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Ten Precepts to a Successful and Fulfilling Life

March 13th, 2014

If there was ever a creed to follow on how to triumphantly live this life it will not be much different from the ten pointers I have listed below.

Do not take them lightly. I urge you to meditate on them as frequently as you can. And If you do so a sacred song will burst forth from within you; a song of freedom and triumph over the tyranny of the material forces over your life.
It is a promise.

Here they are:

1. Life is unconditionally good and neutral. It is your choice to make it what you want.

2. There exists an infinite storehouse of limitless supply for all. You can access this if you know how.

3. You are as the creator is; created in its image and likeness. See the magnificence of its creation around you.

4. Your ability to succeed is determined by your recognition of your like nature to the power of all creation.

5. You are called by life to regain this awareness. This will occur sooner or later whether you like it or not.

6. You are now and always will be in the presence of this power. It is how open you are to it that is the question.

7. Your separation from this creative power is the cause of all your suffering and lack. You hold the key to your own salvation.

8. You are called by life to reconcile yourself to your natural greatness. This too will happen sooner or later.

9. You can succeed at any goal you have set for yourself. All is possible. You are the key.

10. You will make mistakes on your journey to total success. And you will also ultimately get it right.

Now, Life can be a challenging adventure. I believe we have all had our fair share. The difficulties we face can only make us stronger, wiser and more determined to succeed.

I share these with you not to make light of your challenges but so that you too can gain in strength when faced with adversity or when weathering the storms of change in your life.

Yours in total success,


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Confront Your Fears

June 7th, 2012

Times are hard we have been told and it is obvious that we have bought into what we have been told. This is why there is so much fear and uncertainty in our lives today.This is not a good state to be in because fear begets fear. And fear is not a good thing.

Of Course it is normal in life to be concerned about your livelihood. It is most natural to want to know where your next meal is going to come from and so on. What is not normal is to succumb to the dictatorship of fear in your life.

Why so? You may ask. This is simply because in allowing fear to gain a foothold in your life you are in a way giving up your power in life. Fear is nothing but an emotional response to a perceived threat to your survival in life. This is a general definition and you can sort out for yourself what fears rule your life.

What I want to emphasize in this piece here today, is simply the fact that you are not powerless. You only become powerless when you allow fear to take over the mantle of power that is in you.

Some will say: Ah! what mantle of power is he talking about? And this here is the problem. You do not know that you are an active force in the equation of creation. Do not discount yourself as if you have been orphaned by life. It is not so.

Your problems and challenges, no matter what they are are like phantoms in the night. They are not real. If you wake up to the power that you are, you will see them for what they are.

The tendency for all who are in dire straits is to pray. To pray is to ask. To ask is to affirm lack. To pray properly, you must ask and receive in the same prayer session albeit spiritually or mentally.

What do I mean my this? You cannot just go into a prayer session and ask for the hand of providence to provide you, say with a nice car. To do so will be suicidal to say the least. You will never be in the possession of your desires so to speak. This is not because anyone denies you but simply because the premise upon which you have demanded is faulty.

In other words, you ought to ask and receive in an affirming way that which you have laid claim to. Doing so you will break the cycle of fear in your life because you know that if you ask and ask correctly it will be given.

What I write hear is not some speculative knowledge gathered from here and there. It is the workings of the laws of life that I am now giving to you. You can replace the fear in your life with the comforting knowledge that you are indeed catered to and provided for no matter what the circumstances or the trends you are currently experiencing in your life.

So, here are four pointers to get you started on this road of self liberation from the tyranny of your circumstances:

1. Be poised.

In all situations good or bad, seek to maintain an emotional poise. Your poise is very important. It gives you the ability to maintain your spiritual distance from the circumstances you face and the real you. This spirital space is crucial if you are to develop the ability to change things for your own good.

2. Be Inner centered.

In us all is an inner space that needs to be cultured and lived in if you want to have any semblance of control over your life and its circumstances. To do so, begin the practice of seeing through your mind’s eyes in your times of prayers the things or circumstances you wish to experience in life. With time make this your dwelling place no matter what storms are brewing on the outside.

3. Act in confidence.

Go through your days acting out the the things you have internally designed for yourself. Be active in the realms of the vision you have created.Pay no mind to the fact that they are not here. With time they will come into the screen of your daily experiences.

4. Allow time in the process.

Allow time to work its magic. Anything that has been viewed and accepted by your mind’s eyes becomes a command to the universe. This you can be assured of; with time it will come to pass in your physical world for your physical eyes to behold.

In these days of uncertainty is is easy to become spiritually and mentally paralysed by fear. A world ruled by fear will dehumanize us all. And this is not our destiny. Each day should give us the opportunity to move forward as a race of human beings and not to fall back to our base instincts.

Seek refuge in the power within. Take one day at a time and march onwards, confident in the ability of providence to provide you with all that is necessary to live this life that has been given to you.

You are not an orphan; spiritually speaking, there is an army of good waiting to serve. It’s only condition is for you to place the command that is required to put them to work for you.

Affirm what you want when in need and do not take your marching orders from the false alarms of fear and the fear mongers in your life. There is more than meets the physical eyes.

Life was meant to nourish and prosper you. All is according to the portion you have desired and designed for yourself.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of Persistence

February 1st, 2012

Your life can be whatever you have made it to be. No one can deny you the power to decide for yourself what you want to make of your life.

I started this blog in 2009. Freshly laid off from my job I had to find something to do. Times were had and employment was very scarce. This blog served as a therapy for me as I struggled to reinvent myself. It was not long before obstacles veered me off course. And I stopped blogging. It has been almost two years today. And I am not giving up. Neither will I give up; for this is the thing that makes my soul sing.

Today, I am back. I insisted on having my way despite the doldrums that I encountered. And yes I am back again.

This is the result of the power of persistence. Nothing that happens in your life has the power to overcome the momentum and resolve of your heart. You can take this to the bank. This is because what is in you is greater than all that is outside of you; for you are sourced from the living waters of life itself.

Challenges are as unique as the individuals facing them but the power to overcome these is common to all that have the breath of life in them. Insist and persist in the achievement of the designs of your heart. Your fortunes or misfortunes can be influenced by the fresh impulses of the life you give them.

I do not take any pride in lecturing you dear reader; this is not my intention. What motivates me in writing these things is the truth that I experience everyday as I confront the challenges that come with daily living.

I am sorry it took this long to get back on the saddle. But I am back and gratefully so. Together we will explore the ever expanding spectrum of this life.

It is our desire to lay bare the falsehoods of this life for all who have the eyes to see. And together we will again triumphantly engage our days on earth comfortably tucked in the understanding that we are indeed the makers of our own tomorrow.

Yours in total success


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