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Ephatta-Be Opened

March 13th, 2014

Do not put the cart before the horse; unless of course you want to ride in a reverse direction. To move forward, put the horse before the cart. To receive, give. Be opened and all will be opened for you; this here is the secret: Serve and you will be served.

To live a fully optioned life, open up and give all that is in you. Life is not blind. It will return all back to you in due time and in true coin. Here is the key: Charity begets charity. All is here now. It is the receiving that is tricky.

Try this: Give with no expectation of a reward. It is not about money. Shine the light that is from within you; and in doing so your way will be brightened. Open up, so you can receive. Life is not mocked.

And let time be the judge; not the mental wanderings of an idle mind. Let time be the judge.

Yours in total success,


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The Seed of Creation

March 13th, 2014

All that exists in your world is the product of inspired action. Innovate to succeed. Innovation is the art of making new. It is the art of pure creation, a means through which you can harness the powers of your creative action.

Innovation is inspired by motivation and motivation is simply having and maintaining a positive handle over the challenges of life. Your life is guaranteed to have challenges or setbacks. It is the nature of the universe.

To be alive is to constantly be immersed in a world of unknowns and seeming insurmountable circumstances waiting for your response. And all the universe is waiting for is your response.

Life does not judge you; it does not deny you. You are the key and life is the keyhole. Put the key in the keyhole and open the door to the life of the circumstances you have willed for yourself. The seed of creation; all creation lies within you.

Yours in total success,


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What Are You Telling Yourself-The Power of Auto Suggestion

November 2nd, 2012

It is widely known to those who have studied the arcane sciences that we do indeed have an ongoing conversation with ourselves at all times. What is interesting to note here is that by holding these constant conversations we directly or indirectly are shaping the outcomes of the story of our lives.

This ability to suggest to ourselves what we one to become or experience is another tool in our tool box provided by the grand architect of all life to enable us navigate the tricky contours of our days.

And this is a good thing; the problem is of course that we are not fully aware of the benefits of such a practice in our lives.We do talk to ourselves most of the times but it is done in an unconscious manner and more so in a way that weakens us instead of strengthening us.

What needs to happen if we are to lead a totally successful life is to begin to suggest to urselves those experiences which we intend to experience and with time we will begin to realize that those things which we had suggested into our experience will become true.

This is an amazing trick to learn for it allows you to not panic when confronted with challenges. Not that you can suggest your way out of missteps the past, it is just that doing so will help you into building the foundations of a new and brighter tomorrow.

This truth is based on the fact that you are what you experience and you can experience what you indeed desire in your life even in a makeshift imaginary way.

Here in is the secret of your total success in life. As always you do not have to believe it. Try it. There is always enough challenges in our daily lives to work on. Open up to this new trick of the sages and you will be happy for it.

Yours in total success,


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Release Your Inner Vision and Succeed in Life

August 16th, 2012

There is a picture in us that is seeking to out in life. Do not offer any resistance. In fact you are created to bring this unique vision that you carry within you into life. It is indeed a current waiting patiently for you to give it life here in the physical world.

Doing otherwise will wreak havoc in your life. Not becuase anyone wishes evil on you. No , it is simply becuase you have refused to accept the gift that you are to yourself.

Nothing here in our world really matters. All is the out wash of the power that runs within our holy place. You are the most important vector of creation in all existence. You make life happens. You create history.

Beyond you there is nothing else as powerful to make manifest the designs of your heart. You matter to you. All is complete. Life is done with us so to speak. 

Do not doubt this. To be totally successful in your life you must seek and release the inner vision that is seeking to out from your holy place. The variety and diversity that you experience in life here on earth is because of the unique nature of creation in all its entirety.

There can and never will be any kind of uniformity amongst us becuase our apprehension of the power and what it means for us is so different.

Here, do not mind the power plays of those who think they have power over you. They do not know what they are playing with. Do not offer any resistance to such. Greet their affronts with the love and sanctity coming from your heart, for you, not them, is in complete of control of how your next moments will be defined.

To release your inner vision, be deliberate. Do not live by default. In other words, seek to bring your power into the moment. Bring all your power to bare on the moments of your life. Moment by moment deliberately think what you want to experience, feel the experience and act it out.

Imagine the life you want to live. Imagine it, it does not have to be real yet. Think of the experience you want to have and do so consistently. You see, in doing so you activate the indomitable creative principle in life.

This says that, your thoughts will cause you to act and your actions will create motions and these motions are the vital energetic component needed to move matter in all its dimension.

It is these chain reaction that is the underlying force behind the circumstances which you are bound to experience during your days on earth.

In other words when you think, you begin the process of creation which is the impulse to act. Acting, is in itself a creative agent which causes motions of cosmic movements which in themselves creates changes in matter.

The script of your life is still unwritten in so long as you are less than totally succeesful and fulfilled in life. The pages of the book on which your story is to be written are still blank. Now, go to work. Release the inner vision that is within you.

You will never come to your full promise shying away from that which is already in you. Life knows better than that.

Embrace your days with this in mind and go to work. Rise up to the promise of the life that is in you. It is this authenticity which is our saving grace in this world of changing fortunes.

You owe it to your self. The sun, the stars and the moon all reign supreme in thier own unique way. They freely release the splendour of their beingness without question.

What holds you back, my friend? Is it not the imperfect acknowledgement of who and what you can be?

The fight in you is greater than what gives in the external circumstances of this world. Let go and triumph…the world is waiting.

Yours in total success,


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Cultivate a Culture of Gratitude and Succeed

November 26th, 2009

Kissed by the power of providenceYou as well as everyone in this life is born into a gift that keeps on giving. It does not matter that your parents are rich or poor. It doesn’t matter that you are from a rich or poor country or that you are white or black or yellow for that matter.

What matters is that you are blessed with life. All have life in equal proportion. Now, what you do with this life is another story. Its what you do with this your life that will determine what you experience.

In my country of birth—the Republic of Cameroon; there is a tribe of people who inhabit the highlands of the western regions of this country. Traveling through its rugged countryside this summer I realized that every tiny bit of land was cultivated with food crops and cash crops.

Now, the terrain in this region is harsh, hilly and rugged. Land is scarce, but the people are hard workers. They have not given in to the harsh pronouncements of their natural environment. They constantly exercise their life power to overcome the the harshness of the environment they have been born into.

The peoples of this region are one of the wealthiest in that country. They hold the reins of economic power.

Take someone from this region and put him anywhere in this world without any resources except the fresh breath of life and  he will succeed. He will turn his attention and sight within to find a way in the midst of nowhere.

How can do they do this? It is because of a culture of gratitude. They are skilled in accepting the gift of life within them. And so can you.

Now, here are 3 pointers to get you to become more grateful in life and succeed:

1. Make long term plans and act in the short run.

Set immediate goals that fit with the plan you have in the long run. Act with immediacy and with urgency in achieving the small short term goals you have created.

2. Cultivate the desire to succeed.

If you have no desire you cannot succeed. Your desire is the motivator of your life. No desires, no actions. No actions, no movements and where there is no movement there is no growth. Now, when there is no growth there is decay for nature does not stand still.

3. Plow through your challenges.

Obstacles and challenges are like a house of cards. They are nothing but a pile of suppositions. The power behind your desire is greater than the power behind all that stand against your dreams.The trick is to stay motivated long enough to overcome the falsehood of your challenges.

Cultivate that which you have been given. Explore the surroundings in which you have life. Do not live an aimless life. Nature is at your service. Your past doesn’t matter, not even your present. What matters is your desire. A desire born out of the firm conviction that life provides.

You see, you are a life. The same life that provides. Say a word or two of thanks daily. Where you are does not matter. You can succeed in all your undertakings.

Now, go about your days in peace. Trust no other but the power of providence. You are a product of this power of providence. You will never be left wanted unless you have refused to receive.

Be open to receive. Give thanks to open up to the unlimited bounties of creation. It is all up to you.

Yours in total success,


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You are a Child of Life

September 20th, 2009

You are. Just beYour existence is not an act of chance. You are a child of life. Life is perfect in its operation.

All CIRCULATES according to its dictates. Your existence is legitmate. You have recieved the divine sanction to be alive.

Life is what it is. Make do with what gives. It is what it is but it should not be the end of it.

What is, is but what is to become can be influenced by you. It is up to you. Do not accept mediocrity and unwelcomed circumstances in your life as the end of your story.

So long as another day is promised to you things can change. No matter how hard the day has been, there is respite at the end of it all.

You see, behind your every thought, feeling, expection and action is the silent force of life. It flows all around you like a silent morning mist.

This is your inheritance. Think the thoughts you intend to create. Let these be impregnated by the salient energy of life. Let your pronouncements come from the wellspring of the Truth in you. Conjure the power of life unto your very existence.

You and it are cut of the same cloth. You are a child of life. Determine the nature of the energy powering your days on earth.

Is it one of hope, courage and love or despair and despondency? Are you afraid, apprenhesive and spiteful?

Make your days count for something. Power the motions of your life with the positive vibrations inherent in your being.

Let your feelings, thoughts, actions and expectations be strong, postive and vibrant. Let these be filled with abundant faith, grace and fortitude.

You will come out just fine. This is the design of life for its own.You were not created and left alone in the wilderness. Behind you, in the shadow of all that exist is the comforter, invisible but omnipotent.

See, you are not an orphan. Your challenges and defeats in life will make you think you are. You are not. Never will you be.

You now live in a sea of benevolence and infinte grace. You are wet from the misty grains of life’s mercy. What are you waiting for?

Challenge yourself. Dare to create another reality if what now gives is not welcomed.

You are a child of life. All is already here, given. Be active. Create what you will. You were not designed to fail. Life does not fail.

Yours in total success


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Exploit the Power of your Group and Succeed

August 26th, 2009
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Group power

There are some things in this life that are better done in group if you are to find success in your endeavors. In such cases the group performs better. You can multiply the chances of your success by leveraging the power of your group.

All great achievers have never been able to go it alone. They are always seconded by the force of the group which they represent.

You can build a common pool of resources and goodwill from the group that will certainly help in the achievement of your aims and goals.

Here are a few ways to help you harness the power of your group and succeed in all you do:

1. Build trust.

Inspire the group to belief in the ideal of the group as the goal of the organisation. Emphasize the ethical dimensions of the group ideal. The ideal must be presented in terms that are to be beneficial to everyone.

2. Develop a care mentality.

A caring culture within the group reinforces trust in the group. Let members of the group develop the aptitude to go beyond self when dealing with each other. Bond with each other in difficult and good times to create a genuine sense of belonging.

3. Communicate.
Communicate the ideal of the group at all times. Encourage divergent and dissenting views in the group. Once these are out, strive to transform them into converging ideas. Create uniformity of thought and purpose without stifling the innovations and creativity of the group.

Do this consisitently within a cordial framework to achieve the desired results.

4. Act in Group.

Act as a group when performing individually. Look at yourself as a representative of the group at all times. Let your actions represent and compliment the actions of all other group members. Act in unison. Encourage expressions of dissent and creatively transform them into expressions of consent.

All is not only possible in the life of  a strong and power group; it is doable. All lasting transformations in society can only be achieved with the force and power dynamics of the dominant groups of the society.

All things are possible to the group which believes in itself and works accordingly to achieve its ideals.

Yours in total success,


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Harness the Power of Possibility and Succeed

August 17th, 2009

Overcome rejectionThe stone that the builder rejected shall become the head corner stone.

This is true in all life. You see around you with your physical senses. You choose to build with the verities of the material realm. You build your life with the formed blocks and stones of what already is.

These blocks or stones are the circumstances in your life that already are.

These are the blocks of the things you see; they are the perfect stones of reason and logic.

You have rejected the uncultured stone; the wild and untamed realm of your imagination. Not yet perfected by the hand of man, it is rejected. It is not a perfect stone.

Well, in building a life of total success and fulfilment you will quickly find that the rejected stone of your imagination shall and must become the head corner stone.

It is the stone of faith and possibility. It is the stone of power and trust in the infinite sustainer of life.

Realize that the stone that you reject will become the head corner stone.Your dream of building a sustainable life of success and total fulfilment depends on it.

Embrace the wild, untamed and unworked realm of what can happen not what has happened. Let this be the head corner stone of the temple you build on the earth.

Embrace the world of possibility not the limited confines of what has already happened.

The realm of the possible is unlimited and untamed. It can be worked only by the power of your imagination and faith.

Build your life around the truth and infinite realm of what can be. Make the unpolished, untamed and rejected stone of this realm the corner stone of your life. You shall succeed against all odds. All is possible in  this realm.

Harness the power of your imagination. Dream up the circumstances you desire to live in. Act with faith and conviction on the designs of your imaginings and you will succeed.

This is the supreme trick of life. It is the only way to play this game and win. Let this not be a discourse in the abstract. Try it for yourself.

To do this here are three ways to help you get started:

1. Assume that you are your desire.

You are that which you have assumed. At the very least you will become it.

2. Reinforce the ideal you have incorporated as your truth.

Reinforce the ideal of the life you have assume by daily practise and action. Live the dream.

3. Make it a routine to maintain this viewpoint.

All can dream and tap into the realm of possibility. It is however those who consistently maintain this viewpoint that succeed.

You have been gifted with life and all that is neccessary to succeed in this life. Make use of it.

Yours in total success,


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Life is Wealth and Abundance: 4 Tips to Harness the Abundance of Life

July 13th, 2009

unfold the wealth in youYou are in this moment living in a sea of abundance. In fact the more chaotic your environment the more potential for abundance there is.

Life is wealth. To be alive is to be immersed in abundance.

So let’s keep it simple. You are alive , you are now in the midst of abundance. The problem is how to harness this abundance to serve the desires of your heart.

It is easy to keep on looking at the chaos of your circumstances as the truth of your existence. Your circumstances no matter what they are can be realigned to fit your designs and desires.

The key to tap into the abundance of life lies within you. It lies in your ability to unconditionally harness the power of pure potentiality and possibility in life to serve your your goals.

Here are 4 quick tips to help you begin to harness the power of pure potentialities and possibilities in life:

1. Back to the basics of life.

People have needs in life because they have habits. Because they have habits they have desires. Desire is an unstoppable emotional force. People are moved by their desires. You can become successful if you are able to tune in to the desires of your community. Tune in to the needs that surround you in life and provide values that will satisfy that need.

2. Become an untiring servant of life.

Desire is wealth and desires are unlimited.There is no end in sight in man’s desiring. Because the desires of man are unlimited the potential for wealth and success are unlimited too. Be of a servant mind at all times. Let your attitude in life be one of service. Ask yourself this question: How can I help someone to live a better life today with what I now have? Listen for the answers and take action.

3. Find innovative ways to solve routine problems.

Be resourceful. Look for alternatives to the norm. Society is addicted to routines that is why challenges abound. Do not pay attention to those who cry fowl at all times. Pay attention instead on how you can solve the dilemmas of life. Do not be worried about making a quick buck. Worry about solving a pressing need.

4. Avoid strife and negative emotions.

Keep your creative streak alive. You are a creative genius. You were created with the tools to solve the challenges that will come with your life. Open up to this power. Stay clear from environments of strife and negativity. These will cloud your sense of direction and connection to the creative juice of life.

All situations of entropy and chaos carry within them the seeds of greater realizations. Chaos exists in your life to be reordered and realigned by your creative touch. Nature needs the creative touch of man to to become awakened.

Life is a continuous dance of chaos into order and order into chaos. You are the conductor of this sacred dance. All life is wealth.

You are not value less. Be a leader, open up the vistas of what is possible. Stretch the boundaries of what has been attained so far and you will strike gold.

You see, society is an organized effort to confront and overcome the vicissitudes of daily living. This effort is not guaranteed to work at all times.

Be innovative. Stretch the bounds of what is normal. Life wants you. It needs you to rain its abundant blessings to all life.

Stand up and be counted amongst those who have come to serve and life will serve you abundantly. The hands that feed must be fed. It is a law.

Click here to learn more on how to fully harness the abundance of life.

Yours in total success,


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Life As Art: Four Tips to your Best Life

June 19th, 2009

Life is art...what are you working on?Count your wealth in terms of the value you bring to the lives of those you encounter daily.

Do not measure your self worth in material terms. Seek first to affirm the good in you. Life will reflect that value back to you.

It is this dynamic that is the bedrock of all success in your life. Nothing less.

Count yourself wealthy for having life. You are now in the midst of the goldmine of life. Seek your true worth, affirm that worth and the world will beat a path of success to your door.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you create and live your best life:

1. Affirm your intrinsic value.

Seek to find value in yourself. A self generated sense of worth is the bedrock of all prosperity. Do not imitate but innovate. Find new ways of addressing the many challenges that we all face in life. Do not buy into the conventional way of doing things. Live on the edge of societal norms and you shall succeed.

2. Seek to contribute to the well being of others.

Strive to bring value in the lives of all you interact with. This is the only avenue to creating lasting wealth and success in your life. All of life is fueled by desire. By bringing value you satisfy the desires of man. It doesn’t matter what this is. So long as the laws of the land are not broken you will become a winner. Contribute to the well being of all and you will be revered by all.

3. Create memories of goodwill.

People are supremely ruled by emotions. Your reputation is not based on the merits of who you truly are. It is based on how you are perceived by those concerned.To succeed seek to create pleasant imprints in the lives of those you interact with. Do not attempt to satisfy all. Seek instead to make sure that you are remembered with fondness by those you interact with.

4. Do good for goodness sake.

People are not dumb. The good that you do cannot be matched by the ruthlessness of the world you live in. People take notice. The ripples of gratitude that these exude will not go unnoticed by you. Do good for goodness sake.

You see, life is an opportunity for you to discover your oneness with it. Nothing matters but life. Choose life. Choose hope over despair. You cannot fail in this venture. You are backed by the powerful force of creation.

Live your life with this in mind and you will find true and lasting happiness. Life is a facade of time. You will not have this opportunity forever.

Do not seek to satisfy all. It is impossible. Live life as art. Be true to yourself. What is your craft. What is the masterpiece that you are working on?

Be like the sun. It shines its golden rays on all. It judges none but unconditionally gives out the splendor of its heavenly light and warmth to all. To all who care to receive it.

Yours in total success,


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