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How to Overcome the Obstacles in Your Life

March 13th, 2014

Obstacles abound in life. Life is an obstacle course. We are also created with the tools and skills necessary to successfully navigate this course of life. These tools are within.

Now, just as a stream will flow around an obstacle on its WAY to its destination, so too will your stream of consciousness flow around your challenges, obstacles and dilemmas to fulfill its pull: to achieve its goals.

The stream of consciousness that you are, will journey into the sea of consequences embedded in your experiences in life. Do not fight with the challenges you face. Go around them. Be fluid in consciousness as a river or stream is and course your life and your experiences around and away from the obstacle you face.

A river does not worry when it comes accros a boulder on its path. It does not negate the boulder or confronts it. It slowly but surely streams around it as it journeys on.

And you can do same. It does not matter what the circumstance is; just move on and go beyond the challange and you will be on your way to your total success in fulfilling the pull of your heart.

You are a force of nature to reckon with. The things that happen to you will respond to the conscious inputs you attribute to them. Try it for yourself and you will discover the magic of life.

Yours in total success,


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The Way to Success

March 13th, 2014

There is always another way of being other than what gives presently. It is not about being rich and famous or poor for that matter. It is simply being you; sublime and wholly connected to the life force coursing through you at all times.

This wholeness and centeredness will give you the peace and the aura of satiety that we so vainly seek. To be happy is to be truly successful.

Money is not the way, not health, fame or what have you. The way is to simply be. Be authentically present here and now; and in every moment of your life. Become aware of the mighty wind of the love that surrounds you at all times.

And you will be hitched unto another force field in which your every need will and can be met. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking the law.

Do not perish for lack of knowledge. Experiment and know.

Yours in total success,


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The Secret Power of Visualization

November 27th, 2009

Explore the power of your inner sightMan lives by sight. You have been endowed by the power of sight so that you can trace the direction of your actions and achieve your goals.

Through your use of your inner sight you can develop an unshakable faith in the pursuit of your dreams in life.

I do not speak only of the outer sight as provided by the eyes. I speak of the inner eye of your imagination.

Seeing with this eye you can see things which are not yet present in your material world. Seeing with your imaginative eye you can place yourself firmly in the worlds and experiences of your choice.

Once the power of your inner sight becomes greater than the power of your outer sight you will notice a change in your circumstances. The momentum generated by the visualized world of your imagination can and will catapult you to a different set of circumstances if you stick with it.

Herein lies the secret of creating the life of your desires. Visualize! See with your inner eyes the reality you have dreamed for yourself. See yourself in the surroundings of your desires. It doesn’t matter that this would seem to be a foolish play of make believe. Just do it and do so consistently.

With time you will soon begin to act the part. And in acting the part you set the motions necessary to bring that which you have desired to your doorsteps.

This the secret of all life. Those who are successful in life know and practice it all the time.

You are wired to create out of the nothingness of the ether. Do not live by your outer sight alone. Seek also the unbounded realm of the unseen worlds. Here you can carve a world that is uniquely patterned to fit your needs.

It is tempting to always seek to live off the labors of others. This is normal but suicidal all the same. The truth is to take up your ploughs and march valiantly unto the fruited plains of the infinite realms.

Time is of the essence. Begin now to reclaim the unkempt fields of your  inner worlds. Visualize, see in your mind’s eye what it is that you desire.

Do not question the pictures you see. This is not the time for such. Just see and continue to see.

What monkey sees monkey does. What you see is what you are. The key to the secret power of visualization is now in your hands. You are free to see what you wish. Live responsibly.

Yours in total success,


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Control your Sphere of Influence and Succeed in life

November 22nd, 2009

Your life is a virgin field...cultivate itYou were born within a sphere of influence. This is an area in your life which is and can be absolutely controlled by you. The problem is that you  have not decided to take control of this sphere of influence. You have not decided to influence this sphere.

You see, you were born with a silver spoon. We are all born with this  silver spoon. Control your sphere of influence and you shall succeed. It is your base capital so to speak, a gift from life to get you started in the enterprise of living.

If you do not control this sphere of yours you will be exposed to the influence and subtle machinations of other circles. This is were the great danger lies in life. If you are controlled by spheres of influences other than yours it becomes easier for you to consider yourself a victim in life. And all those who consider themselves victims in life are absolute failures.

Now, to succeed in controlling your sphere of thinking here are four things you must do right away:

1. Never be concerned with what is said of and about you.

When you are concerned about what is said about you you open the doors of your world to uninvited forces and influences in your life. To build internal strength and fortitude resolve not to seek the approval of the masses. Resolve to follow the inner compass of your conscience and right livelihood. Life guides, you will be guided and cannot be led astray by its counsel.

2. Do what is right at all times.

Failures seek to curry favor from the masses. They fall into the temptation of desiring to be liked by as many as they can. They seek the favor of men. Be congenial but not at the expense of sacrificing your ideals. You see, by seeking to be liked you loose sight of the true propose of your mission, which is to rediscover and embrace who you really are.

3. Face your fears.

Many alliances made in life are based on fear. In doing so you are tempted to yield increasing portions of your personal field of influence to who you think protects you. Do not bargain who you are for a false sense of security. Security is an illusion. You cannot be secure in the changing medium of the earth. True security is only found in a solid understanding and application of the unchanging laws of life.

4. Learn and apply the laws of life.

You can only learn in  life; that is all. And if you are really wise you can apply what you have learnt. This disposition allows you to affirm your individuality without denying the common good and interest of your community.

In applying these principles you will find a new world of strength and  spiritual fortitude. It is this assuring presence of the protective mantle of life that is needed to nurture you into your unique greatness and success.

Remember that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Let that be engraved in your mind. Control the sphere of influence that is yours  for the taking and you will begin to reap the harvest of your sowing.

Yours in total success,


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The keys to a Life of Total Success

October 25th, 2009

You are where you have been.What goes before you? Your imagination and thoughts go before you. They are the keys that open the door of the circumstances in your life.

All is always possible. Believe in the power of possibility. Send out the emissaries of your destiny in confidence. Let them go in earnest in the fields of life. They will bring back to you the things you sent them out for.

They will pull you along to the destinations you sent them.

I know how hard and confused you may be when faced with challenges. It is our common nature to experience the shock of uncomfortable situations. But this is simply a primary and primitive reaction on our part.

The shock of failure or disappointment is a reaction of disbelief on your part; what you sometimes call misfortune.

Your circumstances are not a matter of chance. They are the fruits of your labor. You are in the fields of creation at all times in your life.

Many do not know this. Your daily striving in the vineyards of life is to be encouraged by all means. This is the work that is required of you.

More important than your daily striving is your attitude of mind. The compass of your life is controlled by your attitude of mind. It directs your effort to your true north. To the port that you have chosen.

Recalibrate your life options. Make sure and certain of the goals you have chosen.

Work diligently in feeling out the goal you have set for yourself. Think thoughts of its fulfillment. Talk about it and most importantly act upon it.

Then with the calm demeanor of an indomitable winner expect the best of out comes.

This recipe never fails. It speaks of an exciting, adventurous and graceful life.

It will serve as the basis of an everlasting peace and joy in your life. Not a peace and joy influenced by what you have achieved or acquired.

It will be the profound peace and joy of one who has understood the eternal grace of life and its wonders.

It is to this that life calls. That you shall come to discover the wonders of your true self. And thereafter live the perfected life of total success.

What goes before you?. Act now, step into the new circumstance of your creation. Assume and claim it now. Be relentless. You were not meant to fail.

Above all remember that you are where you have been.

Yours in total success,


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Retain Control Over your Circumstances: 5 Tips

October 14th, 2009

Retain your poiseThe key to a happy and fulfilled life is to retain your balance in life . It is the key to experiencing the wonderful joys and blissful revelations of living.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to experience total success? Then begin to find ways to retain your balance. Retrain your mind to dwell upon the emotional states that you have chosen.

Your emotions control your state of being. If you let your emotions run wild, you will live an unhappy life. To retain control over your life simply control your emotions.

Let your feelings be triggered by you consciously and not by events happening to you or outside of you.

You can do this because you were wired from creation To live a conscious life. Know what you feel and if you do not like what you feel change it. You can create a different feeling just as you can think a different thought.

Here now are 5 simple ways to begin to control your emotions and retain control over your circumstances:

1. Self discipline.

All I say here will have no use unless it is put to practice. You are at any given time a product of a set pattern or ways of doing things. You will continue to do things this way unless you decide to change. Discipline yourself to back up the decisions of your life. Make a commitment to yourself to carry out the commands you have place on your life.

2. Seek Calmness above all.

Determine for yourself that you will not be troubled by the events of your day. To do this aspire to be happy no matter what is happening around you.You want to be the one deciding on the impact of all that happens to you. You retain the final word. Make that a word of unshakable peace and calm.

3. Stay detached from events in your life.

Stay true only to the power that runs within you. Not the things happening outside of you.Go silently after the affairs of your day without becoming attached or identifying yourself with these things. Things are things but you are not a thing. You are a conscious breathing entity of the life power of the universe.

4. Develop understanding.

Knowledge is power. Let the ultimate wisdom of life guide your steps. Life is a school of wisdom. It seeks to instruct you at all times. Be humble and open to its lessons. See all things that happen as teaching moments. Accept the lessons in grace and strive to become better. Avoid self judgment and the arrogant disposition f the haughty spirit.

5. Seek to be more compassionate.

Compassion is a byproduct of understanding and wisdom. Love yourself. Give yourself enough room to grow and develop. Love others or at least be compassionate towards them. Let others have the space to be who they are. Avoid the tendency to be overtly critical of others when it is uncalled for.

Practicing these tips will allow you to become immersed in the ultimate truth of all life. You are a majestic being robbed of your joy and peace by the trifling occupations of your daily affairs. You loose your shine when you loose your cool. And when you loose your cool and poise you loose your handle on the circumstances confronting you.

You need a cool hand at the steering wheel of your life. It is in the majestic calmness of your resolve and imaginative power that all is brewed.

Do not be troubled when the wind blows. Have the knowing faith that all will be alright after all. And with the calm conviction and knowledge of the workings of life, steer your vessel to calmer shores and fair winds.

It is all up to you. Do not fret. You were created to experience total success in all your doings. Let know one tell you otherwise.

Yours in total success,


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Live the Life you Want

October 12th, 2009

It is your world---your lifeIt was Albert Einstein who said:

” There are 2 ways to live your life-one, as though nothing is a miracle and the other as if everything is a miracle.”

Now, I think this is so true. You have the power to create the life you intend to live. Yes you do. This should not come as news to you.

You were created to excel. And at birth you were given all that you will need to live an accomplished life.

Now, this may seem far fetched given the challenges that you face. In the face of such difficulties it is difficult to acknowledge your power.This is why you must not allow your circumstances to dictate your fortunes.

You can dictate your fortunes by creating new circumstances.

Here are four easy ways to begin to live the way you want:

1. What you see is what you get.

Change your perspective on the circumstances of your life. What you perceive is what you experience. Your perception of what is or what is to come creates all.

2. Avoid regrets.

The past is a wonderful recollection of where you have been. Let it serve you only as a tool to recall where you have been. Regrets hold you down in the memory lane of life. You want to be alive in the present where the game is played. The past has nothing to do with the present except you haul it into the present.

3. Be open to grace.

One way to avoid regrets in your life is to be open to grace. Your life is an exercise of perpetual grace. Life forgives. Forgive yourself and accept the newness of life that comes with your days on earth.

4.  Act.

To become responsible for the things you expect to experience in your life you have to act. Act immediately. Do not wait for the times to be perfect. They are never perfect. You aligned the stars to work in your favor by acting with boldness and conviction.

Now, you can choose to live your life as if everything is a miracle or as if nothing is a miracle. Both ways are correct. And I can assure you that yours will be a life full of vigor and excitement.

The point is: you are not just a pile of clay. You are a living breathing entity filled to the brim with the cosmic energy of all life. It is this power that is responsible for creating the scenes you have projected your attention on.

Never yield to the unwanted circumstances in your life no matter what they are. You do not want them because you have decreed that you deserve better.

If you have decreed then that you deserve better, go for it. Enforce the decree. What are you afraid off?

Yours in total success,


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Make your Way to Total Success

October 2nd, 2009

Focus on the bounty of lifeYour greatest challenge to success is not scarcity. It is the lack of determination. Your ability to overcome your challenges and succeed in all you do is is the key. This key is the ability to make up your mind.

Practice the art of true focus, build resolve and you will succeed in all you put your mind to. Success may be delayed but it will not be denied you.  Life provides but it requires you to receive.

You develop your capacity to receive by developing focus.You see ordinarily you disperse your power to receive by getting distracted easily.

Distractions abound. The world is a distracting medium. Your task therefore is to build a single purposed mind. Put this mind to task through your resolve and you shall win. You cannot fail for the unyielding power of your attention and focus will bring all to you.

Now retrain your focus. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to receive from life? Bring the fire of your attention to burn on the things or states that you desire.

Do not get concerned about the past, not even the future. Your life is now in the making. And you are the maker.

What are you now creating through the power of your focus? Here now is the field of providence. It has been given to you. Go to work in this fruited plain.

Train your mind on the desires of your heart. And move with majestic resolve into the mental matrix of the world  you have created.

You can only succeed through the aggressive use of the power of your attention in the pursuit of your self interests. Do not be fooled to think otherwise..

All is at your beck and call.

Yours in total success,


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Be the Success you Desire

August 8th, 2009

Be it, you are it.The best way to create the change you desire is to accept in your mind that you are who you have claimed yourself to be. It does not matter that your circumstances are different.The most important thing here is that you accept in your mind that you are it: your goal.

No one will do this for you. You can be helped to accept what you desire to be in life but no one can maintain you there. That is why there will always be contrasts in the lives of all who live on earth.

No matter how the times are, find a way to routinely see yourself as your goal.

This is the bedrock of faith. It is all about seeing yourself as the objectification of your desires. See yourself as already living in the circumstances of your desires.

Now, in real life, act out the image you have of the new you as if you are it. Interact with all from the premise of what you have desired to become not what you presently are.

Do not be stuck in the present and what it has brought to you as in your circumstances. Work instead within the creative impulse of your life by creating and acting out a mental scipt of the life you wish to become.

This is the secret of all who have found success in this life and you can too. All is according to your desire.When you make mistakes do not falter;take a minute to silently remind yourself of who you are and who you intend to become. Stay focused on this image of the life you are creating.

Act consistently out of the image of your new self. Life will guide and direct your steps. It is it’s nature to do so.

You see, you are meant to cause things to happen; whether you do this to yourself or to others does not matter. It also does not matter whether you do this consciously or unconsciously; what matters is that you will create just becuase you are a life. You are alive.

Now what do you want to create? Be playful. Find a goal that interest you and get going.

Try this out; see for yourself if this will work or not. And above all have an open mind and life will richly reward you for your effort and time.

It waits on you all day and all night to fulfill the sacred songs of your heart. What are you waiting for or better still who are you waiting for?

Yours in total success,


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You Are Your Environment

August 6th, 2009

To be who you are,know where you areIt is known known that you can control your life by influencing the environment in which you live. Your environment is not just your physical environ. Your environment is also and most importantly your mental space. Your life and all you experience is just an outer reflection of the environment in which you live.

If you seek to change your life change the environment in which you live.The solutions to the challenges of your life are found in your environment.

In times of troubles do not be bothered by the circumstances in which you find yourself.This is because your circumstances are an effect. Seek instead to control your environment. Place yourself in environments that are in harmony with your goals in life and you shall find the success you have been craving for.

Here are 3 simple tricks to help you take charge of your environment and find success in all you do:

1. Associate yourself with the scenes of the goals you desire.

It does not matter that you are not in the scenes of the life you now desire. Imagine yourself in the scenes of the life you intend to live. Go to physical places that remind you of what you want to achieve.

2. Avoid a toxic mindset.

Stay clear of idle gossip and the hunger for a tabloid lifestyle. These will drain you of your emotional energy. Let only your goals and your ideals bring any excitement into your life.

3. Be positive at all cost.
Be calm and positively centered no matter what goes on in your life. Nothing really matters when you are challenged except the state of your mind. Guard this with your life if you can and you will succceed in all you do.

Success in life is a science no matter what you have been thought to believe. All can be changed in your life. You can change the environment in which you live and thereby change the products or the circumstances of your life. You only have yourself in life to fend for yourself. You are created to have dominion over your circumstances. You can only dominate all things if you learn and master the art of controling your mental and physical environments.

Yours in total success,


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