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The Falsehood of Time

June 8th, 2012

What locks you in the falsehood of life is the illusion of time. You see, you do not know that time does not exist. It is actually a falsehood that life has placed on our way to help us situate ourselves here until such a time when we can discern the pure truth for ourselves.

It is common knowledge that we live in a past, present and future continuum. That is to say that our time is divided into three compartments.This again is not true, time is not linear, in fact there is no past or the future. These are creations of our mind.

All is now. The reason you create the past is because of your actions. In other words by positing and acting you create an impression in the mind of that spent energy. It is this realization of the spent energies of your actions which is called the past.

And of course the now, at this moment, you are spending energy and so this moment is called the present because you are actively spending the cosmic energy of life. This is why the future is revered because we see in it a reserve of unspent energy.

Life is nothing but a sea of energy in which we have our being. By spending this energy of life we create what is called the past and looking forward to the unspent reserve of energy in and around us we talk of the future.

I say this to say that there is no reason to focus on your spent energies. This is likened to living in the past, meaning that you are living on the wasted field of spent cosmic energies. The ideal is to live in the now, where the swirling energies of life are present for you to form out as you have envisioned.

You see, the future does not exist unless when impressed upon by the active projections of your mind and vision. In other words nothing is yet formed in the unformed realm of life. Those that are trained amongst you understand this. They move into the future with the audacity and confidence of one who knows that the world is his for the taking.

One of the reason people fear in life is simply because they do not know that they have the power to shape and mold the large untapped reserves of energy streams that surrounds them at all times.

You see, they look at life as a static, linear phenomenon. They take the indexes of the present as their starting point in life and projects these to the untouched realms of life calling it the future.

The future does not exist. All you can do is shape what is to come by acting now in the way you want to be tomorrow. This is a great liberating truth. You can determine what tomorrow is going to be by acting it out now. Isn’t this liberating?

I think it is. The problem is that we are passive spiritually speaking. It is as if we are asleep.

Take for example, one who has been sick all his life. He knows nothing but sickness in his life. Such a one will have a hard time thinking that he can create a future of sound health in his life. Why so? Because he does not have the will and imaginative power to envision a healthy life going forward.

This is because he is energetically stuck within the designs of sickness that has engulfed him all through. For such a one, a quick and thorough realignment of his spiritual energies is required for him to quit thinking and creating more sick days of his life. It is easy; the problem is that he may have become accustomed to sickness as a way of being.

You were created to be a mini God. In other words, you were created and given life on this earth so that you can come to the quick realization of who you are and of your true powers as a child of God. You will be of no use to any one feeling victimized by life because no one has made you a victim but yourself. Life does not create victims.

At this very moment you can begin to free yourself from the prison of the past and embrace the now which is where you are always going to be. In other words the now, this cosmic magical moment here and now is where you are always going to be.

This again is because you are the constant in the equation of life.You are the sun of the universe you inhabit. All other things including your physical body are nothing but temporal creations meant to serve you in your journey here below.

So, do not lend any more of your precious “force vitale” to the the dead scenery of the field of your spent energies. To do so will give them the revitalizing power to become present in your life. Stay focused my friends, in the eternal presence of the now.

Here, sow the seeds of the harvests that you expect in your days as the forward moving forces of life continue to reveal itself to you.

You were not created to be a victim of time. You were created to come to the full realization of yourself as one with the omnipotent power of creation. Stay true to the inner whisperings of your spirit. Do not be shy, be bold. Move majestically into the castles and mansions of your heart. Live the life you will, all is possible.

You are not an error of creation. The power that started it all is here with you as you navigate the contours of your cosmic journey. It shall see you through.

It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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Confront Your Fears

June 7th, 2012

Times are hard we have been told and it is obvious that we have bought into what we have been told. This is why there is so much fear and uncertainty in our lives today.This is not a good state to be in because fear begets fear. And fear is not a good thing.

Of Course it is normal in life to be concerned about your livelihood. It is most natural to want to know where your next meal is going to come from and so on. What is not normal is to succumb to the dictatorship of fear in your life.

Why so? You may ask. This is simply because in allowing fear to gain a foothold in your life you are in a way giving up your power in life. Fear is nothing but an emotional response to a perceived threat to your survival in life. This is a general definition and you can sort out for yourself what fears rule your life.

What I want to emphasize in this piece here today, is simply the fact that you are not powerless. You only become powerless when you allow fear to take over the mantle of power that is in you.

Some will say: Ah! what mantle of power is he talking about? And this here is the problem. You do not know that you are an active force in the equation of creation. Do not discount yourself as if you have been orphaned by life. It is not so.

Your problems and challenges, no matter what they are are like phantoms in the night. They are not real. If you wake up to the power that you are, you will see them for what they are.

The tendency for all who are in dire straits is to pray. To pray is to ask. To ask is to affirm lack. To pray properly, you must ask and receive in the same prayer session albeit spiritually or mentally.

What do I mean my this? You cannot just go into a prayer session and ask for the hand of providence to provide you, say with a nice car. To do so will be suicidal to say the least. You will never be in the possession of your desires so to speak. This is not because anyone denies you but simply because the premise upon which you have demanded is faulty.

In other words, you ought to ask and receive in an affirming way that which you have laid claim to. Doing so you will break the cycle of fear in your life because you know that if you ask and ask correctly it will be given.

What I write hear is not some speculative knowledge gathered from here and there. It is the workings of the laws of life that I am now giving to you. You can replace the fear in your life with the comforting knowledge that you are indeed catered to and provided for no matter what the circumstances or the trends you are currently experiencing in your life.

So, here are four pointers to get you started on this road of self liberation from the tyranny of your circumstances:

1. Be poised.

In all situations good or bad, seek to maintain an emotional poise. Your poise is very important. It gives you the ability to maintain your spiritual distance from the circumstances you face and the real you. This spirital space is crucial if you are to develop the ability to change things for your own good.

2. Be Inner centered.

In us all is an inner space that needs to be cultured and lived in if you want to have any semblance of control over your life and its circumstances. To do so, begin the practice of seeing through your mind’s eyes in your times of prayers the things or circumstances you wish to experience in life. With time make this your dwelling place no matter what storms are brewing on the outside.

3. Act in confidence.

Go through your days acting out the the things you have internally designed for yourself. Be active in the realms of the vision you have created.Pay no mind to the fact that they are not here. With time they will come into the screen of your daily experiences.

4. Allow time in the process.

Allow time to work its magic. Anything that has been viewed and accepted by your mind’s eyes becomes a command to the universe. This you can be assured of; with time it will come to pass in your physical world for your physical eyes to behold.

In these days of uncertainty is is easy to become spiritually and mentally paralysed by fear. A world ruled by fear will dehumanize us all. And this is not our destiny. Each day should give us the opportunity to move forward as a race of human beings and not to fall back to our base instincts.

Seek refuge in the power within. Take one day at a time and march onwards, confident in the ability of providence to provide you with all that is necessary to live this life that has been given to you.

You are not an orphan; spiritually speaking, there is an army of good waiting to serve. It’s only condition is for you to place the command that is required to put them to work for you.

Affirm what you want when in need and do not take your marching orders from the false alarms of fear and the fear mongers in your life. There is more than meets the physical eyes.

Life was meant to nourish and prosper you. All is according to the portion you have desired and designed for yourself.

Yours in total success,


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Take Heart and Overcome the Fears in Your Life

May 16th, 2012

Open your heart for the power of life to come tumbling through. There is no reason to fear for you are in essence an immortal entity. Hold on tight, you are of like nature to the power that started this experience called life. It is easy to give in to the power of fear.  And this is how you loose your humanhood. You loose the flow of the power that is ever so present.

Hold your head up high no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Do not fear life, not even that thing called death. Respect all. In doing so you honor the power that is in them and in you too; not the power of titles and human prowess but the power behind the breath of the life that is in them.

The weak and unlearned will seek to frighten you by the indiscriminate display of what they deem as true power. They will flash their material possessions and such to intimidate and dominate you. And when dominated you become easy prey for their sadistic games.

This is an ancient trick that is used even by those of the other realms of life. The idea is to break your psychic shield and thus suck you into a vortex of energy and power which they control.

You must strive to be your own person and unconditionally negotiate your life on your own terms. You see, you are like a log of burning wood on a furnace fire. You do count and you are part of the great fire that warms up the house. Do not allow another to take away the light that burns through you.

I write this because this world is presently going through a rough patch on its journey and we have all been jolted away from our comfort zones. As we struggle to get comfortable again it is easy for the weak to fall prey to the unsettling schemes of those whose hearts are filled with the ploys of darkness. Be on the look out.

You belong to none other but the one who created you. That is why all great religions and schools of faith teach that we must honor the one and only one, whatever that is for you. And why the Christian’s bible advocate that their God is a jealous God.

Now, so what is the falsity that you must watch against:

It is simply not to worship matter of any sought but to honor the indomitable power of the spirit which is in you. Don’t buy into the false humility that is often paraded by the wolves in sheep’s clothing. True love and humility does not seek to sell itself. It is in itself sufficient for it is sustained not by the wimps of mere mortals but by the unstoppable divine breath of the creator itself.

Dust off the sediments of the past that has taken over your spiritual room and sweep with a broad broom. The past is not alive except you give it the power to have existence in your life. And the future does not exist except what you call into your experience through the infallible support of your spiritual power.

So, take heart dear one. Stand firm as the wind blows, be steadfast despite the troubles. This our earth was not a perfect creation for a reason. With time you will discover the sublime and subtle spread of love that is ever at your beck and call and you shall be whole again.

Love is divine because you are divine. It is why you will never find true peace and happiness in the things of this world. For the plan is for you come to your original state again; a state of supreme joy and peace in the knowledge that all is well with you.

All is well despite the fright of matter that is daily paraded in the public sphere. You, the chosen one must never give in to the rule of matter in whatever form it manifests. Know once and for all that you were born to become an overcomer of all things material and immaterial.

Your pain is your gift. Do not shy away from your tears. For they are the holy waters of the love of the creator that cleanses all. Hold on to the rod of your faith in these times and all shall be well again in no time.

Yours in total success,


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Be Infinitely You

August 15th, 2009

Show your colorsIt is easy to compromise the possibilities you incarnate when faced with challenges in life. This is a natural reaction of a passive mind.

Do all you can while you have this life to explore all that you are and can be. You see, you have been outfitted for a fabulous life; and you have been provided with all that is neccessary to express all that is in you to the world.

Life is good at all times, including your life.

Take heart then when there is no hope. There is something of immense value to life residing in you. The world needs that.

We are all messengers of a higher truth to life. You hold in your life a piece of the message of life to life. Seek to become all that you are, not what you have become.

Here are three simple ways to begin the journey to the infinite you:

1. Seek the imperishables of life.

Associate yourself with the higher ideals of life such as love, peace, patience, industry and charity. You are called to grow continously into a finer and more compassionate being. You are called to become fully fulfilled and realized as an agent of life.
You facilitate this process by the ideals you have set for yourself. The more refined you are the easier will it become for you to discover the secret and sacred complicity that exists between you and all life.

2. Develop self confidence.

This has nothing to do with being arrogant. Develop the ability to trust that “you can”. Work with the understanding that life has already provided all to you; you are an agent of an unfailing power of the univerese. This is neccessary to counter the fear that we all face when confronted with the task of discovering our might.

3. Dream, yes dream.

What is happening now in your life does not matter. Dream of the world and circumstances you want to live in. Dream big and fabulous dreams for your life. Do not buy into the limitations of your past. Accept your dreams, know that you deserve to live in them and act accordingly. All that can ever happen to you will follow the contours of the dreams you habor.
All that has ever happened in your life is as you have dreamed.

You are meant to be active in the vineyards of life. GO OUT AND FEND FOR YOURSELF. To do otherwise is to let others determine your life and circumstances for you.

Become the infinite you.Take hold of the reins of your life. Become active in the design of the circumstances you experience. Fly as high as you can without fear. Life is an eternal forage into the infinite joy of the discovery of what lies within.

Your happinness and fulfilment in life depends on this. Affirm your individuality and shine out the light that is within you.

Stars shine alone. In their spledour they do not seek to be like others. You are a star. Be all you can be.

Yours in total success,


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Let Life Reveal Itself to You

August 14th, 2009

Surrender to life

If you are like me it is certain that you have questioned life many times over. Questions such as: why do certain things happen even to those who seem to be wholly innocent?

But life is just; it is so just that it will bring to your door steps only that which you have earned by your works.

You are in the vineyard of life; you are a worker in this vineyard of life. All that you experience in your affairs is simply the fruits of your labor. Let no one tell you otherwise; life is just.

No matter how difficult or challenging your life has been all can be changed by the efforts of your labor. Rip off the erroneous sowings of the past, clear the filelds anew and sow the seeds of the harvest of your desires.

This would seem like a tall order to you; it is not. It is the only way yet known to create and maintain lasting success in your life.

Now, here are three simple tricks to get you to begin the process of allowing life to reveal itself to you:

1. Act out of love at all times.

Love for yourself and for all others is the surest way to be in harmony with life. Do not decieve yourself; hate, mischief and malice is suicidal to say the least. Strive daily to flee from hate, mischief and jealousy.

2. Avoid fear by building trust.

The reason negative emotions reign supreme in your life is becuase you are afraid of life. You do not know who you are or what you are capable of. Begin to trust in the power of life. Trust that you were not created and left alone. Seek the alliance of this power in your daily affairs. Surrender in good faith to life.

3. Stay focused on the goals of your life.

An idle mind is the devils workshop. Set a goal for your life if you now have none. Dedicate your life to the accomplishement of this goal. Be busy in the garden of providence and you shall reap the success that you crave.

Now, remember that life is just at all times. Nothing is out of place, all is in balance; such a scheme is actually meant to work in your favor and the favor of all life. You are just as favored as the most successful person that you know in your life.

None other than yourself then is responsible for your success; all has been given. It was given to you when you were born to life.

Avoid the wicked ploys of the dark forces of the world. Embrace the warm comfort of the everlasting power of all life. You will discover a new relationship with life. It is that same power that is responsible for the majesty and glory that surrounds you.

Yours in total success,


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The Servant’s Mind - A Secret Way to a Life of Total Success

July 27th, 2009

Reach outYou have been given all in life. It is your inability to receive from life that is the issue. Do not accept the false premises of your difficulties.

They are not true. They are not true because you can change all. No matter what your past has been your present and future can be changed to fit the desires of your heart.

This is my undying song in this life. Do not despair.

The ultimate secret to a life of total abundant success is to adopt the servant’s mind. Don’t read to much in to this. The idea is simply to have come so that others shall have.

Here are three quick tips to adopting the servants minds:

1. Become a giver of the intangibles and tangibles of this life.

Your actions determine your destiny. Send waves of goodwill to all at all times in life. Judge none and you will not be judged. Practice the art of random charity. It is not the size of what you give that matters. It is the intention behind the action. Practice this with consistency. You will see results in no time.

2. Take the attention off yourself.

You are wired to work for your own survival that is a given. Don’t over do it. The trick is to serve yourself by serving others first. Fear is a constrictor of the abundant flow of supply in life. When you are exceedingly focused on yourself and your well being you invite the forces of fear in your affairs. Let go. Be about the business of making your life meaningful for others.

3. Focus on making the life of others better in all ways.

The hands that feed must be fed. This a is a law. To him who has shall more be given. You affirm that you have by being willing to part with what you have for the benefit of others. Life is a supply mechanism. It seeks the agency of man to deliver all to those who have asked. To become that agent affirm your abundance by serving the needs of others first.

The the only way to open the store house of universal supply is by adopting the servant’s mind. You see, ordinarily you are constricted by the concerns of your daily life.

Thus constricted your energies and attention are focused on your lack. It is this dynamic that you have created that is responsible for your  experiences of lack.

Now, turn your attention outward by giving. You will suddenly create a matrix of infinite supply in your mind. It is this matrix that is responsible for sufficiency in your life.

Life has ample provision for all in all seasons. Open yourself to receive by giving of yourself and all that you are to life. Life will give all of itself back to you.

The greatest leaders of the nations of earth  are and will always be givers. And you too can change the trajectory you are now on simply by turning the cup of life around. Give , give and give again.

The joy and abundance reserved for the giving one cannot be put in words. You owe it to yourself . Give it a try.

Do not take my word for it. In small ways start exercising your servant duties in life. Be creative and daring in this venture. In due time you will find the doors of the everlasting store house of the universe open to you.

Yours in total success,


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Embrace your Challenges and Succeed

July 10th, 2009

You can make it...keep on gracefullyA life without challenges will be no life. Welcome your challenges no matter what they are.

You see, these so call stumbling blocks in your life can be transformed into stepping stones to fulfill your dreams.

Do not assume that you have failed because of your challenges. That is a sure recipe for failure in life.

You need the weights of your difficulties to build the muscle necessary to lift your dreams to the light of day.

All through this blog my intention has been to show you that you are a force of life to be reckoned with. Life belongs to the courageous and the winner in this game takes it all. Do not despair.

Your destiny is entirely in your hands. Life is an impartial overseer it doesn’t judge you. It has given you its all.

Embrace your challenges no matter what they are. You see, they are gifts in disguise. Nothing is out of place. You are now in the presence of the golden coin of life.

If you insist on staring only at your challenges that is all you will see…just challenges. If you decide to flip this golden coin of life you will find a field of treasures on the other side.

Now, no one can flip this coin for you. How badly do you want to thrive? Do you think success has not been a friend to you? How badly do you want to find total success in your life?

Answer these questions honestly and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals.

Do not be worried about your challenges or so call failures. It is simply the way of the world. You see, the mountain is not surprised that the valley is its closest neighbor and the sea is not bothered by the gushing kiss of of a mountain stream.

All is balanced in life. Nothing is out of place, not even you. You are in this moment in the epicenter of what can be a successful life. All is still at your beck and call. You can call the shots now. Flip the coin of your life and you will see the marvelous opportunities that await you.

Trust in the power and wisdom of life. Let life’s mercies  rain  on you.

You can learn more about embracing your challenges in life by click here now.

Yours in total success,


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Overcome Excessive Fear in your Life: 5 Tips

July 8th, 2009

You are supremeFear is an emotion you experience when you are not secure. It is the lack of confidence in the present and the future of your life. It is a feeling and nothing else.

Do not fall into its beastly grasp. You are meant to happen in the scheme of things and not the other way around.

Fear is natural when you unknowingly face the unknown. Some fear is necessary as it allows you to reactivate and engage your survival skills.

It allows you to get creative in confronting the challenges of your life. You don’t want to be a fearless fool in life.

What you need to overcome is excessive fear. The kind of fear that paralyzes you into inactivity and allows you to compromise your values.

This is the wrong kind of fear and one that needs to be dominated at all costs.

Here are  5 easy tricks to overcome excessive fear in your life:

1. Face your fears.

The only way to get over your fear is to face your fears. This may seem contradictory but until you face the monsters of your imagination they will not go away.

2. Build self confidence.

Confidence is inner work. Convince yourself that you are equal to the curve balls life throws your way. Find activities in your life that are confidence boosters. Indulge in these.

3. Develop an adventurous spirit.

A sense of wonder and adventure in the pursuit of life will shield you from excessive fear. Go into life with the desire to discover what can be not what has happened. Be open to possibilities.

4. Welcome failure.

Your fear of failing is the reason you are where you are. Failure is a farce. It does not exist. Embrace the experience of trying again when you do not achieve your goal. There is always a second run in all you do.

5. Have fun.

Develop the habit of having fun in all you do. Some chores or tasks will be difficult that is a given. Smile even when your heart is aching. There is magic in a merry heart which can make for better days in your life.

Fear is a very human reaction to the deep void of the unknowns in your life. Your future is an unknown void so to speak. It is easy for you to let fear fill this vacuum of time and space.

All you need to do in essence is to prepopulate this void or vacuum with the visions of what you desire in your life. This way you will build a knowing confidence of what to expect in life and eradicate all fear.

This certitude coupled with a sense of adventure will encourage you to face the future.

Don’t let the vacuum of the future be populated by emotions of fear. Colonize the virgin moments of what is to come with the visions of what you intend for your life. You will be pleasantly surprised at your own success in overcoming fear.

Click here to learn more about reclaiming the power to shape your life.

Yours in total success,


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Declare your Independence from your Circumstances: 4 Tips

July 3rd, 2009

Wear the crown of your yourself.Your circumstances have a way of making you feel less than your true worth. That is if you accept them as your reality.

You can declare your total independence from the prison of the unwanted circumstances of your life.

Do not resign your fate and destiny to the power of external circumstances no matter what they are.

You see, your circumstances are like the school yard bully. If you do not fight back he will run you out of the play ground of your life.

Be yourself, free yourself from the tyranny of your circumstances once and for all.

Here are four simple ways to be yourself. Free yourself from the tyranny of your circumstances and succeed in all you do:.

1. Be yourself.

Imitation leads to danger. You are self contained; created with all that is necessary to reveal that which is unique to you. Express yourself;  express who you are without fear. Seek not the fortitude of numbers to justify your cause. Stand on the sacred grounds of what and who you are. Even if you stand alone.

2. Do not pursue things…they will come to you.

All things emit a frequency in this world. To have anything you want establish yourself on the same frequency and wave length of the things you desire. You do this not by pursuing the thing desired. You do this by creating a mental atmosphere that is conducive and attractive to the things desired. This is the premise of faith.

3. Retain your poise in difficult times.

The school yard bully thrives in your fear and perception of powerlessness. He knows that you are afraid  and so he plays on your fears to affirm what you have already imagined. Now, a simple trick is to be calm in trying times. It is not easy but it can be done. Try it; with a little patience and discipline you will learn this simple but crucial skill. Retain your poise in challenging circumstances and you will break the back of the pain that comes with it.

4. Look to nature for inspiration.

The plants and other animals in nature revel in their individuality. They are themselves. The rose has never sort to be anything other than a rose. A zebra has never sought to become a deer. In accepting themselves entirely they activate the inherent power to survive that came with them.

Now, look no further than who you are and where you are. You are self contained. Be yourself and triumph. Your kingdom is in your hands. Or better still the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Go within and take possession of this kingdom.

Your external circumstances are nothing but the shifting plumes of a passing cloud. Be still in the convictions of your heart and a new sun will surely burst out of these dark clouds.

And behind every victorious sun bursts in your life lies the energy and stamina of your will and desire to succeed. This you can control. All is at your beck and call.

Are you interested in learning more? Click here now.

Yours in total success,


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Break your Routines and Challenge yourself to Total Success in Life

June 8th, 2009

Challenge yourself to excelThe reason you are the way you are is because you have become a prisoner of your habits.

These habits are not working for you. This is why you are the way you are.

Well, the trick to a life of success is to break away from routines that do not serve your goals.

Embrace routines that are in harmony with your goals. Develop and only maintain habits that are in alignment with what you desire in life.

Here are 4 quick tips to help you break the unhealthy habits of your life and succeed in all you do:

1. Map out a new path for yourself.

Own the responsibility of imagining a new life for yourself. You are not bound to live up to the expectations of society. Look at where the majority of those who are cultured by social ideals are. Imagine a new world in which you want to have life and begin to act on it.

2. Avoid all regret.

Regret is a sign of hopelessness. Gather yourself and forge ahead despite your failures. Treasure the possibilities of the future not the spilled milk of the past. One you can still attain; the other is gone for good.

3. Take ownership of your life.

Your life belongs to you. Respect yourself by becoming self reliant in all ways. Determine for yourself what experiences you will like to undertake while alive. Live for them. Be unapologetic. It is your life.

4. Discipline yourself.

Seek to master your feelings and thought. No one will do this for you. You cannot allow your mental world to grow wild and unkempt. Be active. Take care of your imaginings, feelings and thoughts. These things are the anchors upon which your experiences are formed. Good or bad they are all up to you.

Do not cry over spilled milk. Be mature enough to withstand and overcome the tides of change in your life and circumstances.

Sadness, despair and regret are signs of a weakling. Realize your power. Wipe away your tears and move boldly into the mansions you have designed for yourself.

You are normally a victim of your habits and routines;You are cultured to think in patterns and set routines. This is why a change of any kind is such a nightmare to you.

To be a winner in life you have to break the back of your routines. Expect nothing but the outcome of the life you are now creating.

Remember that you are an animated being. You are animated by the creative juice that makes the world tick. Harness that and create the life you desire.  Become active in the secret chambers of possibility.

You are unconditionally up to the task. You are perfectly fitted with the tools necessary to live an exceedingly abundant life in all ways.

Try it. Put yourself to the test and proof this to yourself once and for all.

Yours in total success,


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