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The Secret of Mastering Change-Be Willing to Die

September 17th, 2015

It is no secret that to be born again one has to be willing to die again. And I mean this in the the largest sense. To come into the new, we have to let go of the old. The great resistance to the power of providence in our lives is to be found in our attachment to things and circumstances as they present themselves in our lives.

In fact we become enslaved by these things and circumstances, whatever they are. Doing so, we become inert or powerless and thus the feeling of emptiness, fear and weakness that comes.

Nature’s laws are so exact. To become what you will, you will have to die in your present or current dispensation. This has to happen in order for the new to be reconfigured and dispensed to you by the creative vortex of all life.

You are an active creative agent. Life flows continuously; moving forward, it responds to your conscious inputs unfailingly. Doing so, it reflects back to you what your energy imprints have consciously or unconsciously designed. This is an exact science; we all reap as we have sown.

All that you have asked of life is coming to you now. Life denies none. But here is your part: you must be willing to let go of what is, for what is to be to take its place. You cannot ask and refuse to receive. This is the dilemma facing all who are not yet skilled in the art of dying to be born again.

The thing or circumstance that is birthing through you must cause the thing or circumstance that you do not want to die for it to take its place.

Lets take an example here. You want to be rich. Your desire to be wealthy is great. The universe understands and supports that. It begins to reconfigure the creative currents inherent in life to bring riches to you. And you begin to act rich, think rich, walk rich, work rich and so on; you will become rich. It is just a matter of time.

But if you continue to complain about your lack of wealth, your poverty and your misery, you will never have riches or wealth. And this is not the fault of the universe. It has nothing to do with it. It is all you. The old and the new can never share the same space for they will cancel each other out. You cannot want something new and hang on to the old.

So what are you to do?

Die to the circumstances and things you do not want. And rise up into the circumstances and things you do want. Make that move now if you will. Time has no bearing on this majestic play of creation. Doubt not as you begin this process. Stick with it and with time the things and circumstances you have given birth to will become more apparent in your experiences.

They will take the place of the old.

Life is a forward moving energy vortex. It will respond to your inputs in ways that are beyond your imagination if you will let it. Do not feel trapped in unwanted circumstances or situations in your life.

Change is a constant in life. To master change we must be willing to let go of the old and let in the new even if we do not know what the new is or is going to be.

Trust in the process and partner with this creative energy of all life. You will not be disappointed.

Yours in total success,


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The virtues of knowledge, wisdom and truth

September 15th, 2015

The reason we have life is to come to a full and complete understanding of who we are. Such is my understanding of it. And it surely doesn’t come easy. Life is a school. It shouldn’t be drab or dull either. We learn all the same. We are taught through all what we experience here: the good, the bad and the ugly. These are all lessons.

My sincere hope is, for me, and may be  for you also, to learn through them all and so become better. Better than we were yesterday. Better, in the knowledge of grace that surrounds us at all times. So that we may eat of the sacred fruit of knowledge, and drink from the cup of all grace.

Having gained this knowledge and intoxicated with the wine of this knowing, we can go on living with certainty and exactitude. We become wise, and as wise ones apply the holy precepts of this wisdom on the daily chores of our earthly sojourn; working in harmony with the knowledge and cooperation of life’s unchanging laws.

In so doing we behold the truth of all that gives; all that is and can ever be! It is in this ultimate state of awareness that one can behold the truth. The truth of all life.

Here, you see, are the stages of a fulfilled life journey. First is knowledge, then wisdom and finally truth.

This is all we are looking for. Only because when we finally come to the understanding of this triad, we shall burst into a new world of freedom-spiritual freedom.

A spiritual freedom which will allows us to love and live “la vie en rose”; engulfed by the cosmic balm of the sustaining substance of the universe. Living in the light of truth; freed from the unrelenting grip of darkness once and for all.

Thus freed we are able to pursue the desires of our heart. And as we come into their possession, we bow with humility and gratitude to the great power of all that gives.

This is the way; the simple way to a fulfilled life of bliss; knowing what is to be known and doing what is to be done, as our days turn into the night and our nights turn into days.

Fret not when times are hard. Challenges lead us unfailingly to the edification of our soul. It is this edification and soul centering which is the missing link in all things.

Thus centered you will gain instant access to the majesty of all that is and can ever be. And in the comfort of this realization find that your needs are met at all levels.

Seek ye first the kingdom…and all else will be added unto you.

In love and light; this is it.

Yours in total success,


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Why I Write This Blog

April 1st, 2014

I have been told that I should not be wasting away my insights by just publishing them as such in an open platform. And that others will make use of them and take advantage of my largess so to speak.

In such cases, I have sincerely welcome these suggestions. I think they are coming from a good place; meaning they are well intentioned.

I am thankful for the ideas and suggestions, but honestly what I say or write here does not belong to me. It belongs to life and is meant to be shared and enjoyed by the few who find them meaningful.

There is always more from where they come from. I sincerely cannot, even if I wanted, restrict the flow of what is destined to come out.

It is not like I have a choice in this matter. I am compelled, so to speak.

What I should say though, is that what I write are not just words. They serve as guide posts to the source power. They will do you no good if you, dear reader, do not in your own way try to apply them in your life.

Do not ever take my word for it. There are  no textbooks where these come from. No academic degrees to back up the expertise that are here in revealed.

But if you dare to apply them in your life with heart and passion ,you will find for yourself the truth contained in them. My humble assignment here is to show the way. And that is all.

As a messenger, my job is to convey the message as is, not as I think it is, or as I am.

What I will lay claim to ,of course is that, if you for once have a need for a real horizons busting experience on the things that I write, then invite me in.

The reason I say this is because there is a certain power that comes with this turf. A power that you can benefit from if need be.

This cannot be found in words. Here, you will need to experience it. To live it before you believe it.

And that is my promise to you. I can help to rekindle the fire within you. And with the warmth and light of this flame you can comfortably find your way back home; back to the true source of all that is here and in the hereafter.

So it is that I have been chosen so that you too will be chosen. And it is your choice. No rush.

Yours in total success,


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The Gift of Work

March 13th, 2014

You can count on your efforts to become sufficiently supplied in life. You have to choose to progress or regress in life. Nothing is stagnant in nature. Where you are does not matter. Work or effort is the means through which creation gives to its own. Nothing is impossible. All is possible.

Efforting is an art; an art of receiving that which is already here for you. All has been given. Creation is finished. Serve; work. Let your days be devoted to the chores of your own choosing. Do not pay attention to where the wind blows. Sow and sow. In time you will receive the just harvest of your efforts.

Life can be an exciting adventure for those who wish to uncover its hidden mysteries. My fervent wish is for you to become one of these. And you will surely ride into the sunset with a twinkle in your eyes; knowing that you are not alone in your honest efforts. And never will be.

For in the comfort of this realization you can afford to be free. Free indeed from the tyrannical grip of the circumstances in which you have life. Free indeed to remake the world, to create the experiences in which you choose to have life.

Yours in total success,


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The Master Principles in Achieving Total Success

February 28th, 2010

No guts, no glory.Life is an opportunity to succeed inspite of your challenges. No success is going to come your way in life unless you are determined to change your conditions. Risk it and win.

If you do nothing, nothing is going to happen except the daily drudge of what has been.

If you do something, something will happen, something will come your way. Something other than the things you have experienced before.

A mediocre life is a life averse to change. It is as Goethe said: Boldness is genius. The brave never die of hunger.

Now, here are four master principles in achieving quick success in your life:

1. Desire.

Without desiring you cannot act or carve out your dream life. The desire to be different, to create differences in your life is the key to all forward movement in all you do. Do not be limited by your history or the history of your environment. Dream and dream big . Be bold in your desiring for all is at your instant command.

2. Risk it.

Desire cannot be a forward moving force if it is not backed by risk taking.Go against the grain. Go where none has gone before. The reason you are the way you are is because you have not decided to be different.You will loose nothing but the unwanted circumstances you may be now facing.

3. Act out your desire.

Things will not change in your life without action.You have a desire to succeed. Act on it. Take a step into a new destiny. Take a step not steps, just one step and then another into the rivers of your new life.

4. Be courageous.

Cowardice is the hallmark of a mediocre life. Act with courage, desire with courage and live with courage.Be bold in all your longings and actions. Life responds faster to acts of courage than acts of cowardice

Life can be likened to a strength building mechanism. It provides you with the constant flow of resistance. And as you work against the resistance of your circumstances you build inner strength and fortitude.

You build a reservoir of power that will enable you to meet and overcome all that may come your way.

Don’t buy into the false philosophy of being normal. If you desire change in your life,if you desire radical change in your circumstances take the risk. Become an undertaker and push back the clouds of uncertainty and despair that will otherwise be your lot.

You owe it to you self. Dare to succeed. Risk it, risk all and you will be amazed at your own wonderful success.

Yours in total success,


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How to succeed in life: 3 tips

October 22nd, 2009

Yes you canI am sure sure you have noticed that I did not write much during the past months. This was by design. I decided to implement what I was writing about.

My message is simple: You can achieve your goals no matter what they are.

To avoid the temptation to just” talk the talk,” I decided to” walk the the talk.”

Your situation is no different than mine. Challenges come to us in so many ways.

In a short ninety days you can change all. I did and I am doing it. Well, the point here is not to be all showy about my accomplishments. It is simply to demonstrate that the principles of total success work. They work all the time, in all places and circumstances.

Where you are does not matter. Who you are does matter. Are you facing difficult times now in your life? Are you confused about the next steps to to take? You are not alone. Others have walked this way before you and succeeded. So can you.

Now, here are three simple ways to renew yourself and succeed in all that you do:

1. Do not accept what you do not want.

A lot of what happens to us is as we have accepted. Say no to the things and life scenarios that are not in harmony with who you are. It is your life. Just say no.

2. Take a step into the direction of your dreams.

No matter how hard things are or seems to be, do not despair. Life demands action from you. Now, take a step to a new destiny. Do something new. It does not matter whether you fail or succeed. What is important here is that you have decided to take a different route. You have decided to become active. This is a first step.

3. Be humble.

Life guides. It is its nature to do so; but it guides only the humble in earnest. You will face troubles and afflictions of your heart but do not despair. Seek only the silent counsel of the night and you shall be guided by the great benevolence of life.

Do not make a mountain out of your mole hill. This life is nothing but the out picturing of who lives in your head and heart. The ideals and imagery you harbor live rent free in your mental space.

Let them pay for the space and energy they occupy by bearing positive fruits in your life. Evict thoughts of malice, shame and jealousy; they do not bear fruits of wisdom and power.

You were not born to be a victim of your circumstance. You were born to triumph over the odds of all life no matter what they are.

You were born to conquer; to win.  You were born to glorify the power that animates you. Do not die a coward’s death. Live the heroic life of courage and positive endurance. Your triumph is a personal matter to the forces that create all.

With them by your side you cannot fail. These forces do not fail. It is not in their nature to fail.

Your in total success,



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How to Survive in Crises Situations

July 16th, 2009

Follow the light and warmth withinI had written a post earlier about how to benefit from a crises situation. Now, to benefit from a crises situation you have to be able to survive in a crises situation. That is why I am posting this today.

All who are alive today will face a crises situation before they die. Now, I am not going to define what a crises situation is . You be the judge. It is a matter of your personal take on things.

The one commonality in crises situations is that you tend to loose your bearings; you feel at a lose on how to proceed.

Here are 4 simple ways to survive any crises that you are faced with in life. Follow these and you will come out winning at all times.

1. Maintain your calm.

Fear is a wonderful display of an undisciplined imagination. Do not panic in the face any challenges whether perceived or real. You will tend to bat aimlessly as you realize your lack of control. Reestablish that sense of control by immediately emanating an air of calm and poise. Insist on being deliberately calm. This has a wonderful way of putting you back on the drivers seat where you belong.

2. Be pragmatically optimistic.

Think out your plans with a positive spin. Just being calm will not do the trick. You have to brew the hope that there is a way out and think accordingly. No matter how bad you think your situation is there is always a ray of hope at the end of every tunnel. Now plan to pursue that ray of light.

3. Take little steps  towards your goals.

Take a bite out of the monster of your challenges one bite at a time. Focus on what to do next and do that. Seek out only what confronts you now and do it. You want to keep the power of your attention and focus on the task at hand. Not on what will happen tomorrow or the next week. Doing so will disperse your power. It is counter intuitive to not focus on the now. Time is of the essence.

4. Learn to adapt.

This is the ultimate key to survive in any situation. What ought to be doesn’t matter. Work now with what is. Be mentally flexible; open up new possibilities. Intransigent attitudes narrow your possibilities in life. Stay true to your values but keep your mind open to new impulses. You have come this far by absorbing new influences in life. Now is not the time to close that door.

Your primary reaction to any crises is fear. Fear that you are powerless to conduct your affairs. If you succumb to this emotion you will quickly find yourself bogged down into framework of mental paralysis and inertia.

And so you will consider yourself helpless and a victim. Please remember that you are never helpless or powerless. You can reclaim your power over all circumstances in your life. The power the crises has over you is the power you have given it. If you take back that power, the crises will shrivel to the nothingness it came from.

Above all be deliberately calm. All storms must pass even those that you now face. Water will flow from the rock again.

Yours in total success,


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Renegotiate your Contract with Life: 5 Tips

July 9th, 2009

Rnegotiate the terms of your life...Despite all your efforts to live your best life things can be really hard. You may have done all that you know how to do to no avail.

In such times it is easier to throw in the towel. It becomes easier for you to take the quitters way out.

Do not become a quitter in your life. You can change things or at the very least change the way you react to them.

At worst you can renegotiate your contract with life. Go back to the drawing board and start over from where you have been.

Here are 5 quick steps to help you negotiate your contract with life and succeed in all you do:

1. Seek the point of your life.

Why are you alive? What is the point of your existence. Why are you here? Dig deep within you especially in times of trials to find out the main reason for your being here. Life will build a case for the point that you have chosen.

2. Stand firmly on the point of your life.

In renegotiating your life do not seek for bargains. Stand firm on what you want to be remembered for. Do not settle for less than what commands your passion and devotion.

3. Do not skip out.

You cannot run from life. Own up to your part of the bargain. Do what is expected of you and avoid excuses as you would a plague. Articulate the vision of your heart and motivate yourself to see it accomplished. Nothing is free in this world. All is earned and deserved no matter what you think.

4. Seek to do what has not been done before.

Your value on the negotiating table of life is determined by the unique nature and originality of your vision. Strive for what has never been done. The best way to do this is to be be yourself in all ways. You will be deemed as the coolest creature by your peers in life.

5. See and feel your dream life with the heart.

The limitations you have experienced in your life are the result of the limitations of your sensory perceptions. Deny the evidence of your circumstances. Embrace the new unlimited world founded in the perceptions of the unlimited realm of your imaginative center.

Renegotiate the terms of your life. Call in a pause in all that runs in your life. Bring all to the table and like a master chess player situate the chips according to your inner designs.

Life is an experience in castle building. Find out what needs fine tuning. Fine tune it and get back in the game. There is no need to follow the quitters way out when you are this close to victory.

Do not compromise your life. Only dead fish flows down stream. And remember that it is better to be a side show freak than a nobody in life.

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Yours in total success,


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Overcome Excessive Fear in your Life: 5 Tips

July 8th, 2009

You are supremeFear is an emotion you experience when you are not secure. It is the lack of confidence in the present and the future of your life. It is a feeling and nothing else.

Do not fall into its beastly grasp. You are meant to happen in the scheme of things and not the other way around.

Fear is natural when you unknowingly face the unknown. Some fear is necessary as it allows you to reactivate and engage your survival skills.

It allows you to get creative in confronting the challenges of your life. You don’t want to be a fearless fool in life.

What you need to overcome is excessive fear. The kind of fear that paralyzes you into inactivity and allows you to compromise your values.

This is the wrong kind of fear and one that needs to be dominated at all costs.

Here are  5 easy tricks to overcome excessive fear in your life:

1. Face your fears.

The only way to get over your fear is to face your fears. This may seem contradictory but until you face the monsters of your imagination they will not go away.

2. Build self confidence.

Confidence is inner work. Convince yourself that you are equal to the curve balls life throws your way. Find activities in your life that are confidence boosters. Indulge in these.

3. Develop an adventurous spirit.

A sense of wonder and adventure in the pursuit of life will shield you from excessive fear. Go into life with the desire to discover what can be not what has happened. Be open to possibilities.

4. Welcome failure.

Your fear of failing is the reason you are where you are. Failure is a farce. It does not exist. Embrace the experience of trying again when you do not achieve your goal. There is always a second run in all you do.

5. Have fun.

Develop the habit of having fun in all you do. Some chores or tasks will be difficult that is a given. Smile even when your heart is aching. There is magic in a merry heart which can make for better days in your life.

Fear is a very human reaction to the deep void of the unknowns in your life. Your future is an unknown void so to speak. It is easy for you to let fear fill this vacuum of time and space.

All you need to do in essence is to prepopulate this void or vacuum with the visions of what you desire in your life. This way you will build a knowing confidence of what to expect in life and eradicate all fear.

This certitude coupled with a sense of adventure will encourage you to face the future.

Don’t let the vacuum of the future be populated by emotions of fear. Colonize the virgin moments of what is to come with the visions of what you intend for your life. You will be pleasantly surprised at your own success in overcoming fear.

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Yours in total success,


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Direct the Flow of your Life Power - 3 Tips

June 23rd, 2009

The power of life runs through you.You have been given this body and the senses for a reason. It is to be a life. To sense the force of life as it flows through you.

Do not waste this opportunity. Seek ways to sharpen your focus on the life current that flows through you.

You see, in crises situations you panic and loose your cool over the direction of your life.Times are hard and challenging no one is denying that.

But you have the power to experience the current that is flowing through you now. You can redirect this current to be in harmony with where you want your life to be and it will be so.

The power is in your hands.

Here are 3 simple tips to recondition and redirect the flow of your life power and succeed in all you do:

1. Be present.

Learn to be in the moment. There is so much to enjoy in your life. There is so much around you that can stimulate emotions of gratitude and joy in your life right now. But you have to be present to experience these.

2. Do not take things for granted.

Take time out despite your troubles to feel your way around. Look into the eyes of the people around you. See how they react to the energy of things that happen to them. Feel the pace of your breath. Take out some quiet time for yourself and just be. Watch the birds or a flower in bloom. Become involved with life.

3. It is OK to fail.

Yes, it really is. The catch is not to stay with your failures. Try again. Take a pause from where you have been but try again. The hurt you feel in failure is the cry of rejected energies. Recollect these energies and redirect them towards a new goal. Something went wrong that can be fixed. Sort this out and set sail anew.

You were given the privilege of life because you were judged fit for life. Do not judge yourself otherwise. You deserve to be here in this time. You were created with the the tools necessary to create a life of fulfilling happiness and total success.

Be awake. Seek the perfected life. The body and the senses were given to you in order that you might experience the fruits of your creations.

Seek what you want. Set the goals of the life you wish to live. Marshall the power and energy needed to power your vision from within. Harness your thoughts and feelings to serve the purpose of your life and you shall succeed.

Discipline is required. Be steady in all your ways and your days will reflect the calm resolve needed to bring all your wishes to reality.

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Yours in total success,


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