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Why it is Important to Grieve

October 31st, 2012

Sometimes this world may not seem right for you. Things may be going wrong at every turn and you may begin to wonder if it is worth it. You may begin to wonder if life is worth living. In such periods, when you are tried and challenged to the extreme, life may seem dull and drab.

A lot of times we are inclined to drown these sorrows in alcohol, drugs, sex and what have you. We seek to run away from our challenges. But you do not have to run away from them or seek to drown them in a sea of booze. Life is a fair game of losing and winnning.

In such periods it is normal to grieve. Let the pain and the tears that come with the challenges you face wash over you no matter how hard it seems. Grieving is a necessary natural step to healing. You cannot heal without the grief that comes with the challenge. Take things in stride and do not feel burdened by the desire to be strong.

Strength will come in your healing but for now it is Ok to feel the pains and bites as they come to you. This is becuase the thing which causes you so much pain is being rooted out of your emotional body by the healing balm of life. Do not run; stay put and work yourself out of the dark tunnel of the despair you face. In due time a new sun shall rise in your world and all shall be bright again.

It will come a s a new birth. It will be a resurrection of sorts from the troubled circumstances that made you weep. You are not perfect; not yet. But die in the circumstances that bring you grief and you shall rise anew in the new promises of a brighter day and life.

Grieve if you feel the urge to. Nothing lasts forever. All things change and us with it. It is this bitter sweet equation of life that keeps the universe afloat. With time you will know. All is not lost, for nothing is lost or can be lost in the grand scheme of the universe.

Yours in total Success,


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Open Sesame:Your Path to Total Success

May 26th, 2012

All of life is meant to respond and serve your wishes.This may not seem to be the truth given the troubles you are now facing in life. But it is the truth nonetheless. Life serves and expects of us to serve it in return. All must be balanced.

This philosophy of total success is not new. It is the an ancient verity that has served man from time immemorial and will continue to serve you even today.The goal here is to reframe your expectations so that you can indeed inherit the destiny that is ingrained in your being.

What are your expectations in this life? Do you feel that life is harsh and we have to struggle day by day just to get by? Or is life here to serve you and make manifest the commands you have placed on it? Be honest for once when trying to answer these questions.

The reason being that you are the result of the answer that you choose. Some people relish the idea that life is a struggle. For some reason they have accepted the idea that everything must be a hassle. They take comfort in this ideal and rationalise their shortcomings in life on the basis of this paradigm.

This again is wrong thinking. It is the result of centuries of the mental conditioning of the race.Yes, to live life one will have to face challenges, many challenges indeed;but that does not mean that life is a struggle and that we should struggle with it.

From my view point it only means that we should activate the power or the creative force within us to match and overcome the challenges that we face. A lot of people find false comfort in the easy routines of mediocrity.They say: life is just too hard, let us make do with what we can afford. This is the peace of the cowards in life.

The currents that surge within you are not for show. These are real energy streams full of the power and fire necessary to power through whatever dreams you have.

You must be able to declare once and for all:”Open Sesame!”. And life will open up its vault to your ultimate delight. To come to this experience you must have the heart, courage and conviction that this life is good. No ifs, buts or anything else about it. This belief must be ingrained in your being like the air you breath no matter what circumstances give in your life.

Stand your ground and let the circumstances you have conjured figure out a way of becoming real in your world. Declare “Open Sesame!” and stand your ground. And you will be pleasantly surprised.

The power to change all is in you. The problem is that you been frazzled and left wanting by the seeming debacle of your daily challenges. Reestablish the calm of the brave in your life and you will find sweet success in your undertakings.

Hold firm upon the ideals of your heart. Close the energy leaks in your life. Do not doubt yourself or the vision you have put your heart to. Walk calmly into the days you have been blessed with knowing that life has heard and answered your request.

This is not some empty faith talk; it is the way to bring the unyielding circumstances of your life to bow to the mighty power of life that is your essence.

For example if you want a new home  for yourself and family, you can begin right now to see yourself in that home of your choice. Do this consistently even though you have not the means to be in the possesion of this house. In fact you do not know how and when you are going to get the means to get this house.These when and how questions are not important at this point.

What is important is your desire, your willing and your wanting the thing. Life is your accomplice and sooner than later you will realize subtle changes in your attitude and mind which will eventually inspire you to act and behave in a such a way that you soon find yourself in the possession of a new home.

Humans fear because they belief that they are alone. They do not know that behind the impulsion to live this life that they have there is an infallible indomitable power capable of changing the destiny of all that have come to this realization.

You do not have to wait until tomorrow. You can declare right now: “Open Sesame!” to whatever issues that are bothersome to you. Take possession of the dynamic spark of your life. Do not allow others to configure for you what society calls the norm.

There is no norm in life except that of the creative power. And it does not ask that we worship it but simply to look within us and discover the inner well spring of all that it has abundantly provided to us.

Life loves and loves unconditionally. It’s only desire is to sustain you through its own intelligent designs so that in due time you will come to the perfect realization of your own glorious being as a child of the one power of all life.

Yours in total success,


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Know Yourself and Succeed

April 11th, 2012

Ancient teachers, writers, savant and sages have all asked us or urged us to go for self knowledge if nothing else in this life. It is as if we are ignorant of who we are. They repeatedly strive for us to know ourselves. Know thyself it is often said.

You see, it is ordinarily hard for you to know yourself if you do not have the desire or longing to do so. Life knows that and this is why in its all encompassing wisdom, it has allowed for man to come to experience life in ignorance.

In other words we are born into the darkness of ignorance so that we can grow into the light of self knowledge. No one can give you this knowledge. It has to be earned in which ever way you can. All any one such as myself can do is to show the way and that is all.. You will have to do the walking to the land of your own total self knowledge.

Now, who are you? Suffice to say that you are nothing but a physical conduit for the spirit of life to flow through.The physical element in this equation is your body and all that appends to it.

When you are born into physical life, your body is lifeless until animated by the breath of life. It is this current that powers all that is considered to be your life experiences. Everything from the smallest twitch and pain in your body to the most complex thoughts that your mind can conceive, all is controlled by the spirit impulse infused in your body through birth.

The greatest tragedy in life is the false understanding of man; that he is his physical body. This is not true. You are something other than the physical body.You are a spirit unit so to speak working though the medium of a physical unit known as the body.

The problem here is that the simple desire to maintain our physical instruments so to speak has been transformed to an all out indulgence in the physical aspect of things. We have completely forgotten that we are not of the body but of the spirit essence of all life.

This is why the sages cry out: ” know thyself.”

You are nothing but a transformer of the divine currents of life that surges through your unique spiritual center. That is all.

Now, what does that have to do with you and your desire to succeed in life? Everything! Life is simple and orderly. All you have to do is to follow the harmonic rhythm of life andyou will find total success in all you do.

Your physical condition or environment is nothing but the outwash of what your spirit self has actualized in the present times. All that comes to your life has received your spiritual stamp of approval so to speak.

This means that if you want the circumstances in which you have life to change you must harmonize yourself with the energies of a different set of circumstances and thus give them the conduit and possibility to be present in your life.

Having not known who we are, our tendency is to continue to scrape by off the limited dimensions of what we have already created instead of spreading our wings and scaling the the unlimited realms of all that is possible in life.

Considering yourself as a body entity you are bound to look at your world in finite terms. This is because the body is a finite thing and so anything that appends to it becomes finite in essence. And it is this false premise of being that is the cause for concern and man’s misery on earth

Know yourself and succeed. To know yourself is to succeed in this life. You cannot know yourself and  not succeed. Life is not meant to oppress but to serve you.

It is your not knowing what and who you are that is the problem. And this is why life will continue to seem like a jigsaw puzzle to the eyes of the untrained until they have come to the secret of all secrets.

And it is not a secret after all, for this truth is hidden in plain sight. Within you is a current which powers all that you can ever experience. Contact this power and ride back into the main spiritual stream of life where all is at your beck and call.

No one can do this for you. It takes work and effort; but where a desire to know yourself has been registered, life in its own miraculous ways will make sure that you come to your own full realization of what and who you indeed are.

It is this that has led the sages of old to again say: “When the student is ready the master will appear.” It is all on you my friend. Are you ready?

Yours in total success,


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Overcoming Despair in Life

February 3rd, 2012

One of the greatest obstacles in your desire to be successful in life is despair. It is an overriding feeling that there is no hope, that all is lost in your affairs. This indeed is the one reason why we fail.

Life is an obstacle course by design. It is so that you can through your own efforts wake of from the slumber of unconsciousness or not being aware of whom you are.

I know this may sound crazy but it is the truth. Do not yield to the ever present temptation of giving up in the face of challenges and obstacles no matter what they are. Strive and do all in your power to maintain a flicker of hope in your spirit. That tiny flame is all that is needed to keep the door of providence open. And you need to keep that door open because life will ultimately come gushing in so long as you stay the course.

I have no illusions on the toll any kind of distress can have on one’s psyche. It is normal to feel the pain and shock of changing circumstances especially when you think you have done all that is needed to move ahead.To continuously drive your destiny, do not allow despair of any kind to set in.

Find something in these moments of trial to do. Talk to somebody who can cheer you up. Listen to some music, go for a walk. Do something for God’s sakes.This is so important because in despair you have given up the fight. In other words you have become a victim. And once you define yourself as such the game is over. For nothing can come out of the spirit of one who has not owned up to his power.

The most important influence in your life is not what goes on around you, or what others say, or think of you. It is what you think of yourself. It is how you have defined yourself. This here will be the game changer for you.

In despair, you sentence yourself in the prison of death and hopelessness. In hope and cheerfulness you open the doors of opportunity and possibilities. It is this openness that will serve as the entry way for the cosmic power of life to display its miracles.

All is meant for your ultimate elevation into the heights that you have determined for yourself. It is a game of sorts that we play being alive. The end purpose of which is to bring us to the subtle realization of our trueselves; that you are not a pauper but a prince though clothed in rags.

Take this to heart, my friend; nothing is etched in stone in this changing medium of the earth realm. Do not get fooled into submission by the false pronouncements of your circumstances. Dust yourself up and get back into the play fields of life. Work within to keep the tiny flicker of hope alive. It is this light that will lead you out of the trying tunnels of your travails to the glorious realization of all you have ever wished for yourself.

Try it. You have nothing to lose.

Yours in total success,

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