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How to Benefit from the Cleansing Effect of Crises Situations

July 14th, 2009

Adjust your sails in the midst of crisesWe tend to fall into despair when in crises situations in our lives. This you can avoid.

Despair breeds despair and until this cycle of despondency is broken your life will be a waste.

You may be going through some difficult times. No matter the crises you are facing there is some good that will come out of it. All crises or chaotic circumstances are a sign of a cleansing in your affairs.

Life is constantly adjusting your circumstances based on a logic all its own. Do not let your the crises go to waste. You can benefit from the purge taking place in your circumstances if you know how.

Here are four simple ways to benefit from the cleansing effect of the circumstances in your life:

1. Let go.

Life is change, you change and we all change. Let go of what has outlived its usefulness to you. The habits and environments of your past may not now be serving you or your interests. Let go gracefully despite the pain you may experience. When things seem not to be working in your affairs it is usually because a new internal dynamic has been embraced by you. Ease up the process by letting go.

2. Redeploy your resources based on your needs.

Redirect your resources to new avenues of growth and promise. It is difficult to withdraw your attention from where you have been if you do not know where you are heading to. Everything in your life follows a mental template. Make sure that your outer actions and energies are in harmony with the inner dynamics you now harbor.

3. Improve upon your performance.

Nothing is wasted in life. Your past experiences if nothing must have shown you somethings about yourself. Use this knowledge and awareness to improve upon your performance this time around. Consider your past as a foundation upon which to build your new life today. Learn from where you have been in in order to safely get to your new destination.

4. Do a complete makeover.

Some crises situations require nothing but a cosmetic touch here and there. No major changes are required. But if you find your circumstances in complete chaos why not do a complete life makeover. It wouldn’t hurt to do this given the many pieces of your life that will need to be fixed. Why not go ahead and redo your life having come this far in the process. Simply make a clean brake from your past. Accept the full promise of tomorrow.

Accept down times in your life. Cycles are a law of nature. All crises and chaotic situations are down times. Set the stage for an upturn in your affairs. Prioritize your life. Pick up the pieces and set sail again.

By all means do not despair. All life is life. You amplify the misery of your life by dwelling on your misfortunes. You amplify the promise of what can be by dwelling on that promise. You hold the magic key let none tell you otherwise.

Yours in total success,


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The Power is Within you - Get Out of the Way and Succeed

July 7th, 2009

The power is are it.Now, life can be treacherous at times. You stand a real risk of loosing your power when confronted with challenges. Be firm in your trials and tribulations for the power to change all is within you.

What is within you is greater than all that is outside of you. What can yet be is greater than than all that has already happened.

Seek the fortitude of the power within. Do not submit to the ephemeral influences of your circumstances no matter what they are.

The power within you is marvelous, excellent and indomitable. And you are crafted to express it in its fullness in your life. It is your misconception and misjudgment of what you can be and become that is the problem.

Your life is meant to be an open confession of the grandeur and majesty of the power running within you. The power seeks to proclaim its glory over all the world. Now get out of the way and let it do its work.

Here are 5 ways to help you get out of the way of your life and succeed in all you do:

1. Avoid all fears.

Your fears are the bedrock of failure in your life. Do not sell yourself short. You are a life and you have a right to be here. Do what you desire without fear of man or beast. Do not be soft in the middle.

2. Do not submit to the dictates of your circumstances.

You are a creator in all respects. Be uncompromising in meeting the desires of your heart. Remember where there is a will there is a way.

3. Question reality.

The things that you see and experience in your daily life were put there by the creative action men like you. Question what does not feel right to you. Your insight might be the turning point for a new reality and experience for mankind or yourself.

4. Stand up and think.

Be proactive in all you do. Participate in life.  Don’t just follow the routines and pathways of yesterday. There may be something better lurking in the horizon. Life is counting on you to find that. Stand up and think. Be fully active in the pursuit of life.

5. Trust in the wisdom and power of life.

Do not concern yourself with the works of man. The redeeming power of life is within you. What belongs to you cannot belong to another. Life’s scale is balanced at all times.

The power is within you. Become like an innocent babe again and let this power work to bring all that you have desired into being. It is possible. Relax in the arms of life and let it reveal its secret mysteries to you.

Find out what it is that you want to accomplish in your life and focus on it. That is all that is required. Let go, and let in the power and all shall be well with you.

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yours in total success,


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Innovate and Succeed in Your Life

April 28th, 2009

Stand AloneYou have been gifted with life for a reason. Find that reason and live the life you have been given. Do not look at yourself as the oddball in life. Think differently if things are not working for you. Act differently.

Those who progress and succeed in life are those who think and live. They do not agree to live, they think to live. The conformist has never amounted to much in life. They are followers.

This is also true in the everyday work world. People who are paid to think make more than those who are paid to agree.

You now have the opportunity to change the fortunes of your career or your life if you choose to.

Here are three quick tips to help you become innovative and succeed:

1. Think creatively.

It is easy to follow patterns of thought established in your mind when confronted with a challenge. A challenge is what it is because it is a new thing. To solve it you have to think differently. To think differently you have to think creatively. Challenges comes from the same place that solutions are found. They are products of the mind.

2. Develop the art of listening.

Challenges can put you on the defensive. In such moments strive to listen as much as you can. To take in the full dimension of any challenge you have to really listen. Just be open as wide as you can. This will quiet your mind. In the tranquility and still waters of your attention the solutions that you seek will gently swim to the surface.

3. Expect to succeed.

Without hope there is no enthusiasm in what you do. Enthusiasm will keep you connected to the possibilities of the future.This is essential to keep your cool in crises. It is this calmness in the midst of the storms of your life that will allow you to act in accordance to your goals.

The secret of success in all you do is to be innovative. Challenges and problems are what they are because they are new to you. To solve them go beyond your routines. Think and succeed. Being innovative and creative in all you do will create massive success in your life.

Yours in total success,

Hugues Nkamwa

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3 Smart Steps to Total Success

February 25th, 2009

BoxingHere are three main principles that will guide your total success in life despite all odds:

1. Innovate.

Do old routines with a new slant. Stir up the waters of your life. Be imaginative and resourceful. Dare to go where you have not been before. Expand your boundaries, move beyond your comfort zone.

You cannot succeed if you are not willing to move from where you are mentally. And why will you want to stay where you are when you are in pain and hurt.

2. Take the risk.

Take the plunge, who cares, if you have already failed there is nothing else that can happen in your life but to succeed. If you stir up the waters of your life fish will swim up to the surface. Take the plunge to harvest your catch. Old routines have a false comfort. Be a risk taker. Remember the winner takes it all.

3. Expect to be abundantly rewarded.

Yes, the winner takes it all. The world loves excellence; as a pioneering spirit you will have the privilege of setting your price. Competition drives down the price of your wares. But the wares of an innovative risk taker are rarely common in the market place of life.

Seek within yourself to find that which you can make anew for the service of humanity. Throw in your energy, power and resources behind this, take the risk and win.

There is no other way to a lasting and fulfilling success in life. Try it you have nothing to loose.

Yours in total success,


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