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The Rest of the Story

April 5th, 2016

The rest of life is your story. The rest of what is left of life is your story. The rest of what is left of your life is your story.

Your life is a full feature film. There are many scenes and acts that have come to pass. And like in every movie there is still a lot more to the film than all that has happened.

Most of us want an encore. We want a replay of what has happened consciously or unconsciously. We revel over our past successes and weep over so called lost opportunities and failures.

By so doing we forget that the story of our lives is never ending. It goes on and on and on in one form or the other. There is always a follow up. There is always the rest of the story; there always is.

There is no end to life although the scenes although the scenes may change. And they do change. Albeit more often than we like.

Even when death comes, it is nothing but an opening to a new beginning to the rest of the story.

Rise again and take charge of the rest of the story. In all things and all circumstances your power to take control of your story line is always with you. Not even God can take that away from you.

With the means at hand take a step boldly into the future and live out the rest of the story. Let the past be prologue. Forge ahead towards the rest of the story to sing the undeniable promise of the glory of life.

The ever sustaining presence of all that is, call it God if you will, is willing to assist you to rewrite the script of the life you have chosen for yourself.

Yours in total success,


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The Formidable Power of a Smile

December 27th, 2015

There are certain things that are gifted to us as Human beings. They come with life so to speak. Smiling or the ability to smile is one of those conduits or portals. Call it an escape valve if you will.

The problem is that we do not use it enough for what it is worth. It is taken for granted as we do most other things in life.

Life being what it is, we certainly can make use of this little gift to recalibrate and recenter ourselves when faced with troubling times. In times of troubles it is not easy to tap into the realm of possibility. We are tense and fearful, anxious and tearful for the most part.

Make it a simple habit to smile in such times. If you cannot do it in public, find a quiet place where you can be alone for a while, take a few deep breaths and SMILE. Smile again when you continue to face the challenge. Doing so, you will be transported to another energy field which may well begin to resolve the issues that were constricting you to a life of despair and anxiety in the first place.

And if you feel you cannot smile because of one reason or the other, it is OK. Just pretend to smile. It doesn’t matter that you do not belief in your smile. Just do it. In fact try it. It works. It is a secret portal of life to get you back on the saddle when the times are tough.

Now, lets take this further. You don’t have to wait until when in crises situations to begin to practice this. You can make it a daily routine. Greet the morning with a smilie and end your days with a smilie no matter what your environment or your circumstances are.

You can yet stretch this even further. Carry an inner smile with you at  all times of the day. When you answer your phone calls, for example, you can project a smile to the caller before you even pick up the call.

Be creative. With time and practice you will find that your affairs and days will take a turn for the better.

This life is an adventure of sorts. It is meant to be this way and for a purpose.

Put a smile on as you face the day of light and ride on with the waves of what comes. Doing so, you will become a very conscious co creator of the worlds you live in and experience.

And you will very directly, in doing so, control what you think and feel and do and ultimately be and become in life.

This here is a key to your total mastery and success in all you do.

Yours in total success,


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The Need for Fearless Ideas

November 14th, 2015

The world is in a stalemate. There is a new challenge that needs to be addressed. And this is simply the confrontation of the new and the old.

It is increasingly important for the race mind to be stretched beyond what it has known; to embrace what can be. Intolerance at any level of life is tyranny. It is the tyranny of what is, as opposed to what can be. Life is progressive by definition. Everything evolves; life is a forward moving affair. You resist at your own peril.

The wave of common change that is washing over the world today speaks of the need for new ideas to confront the dilemmas of our time. Yesterday it was New York, today it is Paris and tomorrow, for sure, it will be somewhere else.

The world yearns for a new way. This new way is in the making. How soon it will come to be will depend on us. It will depend on our desire and willingness to embrace fresh, new and fearless ideas. Fresh, new and fearless ideas to confront the age old ignorance and prejudices of our times.

We will not and cannot move forward as a race without this uplift in consciousness; this shift in consciousness.

Let the leaders of men and the creators of the spirit vortices of life work towards this end and all shall be well. The challenge is to create new fearless ideas and introduce them into the thought streams of life.

This will introduce the quickening that is necessary to bring a shift of attitude and healing to a troubled world. Tinkering around centuries old problems with  a centuries old mindset will not solve a thing.

We are called upon in this age to move in boldness. We are being called to harness the fountain of fresh and fearless ideas through which we can reconfigure and recalibrate the future to meet the aspirations of the times. This is our work, our challenge.

All challenges, no matter where they come from, we must remember, are portals of growth .Walk into these with the certain knowledge that there is everything to gain and nothing to loose. And you shall win.

Peace is not of this earth realm but neither is war. The dilemma is in our choosing. Choosing out of fear, we create war and chaos; out of love, tolerance and forbearance, we create a more peaceful and humane society.

The power is in the choosing. If we choose fearless ideas we will build a brave new world;far different from what we have experienced today and what we have experienced in the past.

The choice is ours. Imagine what can be!

Yours in total success,


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The virtues of knowledge, wisdom and truth

September 15th, 2015

The reason we have life is to come to a full and complete understanding of who we are. Such is my understanding of it. And it surely doesn’t come easy. Life is a school. It shouldn’t be drab or dull either. We learn all the same. We are taught through all what we experience here: the good, the bad and the ugly. These are all lessons.

My sincere hope is, for me, and may be  for you also, to learn through them all and so become better. Better than we were yesterday. Better, in the knowledge of grace that surrounds us at all times. So that we may eat of the sacred fruit of knowledge, and drink from the cup of all grace.

Having gained this knowledge and intoxicated with the wine of this knowing, we can go on living with certainty and exactitude. We become wise, and as wise ones apply the holy precepts of this wisdom on the daily chores of our earthly sojourn; working in harmony with the knowledge and cooperation of life’s unchanging laws.

In so doing we behold the truth of all that gives; all that is and can ever be! It is in this ultimate state of awareness that one can behold the truth. The truth of all life.

Here, you see, are the stages of a fulfilled life journey. First is knowledge, then wisdom and finally truth.

This is all we are looking for. Only because when we finally come to the understanding of this triad, we shall burst into a new world of freedom-spiritual freedom.

A spiritual freedom which will allows us to love and live “la vie en rose”; engulfed by the cosmic balm of the sustaining substance of the universe. Living in the light of truth; freed from the unrelenting grip of darkness once and for all.

Thus freed we are able to pursue the desires of our heart. And as we come into their possession, we bow with humility and gratitude to the great power of all that gives.

This is the way; the simple way to a fulfilled life of bliss; knowing what is to be known and doing what is to be done, as our days turn into the night and our nights turn into days.

Fret not when times are hard. Challenges lead us unfailingly to the edification of our soul. It is this edification and soul centering which is the missing link in all things.

Thus centered you will gain instant access to the majesty of all that is and can ever be. And in the comfort of this realization find that your needs are met at all levels.

Seek ye first the kingdom…and all else will be added unto you.

In love and light; this is it.

Yours in total success,


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Dream Big and Succeed in Life

March 13th, 2014

Shoot for the stars in all you do. Let life be your judge not man or circumstance; dream and dream big. Boldness rules the world. Think instead of the mighty opportunities unleashed in your life when facing challenges. Seek instead to find out how you can reclaim your power and seize the day with audacity. You can become a winner again.

Take your strength from the wellsprings of possibility not the catastrophic happenings of your circumstances or your past. Do not depend on anyone or external power for your life and wellbeing. Seek instead the alliance of the greater hand of the life force through which all things are made possible. Seek the power instead, and choose the life you want to live.

Burn in the furnace of your desires and out of your ashes will rise a new dawn of the circumstances you once only dreamt of. You see, a circumstance, whatever it is, is nothing but the crystallization of consciousness.

And your consciousness can be molded into any shape or form you desire. Herein lies the power to remake your world. Dream big; it is a first step.

Yours in total success,


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The Art of Knowing.

November 19th, 2012

This our time can be rightly called the age of knowing. It is easy to fall for the gospel of charlatans who wants you to live in ignorance.There is an art in all things including the desire to know. To truly know what life is about is the greatest desire of the awakened one amongst us.

You have a right to know.You have the right to know the whole truth but only if you desire such. Life knows this and so it is willing to work with you to reveal itself and its mystery to you. If you seek you shall find. If you knock the door shall be opened.

You seek by carrying yourself in a certain way. In acting in this certain way you invite the pearls of wisdom and the light of enlightenment to rain down on you.This life is a very special thing.

We are basically alone beings, in our souls that is. We came here for a very personal adventure.You can make it an adventure in knowing. It is all your choice.There is an art of knowing, an art to life which when discovered will reignite the flame of love divine that is deeply embedded in your hearts.

No rush, life waits and all is set and configured to lead you to your own rebirth. It will lead you into the totally successful creature of the most high that you already are.

Yours in total success,


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Living in the No Fear Zone.

November 14th, 2012

Man burdened by fear is half dead though alive. Do not allow fear to control the direction of the life force coursing through you. To do so is cowardice. You are a life, created from the same substance that sustains, has sustained  and will continue to sustain this universe long after you are gone.

Living in the darkness of fear, it is easy to be frightened by the shadows of your own insufficiencies. Do not fear, no matter what seems to be thrown your way. Do not. Now, shine the light of the life in you and watch the darkness and uncertainties on your path wash away. They will, they have no power of their own.

Now, you must understand that things take form according to the emotional charge you lend to them. No charge means no power. They become dead. So, your challenges be what they are, are taking form because you have attached an emotional charge to them.

To solve these challenges, detach from them; Unplugged your power source from them. Now, to ease this transition, find something equally engaging and plug into. You can plug into the imagined situations that you will like to find yourself in. And here, my friends will be the beginning of the end of what your challenges have been so far.

Life is such; do not fear. It is meant to be this way for a reason. I will let you find that reason for yourself. All I can say is that you will be mightily happy with what you will discover.

Yours in Total Success,


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Allowing Success in Your Life

July 29th, 2012

As a follow up to the post on desiring which I wrote a few days ago, it is important that I continue with this post on allowing success in your life. It is a sure stepping stone to your total success in life.

It is evidenced in life that we are our own greatest enemy not consciously of course but we are. It is easy to desire but to really get this thing going we must begin the process of allowing that which we have desired to come to us. No one can easily accept that they are standing in the way of their own success in this life. No one and this OK.

Now, let me say that to allow, is simply to get out of the way mystically speaking so that the thing desired will flow through easily. The way we block our gifts from coming to us is through the self judgement and self sentencing that none other than ourselves have placed on us. It is as if we have placed a curse on ourselves.

For example, you can suggest to a little child that he will become a millionaire by the age of 20 and he will leap in joy to embrace this prognostic of his life without question. He does not doubt the infusion of energy that is placed on his life course. He takes it and runs with it. He allows it to be so to speak.

If same thing is done to an adult whose mind has been formed with a pessimistic penchant by his life experiences, he will reject such an infusion as a joke. In fact he will take offence easily or simply brush this aside as childish prank. He will not allow it to be.

This is a simplistic example but you get the point. The mind which is yet unconditioned by the less than perfect experiences in life will certainly have an easier time allowing. It welcomes the force of the idea of succeeding without any qualms.Whereas the grown up who is all grown into the errors of his own self judgements easily refutes the reality of what could have been.

It is this denying that the teachers of old spoke to when it was said ” unless one be born again he will not enter the kingdom of God” or when it was said “unless ye be as little children ye will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

So how do we become as allowing in our lives? Here are a few tips:

1. Have faith.

It is simply by having faith that you allow success to come in. Having the unshakeable faith that that life is good and it is meant to serve you. Be steadfast and you will outlast the energy of lack that has been holding you back in life.

2. Do not judge yourself.

Do not be consumed by the tempatation to judge yourself and what is supposed to come to you. Do your part in desiring and allow life to do its part. Do not put out the fire under your creations by dousing it with the waters of your own misconception of what is.

3. Keep doing.

Sloth is a vice to be avoided at all times. Keep yourself constantly at work with the task at hand. Keep on improving and doing. In doing so the mind is kept at bay in the employ of your designs. Not doing so it will revert to where it where before your descision to change for the better and this is where the danger lies. Rememeber the old saying, “an idle mind is the devils workshop.”

These here will give you a fresh start. Without the limitations of what your past has been you will come out winning no matter how formidable the task at hand is.

This life is a vey funny thing. There are two forces that are at play here at all times.And they are the forces of inertia and the forces of progress. One is regressive and the other is ever forward moving.

Take your pick and your life will be determined accordingly. Align yourself with the forces of progress and you will allow the forward moving expanding forces of life to fill your cup to the brim.

It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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Never Stop Improving

July 16th, 2012

This here is the secret to your continuous total success in life. Never stop improving. Life is nothing but an adventure of sorts. All is complete and finished. We have even now been sufficiently provided.

This is the truth. The problem is that we do not know how to take from the infinite storehouse of life. And the answer to this is simply to continuously self improve. In other words, never stop to improve upon what is in your life.

This is the gateway to your total success in life. This, because life without your self improving efforts will surely become a sour display of failure and discouragement. So, never stop improving.

Most of us are caught unawares by the challenges of our times because we somehow had stopped the process of self improvement. Thinking that we had arrived, we had dropped the ball as if the game was over. And so shocked by the self degradation that follows, we hasten to attribute that to bad luck or some other superstitious construct.

Life is in your hands, including your life. It and all that comes thrives off the sustaining power given to it by you. You are a creative power; breathing life into the the clay of your imaginative posturings they take on life and have forms in the arena of your daily circumstances.

It is when the burning coals of your power and attention have been removed from under the circumstances of your life that these fall out of the field of your experiences, only to be resurrected back into life if you so desire.

This the ultimate magic of life. It is no secret at all for we are living incarnations of this principle in all actuality.

All goals are attainable. Life, including your life is an exercise of infinite abundance. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.The work that needs doing is but with you. Self improve in any way you can. The work is never done so to speak. Keep your eyes firmly on the ball.

Seek to improve upon what already is. All that has form is in an invisible but active process of disintergration whether you like it or not. This cannot be avoided. It is a cosmic precept that cannot be avoided.

What you can do on the other hand, is to be cosmically active within the creative chambers of your life in other to continuously regenerate and sustain that which you have deemed neccessary for your livelihood here on this our earth.

Keep improving and you will again find the true peace, joy and fulfillment of life that was promised you from the beginning of time.

All this talk about waiting for a paradise that will only come after death is hogwash.You have been even now provided with the master key to a life of total success and fulfilment. You owe it to yourself.

Start where you are, with what you have, to be there, where you want to be now. And life will see you through.

Yours in total success


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The Secret Revolution

May 2nd, 2012

If you have been following the recent events of the world, you would have noticed that these are  times of great trials and challenges. It is as if the world is undergoing a profound revolution in itself. And yet we carry on as if nothing has changed.

The foundations of the house that was built in the past is beyond it’s prime. These times call for a new infusion of power from all that have life here.

It is easy to claim victimhood; after all there are a thousand reasons to define yourself as such.You must in this time indentify yourself as a solutions provider and not an effect of a system gone stale.

Those who envisioned and created this system did not know any better. They of course did their best and rationalised their decisions based on the dictates of their conscience. So, no offense here. The fact is, the truth of life will always have the last say in what gives here and beyond.

Today, we are in the last throes of a decadent system which needs a clean sweep in all its ways. Life knows it is hard for our minds to accept that we have erred. It knows that our minds are prone to resist if it is pronounced overtly that we have erred.

This is why it allows time to bring us face to face with the effects we have created so that we, in our judgement, will find no other defence than to shift course or perish.

More than half of the Euro Zone countries are under a persistent double digit unemployment rate. The Chinese economy, once the hope of a new economy has slowed down considerably and continues to do so.The US is in the midst of a very sluggish recovery that flatters none.

Life on earth it would seem is threatened. Our survival is at stake. In other times, such circumstances would have been the hot coals with which the cities would have been burnt down.

We live in a different time and we have certainly matured in our approach to change, but the challenge is ever present.

You must do your part in this new world that is beginning to form infront of your eyes. Future generations will look with awe at the challenges that we as a generation are confronting today.

It is easy to look upon your troubles and say you do not have the time for what is going on in the world. But the world is you and all that you do becomes part of the DNA of this our great blue planet.

So, how do you proceed from here? Here are a few pointers to get you going if need be:

1. Do things differently.

You cannot walk the same path that is leading to no where. Find a different path and walk it. You cannot afford to tinker with these challenges using the tools and the craftsmanship of a time gone by.

2. Adopt a daring spirit.

Suffering and pain is not a virtue. You must not accept the norms if they are not working for you. Challenge them first in your minds and then in their various manifestations.

3. Be grateful.

Know that you are stewards of a new order in the making. Take pride in having been birthed into a time like this. This is because all that we face in life has a flip side that is a pure gift to us. Be glad now that you face the the challenges, for as sure as the sun will shine, you will see at the dawn of your night a new sun of life and progress at your doorsteps.

4. Assume responsibility for your livelihood.

The power of man to fend for himself and family is indeed a noble task. It gives meaning to an otherwise empty life. In doing so you are doing the work of life in perpetuating creation. Life will see you through. It cannot do otherwise for it needs you just as you need it.

The answers are already here with us. The horses have already left the barn. In your own little corner of this globe do all in your power to contribute your mite to the great forces churning in the cosmic realm of the unseen.

Remember that life needs you just as much as you need it. It can only work through us and nothing else. The challenges we face though seemingly insurmountable are nothing but a child’s play in the eyes of the creator of all things.

Go into your daily routines enamored with the faith and knowledge that you have been covered by the forces of good; front, back and center. Do all to challenge what gives and do so with the understanding that you are a creative agent of this life and that all circumstances must respond to the sacred wishes you have implanted in your mind.

Do not doubt the process. Let life vindicate you. It will. It’ s passion is to exhort the prayers of those that believe and have absolute faith in it. It revels in the bold actions of the ones who act out of the faith and understanding of it’s power.

Go ye forth and multiply….abundance is the creator’s promise for one and all.

You are part of the sacred circle of this life. It depends on you as much as you depend on it. All must be balanced.

Yours in total success,


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