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The Call of the Authentic Self

April 13th, 2016

We all come to this life with our unique gifts. This lies dormant in us as potentialities. Cultured by society from the tender ages, we grow to conform. And in doing so we loose our unique streaks as creatures of the one power of life.

This is why we find that there is an inescapable void and weariness in the life of the average human being. For some reason life does not sit well. Somehow we know that something is amiss. And we cannot wrap our minds around what is the matter with us.

And so we tread on, finding unending palliatives for a dis ease that does not exist. Little wonder that we are not happy and fulfilled.

Life is unerring in its ways and will not let up on the bargain that we entered into when coming to the world. It calls us evermore to own up to who we are. It calls us to be that regardless of circumstance.

This here is the age old call to be authentic. To own up to who we are; by being all that we are; all that we were meant to be, here and now, in this lifetime.

Do not yield to the many excuses that can explain away this natural cowardice. Rise up and live the dream potential that is in you.

Life need you and it will support you. It is a contract of sorts. You own up to its calling on your life and it will own up to you.
It’s power being supernatural, nothing will stand against you.

You were born with a purpose. Embrace this mission and you will become newly awakened to the life giving impulses of courage, power and creativity to make manifest the dream of the one creator who sent you here in the first place.

There is not much one can say in these matters. The proof is in the pudding. This journey is for the bold and the brave.

Dig in and find that which throbs within your hearts of hearts. Answer the call. This sound will be there for you through and through. And at long last you will find the freedom of the brave that the heroes of our past have so eloquently spoken of.

You will live a life of complete fulfillment and joy. It is a promise!

Yours in total success,


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Ephatta-Be Opened

March 13th, 2014

Do not put the cart before the horse; unless of course you want to ride in a reverse direction. To move forward, put the horse before the cart. To receive, give. Be opened and all will be opened for you; this here is the secret: Serve and you will be served.

To live a fully optioned life, open up and give all that is in you. Life is not blind. It will return all back to you in due time and in true coin. Here is the key: Charity begets charity. All is here now. It is the receiving that is tricky.

Try this: Give with no expectation of a reward. It is not about money. Shine the light that is from within you; and in doing so your way will be brightened. Open up, so you can receive. Life is not mocked.

And let time be the judge; not the mental wanderings of an idle mind. Let time be the judge.

Yours in total success,


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Swim in your Current and Succeed in All you Do

May 30th, 2012

Our greatest failing in life is to not recognize that we are animated with the very force of creation that is responsible for the stars and the constellations of the solar system. You are a unit of power animated by the very essence of life itself.

This is your current. It is the juice with which you are able to carry on in this world. I say this to say that you are not helpless. You are fully furnished with the power to make your sojourn here meaningful to you and life as whole.

You see, the rose plant doesn’t care whether it is planted in a bush of thorns or in desert. It grows with the singular purpose of producing the flowers as only it knows how. It doesn’t complain but comes out in full bloom with its radiant colours.

You too, is as a rose plant, bloom where you are planted. Now, present in you is a real energy stream fully engaged in the animation of your life at all levels of your life whether you are aware of it or not.

This is why you are alive. You can think, feel, touch, sense, intuit, talk and so on. You were made active by this power at birth, it is your current.

Within you are certain natural tendencies or inclinations which are almost second nature to you. These your natural leanings are the surest signs of the power of your life bending towards the sun of your universe. Take the hint and follow these.

All has come here with a unique load that has to be unloaded in order them to be fulfilled.What is yours? What is your current?

I have a passion for writing about total success as I do on this blog not because I really like to. It is as if I have no choice, for the urge is not negotiable. Why? Because this is my current. This is what I have come here to give. This is my passion, my current.

A lot of folks do not have the courage to follow their current because they are chained by fear to the false sense of material security. They live to satisfy the dictates of matter and not the compass of their heart.

This is why these are never happy and never will be. You are larger than your circumstances no matter what they are; for you are a conscious creation of the mighty power of the creative element of all life.

Your challenge in this life is to find what moves you and latch on to this . Know yourself, seek to discover who you are. Question the status quo in your affairs. Seek to find where you are in harmony, what rings true and let that become your dwelling place.

All we seek is to unify ourselves with the current that runs within us. You see, all has been designed to serve a particular purpose here below. If you were animated by a spirit or current of compassion and you have chosen to live a life of aggression and hate you will be at odds with the currents running within.

It is this incompatibility between the currents of your inner self and what you have chosen to carry on with in your material affairs that is the foundation for your sufferings in this world.

This is how dis ease is introduced in your worlds. This imbalance in the vibrational energetic patterns in your life will manifest itself in your physical body following the lines of physiological weaknesses that is in all of us.

Desist once and for all of the fact that you have come to receive. This world is not one were you can take without giving back. And there is no reason not to give back when you are in your very essence a gift to the human race.

Each of us here on earth this earth has within themselves a unique configuration of the cosmic force flowing from him to the world in which he lives. You are not without support. Honor the energy stream that runs from within you.

Life is a field of eternal love. Seek that which is you and turn the cup around. Go for the living waters in your life and serve them without reserve.

Do your part in your own corner of this globe and together we will all get to the promised land of of cherished desires.

Yours in total success,


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The Supremacy of Desire in Creating your Successful Life

July 5th, 2009

Desire the nectar of life and you will find lasting success.Desire is the supreme force of success in your life. You cannot succeed without a desire to succeed. You must be hungry for the thing you seek to accomplish it.

If you are not where you want to be in life it is because you have not desired it. You may have wished it upon yourself but you have not desired it.

Cultivate the desire for the things you wish to see in your world and you will be moved to accomplish them. You are a cause factor in your life; an effect creating machine.

Here are 3 quick reasons why desire is the most important factor if you long for a life of total success:

1. Desire begins the process of self transformation and revitalization.

Without desire you will become the victim of the forces of inertia. No one can help you when you you have not decided to help yourself. You help yourself by longing for something other than what now gives in your life. By longing for something that you now do not have you create a cosmic vacuum of sorts. You create a receptacle that will soon be filled by the demands you have placed upon life.

2. Belief is not a prerequisite in desiring.

Desire is an active emotional response to the lack you have experienced in your life. Belief is not necessary to desire something. By longing, you lay the foundation of the new circumstances that you intend to create. Desire, seek different experiences if you are not satisfied with what now is. The government of your life lies squarely on your shoulders.

3. Desire triggers your imaginative power.

All that has been accomplished in your life begins in your imagination. An active imagination when properly harnessed is unstoppable. When you desire you jump start the imaginative powers in your life. And by awakening your imagination you directly tap into the indomitable force of life to fulfill your needs.

Now, you will meet with challenges on your journey towards success. This is a given. What is also a given is that with your desire to renew the circumstances of your life you will succeed.

You see Your desires if strong enough will create strong intentions. Intentions when strong enough will create goals. And goals are the golden pieces of a successful life.

You are the maker of your destiny. This is because you have the right to desire anything. Just to desire it is the beginning of a successful life.

Remember you do not have to belief yourself here. Just begin the process. All your difficulties are an orderly mess waiting to be orderly untangled by the solutions you provide. Your desire to change these circumstances is the starting point.

Don’t wait a day. Fate or destiny is a farce. You can carve out the life you want to live by desiring it.

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Yours in total success,


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Seek the Life of your Desires and Succeed - Declare your Independence

July 4th, 2009

 Wear the crown of liberty in your life and succeed.The promise of life is available to you at all times. Your future can be reformed to fit the desires of your heart.

Declare your independence from the tyranny of unwanted circumstances in your life.

Define your vision and create a road map through which you will attain your goal. Life is a continuous game of seeking and finding or not finding.

Those who seek and find are considered successful and those who seek and do not find are not considered successful.

This is the crux of the matter. If you seek and do not find do not despair. It is not because the object of your desires does not exist. It is simply that you have not perfected the art of seeking.

Here are four ways to help you declare your independence from the prison of lack and succeed in living the life of your designs:

1. Do not accept failure.

Failure does not exist. It is a trick of the mind. You only encounter temporary set backs in the journey towards your goal. So, if you encounter an obstacle on your journey take it for what it is and that is all. Don’t let the obstacle define the outcome of your desire.

2. Avoid compensatory behaviors.

Do not substitute your desires with make do achievements. Be real and authentic enough to go for the real designs of your heart. It is easy to pacify the mind of one who is not devoted to his goal. This you must avoid by adopting a non negotiable vision of what you want to achieve in life.

3. Be Gutsy.

Do not be soft in the middle. Life responds swiftly to the bold and daring. Be dramatic in your aspirations. You gain nothing by playing small. Look at the majesty of life all about you. There is nothing small or meek about life. Go for the stars. Activate the power of great success in your life.

4. Nothing is impossible.

Remember that nothing is impossible if you do not know that it is impossible. The boundaries of your mind and imagination are man made. All is possible in your life. The constraints of your life are artificial. Push yourself beyond the bounds of what is normal and you will find success.

You can bounce back from all adversity. You can be made anew. There is always a new dawn in life. Embrace this new dawn by declaring your independence today.

If you are weak say: I am strong. If you are poor say: I am rich. If you are sick say: I am well. Say these with passion and conviction and see what life offers to you. Declare your independence and be free once and for all from the tyranny of unwanted circumstances.

Give yourself a shot of redemption in the arm and you will find success in all you do.

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Yours in total success,


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Declare your Independence from your Circumstances: 4 Tips

July 3rd, 2009

Wear the crown of your yourself.Your circumstances have a way of making you feel less than your true worth. That is if you accept them as your reality.

You can declare your total independence from the prison of the unwanted circumstances of your life.

Do not resign your fate and destiny to the power of external circumstances no matter what they are.

You see, your circumstances are like the school yard bully. If you do not fight back he will run you out of the play ground of your life.

Be yourself, free yourself from the tyranny of your circumstances once and for all.

Here are four simple ways to be yourself. Free yourself from the tyranny of your circumstances and succeed in all you do:.

1. Be yourself.

Imitation leads to danger. You are self contained; created with all that is necessary to reveal that which is unique to you. Express yourself;  express who you are without fear. Seek not the fortitude of numbers to justify your cause. Stand on the sacred grounds of what and who you are. Even if you stand alone.

2. Do not pursue things…they will come to you.

All things emit a frequency in this world. To have anything you want establish yourself on the same frequency and wave length of the things you desire. You do this not by pursuing the thing desired. You do this by creating a mental atmosphere that is conducive and attractive to the things desired. This is the premise of faith.

3. Retain your poise in difficult times.

The school yard bully thrives in your fear and perception of powerlessness. He knows that you are afraid  and so he plays on your fears to affirm what you have already imagined. Now, a simple trick is to be calm in trying times. It is not easy but it can be done. Try it; with a little patience and discipline you will learn this simple but crucial skill. Retain your poise in challenging circumstances and you will break the back of the pain that comes with it.

4. Look to nature for inspiration.

The plants and other animals in nature revel in their individuality. They are themselves. The rose has never sort to be anything other than a rose. A zebra has never sought to become a deer. In accepting themselves entirely they activate the inherent power to survive that came with them.

Now, look no further than who you are and where you are. You are self contained. Be yourself and triumph. Your kingdom is in your hands. Or better still the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Go within and take possession of this kingdom.

Your external circumstances are nothing but the shifting plumes of a passing cloud. Be still in the convictions of your heart and a new sun will surely burst out of these dark clouds.

And behind every victorious sun bursts in your life lies the energy and stamina of your will and desire to succeed. This you can control. All is at your beck and call.

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Yours in total success,


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Now Playing: A Life of Total Success

June 3rd, 2009

Rise and ShineWhat is now playing in the movie of your life? Are you happy and satisfied? Will you say that you lived a happy and totally successful life if this movie was to end today?

If the answer to these questions are no take courage you are not alone. You can still become active in setting the stage, the scenes and circumstances in which you have life.

All is possible. Here are three quick steps to help you redirect the set and scenes of the life you have envisioned:

1. Activate your power of self determination.

Acknowledge and take ownership of your life. Nothing will respond to your desires if you do not claim the authority to direct and influence your life. You take ownership by accepting within you that you are entirely responsible for your life.

2. Clear the stage.

Do not live with holdovers from your past. Clear the stage and clean house. Your desire to create anew demands space. Create this space by letting go of the past. This is how you create new circumstances. Simply let go of old circumstances. Wipe the slate clean. Turn the page.

3. Design with audacity and originality.

It is easy to be bound by the conventions of the past. Be bold and daring. Seek only to give form to that which stirs within you. The world is not advanced by the stale discoveries of the past. Life is pushed forward only by the innovative creations of the brave and daring spirit among us. Let this be your mantra. Be original or die.There is little use for a wasted life.

Activate the power of success in your life. There is no right or wrong here. Wake up and live.The eternal grace of life waits on you. Exorcise yourself from a life of fear, cowardice and pain. You are the offspring of an intelligent design. It is the same power that created the magnificent bodies in the galaxies.

Do not shy away from the heat of your passion or the pressures of defeat. Stay true to your unique calling and embrace all that life offers you.

Your failure is not a terminal point in your life. It is mainly a temporary stop in your journey to success. Become like a mighty and steady stream; flow above and around the obstacles you face in grace.

Go deep within. Polish the jagged edges of the obstacles you face and turn them into precious gems of polished stones. Let these become your treasure.

In the end you will find true and fulfilling success. You will be happy as the sun sets on your life. You will know that you answered the call. You came, you saw,you played and conquered the mighty illusions of despair in your life.

And most of all you bore witness to the great indomitable power of all life. It is all up to you. All has been given.

Yours in total success,


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How to Embrace Your Passion in Life

April 16th, 2009

Passion is the keyAll enduring change in life is created by individuals who embraced their passions. In doing so they answered the call of a higher power. In this time of economic challenge  seek your bliss and follow it.

You will become successful if you accept who you are. It may not yet be success in economic terms but you will find immediate intangible success.

This is a necessary platform for any success you can experience in your life.

I had written a post before on why following your passion is the route to find total success. Now, here are a few tips on how to embrace that passion and succeed:

1. Identify what moves you.

Scan the very ideas that run through your mind as to what you can best do. As these ideas run through your mind watch out for  the feelings associated with each idea. You will know which ones carry the greatest power. Explore these.

2. Do the work as you see it.

We are all artists in our own right. Paint the picture as you have seen it. Play the music as you hear it. Do the work as it is given to you. No more no less.

3. Do not concern yourself how it is received.

Ideas that move the world are not always immediately welcomed by the society. Do not be concerned by that. Carry on  as you think and see fit. Let your fire burn bright even in the face of opposition and rejection. Soldier on.

4. See yourself as a messenger.

The power responsible for the message will take care of the message. You are at best a caretaker. Your duty is to give out the message. Be about the sacred commission of your heart.

Your life is meant to be lived out for a purpose. Seek that purpose and execute it to its full extent. You cannot be given a task or vision that you cannot accomplish. In the ideal or the passion of your life are the resources needed for its fulfillment.

Your life is a supreme gift to you. Be true to the silent whisperings of your heart. You will inevitable find immediate and lasting success if you follow the drum beat of your heart.

Yours in total success,


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6 Reasons to Follow your Passion and Succeed

March 16th, 2009

The star of successDo you know that following your call or passion may be the ultimate way to fight this recession? You have a uniqueness in you which can be exploited in these difficult times to create a life of success and abundance.

Here are 6 reasons why following your calling is the ultimate way to excel and succeed today:

1. No competition in your destiny.

You are unique in all aspects; to follow the unique calling of your heart is a life time opportunity to be who you are. If you are who you are, there is only one of you who can exist at anytime. This creates a monopoly of the brand that is you.

2. You’re Free.

There is an awesome feeling of true freedom from the tyranny of the circumstances you live in when you professionally pursue your dream. You are free to be creative; free to experiment and free to fail. It is this room to grow that inevitably leads you to total success.

3. Callings never end.

Your desire to continue to explore and follow the drumbeat of your heart means you are not going to be satisfied with half hearted results. This pursuit of excellence will guarantee that your offerings to society will be of a high caliber. Quality and excellent workmanship will always be primed in the market place.

4. Living on purpose.

Count yourself lucky if you know why you are alive. Countless people walk the earth without knowing what drives them. This is the major cause of failure. If you know why you are here you can succeed. You will succeed because you can then focus your time, energy and attention on your goal.

5. You will become a risk taker.

You do not wait until you are ready and the stars are aligned for you to take action. To answer your call means that you act. You act towards your calling and learn as you go. You loose your fear of failure. This is why you will succeed.

6. You will develop in character.

The audacity to dream boldly and follow that dream is not given to all. The trials and tribulations that come your way will build a strong character. The tenacity and fortitude with which you pursue your goal are necessary traits in all who have succeeded in this life

Most people fail because they are not running on all cylinders. They are preoccupied with the challenges of bread and butter. Seek first to find the value that you are and bring this to the market place; and bread, butter, milk and honey shall flow to your door steps. You are in this moment a completely self sufficient creature. You have all that you need to excel and succeed in your life despite the odds.

Dig deep within, find your calling and go for it. You will win because you cannot loose.

Yours in total success,


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