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The Golden Gift’s Of Life’s Moments

December 21st, 2015

Every moment is a golden moment. Every moment is a creative opportunity. This is why life is golden. There is no other gift that will ever surpass the gift of life that we presently enjoy.

The reason we are not so conscious of this gift is because we are oftentimes overwhelmed by the energies of the challenges we normally face in life. And this is ofcourse due to our not having understood who we are in essence and what power we have as Human Beings.

Our every step or action in life is a creative opportunity. Not many people view it as such. But it will be a good thing to begin to practice this salient art of mindfulness.

Every thought, every imagining, every attitude and every expectation that you harbor in the course of your day or night is the silent force that secretly molds your life experience. And this is not up for negotiation.

We have been told and schooled to view life in the framework of the Past, Present and Future. And this is an untruth. There is nothing like this in the truest sense.

You are now your past and your future is now you. It is all always now, in this moment, that we constantly work with the energies of our own creation to fashion out the experiences we desire to live through.

Being active here and now and consciously harnessing and molding the currents of the lives we intend to live we create our so called future.

So here is a great tip for you dear reader:
Live consciously. How? By being awake in the present. We do so by simply using or viewing every moment of our life as a give and take mechanism.

Here we give up what we do not want for what we want. This is done in thought and feeling; using the imaginative power of your higher self carve out the new edifice of the person you desire to become.

By so doing you will take control of the building blocks of the  imagined edifice that is you. Now, sculpt as a sculptor would to bring out the beauty of the edifice that is yours to erect.

Here in has been released a great secret for the edification of your soul purpose.

Be well and moreso be at work. Make this life count for something.

Yours in total success


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The Power of Innoncence

November 22nd, 2015

Anchored in truth, love and sincerity, go about your business irrespective of what gives in life. The truth dwellers in all ages have been misunderstood and crucified for the light they carry or incarnate.

They worry not; for theirs is not of this realm. Do the work that must be done, knowing that the power of innocence is with thee. It must be.

Defend self if you must but know that the battle is not yours to fight. The power of love and innocence animating you is the undercurrent of all that goes forth from your life.

Go in peace knowing that it is sufficient to itself. Do not sweat it. You will never be understood. Do not seek to be understood. Trust instead in the power of innocence. Be still. And all will be well.

And above all avoid the pride of virtue and the arrogance of shame.

All will be well.

Yours in total success,


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Harness the Power Within You and Succeed in All You Do

March 13th, 2014

To harness the true power of your life you must be able to channel the course of your mental stream to your desired goals and dreams. And do so in such a way that the fulfillment of your desired goals become inevitable. The world is a magical place. There are various forces at work in fulfilling the desires of your heart. All that is required is that you focus your attention enough on the goals or goal that you have have until they are realized.

This is the key: until they are realized.

You see, your attention is a receptacle. It is the cosmic means through which you receive that which you have conjured from the universe. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the this power that you have. Focus your attention on what you desire.

Set your goal and stake your life on the premise that it shall be realized in your life. Stick to this goal or ideal no matter what happens. Day and night remain focused on the wishes of your heart.

In due time your attention, thinking and feeling will synchronize to produce a cosmic momemtum that will generate the force neccessary to move the thing desired by you into your circumstances.

It will generate a sense of irreversible faith that will soon change into a feeling of cosmic entiltlement. And when this happens you should know that you are already in possesion of the thing desired. Once this happens, you can be sure that your goals will be met much sooner than later.

Sacrifice your self and your attention on the altar of your desires and in due time your desires will be made manifest in your life.

Words are not enough to explain what I mean. So, strike out a new path in your life and put this simple exercise to work and you will discover it’s truth for yoursself.

Many before you have done so and found total success in life. It may well be your turn now. What are you waiting for?

Yours in total success,


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How to Overcome the Obstacles in Your Life

March 13th, 2014

Obstacles abound in life. Life is an obstacle course. We are also created with the tools and skills necessary to successfully navigate this course of life. These tools are within.

Now, just as a stream will flow around an obstacle on its WAY to its destination, so too will your stream of consciousness flow around your challenges, obstacles and dilemmas to fulfill its pull: to achieve its goals.

The stream of consciousness that you are, will journey into the sea of consequences embedded in your experiences in life. Do not fight with the challenges you face. Go around them. Be fluid in consciousness as a river or stream is and course your life and your experiences around and away from the obstacle you face.

A river does not worry when it comes accros a boulder on its path. It does not negate the boulder or confronts it. It slowly but surely streams around it as it journeys on.

And you can do same. It does not matter what the circumstance is; just move on and go beyond the challange and you will be on your way to your total success in fulfilling the pull of your heart.

You are a force of nature to reckon with. The things that happen to you will respond to the conscious inputs you attribute to them. Try it for yourself and you will discover the magic of life.

Yours in total success,


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The Cosmic Tug of Time.

March 13th, 2014

There is a constant battle that rages on in the life of all. And it is between the pull of our past and the pull our future. This war rages on constantly in our present. It shows in our choices and circumstances.

Your past is nothing but a record of where you have been. Yet it is powerful enough to determine where and how far you can go. If you do nothing it will create the foundation of all that will happen in your so call future. In fact it will replay and recreate the same scenes of yesteryears.

This is fine if you are happy with what gives. However, if you are not then we have a different issue.
And it is to free you from the energy imprints of the past. You can do this my recreating new energy imprints today. This here is the challenge and one that is difficult for most of us.

No problem. Here is a suggestion: just be you. How? Be authentic; simple but powerful. Doing so frees you from the power of convention. Doing things your way will allow you to become creative. Becoming creative is the gateway to Soul Artistry.

It is this artistry of the soul that can show you how you can again harness the power of the present to mold the outcomes of your tomorrow.

Life is sufficient to itself you included. Avoid the bustle of the masses and the pressures of convention. Listen to your heart. And with time its sacred song of redemption will burst forth like a morning spring.

And you will know.

Yours in total success,


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The Gift of Work

March 13th, 2014

You can count on your efforts to become sufficiently supplied in life. You have to choose to progress or regress in life. Nothing is stagnant in nature. Where you are does not matter. Work or effort is the means through which creation gives to its own. Nothing is impossible. All is possible.

Efforting is an art; an art of receiving that which is already here for you. All has been given. Creation is finished. Serve; work. Let your days be devoted to the chores of your own choosing. Do not pay attention to where the wind blows. Sow and sow. In time you will receive the just harvest of your efforts.

Life can be an exciting adventure for those who wish to uncover its hidden mysteries. My fervent wish is for you to become one of these. And you will surely ride into the sunset with a twinkle in your eyes; knowing that you are not alone in your honest efforts. And never will be.

For in the comfort of this realization you can afford to be free. Free indeed from the tyrannical grip of the circumstances in which you have life. Free indeed to remake the world, to create the experiences in which you choose to have life.

Yours in total success,


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Honoring the Balancing Act of Nature

March 13th, 2014

Nature is supreme. Life is omnipresent, omniscient and is omnipotent. We are but little play things in the grand scheme of the cosmic order of all life. It is a balancing act at all times. The scales must be balanced at all times for all of life to exist as it is and has been since creation.

Do not cry or weep when change comes or when you seem to be down on your luck. It is not by chance. All is played out according to a code that is supremely just and fair to all.

Be cheerful as you can be and muster the strength to begin again when things don’t seem right. With enough time and effort what is yours will naturally gravitate to you. No questions asked.

This is the miracle of the balancing act of nature. All has been given. It is our imperfect receiving that needs working. Not the wisdom of the infallible first cause of all life.

All is here for your total success in life…if you are open enough to receive.

Yours in total success,


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A Need for Spiritual Militancy

January 16th, 2013

It is obvious to the keen observers amongst us that this world is not the most perfect place to be in. If you are interested in finding any level of peace ad comfort as a human being you must become spiritual active and engaged so to speak. It is this militant spirituality that will give you the viewpoints necessary to authenticate your life and enjoy the peace that you crave for despite your daily troubles.

It is easy to be confused in a world which comes off as too diverse. Each one of us carries within him or her a worldview that is quite unique and individual. It is this uniqueness that creates the common experience of diversity that we experience daily as humans.
To find peace and make some sense out of this all, it is therefore critical to ground yourself from a standpoint that is authentically self-generated and sustained.

This here is the task. Most of us are simple consumers of spiritual food. We have not been trained to fend for ourselves spiritually speaking. It is imperative to become spiritually active or militant. Thus engaged you will find for yourself that which your soul aches to know and not what others are telling you about life. You will know what it is to be known.

Do not be fooled by the seemingly easy routines of Sunday Worship Services and prayer. Life is whole and it is a full time experience. I have personally come to terms with the fact that it is us that have sold out on the promise of the creator; for all is given to him who asks.

To redeem oneself from this predicament, a war ought to be waged in the inner sanctum of man; a war to drive out the gross influences of matter and to highlight the eternal luminance of the spirit essence of who we truly are.

And then peace and happiness will come again; to right our own failings and set us back on the path of a life of total success. It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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Release Your Inner Vision and Succeed in Life

August 16th, 2012

There is a picture in us that is seeking to out in life. Do not offer any resistance. In fact you are created to bring this unique vision that you carry within you into life. It is indeed a current waiting patiently for you to give it life here in the physical world.

Doing otherwise will wreak havoc in your life. Not becuase anyone wishes evil on you. No , it is simply becuase you have refused to accept the gift that you are to yourself.

Nothing here in our world really matters. All is the out wash of the power that runs within our holy place. You are the most important vector of creation in all existence. You make life happens. You create history.

Beyond you there is nothing else as powerful to make manifest the designs of your heart. You matter to you. All is complete. Life is done with us so to speak. 

Do not doubt this. To be totally successful in your life you must seek and release the inner vision that is seeking to out from your holy place. The variety and diversity that you experience in life here on earth is because of the unique nature of creation in all its entirety.

There can and never will be any kind of uniformity amongst us becuase our apprehension of the power and what it means for us is so different.

Here, do not mind the power plays of those who think they have power over you. They do not know what they are playing with. Do not offer any resistance to such. Greet their affronts with the love and sanctity coming from your heart, for you, not them, is in complete of control of how your next moments will be defined.

To release your inner vision, be deliberate. Do not live by default. In other words, seek to bring your power into the moment. Bring all your power to bare on the moments of your life. Moment by moment deliberately think what you want to experience, feel the experience and act it out.

Imagine the life you want to live. Imagine it, it does not have to be real yet. Think of the experience you want to have and do so consistently. You see, in doing so you activate the indomitable creative principle in life.

This says that, your thoughts will cause you to act and your actions will create motions and these motions are the vital energetic component needed to move matter in all its dimension.

It is these chain reaction that is the underlying force behind the circumstances which you are bound to experience during your days on earth.

In other words when you think, you begin the process of creation which is the impulse to act. Acting, is in itself a creative agent which causes motions of cosmic movements which in themselves creates changes in matter.

The script of your life is still unwritten in so long as you are less than totally succeesful and fulfilled in life. The pages of the book on which your story is to be written are still blank. Now, go to work. Release the inner vision that is within you.

You will never come to your full promise shying away from that which is already in you. Life knows better than that.

Embrace your days with this in mind and go to work. Rise up to the promise of the life that is in you. It is this authenticity which is our saving grace in this world of changing fortunes.

You owe it to your self. The sun, the stars and the moon all reign supreme in thier own unique way. They freely release the splendour of their beingness without question.

What holds you back, my friend? Is it not the imperfect acknowledgement of who and what you can be?

The fight in you is greater than what gives in the external circumstances of this world. Let go and triumph…the world is waiting.

Yours in total success,


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The Pain of Growth: An Insight to your Total Success

June 4th, 2012

All who has been given life is destined to grow. In other words we are all destined to grow into ever expanding versions of our selves or the perceptions of who we are. This may not seem so given the level of indecent actions that we sometimes exhibit in our daily lives.

It is this insight to your total success that has allowed the sages of all time to speak of the inevitability of change in our lives. They indeed have also advised us to welcome it anytime it rears its unwanted head.

But here we are talking about growth; the pain of growth. It is evident that growth is painful. To break out of your routines you must be ready to suffer from the pain of growth. Why do we pain when we grow?

It is simply because we do not like the change that is demanded of us by the forces of change which always precede any growth in our lives.
We have a tendency to display extreme loyalty to our conditions and experiences in this life. In fact it is our loyally to the energy of the experiences in the lives we live that sustain them and keep them alive in our lives.

What do I mean by this? You see, circumstances do not exist in a vacuum. They must be anchored in the vital centers of your life for them to take root in the events of your days. You are Loyal to them that is why they are here with you.

It may be that cup of coffee that you crave for every morning, It might be your loyalty to the thought of being poor and challenged in your life that you hold on to. It may be the sickness that you think you can’t get rid of that you hold on. It might be anything for that matter.

The idea is that, these things now exist in your life because your inner most self is loyal to it. This is unbelievable but it is the truth. We do this all the time and then turn around and scream for help from the ethers when you are indeed the one who has imprisoned yourself as a matter of fact.

The fact is we all do this because we are trying to avoid the pains of growth. It is the pain of disloyalty to the energetic vibrations that sustained the power all the things that gives in your life.

You can move into total success in your life with the speed of lightening if you really want to. All you will need is to be willing to embrace the pain of the growths in your life and you will grow into the ideals and vision encrypted in your heart.

How do you embrace the pain? Simple; embrace your vision and live in the bubble of that vision until the realities of what you have anchored your energy to became reality in your life.

And it will. It is easy say to yourself now and forever that you are willing to embrace the pain and the inconveniences of overcoming and accomplishing the goal you have set your heart to no matter what. If you say this with the presence of mind and spirit that is required you will find yourself well on the way to your total success in this life.

Take this insight of total success to heart. It shall do you good in due time. It is a promise.

Yours in total Success,


Copyright 2012 All rights reserved worldwide.

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