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The Power of Tolerance

December 23rd, 2015

It is said that the world is a basic reflection of who we are. In order words what we see is who we are. This speaks to a very important principle in life. It speaks to the fact that we are basically creative entities.

Now, this will be a hard thing to understand for some because we have been thought to see ourselves as victims of life. So the fact that we are the ones behind the lives we experience can be quite a shock to any who cares to know.

But here is our saving grace. We are who we are and what we experience in ourselves. All things are nothing but the extension of ourselves in the truest sense.

This is why diversity rules the world because no two viewpoints or lives are the same. We all view the same reality which is life from different lenses. Where one sees a wonderland of winter snow, for example, another may easily see a nightmarish spell of cold and unfriendly weather.

And so it is and will be in their world and circumstances. It will be according to their perception, their creation.

The one creates a scenery of beauty out of a winter storm of ice and snow. And the other looks at the same occurrence and concocts a nightmarish scene of the hostility of nature. And so each goes about the business of his days living off the creation of his own very freely willed perception of what gives in life.

This is why it is good practice to be nonjudgmental in life. If nothing else, love unconditionally. Be tolerant of other’s point of view as much as you can.

In this journey of life none is right or wrong. As agents of life each of us act as creative agents. And we do so in our own unique ways.

If you find yourself critical of someone it is because you are most likely a host of the same that you are critical of in the other. This is because if it was not in you to begin with you will not have been able to recognize it in the other.

And more so what you are most likely criticizing is nothing but the projections of what you are upon the “borrowed screen” of another’s life.

Think about it for a second. I have given herein a secret key to living a happy life in this our earth world. We are who we see in all life. Love yourself as you would your neighbor and all shall be well.

Read between the lines and think about what have been expressed herein. If you are ready you will retrieve the key and open the door to a world of infinite bliss and happiness in your life.

Yours in total success,


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The Hidden Wisdom of Challenges in Life

March 13th, 2014

Challenges are nothing but portals of creativity and growth. If all fails it means that you now can succeed. Beyond your failures are the open fields of your success.

Remember that all pain is the beginning of healing. A challenge when creatively and positively handled must open up to growth.

Whenever you experience any pain or dissatisfaction in your life it is because you have a vision that is not aligned with your present circumstances. This is the first step of progress in life and it is a good thing.

Handled appropriately, the challenges or dissapointments we face, serve as a platform for our creative response. It serves as a stimulant in otherwords. It gives us the opportunity to summon the infinite and intuitive intelligence within us.

Without trials, pain or hardship you will be untested. Being untested you will never know your true power or what you are made of. You will not be able to tap into the infinite and intuitive intelligence in you. You will not be weathered.

And it is this knowledge of who you are and what you are made of that we all need to overcome the challenges that life throws at us at all times.

Know that tribulations lead to perseverance. Perseverance builds character and character is the bedrock of hope. Be glad therefore when you are hopeful because hope is the forerunner of faith. And faith is the doorway of true knowledge. Be patient in the face of trials and tribulations; remain steadfast and focused. You shall be exalted in the end.

Seek not to run away from the things that defy your desires. They are windows of growth that cannot be equaled in this world. Accept all that is now in your life with gratitude. And work presently and dilgently not to overcome them, but to make manifest that which sings in your heart despite them.

This is the way. Challenges are gifts in disguise. Remain true and steadfast in your desires. And life will bend. It will configure itself with time to validate and affirm that which you have first made firm in your heart.

So is it that the bold, daring and most successful amonsgt us, not afraid of what challenges lie ahead, march on triumphantly in life.

And you can do the same.

Yours in total success,


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Ephatta-Be Opened

March 13th, 2014

Do not put the cart before the horse; unless of course you want to ride in a reverse direction. To move forward, put the horse before the cart. To receive, give. Be opened and all will be opened for you; this here is the secret: Serve and you will be served.

To live a fully optioned life, open up and give all that is in you. Life is not blind. It will return all back to you in due time and in true coin. Here is the key: Charity begets charity. All is here now. It is the receiving that is tricky.

Try this: Give with no expectation of a reward. It is not about money. Shine the light that is from within you; and in doing so your way will be brightened. Open up, so you can receive. Life is not mocked.

And let time be the judge; not the mental wanderings of an idle mind. Let time be the judge.

Yours in total success,


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The Art of Knowing.

November 19th, 2012

This our time can be rightly called the age of knowing. It is easy to fall for the gospel of charlatans who wants you to live in ignorance.There is an art in all things including the desire to know. To truly know what life is about is the greatest desire of the awakened one amongst us.

You have a right to know.You have the right to know the whole truth but only if you desire such. Life knows this and so it is willing to work with you to reveal itself and its mystery to you. If you seek you shall find. If you knock the door shall be opened.

You seek by carrying yourself in a certain way. In acting in this certain way you invite the pearls of wisdom and the light of enlightenment to rain down on you.This life is a very special thing.

We are basically alone beings, in our souls that is. We came here for a very personal adventure.You can make it an adventure in knowing. It is all your choice.There is an art of knowing, an art to life which when discovered will reignite the flame of love divine that is deeply embedded in your hearts.

No rush, life waits and all is set and configured to lead you to your own rebirth. It will lead you into the totally successful creature of the most high that you already are.

Yours in total success,


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The Purpose of This Life

November 3rd, 2012

While Some have relentlessly questioned the meaning of our time here on earth others assume have comfortably assumed there is nothing beyond the grave and that the time we spend here. And so these live their lives in reckless abandon; caring little for the needs of love and compassion for others and even so for themselves.

These do not care if others are hurt because of their actions or inactions for that matter. They live as if no other matters and aggressively pursue their desires no matter who is hurt in the process.

And then death happens and all is gone in a nanosecond. But the energetic imprints of our time here on earth is not lost at all. These will unfailing accompany the departed into the great the beyond.

Here, the trifling needs of your bodily existence have little power over you and the real essence of who you are will come through. We become our own judges.

Did you seek the profit of the world and neglected your love essence which is the God-link in you? Did you? This is the question that must be answered. And you will not allow to lie or spin your way out of this. Not here, not now.

So now that you still have the gift of time and life you do have the chance to make amends. Forgive all, above all forgive yourself. Turn a new page. Take this time to love more, to nurture your inner essence and strengthen the God-link in you.Reinforce the good that is you today and everyday hereafter.

At the end of the day you will know that you have done well with your life. And you will be ready in earnest to go in faith and confidence through the great chasm that separates the dead from the living.

By living this way you loose nothing. You may even have your cake and eat it too. That is why it was said in the ancient days:” Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you”

Make this the ultimate purpose of your life and you will have a totally successful life. You will find salvation beyond reason.

Yours in total success,


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Stop Waiting and Start Living Again

November 1st, 2012

We all have a a tendency to wait in life. We have been trained to be reactive so to speak and this is where our problems begin. It leads to a less than full life. Our relationships with our friends and or family may get sour,we may loose our source of income or our finances may take a hit. In fact many things can happen in this life to make things look a little frightening to say the least.

But no matter what happens it will be wise to not wait for things to change. It will be indeed wise to take on your challenges head on with a cheerful attitude knowing that all that is promised you in this world is life and nothing else. What you cannot afford to do is to stop living and wait. What will you be waiting for if not ore disappointment and despair.

Start living here and now where you are with what you have and how you are;don’t wait. Waiting is the door through which our circumstances gain control over our lives.

Change happens and you too can happen. Change can come any how it desires to come but within you is the power to live in anyway you want your as well.

Do not get stuck in what has happened and fall into the trap of waiting for life to restore what has already been lost. Move on and keep on moving for as long as the juice of life flows within you.

Dust your of your feet in the unwanted circumstances that you are now living in and set sail for a new Jerusalem and remember to have fun while in the process. All life is life. All is sourced from the same power.

Yours in total success,


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Why it is Important to Grieve

October 31st, 2012

Sometimes this world may not seem right for you. Things may be going wrong at every turn and you may begin to wonder if it is worth it. You may begin to wonder if life is worth living. In such periods, when you are tried and challenged to the extreme, life may seem dull and drab.

A lot of times we are inclined to drown these sorrows in alcohol, drugs, sex and what have you. We seek to run away from our challenges. But you do not have to run away from them or seek to drown them in a sea of booze. Life is a fair game of losing and winnning.

In such periods it is normal to grieve. Let the pain and the tears that come with the challenges you face wash over you no matter how hard it seems. Grieving is a necessary natural step to healing. You cannot heal without the grief that comes with the challenge. Take things in stride and do not feel burdened by the desire to be strong.

Strength will come in your healing but for now it is Ok to feel the pains and bites as they come to you. This is becuase the thing which causes you so much pain is being rooted out of your emotional body by the healing balm of life. Do not run; stay put and work yourself out of the dark tunnel of the despair you face. In due time a new sun shall rise in your world and all shall be bright again.

It will come a s a new birth. It will be a resurrection of sorts from the troubled circumstances that made you weep. You are not perfect; not yet. But die in the circumstances that bring you grief and you shall rise anew in the new promises of a brighter day and life.

Grieve if you feel the urge to. Nothing lasts forever. All things change and us with it. It is this bitter sweet equation of life that keeps the universe afloat. With time you will know. All is not lost, for nothing is lost or can be lost in the grand scheme of the universe.

Yours in total Success,


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Allowing Success in Your Life

July 29th, 2012

As a follow up to the post on desiring which I wrote a few days ago, it is important that I continue with this post on allowing success in your life. It is a sure stepping stone to your total success in life.

It is evidenced in life that we are our own greatest enemy not consciously of course but we are. It is easy to desire but to really get this thing going we must begin the process of allowing that which we have desired to come to us. No one can easily accept that they are standing in the way of their own success in this life. No one and this OK.

Now, let me say that to allow, is simply to get out of the way mystically speaking so that the thing desired will flow through easily. The way we block our gifts from coming to us is through the self judgement and self sentencing that none other than ourselves have placed on us. It is as if we have placed a curse on ourselves.

For example, you can suggest to a little child that he will become a millionaire by the age of 20 and he will leap in joy to embrace this prognostic of his life without question. He does not doubt the infusion of energy that is placed on his life course. He takes it and runs with it. He allows it to be so to speak.

If same thing is done to an adult whose mind has been formed with a pessimistic penchant by his life experiences, he will reject such an infusion as a joke. In fact he will take offence easily or simply brush this aside as childish prank. He will not allow it to be.

This is a simplistic example but you get the point. The mind which is yet unconditioned by the less than perfect experiences in life will certainly have an easier time allowing. It welcomes the force of the idea of succeeding without any qualms.Whereas the grown up who is all grown into the errors of his own self judgements easily refutes the reality of what could have been.

It is this denying that the teachers of old spoke to when it was said ” unless one be born again he will not enter the kingdom of God” or when it was said “unless ye be as little children ye will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

So how do we become as allowing in our lives? Here are a few tips:

1. Have faith.

It is simply by having faith that you allow success to come in. Having the unshakeable faith that that life is good and it is meant to serve you. Be steadfast and you will outlast the energy of lack that has been holding you back in life.

2. Do not judge yourself.

Do not be consumed by the tempatation to judge yourself and what is supposed to come to you. Do your part in desiring and allow life to do its part. Do not put out the fire under your creations by dousing it with the waters of your own misconception of what is.

3. Keep doing.

Sloth is a vice to be avoided at all times. Keep yourself constantly at work with the task at hand. Keep on improving and doing. In doing so the mind is kept at bay in the employ of your designs. Not doing so it will revert to where it where before your descision to change for the better and this is where the danger lies. Rememeber the old saying, “an idle mind is the devils workshop.”

These here will give you a fresh start. Without the limitations of what your past has been you will come out winning no matter how formidable the task at hand is.

This life is a vey funny thing. There are two forces that are at play here at all times.And they are the forces of inertia and the forces of progress. One is regressive and the other is ever forward moving.

Take your pick and your life will be determined accordingly. Align yourself with the forces of progress and you will allow the forward moving expanding forces of life to fill your cup to the brim.

It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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The Pain of Growth: An Insight to your Total Success

June 4th, 2012

All who has been given life is destined to grow. In other words we are all destined to grow into ever expanding versions of our selves or the perceptions of who we are. This may not seem so given the level of indecent actions that we sometimes exhibit in our daily lives.

It is this insight to your total success that has allowed the sages of all time to speak of the inevitability of change in our lives. They indeed have also advised us to welcome it anytime it rears its unwanted head.

But here we are talking about growth; the pain of growth. It is evident that growth is painful. To break out of your routines you must be ready to suffer from the pain of growth. Why do we pain when we grow?

It is simply because we do not like the change that is demanded of us by the forces of change which always precede any growth in our lives.
We have a tendency to display extreme loyalty to our conditions and experiences in this life. In fact it is our loyally to the energy of the experiences in the lives we live that sustain them and keep them alive in our lives.

What do I mean by this? You see, circumstances do not exist in a vacuum. They must be anchored in the vital centers of your life for them to take root in the events of your days. You are Loyal to them that is why they are here with you.

It may be that cup of coffee that you crave for every morning, It might be your loyalty to the thought of being poor and challenged in your life that you hold on to. It may be the sickness that you think you can’t get rid of that you hold on. It might be anything for that matter.

The idea is that, these things now exist in your life because your inner most self is loyal to it. This is unbelievable but it is the truth. We do this all the time and then turn around and scream for help from the ethers when you are indeed the one who has imprisoned yourself as a matter of fact.

The fact is we all do this because we are trying to avoid the pains of growth. It is the pain of disloyalty to the energetic vibrations that sustained the power all the things that gives in your life.

You can move into total success in your life with the speed of lightening if you really want to. All you will need is to be willing to embrace the pain of the growths in your life and you will grow into the ideals and vision encrypted in your heart.

How do you embrace the pain? Simple; embrace your vision and live in the bubble of that vision until the realities of what you have anchored your energy to became reality in your life.

And it will. It is easy say to yourself now and forever that you are willing to embrace the pain and the inconveniences of overcoming and accomplishing the goal you have set your heart to no matter what. If you say this with the presence of mind and spirit that is required you will find yourself well on the way to your total success in this life.

Take this insight of total success to heart. It shall do you good in due time. It is a promise.

Yours in total Success,


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The Hidden Wisdom of Change in your Life

May 18th, 2012

Use the energy of your disappointments in life as the fuel to propel you towards the direction you want to travel to. Do not mind that you are now being held back by the experiences you have.

It is the goal that you desire in life that matters not where you are. Others want to fail. In fact they act like failures and complain that they have not found the success they are looking for. They claim to be victims and hold themselves in the very conditions they wish to avoid by proclaiming and affirming the power of the obstacles they face over their desire to progress in life.

Realize that life is balanced and just at all times. The world is configured in this way to give all a fair chance at finding for themselves what works here below. The creator has little or nothing to do which what goes on. He has done his job and waits patiently for the cycle of the life he has given you to complete itself.

All has been given to all and the brave and courageous amongst you will find this truth for themselves. Do not believe my words try this out for yourself.You have a native mystic power which when activated can overcome all that stops you from being what has been decreed in your heart of hearts.

Open up yourself to the raw energies of the pain you face if pain there is in your life. Be honest to yourself. Open yourself to the feelings that courses through you; look at the circumstances in which you live under. Now, if you feel that you deserve better begin the upward motions that is necessary to lift you up and out of the predicaments you do not want.

Reach for the conditions that you want to experience. It is as simple as that. This is why the cosmic law of life is based on the fact that you will reap as you have sown. Nothing more,nothing less.

The bar of life is held high by the creative power so that you do not sell yourself short. Like a good coach, life knows your potential. It knows what you can accomplish with what you have. It will never let up. So stop brooding over spilled milk and brace up for a new day.

Aim high in life, aim higher that the circumstances in which you find yourself. This is why we welcome all the challenges that come in our lives. They serve to wake you and me up from our slumber. They are the stepping stones to the heights of our true destiny.

So, here are 4 tips to get you started on this journey:

1. Release yourself unto your dream.

Burst yourself loose. Go all out and embrace the dream, the energy of the thing that you have set your sight on. Do not hold back. In doing so you hold back the birth of the thing that you carry in you.

2. Maintain your poise.

Practise the calm silence and assurance of one who is in the know of the workings of life. Such self confidence and assurance has a way of helping you defeat the feeble energies of the things you do not want in your life.

3. Act only when needed.

Conserve your energy as much as possible. It is ipmortant to build a mental store of pure undefiled power from which to pull in times of troubles and challenges. Talk less if you can. Honor the silence in you and do not get involved into the  petty talk and slander that is so common today.

4. Give thanks upon waking everyday.

You set a positive tone for your day by creating a vortex of gratitude which is offered to the life. Even the birds know this, that is why their first mutterings in the day is always a song of gratitude sung to the power from which all things come.

We all have a native and unique mystic imprint which is there for our succour and solace in the face of our challenges and difficulties in this life. It is there, just as you have eyes to see and ears for hearing. Our difficulties gain the upper hand when we do not actualize this power.

Rest unperturbed, dear reader, in the assurance that all that you seek is already in existence. Maintain an unruffled countenance no matter the menacing threats of your troubles. Don’t mind how big or monstrous or frightening they seem to be.

Work needs to be done only in the inner sanctuary of your life and here you have the power to mould and shape the experiences you desire for yourself. Do so and unleash them unto this realm of time and matter and you will experience first hand the miraculous power that is hidden within us all.

Yours in total success,


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