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The Cosmic Use of Time

November 17th, 2015

There is a rhythm to life dictated by time. Sunrise and sunset are natural calibrations of time. They provide us with a space and time reality upon which to experience life, at least in this realm.

Man is but a blob of energetic patterns maintained by vibrational pulls that he is open to. And so is he motored into action daily;creating the experiences which he lives through. There are no mysteries.

At sunrise there is the energy vortex of dawn.The invigorating rays of the morning sun is but a pale reflection of the life giving influxes of the lifepower that is coming our way. No wonder we feel invigorated and refreshed at this time; ready to tackle what lies before us.

At sunset the invigorating energies of dawn are replaced by the dissipation of the active rays of life. Thus the feeling of tiredness and the desire to gradually wind down to sleep or some sort of inactivity.

To use time in a well meaning manner, it is wise to use this natural calibration to the best of our advantage; to further our life’s goals and pursue the passions of our hearts.

So, here are three universal precepts that you can use to efficiently pull from the cosmic gift of time:

1. Rise early.

Rise up early and do so daily. Pray or meditate upon waking. Go within in whatever way you can or know how and receive. Life is a giving force. When we pray in the right way or meditate or go into the silence we actualize the gift that is coming to us. And thus strengthened, we are ready to meet our day. There is provision for all seasons.

2. Fully activate your day.

Do all you have agreed for that day and do them fully with the means at hand. Do not judge yourself or your efforts. Work earnestly for your upkeep and those that depend on you. Work is worship. It is the worship of the Divine, present in all life. If of able body and or mind do not hesitate to fend for yourself and earn your daily keep. Avoid sloth and idleness as if it is a plague.

3. Retire early.

Early to rise and early to bed is not just an age old saying. There is a profound truth in that statement which when mined will yield jewels of wisdom to you. As the life giving rays of the sun retreat, so too must you find a way to call off the day and retreat into your own sanctuary.
This is for your good. Weakened by the toils of the day, man is at his weakest at dusk. Having expended the invigorating energy influxes of dawn, he is now vulnerable and so to survive, he must go back to the source power; whatever it is for you. Use this time to re calibrate and recenter your self. Call in the horses and take a little time out to recenter as you go to sleep.

There is a whole lot more that can be said about this process. I have only scratched at the surface here. It is important to rethink our cosmic use of time as we continue to dive deep into this new age. Technology is a good thing but it can become a bad thing if we do not rein it in to harmonize with our natural cosmic disposition.

Practice these tenets for a while and see what happens in your life. The universe is structured and ordered to follow Law. Not the law of man but the law of life. It will do us good to be obedient and concordant with it’s sacred rhythm if we are to make any good of it.

Yours in total success,


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How to Overcome the Obstacles in Your Life

March 13th, 2014

Obstacles abound in life. Life is an obstacle course. We are also created with the tools and skills necessary to successfully navigate this course of life. These tools are within.

Now, just as a stream will flow around an obstacle on its WAY to its destination, so too will your stream of consciousness flow around your challenges, obstacles and dilemmas to fulfill its pull: to achieve its goals.

The stream of consciousness that you are, will journey into the sea of consequences embedded in your experiences in life. Do not fight with the challenges you face. Go around them. Be fluid in consciousness as a river or stream is and course your life and your experiences around and away from the obstacle you face.

A river does not worry when it comes accros a boulder on its path. It does not negate the boulder or confronts it. It slowly but surely streams around it as it journeys on.

And you can do same. It does not matter what the circumstance is; just move on and go beyond the challange and you will be on your way to your total success in fulfilling the pull of your heart.

You are a force of nature to reckon with. The things that happen to you will respond to the conscious inputs you attribute to them. Try it for yourself and you will discover the magic of life.

Yours in total success,


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The Cosmic Tug of Time.

March 13th, 2014

There is a constant battle that rages on in the life of all. And it is between the pull of our past and the pull our future. This war rages on constantly in our present. It shows in our choices and circumstances.

Your past is nothing but a record of where you have been. Yet it is powerful enough to determine where and how far you can go. If you do nothing it will create the foundation of all that will happen in your so call future. In fact it will replay and recreate the same scenes of yesteryears.

This is fine if you are happy with what gives. However, if you are not then we have a different issue.
And it is to free you from the energy imprints of the past. You can do this my recreating new energy imprints today. This here is the challenge and one that is difficult for most of us.

No problem. Here is a suggestion: just be you. How? Be authentic; simple but powerful. Doing so frees you from the power of convention. Doing things your way will allow you to become creative. Becoming creative is the gateway to Soul Artistry.

It is this artistry of the soul that can show you how you can again harness the power of the present to mold the outcomes of your tomorrow.

Life is sufficient to itself you included. Avoid the bustle of the masses and the pressures of convention. Listen to your heart. And with time its sacred song of redemption will burst forth like a morning spring.

And you will know.

Yours in total success,


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Succeed Despite the Times

August 15th, 2012

There is a wide consensus amongst the so called experts that the world is again heading towards another recession. I am not an expert in such things but I think it is nonetheless important for me to qualify such calls at a time when billions are struggling to stay afloat in what is an uncertain growth environment for sure.

All that happens in our lives is as we have accepted and received. Recession or no recession, there is always a few of the suffering masses who shall rise simply because they have righted their psychological framework of success. And these win and will win despite the so called gathering storm predicted by the so called experts.

The drab news as is today preached has the power to dampen the enthusiasm of those who until now have been trying to dig out from under the burden of despair and hopelessness in their lives.

To these, I say, this here is not the time to give up. It is widely known in the true sciences that darkness is the advent of light. In otherwords the gloom of today is the boom of tomorrow.

Hard work pays; not the pronouncements of the prophets of doom who taking their cues from imperfect numbers are quick to predict a future which they in themselves have no grasp off.

Wealth is nothing but the actualization of the law of nature in your life, which in itself is an exercise in abundance.

Look no further than your nose if you will. Mind your business. Keep your affairs tidy and buttoned up as would any one with some sense. But for goodness sake the world is doing fine.This mass hysteria that takes hold when such pronouncements of doom occur is a sublime message to weaken instead of strengthening your resolve to succeed.

Stay close to the vision and ideals of your heart and in the morning go to work in the knowledge that all that you sow, you will reap; and that this world will continue unperturbed.

You will not fall off the cliff because of what the experts say. Guard against forces of weakness in your life and all will be fine.

This here is a psychological game. Nothing is real; all is as you have accepted and believed in.

We conceive our world through the conception we have of ourselves. Who do you think you are. What do you think of yourself. Do you like the person you see in the mirror? This ought to be the question to ask yourself.

Success is not a respecter of the seasons or cycles of man. It operates independently from the elements of this our broken world. Take heart and do not panic. Right the sails of your vessel and keep going. The storm and tribulations of the way will only break you if you decide to give up.

And who or what are you giving up to? Who has the power? Are you the living embodiment of the life power or the circumstances in which you find yourself?

Put yourself to the test and find out for yourself and you will be amazed at what you find. You may at last find that you are none other than the maker of your own destiny.

Do not buy into the false pronouncements of the world. Align and associate yourself with success and the ideals of success and you will succeed.

The world waits and does so patiently. It is aching for you to make the move and reclaim the promise that it holds for you. Go for it.

Yours in total success,


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Open Sesame:Your Path to Total Success

May 26th, 2012

All of life is meant to respond and serve your wishes.This may not seem to be the truth given the troubles you are now facing in life. But it is the truth nonetheless. Life serves and expects of us to serve it in return. All must be balanced.

This philosophy of total success is not new. It is the an ancient verity that has served man from time immemorial and will continue to serve you even today.The goal here is to reframe your expectations so that you can indeed inherit the destiny that is ingrained in your being.

What are your expectations in this life? Do you feel that life is harsh and we have to struggle day by day just to get by? Or is life here to serve you and make manifest the commands you have placed on it? Be honest for once when trying to answer these questions.

The reason being that you are the result of the answer that you choose. Some people relish the idea that life is a struggle. For some reason they have accepted the idea that everything must be a hassle. They take comfort in this ideal and rationalise their shortcomings in life on the basis of this paradigm.

This again is wrong thinking. It is the result of centuries of the mental conditioning of the race.Yes, to live life one will have to face challenges, many challenges indeed;but that does not mean that life is a struggle and that we should struggle with it.

From my view point it only means that we should activate the power or the creative force within us to match and overcome the challenges that we face. A lot of people find false comfort in the easy routines of mediocrity.They say: life is just too hard, let us make do with what we can afford. This is the peace of the cowards in life.

The currents that surge within you are not for show. These are real energy streams full of the power and fire necessary to power through whatever dreams you have.

You must be able to declare once and for all:”Open Sesame!”. And life will open up its vault to your ultimate delight. To come to this experience you must have the heart, courage and conviction that this life is good. No ifs, buts or anything else about it. This belief must be ingrained in your being like the air you breath no matter what circumstances give in your life.

Stand your ground and let the circumstances you have conjured figure out a way of becoming real in your world. Declare “Open Sesame!” and stand your ground. And you will be pleasantly surprised.

The power to change all is in you. The problem is that you been frazzled and left wanting by the seeming debacle of your daily challenges. Reestablish the calm of the brave in your life and you will find sweet success in your undertakings.

Hold firm upon the ideals of your heart. Close the energy leaks in your life. Do not doubt yourself or the vision you have put your heart to. Walk calmly into the days you have been blessed with knowing that life has heard and answered your request.

This is not some empty faith talk; it is the way to bring the unyielding circumstances of your life to bow to the mighty power of life that is your essence.

For example if you want a new home  for yourself and family, you can begin right now to see yourself in that home of your choice. Do this consistently even though you have not the means to be in the possesion of this house. In fact you do not know how and when you are going to get the means to get this house.These when and how questions are not important at this point.

What is important is your desire, your willing and your wanting the thing. Life is your accomplice and sooner than later you will realize subtle changes in your attitude and mind which will eventually inspire you to act and behave in a such a way that you soon find yourself in the possession of a new home.

Humans fear because they belief that they are alone. They do not know that behind the impulsion to live this life that they have there is an infallible indomitable power capable of changing the destiny of all that have come to this realization.

You do not have to wait until tomorrow. You can declare right now: “Open Sesame!” to whatever issues that are bothersome to you. Take possession of the dynamic spark of your life. Do not allow others to configure for you what society calls the norm.

There is no norm in life except that of the creative power. And it does not ask that we worship it but simply to look within us and discover the inner well spring of all that it has abundantly provided to us.

Life loves and loves unconditionally. It’s only desire is to sustain you through its own intelligent designs so that in due time you will come to the perfect realization of your own glorious being as a child of the one power of all life.

Yours in total success,


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Why Seek Personal Power

April 24th, 2012

If you replace the words: seek ye first the kingdom and all things will be yours with these words: seek ye first the power and all things will be yours, you will discover the secret key to an abundant and fulfilled life.

I sincerely think and believe this is what was behind the message of this often quoted biblical verse. The reason I have often asked my readers to seek power is because it is the gateway to eternal peace and freedom in this life and beyond.

True power is freeing and progressive. It allows you to put things in their right order and therefore come to the ultimate realization of what this life is about.

Some think you can come to salvation through being resigned to your circumstances. Others think it is by being meek and humble and so on.

This is not true. True humility is a side effect of power. It is when you can and decide not to; just because you can, that you can truly call yourself humble. It is not when you cannot, because you can”t. This is the way of the weak.

Be not be deceived by the fads that have been thought to the common man all these years. You were not born to be a slacker. You were born to best out your life. Not to accommodate your short comings with the rather flimsy excuse that it is ok to be humble.

Ask the sperm that finally got to the egg in your mother’s womb, how it got there, and it will tell you that it had to best out the others. It was not by being meek and humble. No, it was done by the exercise of power and shear will over the ambition and common desire of the millions that began the journey with it.

No one is saying that you go out and lord it over all others. No. All I am saying is that you have to assume your role as a living conscious creator capable of creating effects in life. You are not under the mercy of some tyrannical power that moves you against your will and designs.
Seek power. There are two ways to go about it.

The one is to seek to know who you are and where you are in your journey in this life. This approach will allow you to clearly define what path to follow in your affairs. It will allow you to seek dominance over the circumstances of your life.

The second approach is to completely negate the influence of matter and materiality in your life and therefore become minimal in your needs and wants.

Either way you will come to the same finality, which is that you live your life according to your own terms and independent of the dictates of matter.

This here is the reason why you seek power; It is to experience the joy and freedom of experiencing life on your own terms.

Others of course have preached of the middle way. Here they speak of being in the world and not of it; in other words to have to be spiritually independent of matter although fully engaged in it physically.

Whatever works is fine. Neutrality is not a choice. All that is worth noting here is that you will need to seek power to permanently dwell in the path you have chosen.

Drive your destiny whichever way you choose. The gifts of life do not come because you are pious or religious or moralistic for that matter. This is another untruth that has to be debunked. The gifts of life will come to you only when you have mastered its laws and how to operate within the science that it offers to you incessantly.

It is only then that you can safely love and live the life that was dreamt by the creator when it first impulse you into being.

Seek true power and you will find true freedom.

Do not yield to the false credo of humility and meekness. Only the brave, daring and powerful will inherit this world. The power from which all things come is not built upon a platform of weakness.

You can take this to the bank.

Yours in total success


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Winning from Within

March 31st, 2012

You win from within. Most people look out on to their circumstances to win. They say, if I was this and that or had this or that happened to me, I would have won.They place the power to achieve their dreams beyond their reach and wonder why things are not the way they want.

The battle of life is fought from within not here in the play fields of your circumstances. Your power, the power in you is the power of all that is in life. It is within you.

Challenge your circumstances if you do not want them. Do not accept the dictates of your circumstances if you are not OK with them. You do not have to accept them.

Life is a war. I do not know where the idea that this earth is a peaceful place came from. We are in the battlefield of the spiritual currents powering this universe. You cannot afford to be passive or pacifist with what gives in your life.

To win here you have to become a warrior. Wage the war to survive and you will know true peace. Not the fragile peace of those who have linked their destiny to the influence of their circumstances. You will experience the peace of the holy warriors who live and die by the precept that the power within them is greater than the power of the circumstances in which they experience life.

Your circumstances, those that you do not want will not change unless a deliberate effort on your part is consistently made to overcome them. This is what differentiates the winners from the losers in life.

Go within anyway you know how. It is from here that the forces that shape the outcomes of your life are birthed.

The good news is that you are in charge of this inner space of your life. At least you are designed to be in charge, if nothing else.

So here, start from within. Start now with what you have, where you are. Don’t say, I will start tommorrow when the sun comes up for example. Start now, in the play fields of your inner garden, begin to design what it is that you wish to experience here.

Start now, create the energy streams of what you desire. You do not have to have the thing to feel its energetic pulse. Call forth the feeling of the thing and start the art of creating the thing in your life.

This is in fact why we have come to this earth. It is all so that we can again learn to master the art of creating for ourselves what it is that we need from the cosmic film of life surrounding us at all times.

Wavering and floating aimlessly in the universal currents of life not knowing where to turn is the height of an unconscious life.

You are created from the very substance that powers all life. This is a self evident truth. Why we have refused to acknowledge this fact in the conduct of our lives is beyond my understanding.

Life will not be satisfied until all its creatures have taken their rightful place in the scheme of things. And this includes you my friend. You cannot escape from life.

We are all condemned to come face to face sooner or later with the majestic power that runs within us.

The wise will rush to meet this force while the untrained sits ideally by, in the hope that something is going to change in his circumstances to make his miseries go away.

This is a folly to be avoided at all cost. You win from within.

Yours in total success,


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Call Out your Destiny in Life

March 18th, 2012

Each has a name for himself that is known only to him. If he has failed in life it is because he has called out failure. Notice I did not say that he caused it. He called it out instead. He called failure into his being.

If a man has succeeded in his life it is because he has called out success.What we experience in life is what we call into our existence.

This is the trick of the ages. Your reality is nothing but the outing of the energetic impulses that are most active within you. Nothing can be done to change your condition without changing your energetic impulses.

Life is intransigent in this regard. Now, how does this apply to you? If you are faced with a challenge or difficult task you can choose to affront and overcome the challenge or you can give up in despair.

Most humans do not seek to affront the challenges they face,they give up in despair seeking to blame their conditions on whatever seems appropriate for them.

Life can be overbearing at times, we know that; but if you affront the challenge and commit to overcoming it you will become victorious in no time. This is because challenges are nothing but a manifestation of disharmony with what gives in our lives and what we want.

And so to bring everything back into balance all we have to do is to do all in our power to make sure that what we are experiencing is in harmony with what we want.

All who have life here below will at one time or another go through this test in their lives. How they manage this process is a of course a testament to how far they have come in recognizing the power which lies within them.

Now, here are a couple of pointers to help you call out your destiny in this life:

1.Do not be ashamed of your past.

If you do so you will become anxious and unsure about your present and certainly will become afraid of the future.

2. Swim upstream into the head waters of life.

Do not be content with what society has preprogrammed for you. Customize your life by going to the source of the thing that moves you.

3. Live from the heart.

You will not survive long enough if you dwell not within the throbbing heart of your life. Let all be dictated to you through your inner core.

4. Raise up your offering to the power that gave you life.

Bless all and bless the power from whence you came. It is easy to take it fro granted that you are alive. But there is a power that is responsible for putting you together. Give thanks and praise as often as you can.

When you are in despair call upon the name of the one who created you. Call his name in earnest even as you cannot see him. He will answer you, for his charge is to keep you safe from the hands of the wicked as you go through this wilderness of life.

Ask him to show his face; challenge him to reveal his majesty onto your enemies and knock and the door shall be opened.You are a flame of the supreme power of life. No one can put out this fire that is in you.

This is the same scenario that happened to Christ at the ninth hour on the cross when he cried out:”Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani” - “My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me?” This was a cry of despair. It was also a cry of hope and a very powerful prayer in and of itself.

And I think it followed that, after he cried this prayer, he quickly said it is finished and took the last breath of his life and gave up the ghost.

Let me just say here that his call was answered and when he said that “it is finished” it was indeed confirmation that his suffering had ended.

You too who is alive today can conjure the power of life in your moments of challenge and rest assured that it will be answered in quick succession. And you can comfortably say it is finished too when the request is fulfilled.

The power of life does not hide itself from you. In fact it wants you to know it and to live your life knowing that it has your back.This is why you have challenges. They help us grow in faith and spiritual maturity. They will help you to come into a fuller realization of the power in you through which all that you desire will come to be.

Shout out your battle cry if need be. There is one in each of us to help us rally the forces of the seen and unseen to do our bidding, for we are made out of the image of the omnipotent father of all creation.

You sure can do better in your life, do not be bitter about what has transpired. It doesn’t matter. Pick up the pieces of what is left and seek the alliance of the one who sent you here. With time you will emerge victorious.

Not because of your might and power but because of the might and power of the one who gave you the breadth of this life.

Yours in total success,


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Gather your forces and succeed

October 3rd, 2009

Eye the ballGather the scattered forces of your power. Bring these to burn upon the desires of you heart and you shall find success.

Life is a providential power. You have been given all. You were given all from birth. You came with nothing but the sacred touch of the power of providence.

It doesn’t matter that you have failed. It mattered that you dared. All is not lost. You can win again. You can rise from the ashes of your failures like the famed phoenix of ancient mythology.

It is the glue of your attention and focus that holds your worlds and circumstances together. Loose this glue and you loose control over the destiny and direction of your life. It s that simple.

All is possible and within your immediate reach. Abundance and beauty abound even in your defeats. Avoid the scourge of despair. Dust yourself off the ashes of failure.

Gather the forces of life that flows within you. Your challenge is a very personal affair. Let your response be a personal affair to proof your mettle. The mettle of the stuff you are made of.

Affirm your power. Change is a force of nature. You are not without power. You can overcome all. You can put your imprint upon the field of experiences in your life.

In times of hardships and defeats you are touched by the sacred hand of the power of life. In such times you are given the platform to create a create again. To create as you have wished.

Gather your self. There is no failure. There is but change. Harness the wind of change in this your life and sail your boat to the shores of your desires.

You are wet with grace.The waters of life’s mercies have rained on you.

Go to work in the secret chambers of your mind and configure the world you want to experience.

Gather your troops and chant a song of victory.You were not born to fail.

Yours in total success,


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Make your Way to Total Success

October 2nd, 2009

Focus on the bounty of lifeYour greatest challenge to success is not scarcity. It is the lack of determination. Your ability to overcome your challenges and succeed in all you do is is the key. This key is the ability to make up your mind.

Practice the art of true focus, build resolve and you will succeed in all you put your mind to. Success may be delayed but it will not be denied you.  Life provides but it requires you to receive.

You develop your capacity to receive by developing focus.You see ordinarily you disperse your power to receive by getting distracted easily.

Distractions abound. The world is a distracting medium. Your task therefore is to build a single purposed mind. Put this mind to task through your resolve and you shall win. You cannot fail for the unyielding power of your attention and focus will bring all to you.

Now retrain your focus. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to receive from life? Bring the fire of your attention to burn on the things or states that you desire.

Do not get concerned about the past, not even the future. Your life is now in the making. And you are the maker.

What are you now creating through the power of your focus? Here now is the field of providence. It has been given to you. Go to work in this fruited plain.

Train your mind on the desires of your heart. And move with majestic resolve into the mental matrix of the world  you have created.

You can only succeed through the aggressive use of the power of your attention in the pursuit of your self interests. Do not be fooled to think otherwise..

All is at your beck and call.

Yours in total success,


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