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The Power of The Will

September 30th, 2016

Life has gifted us with certain tools to confront the changing fortunes of our lives here on earth. This earth medium is one of change. There is no fixity in matter. All things change. Interestingly they change according to the whims of man.

Creation has done its part. It did its part when man was created as a sentient being. It is now up to you to finish the great work of creation. At least as it concerns you and the sphere of influence under your control. And this sphere may be your home and family or work and society as a whole. It really doesn’t matter where or what the field of action is.

The main point here is as Blake put it longtime ago: “nature without man is naught”. You are useful. You are useful to life. In fact in all honesty you are a subset of the divine will. It is designed to work through you to manifest its glory over all creation.

That is how important you are to life. And more so why you were endowed at birth with this power of the will. To do what? To bring to bear the volition of your desires to bare upon the changing scenery of matter. And thus establish supremacy overall.

So here is the task; stop complaining and go to work. Go to work within the inner faculties of your being. Will what you desire and want out of life into being. Yes, it may take while. We are only beginners. That is so . It is the plan. But begin nonetheless.

Quit playing the victim card and go into the inner reaches of who you are and begin to fashion out the world as you have conceived it to be. And with the scared touch of your father who art in heaven it will be as you have conceived with time. And at long last you too will come into the perfect understanding that you are a co creator of this reality called life.

It cannot be learned in any other way. There is help aplenty for one who dares to jump into the arena. In no time will you be raised from an apprentice of the art to a master. A master of the surging currents of creation streaming incessantly within you.

This my friend is the reason we are alive; to come to the full awareness of who we are co agents of the creation here, now and in all eternity. Take this to heart, dear reader. Make this day to count for something.

Yours in total success,


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Desire - A Gift of Creation

March 13th, 2014

In all you do, know that if you want, you can. Desire is the starting point of all creation. No one can hold away from you that which you have accepted within and sanctified with your sacred power.

As the river flows to the sea, so will the things desired and consciously willed by you, flow towards you. The power of life is your unconditional and everlasting partner in all you do.

You are a force of nature. You do matter and the things that happen to you can be made to respect the direction you want them to follow. You are not a lifeless entity walking the wide expanses of earth not knowing what to do.

You are a force to be reckoned with. Let your life count for something whatever that may be.

Believe in the power of life; rest in the perfect assurance that your desire has been met. Choose the life you want to live and create the circumstances you want to experience. It is all a game.

And remember that you cannot desire what you have not percieved. In other words if you desire it, it is simply because you, your trueself is already in possesion of it.

Now claim it, whatever it is. Make it what you will, where it matters most.

Yours in total success,


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The Gift of Work

March 13th, 2014

You can count on your efforts to become sufficiently supplied in life. You have to choose to progress or regress in life. Nothing is stagnant in nature. Where you are does not matter. Work or effort is the means through which creation gives to its own. Nothing is impossible. All is possible.

Efforting is an art; an art of receiving that which is already here for you. All has been given. Creation is finished. Serve; work. Let your days be devoted to the chores of your own choosing. Do not pay attention to where the wind blows. Sow and sow. In time you will receive the just harvest of your efforts.

Life can be an exciting adventure for those who wish to uncover its hidden mysteries. My fervent wish is for you to become one of these. And you will surely ride into the sunset with a twinkle in your eyes; knowing that you are not alone in your honest efforts. And never will be.

For in the comfort of this realization you can afford to be free. Free indeed from the tyrannical grip of the circumstances in which you have life. Free indeed to remake the world, to create the experiences in which you choose to have life.

Yours in total success,


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Ten Precepts to a Successful and Fulfilling Life

March 13th, 2014

If there was ever a creed to follow on how to triumphantly live this life it will not be much different from the ten pointers I have listed below.

Do not take them lightly. I urge you to meditate on them as frequently as you can. And If you do so a sacred song will burst forth from within you; a song of freedom and triumph over the tyranny of the material forces over your life.
It is a promise.

Here they are:

1. Life is unconditionally good and neutral. It is your choice to make it what you want.

2. There exists an infinite storehouse of limitless supply for all. You can access this if you know how.

3. You are as the creator is; created in its image and likeness. See the magnificence of its creation around you.

4. Your ability to succeed is determined by your recognition of your like nature to the power of all creation.

5. You are called by life to regain this awareness. This will occur sooner or later whether you like it or not.

6. You are now and always will be in the presence of this power. It is how open you are to it that is the question.

7. Your separation from this creative power is the cause of all your suffering and lack. You hold the key to your own salvation.

8. You are called by life to reconcile yourself to your natural greatness. This too will happen sooner or later.

9. You can succeed at any goal you have set for yourself. All is possible. You are the key.

10. You will make mistakes on your journey to total success. And you will also ultimately get it right.

Now, Life can be a challenging adventure. I believe we have all had our fair share. The difficulties we face can only make us stronger, wiser and more determined to succeed.

I share these with you not to make light of your challenges but so that you too can gain in strength when faced with adversity or when weathering the storms of change in your life.

Yours in total success,


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A Technique to Clear Your Mind and Find Strength in Troubling Times

March 13th, 2014

If you become quiet, really quiet, you can tap into the secret and sacred hum of the Life Force coursing through you. Here, you can again become centered and whole. You can if you will be strengthened and find solace in troubling times. To achieve this clearing of self, avoid the chatter of idle minds and fill yourself with love, unconditional love that is. There is always another dimension of being that is much better than your present experiences. It beckons continually for it knows the troubles and worries of your aching soul. Few find it; not because it is hidden but because it has given it’s all to all. All is here, we have been abundantly provided for. None is left out. It is all up to you. Go within and be still, be still and know what is to be known.

Yours in Total Success,


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The Art of Knowing.

November 19th, 2012

This our time can be rightly called the age of knowing. It is easy to fall for the gospel of charlatans who wants you to live in ignorance.There is an art in all things including the desire to know. To truly know what life is about is the greatest desire of the awakened one amongst us.

You have a right to know.You have the right to know the whole truth but only if you desire such. Life knows this and so it is willing to work with you to reveal itself and its mystery to you. If you seek you shall find. If you knock the door shall be opened.

You seek by carrying yourself in a certain way. In acting in this certain way you invite the pearls of wisdom and the light of enlightenment to rain down on you.This life is a very special thing.

We are basically alone beings, in our souls that is. We came here for a very personal adventure.You can make it an adventure in knowing. It is all your choice.There is an art of knowing, an art to life which when discovered will reignite the flame of love divine that is deeply embedded in your hearts.

No rush, life waits and all is set and configured to lead you to your own rebirth. It will lead you into the totally successful creature of the most high that you already are.

Yours in total success,


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Living in the No Fear Zone.

November 14th, 2012

Man burdened by fear is half dead though alive. Do not allow fear to control the direction of the life force coursing through you. To do so is cowardice. You are a life, created from the same substance that sustains, has sustained  and will continue to sustain this universe long after you are gone.

Living in the darkness of fear, it is easy to be frightened by the shadows of your own insufficiencies. Do not fear, no matter what seems to be thrown your way. Do not. Now, shine the light of the life in you and watch the darkness and uncertainties on your path wash away. They will, they have no power of their own.

Now, you must understand that things take form according to the emotional charge you lend to them. No charge means no power. They become dead. So, your challenges be what they are, are taking form because you have attached an emotional charge to them.

To solve these challenges, detach from them; Unplugged your power source from them. Now, to ease this transition, find something equally engaging and plug into. You can plug into the imagined situations that you will like to find yourself in. And here, my friends will be the beginning of the end of what your challenges have been so far.

Life is such; do not fear. It is meant to be this way for a reason. I will let you find that reason for yourself. All I can say is that you will be mightily happy with what you will discover.

Yours in Total Success,


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Succeed Despite the Times

August 15th, 2012

There is a wide consensus amongst the so called experts that the world is again heading towards another recession. I am not an expert in such things but I think it is nonetheless important for me to qualify such calls at a time when billions are struggling to stay afloat in what is an uncertain growth environment for sure.

All that happens in our lives is as we have accepted and received. Recession or no recession, there is always a few of the suffering masses who shall rise simply because they have righted their psychological framework of success. And these win and will win despite the so called gathering storm predicted by the so called experts.

The drab news as is today preached has the power to dampen the enthusiasm of those who until now have been trying to dig out from under the burden of despair and hopelessness in their lives.

To these, I say, this here is not the time to give up. It is widely known in the true sciences that darkness is the advent of light. In otherwords the gloom of today is the boom of tomorrow.

Hard work pays; not the pronouncements of the prophets of doom who taking their cues from imperfect numbers are quick to predict a future which they in themselves have no grasp off.

Wealth is nothing but the actualization of the law of nature in your life, which in itself is an exercise in abundance.

Look no further than your nose if you will. Mind your business. Keep your affairs tidy and buttoned up as would any one with some sense. But for goodness sake the world is doing fine.This mass hysteria that takes hold when such pronouncements of doom occur is a sublime message to weaken instead of strengthening your resolve to succeed.

Stay close to the vision and ideals of your heart and in the morning go to work in the knowledge that all that you sow, you will reap; and that this world will continue unperturbed.

You will not fall off the cliff because of what the experts say. Guard against forces of weakness in your life and all will be fine.

This here is a psychological game. Nothing is real; all is as you have accepted and believed in.

We conceive our world through the conception we have of ourselves. Who do you think you are. What do you think of yourself. Do you like the person you see in the mirror? This ought to be the question to ask yourself.

Success is not a respecter of the seasons or cycles of man. It operates independently from the elements of this our broken world. Take heart and do not panic. Right the sails of your vessel and keep going. The storm and tribulations of the way will only break you if you decide to give up.

And who or what are you giving up to? Who has the power? Are you the living embodiment of the life power or the circumstances in which you find yourself?

Put yourself to the test and find out for yourself and you will be amazed at what you find. You may at last find that you are none other than the maker of your own destiny.

Do not buy into the false pronouncements of the world. Align and associate yourself with success and the ideals of success and you will succeed.

The world waits and does so patiently. It is aching for you to make the move and reclaim the promise that it holds for you. Go for it.

Yours in total success,


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Allowing Success in Your Life

July 29th, 2012

As a follow up to the post on desiring which I wrote a few days ago, it is important that I continue with this post on allowing success in your life. It is a sure stepping stone to your total success in life.

It is evidenced in life that we are our own greatest enemy not consciously of course but we are. It is easy to desire but to really get this thing going we must begin the process of allowing that which we have desired to come to us. No one can easily accept that they are standing in the way of their own success in this life. No one and this OK.

Now, let me say that to allow, is simply to get out of the way mystically speaking so that the thing desired will flow through easily. The way we block our gifts from coming to us is through the self judgement and self sentencing that none other than ourselves have placed on us. It is as if we have placed a curse on ourselves.

For example, you can suggest to a little child that he will become a millionaire by the age of 20 and he will leap in joy to embrace this prognostic of his life without question. He does not doubt the infusion of energy that is placed on his life course. He takes it and runs with it. He allows it to be so to speak.

If same thing is done to an adult whose mind has been formed with a pessimistic penchant by his life experiences, he will reject such an infusion as a joke. In fact he will take offence easily or simply brush this aside as childish prank. He will not allow it to be.

This is a simplistic example but you get the point. The mind which is yet unconditioned by the less than perfect experiences in life will certainly have an easier time allowing. It welcomes the force of the idea of succeeding without any qualms.Whereas the grown up who is all grown into the errors of his own self judgements easily refutes the reality of what could have been.

It is this denying that the teachers of old spoke to when it was said ” unless one be born again he will not enter the kingdom of God” or when it was said “unless ye be as little children ye will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

So how do we become as allowing in our lives? Here are a few tips:

1. Have faith.

It is simply by having faith that you allow success to come in. Having the unshakeable faith that that life is good and it is meant to serve you. Be steadfast and you will outlast the energy of lack that has been holding you back in life.

2. Do not judge yourself.

Do not be consumed by the tempatation to judge yourself and what is supposed to come to you. Do your part in desiring and allow life to do its part. Do not put out the fire under your creations by dousing it with the waters of your own misconception of what is.

3. Keep doing.

Sloth is a vice to be avoided at all times. Keep yourself constantly at work with the task at hand. Keep on improving and doing. In doing so the mind is kept at bay in the employ of your designs. Not doing so it will revert to where it where before your descision to change for the better and this is where the danger lies. Rememeber the old saying, “an idle mind is the devils workshop.”

These here will give you a fresh start. Without the limitations of what your past has been you will come out winning no matter how formidable the task at hand is.

This life is a vey funny thing. There are two forces that are at play here at all times.And they are the forces of inertia and the forces of progress. One is regressive and the other is ever forward moving.

Take your pick and your life will be determined accordingly. Align yourself with the forces of progress and you will allow the forward moving expanding forces of life to fill your cup to the brim.

It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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The Falsehood of Time

June 8th, 2012

What locks you in the falsehood of life is the illusion of time. You see, you do not know that time does not exist. It is actually a falsehood that life has placed on our way to help us situate ourselves here until such a time when we can discern the pure truth for ourselves.

It is common knowledge that we live in a past, present and future continuum. That is to say that our time is divided into three compartments.This again is not true, time is not linear, in fact there is no past or the future. These are creations of our mind.

All is now. The reason you create the past is because of your actions. In other words by positing and acting you create an impression in the mind of that spent energy. It is this realization of the spent energies of your actions which is called the past.

And of course the now, at this moment, you are spending energy and so this moment is called the present because you are actively spending the cosmic energy of life. This is why the future is revered because we see in it a reserve of unspent energy.

Life is nothing but a sea of energy in which we have our being. By spending this energy of life we create what is called the past and looking forward to the unspent reserve of energy in and around us we talk of the future.

I say this to say that there is no reason to focus on your spent energies. This is likened to living in the past, meaning that you are living on the wasted field of spent cosmic energies. The ideal is to live in the now, where the swirling energies of life are present for you to form out as you have envisioned.

You see, the future does not exist unless when impressed upon by the active projections of your mind and vision. In other words nothing is yet formed in the unformed realm of life. Those that are trained amongst you understand this. They move into the future with the audacity and confidence of one who knows that the world is his for the taking.

One of the reason people fear in life is simply because they do not know that they have the power to shape and mold the large untapped reserves of energy streams that surrounds them at all times.

You see, they look at life as a static, linear phenomenon. They take the indexes of the present as their starting point in life and projects these to the untouched realms of life calling it the future.

The future does not exist. All you can do is shape what is to come by acting now in the way you want to be tomorrow. This is a great liberating truth. You can determine what tomorrow is going to be by acting it out now. Isn’t this liberating?

I think it is. The problem is that we are passive spiritually speaking. It is as if we are asleep.

Take for example, one who has been sick all his life. He knows nothing but sickness in his life. Such a one will have a hard time thinking that he can create a future of sound health in his life. Why so? Because he does not have the will and imaginative power to envision a healthy life going forward.

This is because he is energetically stuck within the designs of sickness that has engulfed him all through. For such a one, a quick and thorough realignment of his spiritual energies is required for him to quit thinking and creating more sick days of his life. It is easy; the problem is that he may have become accustomed to sickness as a way of being.

You were created to be a mini God. In other words, you were created and given life on this earth so that you can come to the quick realization of who you are and of your true powers as a child of God. You will be of no use to any one feeling victimized by life because no one has made you a victim but yourself. Life does not create victims.

At this very moment you can begin to free yourself from the prison of the past and embrace the now which is where you are always going to be. In other words the now, this cosmic magical moment here and now is where you are always going to be.

This again is because you are the constant in the equation of life.You are the sun of the universe you inhabit. All other things including your physical body are nothing but temporal creations meant to serve you in your journey here below.

So, do not lend any more of your precious “force vitale” to the the dead scenery of the field of your spent energies. To do so will give them the revitalizing power to become present in your life. Stay focused my friends, in the eternal presence of the now.

Here, sow the seeds of the harvests that you expect in your days as the forward moving forces of life continue to reveal itself to you.

You were not created to be a victim of time. You were created to come to the full realization of yourself as one with the omnipotent power of creation. Stay true to the inner whisperings of your spirit. Do not be shy, be bold. Move majestically into the castles and mansions of your heart. Live the life you will, all is possible.

You are not an error of creation. The power that started it all is here with you as you navigate the contours of your cosmic journey. It shall see you through.

It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


Copyright 2012 All rights reserved worldwide.

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