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Honoring the Balancing Act of Nature

March 13th, 2014

Nature is supreme. Life is omnipresent, omniscient and is omnipotent. We are but little play things in the grand scheme of the cosmic order of all life. It is a balancing act at all times. The scales must be balanced at all times for all of life to exist as it is and has been since creation.

Do not cry or weep when change comes or when you seem to be down on your luck. It is not by chance. All is played out according to a code that is supremely just and fair to all.

Be cheerful as you can be and muster the strength to begin again when things don’t seem right. With enough time and effort what is yours will naturally gravitate to you. No questions asked.

This is the miracle of the balancing act of nature. All has been given. It is our imperfect receiving that needs working. Not the wisdom of the infallible first cause of all life.

All is here for your total success in life…if you are open enough to receive.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of Love.

November 15th, 2012

When all is said and done in this our life the only thing that remains of any significance is Love. This intangible force of our being is the the sustaining power of all we experience here and in the great beyond.

In love you will find the sufficiency that may have eluded you in your living expereinces. It in itself does not have form but takes upon the shape and contours of the awareness in which you are presently. It is the transformative power that can transform lead into gold as is thought in ancient times.

It is this alchemic property of love that is our saving grace. Find the time to love but above all find the time to experience love. This is the key, for once experienced it cannot be contained or held back. It must be sent forth like a ray of light to brighten the dark alleys of those who still dwell in the darkness of ignorance.

This is why you are so important in the cosmic scheme of things. Life needs you as much as you need it. All is well with those that love and loves in Love’s name.

Yours in total success,


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Stop Waiting and Start Living Again

November 1st, 2012

We all have a a tendency to wait in life. We have been trained to be reactive so to speak and this is where our problems begin. It leads to a less than full life. Our relationships with our friends and or family may get sour,we may loose our source of income or our finances may take a hit. In fact many things can happen in this life to make things look a little frightening to say the least.

But no matter what happens it will be wise to not wait for things to change. It will be indeed wise to take on your challenges head on with a cheerful attitude knowing that all that is promised you in this world is life and nothing else. What you cannot afford to do is to stop living and wait. What will you be waiting for if not ore disappointment and despair.

Start living here and now where you are with what you have and how you are;don’t wait. Waiting is the door through which our circumstances gain control over our lives.

Change happens and you too can happen. Change can come any how it desires to come but within you is the power to live in anyway you want your as well.

Do not get stuck in what has happened and fall into the trap of waiting for life to restore what has already been lost. Move on and keep on moving for as long as the juice of life flows within you.

Dust your of your feet in the unwanted circumstances that you are now living in and set sail for a new Jerusalem and remember to have fun while in the process. All life is life. All is sourced from the same power.

Yours in total success,


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Being-A Secret Recipe to Your Total Success

August 22nd, 2012

As a follow up to Desiring and Allowing, let us now look at the third and final part of this trilogy of success-Being.

To be who you have envisioned yourself to be is a challenging endeavor for those that are yet untrained in the art of life. In other words, we abort the creative action by not incorporating this that is desired or allowed to take root in our circumstances.

Life is a perfect mechanism. It will do its part but you must do your part. There is no way around it. Being, simply implies that you create a conscious outflow of the creative currents surging from within your inner designs.

The things wished, desired and allowed for cannot come to be in your circumstances until you become them. And you do so simply by acting the things out in a manner that affirms their presence in your life. This is the logic behind the famous saying: Fake it till you make it. 

Act now, as if the thing wished for is now present. This is a not so common tool of the trade to be mastered by those who want to experience any success in their lives.

The reason for this is simply that things are nothing but the externalization of energetic patterns. In other words if you can muster the energetic patterns of the things or circumstances desired you can have the thing or the circumstance experienced in your life.

The energy in other words, is the sustaining power of the thing or circumstances experienced. The thing or circumstance of itself is of no use and little consequence.

Say for example, you are in ill health and you want to come back to a state of ease. This process of healing can be started and done simply by summoning the energy of wellness into your present presence. And as you continuously dwell within the energetic framework of wellness, health will return.

All prayers and supplications of man is an attempt to control their energetic orientations. It is this cosmic patterning that is responsible for the imperfections in our world today for not all have mastered the art of summoning the vibrations necessary to power the motions to influence their fortunes as desired.

Seal your daily prayers and meditations with the divine seal of being. Examples of this abound in all the prayer endings of the great religions and spiritual traditions of the world.

The sealing here is meant to transfer the cosmic energy contained in the invocations of your petition or prayer into the virgin newness of this moment. It is this cosmic imprint which is the seed of all that will happen in your life. All that is experienced therein must be seeded in the bedrock of time and space to take root.

Do not take these things lightly. We have gone through much suffering as a race and it is time that the truth be told.

Depending on the issue you are dealing with such techniques may not work as fast as you desired but it will work if you stay at it. It is a law, a very natural law indeed.

The things and circumstances we experience in this world have no power but the power you give them. Be it that you have envisioned to be. The power of the word that is in you in due time will make sure that all that has received the secret command from the inner chambers of your heart will come to pass. It is so that the world is created and conceived.

Do not let this discourse go to waste. I am sure we have enough challenges in our lives to practice on. Find out for yourself if what is written here makes any sense or not. In the end you will know and it is this knowledge that will set you free from the prison of matter.

It is our collective destiny to remove the veil of ignorance shading us away from the light of truth. Man suffers out of ignorance and until the day that he shall come face to face with the verities of existence he will continue to suffer.

Here now my friends, is  a chance to step out in faith to the wonderland of the supreme power and dominance over all things material and immaterial.

Discover you and your power just by being and the shackles of yesteryears will be broken forever.

Yours in total success,


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Time and your Total Success in Life

May 21st, 2012

You have been trained by popular culture to dissociate yourself from the natural cycles of life. And this is the reason for the feelings of despair and unhappiness that hangs over the head of the race as would a dark cloud.

It is possible to be genuinely happy irrespective of circumstance. And it is only when you can be happy irrespective of your station that you can claim to be a total success in this life.

Many seek the gains of the material world thinking that this alone is the gateway to paradise only to find at the end of their journey that it was all a waste of time. It is doubly hard for those who have sacrificed heart and soul for the promise of gold and silver for the pain and disillusionment is even greater.

It is this that led the the Nazarene to ask: what use is it to gain the world and loose your soul. And that man shall not live by bread alone.

Let me go back to the illusion of time for a moment here. All of life has been programmed to work through life cycles established by cosmic intelligence.

There is the sunrise and sunset, there is the full moon and the new moon and there is the revolution of the earth around the sun. These are natural cycles that has been programmed by creation. All living bodies in this world are configured to respect and abide by this natural rhythm of life if they are to find peace and harmony in their lives.

In other words, creation manifested itself here as days, moons and seasons for a reason. Now, most of us do not dance to this rhythm of life. We do not sleep when it is sundown and do not wake up when it is sunrise. We have created the week out of the time slot between sunrise and sunset which has now been programmed into your mind as a work week with a weekend to boot.

Within this natural rhythm of life rests the recuperative and restorative agents necessary to renew and regenerate life at every turn.There is a give and take pattern embedded in the system that allows life to sustain itself no matter what has happened.

Now, you are also under the influence of these cycles of life no matter what you think. Your life energies are being perpetually reconfigured and rebalanced as is necessary by the cosmic forces of life to sustain and nurture you in your journey no matter what has happened.

The problem is; not being aware of the invisible hand of life we feel and think we are alone. It is this feeling of aloness that creates despair in our lives. And in the depths of our despair it is easy for us to give up the fight and natural desire to align with the life force coursing through us. It is easy in such times to embrace the-anything-goes mentality.

Remember that you are not an accident. Life does not create accidents. Everything including you is in the grasp of a greater factor or force in this life. And this force is the force of love; a love of life for life’s sake and nothing else.

I say all this to say that you should hold fast and maintain your spiritual poise in the midst of the challenges of your life. Life is life. It does not depend on your station here below.

Times are hard and challenging, no one denies that. Do not despair for change is in the making. Life knows how to recharge and self rejuvenate despite all.

Seek instead to maintain the harmony of mind that is necessary to weather the storm sof your days. You will notice in due time that the challenges will begin to by themselves unravel.

It is not that you do nothing. It is simply that you act with the understanding that whatever challenges comes your way can be overcome not by frantically chasing the things away but by calmly reasserting your power over them.

Pull the curtain over the scenes of the life you do not want in your life. You may have failed but your are not a failure. Learn to differentiate your actions from you as the actor. Develop the poise and stamina necessary to weather the storm and you shall be alright after all.

Discern the illusion of time and its influence in your days. Know that there is a season for everything as was said in the old; And if your faith be strong as was foretold by the ancient prophets you can tell any mountain in your life to move and it shall be so.

And in the instance where it refuses to move you can indeed move away from it.

Anything that comes into your life will go out of your life if you do not want it there. You are not condemned to entertain situations and circumstances that are not in the realm of what you have dreamt of.

Do not be impatient, work within the cycles of your natural life. Take defeat or failure with the assurance that they too shall pass. Not because your are idly standing by; no, it is simply because you know that you have the power to create the change you desire and are willing to do so .

Here in lies your power. It is the reason you can sleep while the wind blows; for busy in the workshop of the upper rooms of your life all shall be well in due time.

Let time become your friend. There is enough to worry about as it is, there is no use complicating what is already complicated.

Yours in total success,


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Discover the Affirmative Power of Life

May 19th, 2012

It is my firm conviction that this life is complete and you are complete with it. All has been given to all in equal portion. It is up to you to draw down into your life the experiences that you desire.

This is not some ideal speculation that I present here. It is the ultimate truth of the true cosmic sciences. And as such I will not invite you to mentally dissect what I say but to try it. This way you will gain the experiential knowledge that is necessary to build your faith.

The world that you now experience is nothing but the pure reflection of the inner activities of us all. It is a cosmic congregate of all that we have managed to pull out from the invisible realms so far. There is more from where these come from.

You may not know that your life has not even started given the challenges you face. You are at all times given a fresh opportunity to begin again if you so choose; for you are the incarnation of the creative principle inherent in all life.

Some think it is easier to blame circumstances and other persons for their troubles. Others have been schooled to think that their lot will be changed for the better by the instrumentalization of an external power.

You were not created to be an idle partaker in the drama of life and living. You are configured to become aware, active and responsible for the life that courses through you. Doing otherwise opens the doors of the insufficiency that you experience.

Begin today to embrace the affirmative power of life that is you. You see, you cannot have or experience what you have not affirmed in your being. You will not experience the thing no matter how you have desired it. The sealing of the thing, the supreme act that will make the thing a reality in your life is by the affirming power of your true being.

This is because there are precise laws governing this creation called life. These laws are not the physical laws governing the physical world. I am referring here to the high spiritual laws of life.

There exist a cosmic configuration that will assist you in making real that which you have offered to the power through the empowered affirmations in your life.

So, here, when you want to experience a different circumstance in your life you must first begin to grasp the thing in your imaginative body. This way you become the thing in the invisible realms first. It is very important that you do this. It is the premise of faith and what is commonly called belief. You see, if you cannot see yourself in the designs of your desires they will not take hold no matter what happens.

The laws demand that you provide a receptacle for the thing to be released from the cosmic realms. And you create this receptacle by working your imaginative body. This has nothing to do with what your current circumstances are.

This active force of creation has little or no regards for what has already been created. Its field of action is in the undefined fields of providence.

Do not want to dwell on this too much. You must know that you owe it to yourself to carve a place foryourself though this cosmic this medium.

Start small. You will lose nothing except the fears and insecurities of  an uncertain life.

Find something that you really desire to experience. Do not limit yourself. Just make it a playful exercise. Assuming that your desires is for the good of the whole, begin to imagine that you are in the presence of this experience. Do so persistently despite the fact that it may all seem like a game of your imagination. Keep at it and you will be surprised sooner or later by the realization of the experience in your life.

It is the way life works. There is no other way as efficient as this. And it is the realization of this truth that is the rebirth that all who have life here seek; to be reborn into the glorious majesty of your supreme inheritance in life.

All of Christ’s healing for those of you who are Christians were based on this truth. The power behind the so called miracles was in the cosmic realms of the miracle recipients. It was simple as that. The Christ was nothing but the divine catalyst.

All he did was to provide the cosmic impulse that was neccessary to allow his followers to access their own supreme power.

It is why he said repeatedly that all he has done, you too can do. This was not empty talk, dear readers. Life is an equal opportunity affair. Release yourself from the bondage of ignorance and embrace the truth of life.

You are a sufficient being created and infinitely resourced by the gracious hands of providence now and forever.

The sublime power to change all and take possession of the land of your dreams rests squarely within you.

Yours in total success,


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Live the Authentic Life

April 18th, 2012

I had decided long ago to dedicate the rest of the time I have here on this earth to explore the reasons why we are here. And it has slowly but surely dawned on me that the reason we are here is to simply reclaim our power. This is not an easy task.

There is a present danger that has engulfed the world today and that is groupthink. People want to conform; they want to be like the Jones. This is where the great challenge is. Do you. You were not created to conform into a thought matrix created by others. You will lose your unique identity and personality in doing so. And it is this uniqueness that is indeed the foundation of our common progress and survival as a race.

No one has a monopoly on how to live this life. You are just as important as the next person around you. Honor that which is uniquely yours and express the value that comes from within you.

Do not fear the world, for the battle was won when you took in the breath of life at birth. The father of creation does not create imperfection. And above all, remember that you are a star in your own right. Burn and burn brightly so that the light which is in you can be seen by all.

Do not worry if you do not receive any accolades or the praises of men. Forge on in the knowledge that some stars are only seen when the sky is darkest. Worry not about tomorrow for you are today active in the cosmic furnace of your life; keep at it and let tomorrow meet you there, where all is brewed according to your tastes and designs.

Go out in life with the dynamic faith in Life. Call its name in good and bad times. Invoke the name of the one power of all life. He is an equal opportunity power and responds to all who have impressed upon it.

It is common practice for most people to swear in the name of the father of all creation. Such an utterance when not backed by your actions, feelings, thought and imaginings is nothing but empty talk.

Call out the name of the most high if you know not his power. And when you call it, know in your heart that it has heard you. It has heard and answered you. Be still and know then that He is the Power, the creator of the heavens and earth. Do not waver in doubt and remorse. Be glad for all your days are kissed with the comforting presence of the one power of all that is. Such is the mighty revelation to the children of faith.

Now, with such an assurance turn on the faucet to the inner fountain in your life and let the waters of life that are in you flow out abundantly to all. Do not fret or cower in the face of the challenges you will surely face.

Know once and for all that you have now been taken care of. Go out to life in full force. Be, say and do the things that you have set your eyes on. To be and do otherwise is cowardice. You have been called upon by the law of creation to discover your true power. Act now in the name of the one who began it all.

You see most people want to be happy. They want to be happy, peaceful, prosperous and successful. This is a normal desire. The challenge is; you do not know how to find the true peace and fulfillment that your soul craves. You have been thought to think that it is through material seeking only that you will find your paradise but it is not so.

Go within and rest your burdens unto the hands of the one power of all life. As was said in the days gone and still true today, “Come to me all you who are burdened and heavy laden and I shall give you rest.”

Come to the awareness of the sacred heart within you and find the eternal grace that your spirit craves. By yourself you will find certain anguish and pain. Seek the alliance of the power of all life and you will find true comfort and rest. All your days will be blessed by the sure knowledge that you are at one with the father who created the heavens and the stars.

It is this realization that will give you the final peace and happiness that you long for. It is this realization of your alliance and intimate complicity with the first cause of all creation that will enable you to love all as you love yourself and to love the God of creation with all your might and power.

How do you do this? It is simply by honoring the supreme urges of life that flows through you at all time. Have the courage to be and do as is dictated from the inner sanctum of who you are. Be authentic.

Doing otherwise is to negate the power of life that is within you and whose only purpose is to see that you and it are one.

This is the reason you are alive today. It is to reclaim your power. It is right here with you now, waiting.

Yours in total success


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The Power of Being

March 25th, 2012

This universe is controlled by laws which cannot be bent by your supplications alone. Life has fitted you out with all that is required to succeed. The great design is infallible. All that can ever happen to you in your life was foreseen by your creator. It designed you with this in mind.

Now, left upon the play fields of life, the common man has been thought to seek his answers to his challenges from up in the skies. This is not only insane but malicious to say the least. The promoters of such a philosophy are not being honest or are down right ignorant of the great cosmic plan of life.

You are not without power. You are a mini god so to speak. You came to this world fully cloaked with the potential to attain the full glory of your destiny. This divine manifestation of who you are comes to full life at birth.

With the first gulp of oxygen that is breathed into your lungs your life begins its journey; self contained, the seed of all that you can be was planted long before your birth.

As an infant you cried for your mother’s milk at every turn but as an adult you are required to fend for yourself. And you will never be left alone in this venture. The universe is configured in such a way that help is ready when needed by those who deserve it. That is why it is said “Heaven helps those that help themselves.”

How do you help yourself is the question. You help yourself by exercising your right to be. It is a divine right. You have a right to be. Exercise your power of being.

In other words, create the world that you desire first in your mind and imagination and inhabit that world. Be in that world. A lot of people have relinquished this their unique right from the creator for the manufactured secondary creation of their circumstantial realities.

Instead of creating their world realities through their beingness, they have allowed their circumstances, be they what they are, to create their world realities.

If you ask such a one how he is doing, for example, he will rush to say: times are hard or something to that effect. In other words, he is validating the power of his circumstances over the power of his being.

And if you push him a little further, he will tell you that he is going to pray to make things better for him. I am not knocking down the goodness of prayer. But you see, such a one can pray all he wants and there will be no change in his affairs; because he has already accepted the supremacy of his circumstances over his being.

This is the problem of modern man. Despite the advances of science, we still have not yet understood that man is the primary engine of change in the universe. Yes you are!!!

Be, before all else. Define and realize what it is that you need to manifest in your life. Forget the dead energies of the circumstances in which you have life. They have no power except that which you lend to them.

You see, you have been told that what you see is the truth. This a lie. That is not true. What you see is the outcome of the inner activities of those concerned. In other words your inner activity is the truth not what you see.

And your inner activity is the activity of your being. You think, you imagine, you visualize and just like that, your system begins to associate and unify with the energetic impulses that comes from these your activities.

And as these begin to harmonize with your biochemical set up, your brain begins to pick up energetic signals that are transferred to it through your subconscience. It is this activity that triggers the dissatisfaction that is the precursor of change and the birth place of faith in your life.

And once a longing for a better tomorrow is thus injected into your heart, your whole being will move in accordance with strict laws of the universe to create this reality sooner or later.

This is the way the world works. It is not prayer alone. There is an exact science to the thing and it this which led the ancient prophets to cry out in despair  ” My people perish for the lack of knowledge.”

This knowledge is in you. If anything pray that this secret knowledge be revealed to you; not given to you. No, pray that it be revealed unto you, for it is already in you.You are a heir to the divine heritage of all life.

Come and claim your place in your father’s mansion. There are many rooms in there and a place has already been prepared for you!  Be it, whatever it is for you!

Yours in total success,


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How to Tap into The Power of Your Inner Sight

March 22nd, 2012

All that happens in your life follows the energetic contours of an image that is held by you. In other words you are the one who is responsible for supplying the power needed to sustain the experiences you are now living through.

This may seem surprising to many but it is the truth all the same. You are the life line of all that happens in your life. The image that is held in the alter of your inner sanctum is what is revealed to you in your daily life. This is because you are a creative entity. You were not designed to be passive in life. You are configured to be creative in life. You are an organic divine entity, full of vigor and the cosmic energy to remake your world at will.

You have often heard it said that a people without a vision shall perish and this is an organic truth. You see your vision with the inner sight. The eyes of your power is your inner sight.

You see, you have physical eyes to see and find your way around the world of physical things. But in the realm of invisible things you will not be able to see with your physical eyes. That is why the untrained live in fear. They are working only with the physical eyes and when they do not see what they want in their present experience they say it is not there. They limit their reality to what the physical eyes can see.

This is wrong, and this is why there is so much suffering in the world today. All things that you see around you today were pulled from the invisible realm by the creative actions of the creative and and daring among us.

To succeed in all you do you must go within through whatever means possible and make contact with the power center of your life. Go in there where no one has the right to enter and begin to formulate for yourself what is you desire to entertain in your life. This is where work needs to be done.

As you begin to take control of your inner space so to speak you will begin to realize a certain order in your outer affairs. Do not stop after a few attempts at this. Dig deeper into the very core of who you are and once in there make sure you are identifying yourself with who you want yourself to be.

Here are a few tips to help you begin to discover the power of your inner sight:

1. Forgive all.

Blame none for your predicaments in life. This is crucial, for it allows you to begin the journey back to to the land of your complete innocence. Do not be concerned about the moral leanings of your society. Blame none, not even yourself for what has happened.

2. Reserve your right to think.

This is a basic right freely given to all human beings. The right to think is inalienable. No one can take it from you except you decide to give it away. Never let anything worth considering pass through you without undergoing the rigor of your thought process. This faculty was put in you for reason. Use it.

3. Embrace dissent.

It will be a dull life if everyone agreed with everyone. Life will be a dull expression of human vitality at best. Healthy disagreements are necessary for ideas to flourish. And good ideas run the world. It is necessary that you question the things that affect you until proven otherwise. Do not shy away from having contrary view points or being the odd one in the group. Life flourishes on the potpourri of ideas and diverse view points coming from the brains of its creation.

4. Reserve your right to self expression.

This goes without saying, it is essential that you embrace the fact that you can fully express yourself without fear. Self expression is vital to your survival here on earth. All in all make sure that the picture that is being outed is sourced from the inner core of your life.

5. Protect your inner space.

If you do not tend to the inner room of your life it will be overrun by intrusive forces which you may have little or no control over. There is no vacuum in nature. So pre populate this space with the ideals and designs of your heart and all will be well. Do this daily and stay alert at all times if you can and you will come to a full control of the energetic impulses of your inner room.

Life is a manifesto of freedom. You are free and it is free flowing towards you and all who are willing to recieve. Do nothing; for you are already in the presence.

All in all you need is to give direction to this free flowing energy of life. You can only do this by allowing it to fill  the moulds of the image that you have created from within and it will be so.

If you take a moment and begin to implement these factors in your life you will begin to experience a strong desire for self authentification. Be glad when this happens. It is normal to feel this way and do not shy away from it.

There is nothing that makes the inner you as happy as when it realizes that you have finally understood that it is the other side of you, without which it can not fully be complete in itself.

Yours in total success,


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Call Out your Destiny in Life

March 18th, 2012

Each has a name for himself that is known only to him. If he has failed in life it is because he has called out failure. Notice I did not say that he caused it. He called it out instead. He called failure into his being.

If a man has succeeded in his life it is because he has called out success.What we experience in life is what we call into our existence.

This is the trick of the ages. Your reality is nothing but the outing of the energetic impulses that are most active within you. Nothing can be done to change your condition without changing your energetic impulses.

Life is intransigent in this regard. Now, how does this apply to you? If you are faced with a challenge or difficult task you can choose to affront and overcome the challenge or you can give up in despair.

Most humans do not seek to affront the challenges they face,they give up in despair seeking to blame their conditions on whatever seems appropriate for them.

Life can be overbearing at times, we know that; but if you affront the challenge and commit to overcoming it you will become victorious in no time. This is because challenges are nothing but a manifestation of disharmony with what gives in our lives and what we want.

And so to bring everything back into balance all we have to do is to do all in our power to make sure that what we are experiencing is in harmony with what we want.

All who have life here below will at one time or another go through this test in their lives. How they manage this process is a of course a testament to how far they have come in recognizing the power which lies within them.

Now, here are a couple of pointers to help you call out your destiny in this life:

1.Do not be ashamed of your past.

If you do so you will become anxious and unsure about your present and certainly will become afraid of the future.

2. Swim upstream into the head waters of life.

Do not be content with what society has preprogrammed for you. Customize your life by going to the source of the thing that moves you.

3. Live from the heart.

You will not survive long enough if you dwell not within the throbbing heart of your life. Let all be dictated to you through your inner core.

4. Raise up your offering to the power that gave you life.

Bless all and bless the power from whence you came. It is easy to take it fro granted that you are alive. But there is a power that is responsible for putting you together. Give thanks and praise as often as you can.

When you are in despair call upon the name of the one who created you. Call his name in earnest even as you cannot see him. He will answer you, for his charge is to keep you safe from the hands of the wicked as you go through this wilderness of life.

Ask him to show his face; challenge him to reveal his majesty onto your enemies and knock and the door shall be opened.You are a flame of the supreme power of life. No one can put out this fire that is in you.

This is the same scenario that happened to Christ at the ninth hour on the cross when he cried out:”Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani” - “My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me?” This was a cry of despair. It was also a cry of hope and a very powerful prayer in and of itself.

And I think it followed that, after he cried this prayer, he quickly said it is finished and took the last breath of his life and gave up the ghost.

Let me just say here that his call was answered and when he said that “it is finished” it was indeed confirmation that his suffering had ended.

You too who is alive today can conjure the power of life in your moments of challenge and rest assured that it will be answered in quick succession. And you can comfortably say it is finished too when the request is fulfilled.

The power of life does not hide itself from you. In fact it wants you to know it and to live your life knowing that it has your back.This is why you have challenges. They help us grow in faith and spiritual maturity. They will help you to come into a fuller realization of the power in you through which all that you desire will come to be.

Shout out your battle cry if need be. There is one in each of us to help us rally the forces of the seen and unseen to do our bidding, for we are made out of the image of the omnipotent father of all creation.

You sure can do better in your life, do not be bitter about what has transpired. It doesn’t matter. Pick up the pieces of what is left and seek the alliance of the one who sent you here. With time you will emerge victorious.

Not because of your might and power but because of the might and power of the one who gave you the breadth of this life.

Yours in total success,


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