth and it is still so today. It is all up to you.

Work is needed but in the private workshop of who you think you are. Doing what is required in there you will discover the full range of all that you were meant to be in the first place.

A Promise…it is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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Swim in your Current and Succeed in All you Do

May 30th, 2012

Our greatest failing in life is to not recognize that we are animated with the very force of creation that is responsible for the stars and the constellations of the solar system. You are a unit of power animated by the very essence of life itself.

This is your current. It is the juice with which you are able to carry on in this world. I say this to say that you are not helpless. You are fully furnished with the power to make your sojourn here meaningful to you and life as whole.

You see, the rose plant doesn’t care whether it is planted in a bush of thorns or in desert. It grows with the singular purpose of producing the flowers as only it knows how. It doesn’t complain but comes out in full bloom with its radiant colours.

You too, is as a rose plant, bloom where you are planted. Now, present in you is a real energy stream fully engaged in the animation of your life at all levels of your life whether you are aware of it or not.

This is why you are alive. You can think, feel, touch, sense, intuit, talk and so on. You were made active by this power at birth, it is your current.

Within you are certain natural tendencies or inclinations which are almost second nature to you. These your natural leanings are the surest signs of the power of your life bending towards the sun of your universe. Take the hint and follow these.

All has come here with a unique load that has to be unloaded in order them to be fulfilled.What is yours? What is your current?

I have a passion for writing about total success as I do on this blog not because I really like to. It is as if I have no choice, for the urge is not negotiable. Why? Because this is my current. This is what I have come here to give. This is my passion, my current.

A lot of folks do not have the courage to follow their current because they are chained by fear to the false sense of material security. They live to satisfy the dictates of matter and not the compass of their heart.

This is why these are never happy and never will be. You are larger than your circumstances no matter what they are; for you are a conscious creation of the mighty power of the creative element of all life.

Your challenge in this life is to find what moves you and latch on to this . Know yourself, seek to discover who you are. Question the status quo in your affairs. Seek to find where you are in harmony, what rings true and let that become your dwelling place.

All we seek is to unify ourselves with the current that runs within us. You see, all has been designed to serve a particular purpose here below. If you were animated by a spirit or current of compassion and you have chosen to live a life of aggression and hate you will be at odds with the currents running within.

It is this incompatibility between the currents of your inner self and what you have chosen to carry on with in your material affairs that is the foundation for your sufferings in this world.

This is how dis ease is introduced in your worlds. This imbalance in the vibrational energetic patterns in your life will manifest itself in your physical body following the lines of physiological weaknesses that is in all of us.

Desist once and for all of the fact that you have come to receive. This world is not one were you can take without giving back. And there is no reason not to give back when you are in your very essence a gift to the human race.

Each of us here on earth this earth has within themselves a unique configuration of the cosmic force flowing from him to the world in which he lives. You are not without support. Honor the energy stream that runs from within you.

Life is a field of eternal love. Seek that which is you and turn the cup around. Go for the living waters in your life and serve them without reserve.

Do your part in your own corner of this globe and together we will all get to the promised land of of cherished desires.

Yours in total success,


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Time and your Total Success in Life

May 21st, 2012

You have been trained by popular culture to dissociate yourself from the natural cycles of life. And this is the reason for the feelings of despair and unhappiness that hangs over the head of the race as would a dark cloud.

It is possible to be genuinely happy irrespective of circumstance. And it is only when you can be happy irrespective of your station that you can claim to be a total success in this life.

Many seek the gains of the material world thinking that this alone is the gateway to paradise only to find at the end of their journey that it was all a waste of time. It is doubly hard for those who have sacrificed heart and soul for the promise of gold and silver for the pain and disillusionment is even greater.

It is this that led the the Nazarene to ask: what use is it to gain the world and loose your soul. And that man shall not live by bread alone.

Let me go back to the illusion of time for a moment here. All of life has been programmed to work through life cycles established by cosmic intelligence.

There is the sunrise and sunset, there is the full moon and the new moon and there is the revolution of the earth around the sun. These are natural cycles that has been programmed by creation. All living bodies in this world are configured to respect and abide by this natural rhythm of life if they are to find peace and harmony in their lives.

In other words, creation manifested itself here as days, moons and seasons for a reason. Now, most of us do not dance to this rhythm of life. We do not sleep when it is sundown and do not wake up when it is sunrise. We have created the week out of the time slot between sunrise and sunset which has now been programmed into your mind as a work week with a weekend to boot.

Within this natural rhythm of life rests the recuperative and restorative agents necessary to renew and regenerate life at every turn.There is a give and take pattern embedded in the system that allows life to sustain itself no matter what has happened.

Now, you are also under the influence of these cycles of life no matter what you think. Your life energies are being perpetually reconfigured and rebalanced as is necessary by the cosmic forces of life to sustain and nurture you in your journey no matter what has happened.

The problem is; not being aware of the invisible hand of life we feel and think we are alone. It is this feeling of aloness that creates despair in our lives. And in the depths of our despair it is easy for us to give up the fight and natural desire to align with the life force coursing through us. It is easy in such times to embrace the-anything-goes mentality.

Remember that you are not an accident. Life does not create accidents. Everything including you is in the grasp of a greater factor or force in this life. And this force is the force of love; a love of life for life’s sake and nothing else.

I say all this to say that you should hold fast and maintain your spiritual poise in the midst of the challenges of your life. Life is life. It does not depend on your station here below.

Times are hard and challenging, no one denies that. Do not despair for change is in the making. Life knows how to recharge and self rejuvenate despite all.

Seek instead to maintain the harmony of mind that is necessary to weather the storm sof your days. You will notice in due time that the challenges will begin to by themselves unravel.

It is not that you do nothing. It is simply that you act with the understanding that whatever challenges comes your way can be overcome not by frantically chasing the things away but by calmly reasserting your power over them.

Pull the curtain over the scenes of the life you do not want in your life. You may have failed but your are not a failure. Learn to differentiate your actions from you as the actor. Develop the poise and stamina necessary to weather the storm and you shall be alright after all.

Discern the illusion of time and its influence in your days. Know that there is a season for everything as was said in the old; And if your faith be strong as was foretold by the ancient prophets you can tell any mountain in your life to move and it shall be so.

And in the instance where it refuses to move you can indeed move away from it.

Anything that comes into your life will go out of your life if you do not want it there. You are not condemned to entertain situations and circumstances that are not in the realm of what you have dreamt of.

Do not be impatient, work within the cycles of your natural life. Take defeat or failure with the assurance that they too shall pass. Not because your are idly standing by; no, it is simply because you know that you have the power to create the change you desire and are willing to do so .

Here in lies your power. It is the reason you can sleep while the wind blows; for busy in the workshop of the upper rooms of your life all shall be well in due time.

Let time become your friend. There is enough to worry about as it is, there is no use complicating what is already complicated.

Yours in total success,


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