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It Is All Good

March 13th, 2014

This here is another life giving excerpt from the Great William W. Atkinson, enjoy!

Never lose sight of the fact that the “good things” of life are but playthings–part of the game. And you must be perfectly willing to lay them aside when the time comes to “pass into the next class” and not cry and mourn, because you must leave your playthings behind you.

Do not allow yourself to become unduly attached to them. They are for your use and pleasure but are not a part of you–not essential to your happiness in the next stage.

Despise them not because of their lack of “reality.” They are great things relatively–and you may as well have all the fun out of them that you can. Don’t be a “spiritual prig”–standing aside and refusing to join in the game.

But do not tie yourself to them. They are good to use and play with–but not good enough to use you and to make you a plaything. Don’t let the toys turn the tables on you.

This is the difference between the Master of Circumstances and the Slave of Circumstances. The Slave thinks that these playthings are real and that he is not good enough to have them. He gets only a few toys, because he is afraid to ask for more–and he misses most of the fun.

And then–considering the toys to be real and not realizing that there are plenty more where these came from–he attaches himself to the little trinkets that have come his way and allows himself to be made a slave of them. He is afraid that they may be taken away from him, and he is afraid to toddle across the floor and help himself to the others.

The Master knows that all are his for the asking. He demands that which he needs from day-to-day and does not worry about over-loading himself–for he knows that there are “lots more” and that he cannot be cheated out of them.
He plays and plays well–and has a good time in the play.
And he learns his Kindergarten lessons in the playing.
But he does not become too much attached to his toys. He is willing to fling away the worn-out toys and reach out for a new one.

And when he is called into the next room for promotion, he drops on the floor the worn-out toys of the day… and with glistening eyes and confident attitude of mind… marches into the next room… into the Great Unknown… with a smile on his face.

He is not afraid, for he hears the voice of the Teacher and knows that s/he is there waiting for him–in that Great Next Room.

Fear none and fear nothing, not even that thing called death.

Life is waiting in all its forms whether here or in the hereafter for the adventurous amongst you. We are nothing but play things in the hands of the great cosmic creative power of life.

Do not hold back. Come out and play, knowing that the corrective hand of the law and its strong fragrance of infinite grace and compassion will ultimately tiumph in guiding us towards our great and unique destiny.

Yours in total success


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The Power of Love.

November 15th, 2012

When all is said and done in this our life the only thing that remains of any significance is Love. This intangible force of our being is the the sustaining power of all we experience here and in the great beyond.

In love you will find the sufficiency that may have eluded you in your living expereinces. It in itself does not have form but takes upon the shape and contours of the awareness in which you are presently. It is the transformative power that can transform lead into gold as is thought in ancient times.

It is this alchemic property of love that is our saving grace. Find the time to love but above all find the time to experience love. This is the key, for once experienced it cannot be contained or held back. It must be sent forth like a ray of light to brighten the dark alleys of those who still dwell in the darkness of ignorance.

This is why you are so important in the cosmic scheme of things. Life needs you as much as you need it. All is well with those that love and loves in Love’s name.

Yours in total success,


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What Are You Telling Yourself-The Power of Auto Suggestion

November 2nd, 2012

It is widely known to those who have studied the arcane sciences that we do indeed have an ongoing conversation with ourselves at all times. What is interesting to note here is that by holding these constant conversations we directly or indirectly are shaping the outcomes of the story of our lives.

This ability to suggest to ourselves what we one to become or experience is another tool in our tool box provided by the grand architect of all life to enable us navigate the tricky contours of our days.

And this is a good thing; the problem is of course that we are not fully aware of the benefits of such a practice in our lives.We do talk to ourselves most of the times but it is done in an unconscious manner and more so in a way that weakens us instead of strengthening us.

What needs to happen if we are to lead a totally successful life is to begin to suggest to urselves those experiences which we intend to experience and with time we will begin to realize that those things which we had suggested into our experience will become true.

This is an amazing trick to learn for it allows you to not panic when confronted with challenges. Not that you can suggest your way out of missteps the past, it is just that doing so will help you into building the foundations of a new and brighter tomorrow.

This truth is based on the fact that you are what you experience and you can experience what you indeed desire in your life even in a makeshift imaginary way.

Here in is the secret of your total success in life. As always you do not have to believe it. Try it. There is always enough challenges in our daily lives to work on. Open up to this new trick of the sages and you will be happy for it.

Yours in total success,


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Release Your Inner Vision and Succeed in Life

August 16th, 2012

There is a picture in us that is seeking to out in life. Do not offer any resistance. In fact you are created to bring this unique vision that you carry within you into life. It is indeed a current waiting patiently for you to give it life here in the physical world.

Doing otherwise will wreak havoc in your life. Not becuase anyone wishes evil on you. No , it is simply becuase you have refused to accept the gift that you are to yourself.

Nothing here in our world really matters. All is the out wash of the power that runs within our holy place. You are the most important vector of creation in all existence. You make life happens. You create history.

Beyond you there is nothing else as powerful to make manifest the designs of your heart. You matter to you. All is complete. Life is done with us so to speak. 

Do not doubt this. To be totally successful in your life you must seek and release the inner vision that is seeking to out from your holy place. The variety and diversity that you experience in life here on earth is because of the unique nature of creation in all its entirety.

There can and never will be any kind of uniformity amongst us becuase our apprehension of the power and what it means for us is so different.

Here, do not mind the power plays of those who think they have power over you. They do not know what they are playing with. Do not offer any resistance to such. Greet their affronts with the love and sanctity coming from your heart, for you, not them, is in complete of control of how your next moments will be defined.

To release your inner vision, be deliberate. Do not live by default. In other words, seek to bring your power into the moment. Bring all your power to bare on the moments of your life. Moment by moment deliberately think what you want to experience, feel the experience and act it out.

Imagine the life you want to live. Imagine it, it does not have to be real yet. Think of the experience you want to have and do so consistently. You see, in doing so you activate the indomitable creative principle in life.

This says that, your thoughts will cause you to act and your actions will create motions and these motions are the vital energetic component needed to move matter in all its dimension.

It is these chain reaction that is the underlying force behind the circumstances which you are bound to experience during your days on earth.

In other words when you think, you begin the process of creation which is the impulse to act. Acting, is in itself a creative agent which causes motions of cosmic movements which in themselves creates changes in matter.

The script of your life is still unwritten in so long as you are less than totally succeesful and fulfilled in life. The pages of the book on which your story is to be written are still blank. Now, go to work. Release the inner vision that is within you.

You will never come to your full promise shying away from that which is already in you. Life knows better than that.

Embrace your days with this in mind and go to work. Rise up to the promise of the life that is in you. It is this authenticity which is our saving grace in this world of changing fortunes.

You owe it to your self. The sun, the stars and the moon all reign supreme in thier own unique way. They freely release the splendour of their beingness without question.

What holds you back, my friend? Is it not the imperfect acknowledgement of who and what you can be?

The fight in you is greater than what gives in the external circumstances of this world. Let go and triumph…the world is waiting.

Yours in total success,


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The Pain of Growth: An Insight to your Total Success

June 4th, 2012

All who has been given life is destined to grow. In other words we are all destined to grow into ever expanding versions of our selves or the perceptions of who we are. This may not seem so given the level of indecent actions that we sometimes exhibit in our daily lives.

It is this insight to your total success that has allowed the sages of all time to speak of the inevitability of change in our lives. They indeed have also advised us to welcome it anytime it rears its unwanted head.

But here we are talking about growth; the pain of growth. It is evident that growth is painful. To break out of your routines you must be ready to suffer from the pain of growth. Why do we pain when we grow?

It is simply because we do not like the change that is demanded of us by the forces of change which always precede any growth in our lives.
We have a tendency to display extreme loyalty to our conditions and experiences in this life. In fact it is our loyally to the energy of the experiences in the lives we live that sustain them and keep them alive in our lives.

What do I mean by this? You see, circumstances do not exist in a vacuum. They must be anchored in the vital centers of your life for them to take root in the events of your days. You are Loyal to them that is why they are here with you.

It may be that cup of coffee that you crave for every morning, It might be your loyalty to the thought of being poor and challenged in your life that you hold on to. It may be the sickness that you think you can’t get rid of that you hold on. It might be anything for that matter.

The idea is that, these things now exist in your life because your inner most self is loyal to it. This is unbelievable but it is the truth. We do this all the time and then turn around and scream for help from the ethers when you are indeed the one who has imprisoned yourself as a matter of fact.

The fact is we all do this because we are trying to avoid the pains of growth. It is the pain of disloyalty to the energetic vibrations that sustained the power all the things that gives in your life.

You can move into total success in your life with the speed of lightening if you really want to. All you will need is to be willing to embrace the pain of the growths in your life and you will grow into the ideals and vision encrypted in your heart.

How do you embrace the pain? Simple; embrace your vision and live in the bubble of that vision until the realities of what you have anchored your energy to became reality in your life.

And it will. It is easy say to yourself now and forever that you are willing to embrace the pain and the inconveniences of overcoming and accomplishing the goal you have set your heart to no matter what. If you say this with the presence of mind and spirit that is required you will find yourself well on the way to your total success in this life.

Take this insight of total success to heart. It shall do you good in due time. It is a promise.

Yours in total Success,


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Discover the Affirmative Power of Life

May 19th, 2012

It is my firm conviction that this life is complete and you are complete with it. All has been given to all in equal portion. It is up to you to draw down into your life the experiences that you desire.

This is not some ideal speculation that I present here. It is the ultimate truth of the true cosmic sciences. And as such I will not invite you to mentally dissect what I say but to try it. This way you will gain the experiential knowledge that is necessary to build your faith.

The world that you now experience is nothing but the pure reflection of the inner activities of us all. It is a cosmic congregate of all that we have managed to pull out from the invisible realms so far. There is more from where these come from.

You may not know that your life has not even started given the challenges you face. You are at all times given a fresh opportunity to begin again if you so choose; for you are the incarnation of the creative principle inherent in all life.

Some think it is easier to blame circumstances and other persons for their troubles. Others have been schooled to think that their lot will be changed for the better by the instrumentalization of an external power.

You were not created to be an idle partaker in the drama of life and living. You are configured to become aware, active and responsible for the life that courses through you. Doing otherwise opens the doors of the insufficiency that you experience.

Begin today to embrace the affirmative power of life that is you. You see, you cannot have or experience what you have not affirmed in your being. You will not experience the thing no matter how you have desired it. The sealing of the thing, the supreme act that will make the thing a reality in your life is by the affirming power of your true being.

This is because there are precise laws governing this creation called life. These laws are not the physical laws governing the physical world. I am referring here to the high spiritual laws of life.

There exist a cosmic configuration that will assist you in making real that which you have offered to the power through the empowered affirmations in your life.

So, here, when you want to experience a different circumstance in your life you must first begin to grasp the thing in your imaginative body. This way you become the thing in the invisible realms first. It is very important that you do this. It is the premise of faith and what is commonly called belief. You see, if you cannot see yourself in the designs of your desires they will not take hold no matter what happens.

The laws demand that you provide a receptacle for the thing to be released from the cosmic realms. And you create this receptacle by working your imaginative body. This has nothing to do with what your current circumstances are.

This active force of creation has little or no regards for what has already been created. Its field of action is in the undefined fields of providence.

Do not want to dwell on this too much. You must know that you owe it to yourself to carve a place foryourself though this cosmic this medium.

Start small. You will lose nothing except the fears and insecurities of  an uncertain life.

Find something that you really desire to experience. Do not limit yourself. Just make it a playful exercise. Assuming that your desires is for the good of the whole, begin to imagine that you are in the presence of this experience. Do so persistently despite the fact that it may all seem like a game of your imagination. Keep at it and you will be surprised sooner or later by the realization of the experience in your life.

It is the way life works. There is no other way as efficient as this. And it is the realization of this truth that is the rebirth that all who have life here seek; to be reborn into the glorious majesty of your supreme inheritance in life.

All of Christ’s healing for those of you who are Christians were based on this truth. The power behind the so called miracles was in the cosmic realms of the miracle recipients. It was simple as that. The Christ was nothing but the divine catalyst.

All he did was to provide the cosmic impulse that was neccessary to allow his followers to access their own supreme power.

It is why he said repeatedly that all he has done, you too can do. This was not empty talk, dear readers. Life is an equal opportunity affair. Release yourself from the bondage of ignorance and embrace the truth of life.

You are a sufficient being created and infinitely resourced by the gracious hands of providence now and forever.

The sublime power to change all and take possession of the land of your dreams rests squarely within you.

Yours in total success,


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Know Yourself and Succeed

April 11th, 2012

Ancient teachers, writers, savant and sages have all asked us or urged us to go for self knowledge if nothing else in this life. It is as if we are ignorant of who we are. They repeatedly strive for us to know ourselves. Know thyself it is often said.

You see, it is ordinarily hard for you to know yourself if you do not have the desire or longing to do so. Life knows that and this is why in its all encompassing wisdom, it has allowed for man to come to experience life in ignorance.

In other words we are born into the darkness of ignorance so that we can grow into the light of self knowledge. No one can give you this knowledge. It has to be earned in which ever way you can. All any one such as myself can do is to show the way and that is all.. You will have to do the walking to the land of your own total self knowledge.

Now, who are you? Suffice to say that you are nothing but a physical conduit for the spirit of life to flow through.The physical element in this equation is your body and all that appends to it.

When you are born into physical life, your body is lifeless until animated by the breath of life. It is this current that powers all that is considered to be your life experiences. Everything from the smallest twitch and pain in your body to the most complex thoughts that your mind can conceive, all is controlled by the spirit impulse infused in your body through birth.

The greatest tragedy in life is the false understanding of man; that he is his physical body. This is not true. You are something other than the physical body.You are a spirit unit so to speak working though the medium of a physical unit known as the body.

The problem here is that the simple desire to maintain our physical instruments so to speak has been transformed to an all out indulgence in the physical aspect of things. We have completely forgotten that we are not of the body but of the spirit essence of all life.

This is why the sages cry out: ” know thyself.”

You are nothing but a transformer of the divine currents of life that surges through your unique spiritual center. That is all.

Now, what does that have to do with you and your desire to succeed in life? Everything! Life is simple and orderly. All you have to do is to follow the harmonic rhythm of life andyou will find total success in all you do.

Your physical condition or environment is nothing but the outwash of what your spirit self has actualized in the present times. All that comes to your life has received your spiritual stamp of approval so to speak.

This means that if you want the circumstances in which you have life to change you must harmonize yourself with the energies of a different set of circumstances and thus give them the conduit and possibility to be present in your life.

Having not known who we are, our tendency is to continue to scrape by off the limited dimensions of what we have already created instead of spreading our wings and scaling the the unlimited realms of all that is possible in life.

Considering yourself as a body entity you are bound to look at your world in finite terms. This is because the body is a finite thing and so anything that appends to it becomes finite in essence. And it is this false premise of being that is the cause for concern and man’s misery on earth

Know yourself and succeed. To know yourself is to succeed in this life. You cannot know yourself and  not succeed. Life is not meant to oppress but to serve you.

It is your not knowing what and who you are that is the problem. And this is why life will continue to seem like a jigsaw puzzle to the eyes of the untrained until they have come to the secret of all secrets.

And it is not a secret after all, for this truth is hidden in plain sight. Within you is a current which powers all that you can ever experience. Contact this power and ride back into the main spiritual stream of life where all is at your beck and call.

No one can do this for you. It takes work and effort; but where a desire to know yourself has been registered, life in its own miraculous ways will make sure that you come to your own full realization of what and who you indeed are.

It is this that has led the sages of old to again say: “When the student is ready the master will appear.” It is all on you my friend. Are you ready?

Yours in total success,


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Overcome the Fear of Death

March 17th, 2012

Most of us are afraid to die. In other words we have not accepted the reality in which we live in. This is psychotic and is the reason for the imbalance and disharmony that many feel in their lives today.

To be happy and live a life of meaning and purpose, it is essential to come to terms with death as a part of the equation of life. This realization will refresh your spiritual countenance and thus allow you to have a fuller experience in this your journey on earth.

Suffice to say here that you have been dead before. It was not a bad experience, that is why you are here now, alive. Have you ever asked yourself the question of where you were before you were born? If not, go ahead and ask yourself this question sincerely.

The reason I say this is because you came from the land of the dead. Death should not be a surprise to you for you were reborn from the land of the dead so to speak.

The ignorance sorrounding what happens after death is the cause for much unhappiness in life today. The concepts of heaven and hell created and sold for mass consumption has done more harm than good in the lives of men.

The first thing of course is to note that you do not die. The process that is called death is the shedding of the outer shell or casing of the spirit essence that you are. This cannot die. You are eternal.

I understand this post is a little off the mark. The reason I dwelled on this today is because the fear of death is the mother of all the other fears in life and it is this which is stopping you from being all that you can now in this life.

You were born to die. It is as simple as that. Now,whilst you have life, find a way to make it meaningful and filled with purpose. Let your time here count for something.

The desire to preserve physical life and prolong our days on earth is laudable, but since nature will always have its way, we may as well go with the natural pull by obeying the call to return when the time arrives.

All the other species of life on the earth have seemingly accepted this fact of life. The trees, the birds, animals and so forth are not afraid to die. It is us that still have a problem with this even though no one has overcome the cycle of birth and death in this life.

Wake up each day knowing that it certainly is a bonus and use this time to do your chores with a grateful heart.

You will get happier everyday despite your troubles when you practise this. Health professionals will tell you that people who are near the end of their lives become happier and more peaceful as if a certain spell has been cast upon them. And this is because they have finally accepted the eternal truth of their lives.

Do yourself a favor and challenge the fear of death that has cast a cloud of powerlessness over your life. Do all in your power to live a just and balanced life. Judge none, and be open to all. You will become happier with time and soon realize the great folly of life here on earth.

Life is love, all of your life is in the hands of the creative vortex of THE GREAT DESIGN.

You were born for the experience and nothing else; that is why you take nothing on your way out just as you brought nothing on your way in.

Yours in total success,


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Harnessing The Force of Change in your Life

March 8th, 2012

Life is a balancing act at all times. This is why change occurs. All must be balanced and in harmony according to a secret and sacred code of life. This secret code is the supreme law of life.

Change is hard to the untrained. It is hard because it is unexpected and it is unexpected because we do not understand the full operation of the law of life. You may reap an unpleasant harvest in your affairs and wonder why. This is because you do not remember that you are a sower. You do not live an awakened life.

Life is balanced. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking the law of life. Change is good. Change is life. It is an outward manifestation of the creative impulse inherent in all things. It will do you profound good to unconditionally welcome and celebrate the changes that occur.

This is because what you experience today so to speak is an out wash of what was sown in the cosmic fields of your yesterdays. And the good thing here is that if today did not seem like what you wanted it to be you can change it.You can work with the force of change by creating and sowing anew in the fruited plains of this life what it is that your heart desires.

Change is your friend. It frees up the supply lines of your life by bringing to you that which you have earned. In doing so it gives you the opportunity to reassess and affirm that which you desire.

Change is not finite. There is an old saying that says ” No condition is permanent”. In other words, your station in life is never fixed or finite. It is fluid and can be change by you. So, if your situation changes, say from better to worse, it can also change from worse to better. This is because no condition in life is permanent. All things change.

What is permanent in your life is the living, breathing, creative impulse of life which is in you. This will never change. To the extent that you can harness the full brunt of this power, to the same extent can you change the course of your destiny.

Do not live your life in fear of the so called unexpected. Nothing is unexpected. This term is an invention of the human mind to define what the normally untrained mind of man cannot grasp.

You can harness the force of change for good. It can become an ally in your constant battle to pronounce your supremacy over the affairs of the earth. Cowards have a way of rationalizing their powerlessness in life. They have comfortably yielded their power to the false idea that the things that happen to them are out of their sphere of influence or control.

This is wrong; anything which has the power to affect you, by the law of nature will respond to your inputs. It is a law. Nothing that affects you is immune to the influence you can bring to bare upon it. Let this be clear in your mind.

Each and everyone of us carries with him a world that is uniquely configured by what he has conceived of himself. And it does not matter where you go or where you find yourself. So long as you are a breathing, living human, you will, by natural law find a way to bring to being that world which lies in the deep confines of your being.

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances presently are; you can become wealthy in a land plagued with poverty or you can live a healthy life in an area or era ravaged by disease. This is becuase the energetic vibrations that comes off from you are not made of disease or poverty.

Conversely, you can be poor in a land of prosperity or sickly in a land of abundant health. No surprises; it is becuase you are only going to be what you have conceived of yourself in the depths of your soul.

Life, through change works constantly to adjust its scales. It does not respond to your desperate supplications but works incessantly to quickly and efficiently fulfill what you have claimed and affirmed as yours through the energetic impulses that you are constantly giving off.

All is good. Embrace the changes in your life whatever they are. They are indeed the harvest of your life in the fruited plains of the universe. None can do this work for you.

There is a power that is equally accessible to all in this life. To gain access to this power you will be required to boldly stand up once and for all against the tyranny of matter and triumph over all that comes your way.

Then and only then can you drink from the cup of life that flows so abundantly.

You were not created to fail. Life is not a mechanism that creates failures. It is your refusal to seek its allegiance and power in the days of your life that is your undoing. And even then it is to correct and silently nudge you to the straight and narrow path of your ultimate salvation from the suffocating cloud of fear and uncertainty in all you do.

Yours in total success,


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