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You Are a Blessing To Life

November 7th, 2015

You are a blessing to life. Just as you are, where you are. That is, if love divine dwells in you. You ought not do or say anything special. Just be!

Centered in the great vortex of God’s love and charity for yourself and all mankind,you serve a great purpose.

Be a light with the fire within;the fire of love for all life. Be in all your ways a vehicle for this your light to shine through.

Many seek the secret way-the way of total success in vain. Many are in darkness. They live within the shadows of the light.

You are a blessing to the world. Just as you are. Shine the light that is you. Just as you are!

Yours in total success,


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A Bouquet of Roses and Smiles for You

March 13th, 2014

If you bring nothing with you to life and have only come to take, take and take, you will have nothing but a life of misery. For some here, it is all about taking and taking and more taking. Sad indeed, for despite the endless taking they still are never satisfied or fulfilled. They languish in want…wanting more.

Well, for some of us here, it is all about giving, giving and more giving and the well never runs dry. Always fulfilled and happy, their cup runs over. They are totally successful, happy and fulfilled.

For these here, they come to life with a bouquet of roses and lots of smiles as in love. This is all they have come to share with the world. And so find a smiling and loving world looking back at them. They are so happy, successful and fulfilled…they live in bliss.

What have you come to give? Or did you come to take, take and take? Eden is calling. Adam’s garden is still at your disposal. Go within to find it. Open the flood gates of the love that is within and you will find total success in this your life…guaranteed.

Yours in total success,

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The Purpose of This Life

November 3rd, 2012

While Some have relentlessly questioned the meaning of our time here on earth others assume have comfortably assumed there is nothing beyond the grave and that the time we spend here. And so these live their lives in reckless abandon; caring little for the needs of love and compassion for others and even so for themselves.

These do not care if others are hurt because of their actions or inactions for that matter. They live as if no other matters and aggressively pursue their desires no matter who is hurt in the process.

And then death happens and all is gone in a nanosecond. But the energetic imprints of our time here on earth is not lost at all. These will unfailing accompany the departed into the great the beyond.

Here, the trifling needs of your bodily existence have little power over you and the real essence of who you are will come through. We become our own judges.

Did you seek the profit of the world and neglected your love essence which is the God-link in you? Did you? This is the question that must be answered. And you will not allow to lie or spin your way out of this. Not here, not now.

So now that you still have the gift of time and life you do have the chance to make amends. Forgive all, above all forgive yourself. Turn a new page. Take this time to love more, to nurture your inner essence and strengthen the God-link in you.Reinforce the good that is you today and everyday hereafter.

At the end of the day you will know that you have done well with your life. And you will be ready in earnest to go in faith and confidence through the great chasm that separates the dead from the living.

By living this way you loose nothing. You may even have your cake and eat it too. That is why it was said in the ancient days:” Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you”

Make this the ultimate purpose of your life and you will have a totally successful life. You will find salvation beyond reason.

Yours in total success,


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The Gift of Giving

June 5th, 2012

What are you living for? The key to a happy and totally successful life is to live for something greater than yourself. I have found that many are keen to look at life as a “what is in it for me affair.” And this is why discontent is not too far off for these folks.

I am not saying that you should not take care of yourself or those that are dependent on you for livelihood. What I am saying here is that we should strive to move beyond ourselves and our immediate needs and embrace the idea that we have come here to serve or give.

Giving is a funny thing, at face value it will seem that you are the looser but amazingly you will never loose in giving. Not that you give to win in the end, it is just that the world is configured in such a way that the true giver always wins.

The givers will always receive far more than was given in the first place. This is a law that has to be fully experienced to be understood. It is what is called the gift of giving.

And it does not matter what is given. That is not the question; what is rewarded by the cosmic forces of life is not the objects that are given. No, it is the intention. It is the outgoing forces of love, consideration and charity behind the act that is instantly recognized and rewarded by life.

Give, especially in times when you seem to be under the duress of wants in your life. It does you good in ways you will never be able to wrap your mind around.

The reason that the gift of giving is the gift that keeps on giving is because when you give and give from the heart you inherently are at the same time changing the vibratory inputs of your life. You are in other words telling the forces responsible for life that you have more than enough to share.

Life loves that. Life seeks that we affirm the abundance of providence that is our birthright. It loves to see you act this way and that is why it will rush in its own ways to validate the premise upon which you gave.

Do not take this lightly. You see, it is easy to focus on what you need especially in these time of duress . Times are so uncertain. The tendency here is for folks to close up the giving spigots in their lives. They say : Oh, I got to take care of me first. In doing so they are obeying the law of limitation. They seem to have looked upon life as a finite experience and seek to grab as much as they can before all is finished.

This is how they think and thinking this way they are always in want. They will always be in want. They will be never satisfied unless they turn their outlook outward unto the world.

Look into your heart dear reader, and revisit the premise of the life you live. What moves you? What motivates you, my friend?. Open your heart and let the gift of giving come in. Make it your dwelling place. It will serve you well and you will never be in want. This is a promise.

Not because you do not have needs or desires. No, it is simply because by becoming a giver you align yourself with  the positive, ever forward moving and invigorating power of life.

With this disposition you will never want no matter how dire the circumstances you live in are. In ways that it only knows , it will take care of you. It does this not because you are special or anything like that but simply because in you it has found a way to reach out to all it’s children.
Being a channel of this love you cannot be left without it’s warm and caring embrace. You and it will  ultimately become one.

Give and give with a loving heart. Expect nothing in return. And no matter what the world says, rest assured that you are in the comfort of the sweet abode of providence.

Yours in total success,


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The Servant’s Mind - A Secret Way to a Life of Total Success

July 27th, 2009

Reach outYou have been given all in life. It is your inability to receive from life that is the issue. Do not accept the false premises of your difficulties.

They are not true. They are not true because you can change all. No matter what your past has been your present and future can be changed to fit the desires of your heart.

This is my undying song in this life. Do not despair.

The ultimate secret to a life of total abundant success is to adopt the servant’s mind. Don’t read to much in to this. The idea is simply to have come so that others shall have.

Here are three quick tips to adopting the servants minds:

1. Become a giver of the intangibles and tangibles of this life.

Your actions determine your destiny. Send waves of goodwill to all at all times in life. Judge none and you will not be judged. Practice the art of random charity. It is not the size of what you give that matters. It is the intention behind the action. Practice this with consistency. You will see results in no time.

2. Take the attention off yourself.

You are wired to work for your own survival that is a given. Don’t over do it. The trick is to serve yourself by serving others first. Fear is a constrictor of the abundant flow of supply in life. When you are exceedingly focused on yourself and your well being you invite the forces of fear in your affairs. Let go. Be about the business of making your life meaningful for others.

3. Focus on making the life of others better in all ways.

The hands that feed must be fed. This a is a law. To him who has shall more be given. You affirm that you have by being willing to part with what you have for the benefit of others. Life is a supply mechanism. It seeks the agency of man to deliver all to those who have asked. To become that agent affirm your abundance by serving the needs of others first.

The the only way to open the store house of universal supply is by adopting the servant’s mind. You see, ordinarily you are constricted by the concerns of your daily life.

Thus constricted your energies and attention are focused on your lack. It is this dynamic that you have created that is responsible for your  experiences of lack.

Now, turn your attention outward by giving. You will suddenly create a matrix of infinite supply in your mind. It is this matrix that is responsible for sufficiency in your life.

Life has ample provision for all in all seasons. Open yourself to receive by giving of yourself and all that you are to life. Life will give all of itself back to you.

The greatest leaders of the nations of earth  are and will always be givers. And you too can change the trajectory you are now on simply by turning the cup of life around. Give , give and give again.

The joy and abundance reserved for the giving one cannot be put in words. You owe it to yourself . Give it a try.

Do not take my word for it. In small ways start exercising your servant duties in life. Be creative and daring in this venture. In due time you will find the doors of the everlasting store house of the universe open to you.

Yours in total success,


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Micheal Joseph Jackson: A Modern Day Prophet

June 25th, 2009

The way of the the darkness of ignorance rely on the light from withinThe end has come. He now has passed on to the great beyond. The world will now pay attention to the message of this prophet of modern times.

He brought change through his life. And admitted several times that he could not do it by himself. Micheal Joseph Jackson we salute you.

It is harsh in this world of imperfection called earth. Do not despair all you who have come to share your light. Be bold and brave. It is not easy.

Just remember, the one who commissioned you with your task will see you through.

He changed the world through his music. His mission is accomplished and it was time to go back home.

Wipe away your tears weeping fans and foes. There is work to be done.

You can pay tribute and homage to the great life of Micheal Joseph Jackson by becoming an emissary of the love message in his music.

Seek to heal the world. Make it a better place for you and for the entire human race. There is great suffering in the world. If you care enough for the living seek to make a better place for you and for everyone.

Yes, there is a place in your heart. A place of love. In this place there is no need to cry. A place of power. There are ways to get there. Just care enough for the living and you shall get there.

This was Micheal Joseph Jackson and that was his message to the world.

Take some time out to listen to his songs again. You might find the secret key to unlock a life of joy, peace and total fulfillment. He was a prophet, now gone with the wind of time.

Yours in total success,



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Becoming a Success: An Insight on Life and Success

April 6th, 2009

The force of LifeNow I know times are hard. It is easier to lay blame on someone else than to take responsibility for what has happened in your life.

Below are a few ideas to help you navigate these tough times. Practicing them may well lead you out of the difficulties you are facing.

Be careful about what you think and belief, life will call you out. It will test you and your beliefs. It does not do that so as to punish you. It only seeks to affirm what you belief.

It is said that we often teach what we learn. Now to learn anything, teach it. To gain anything, give.

The things that you give out, you equally receive. What you say and think of others is equally true of you.

So to achieve your dreams help others accomplish their dreams. If you think and say great things about others you will think and become great yourself.

This is why forgiveness and unconditional grace is the most powerful quality to have in order to succeed.

It is especially important now to forgive and let go. There is enough blame to go around about your situation.

Don’t go there. Remember that it is what you give that you receive.

Yours in total success,


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