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The virtues of knowledge, wisdom and truth

September 15th, 2015

The reason we have life is to come to a full and complete understanding of who we are. Such is my understanding of it. And it surely doesn’t come easy. Life is a school. It shouldn’t be drab or dull either. We learn all the same. We are taught through all what we experience here: the good, the bad and the ugly. These are all lessons.

My sincere hope is, for me, and may be  for you also, to learn through them all and so become better. Better than we were yesterday. Better, in the knowledge of grace that surrounds us at all times. So that we may eat of the sacred fruit of knowledge, and drink from the cup of all grace.

Having gained this knowledge and intoxicated with the wine of this knowing, we can go on living with certainty and exactitude. We become wise, and as wise ones apply the holy precepts of this wisdom on the daily chores of our earthly sojourn; working in harmony with the knowledge and cooperation of life’s unchanging laws.

In so doing we behold the truth of all that gives; all that is and can ever be! It is in this ultimate state of awareness that one can behold the truth. The truth of all life.

Here, you see, are the stages of a fulfilled life journey. First is knowledge, then wisdom and finally truth.

This is all we are looking for. Only because when we finally come to the understanding of this triad, we shall burst into a new world of freedom-spiritual freedom.

A spiritual freedom which will allows us to love and live “la vie en rose”; engulfed by the cosmic balm of the sustaining substance of the universe. Living in the light of truth; freed from the unrelenting grip of darkness once and for all.

Thus freed we are able to pursue the desires of our heart. And as we come into their possession, we bow with humility and gratitude to the great power of all that gives.

This is the way; the simple way to a fulfilled life of bliss; knowing what is to be known and doing what is to be done, as our days turn into the night and our nights turn into days.

Fret not when times are hard. Challenges lead us unfailingly to the edification of our soul. It is this edification and soul centering which is the missing link in all things.

Thus centered you will gain instant access to the majesty of all that is and can ever be. And in the comfort of this realization find that your needs are met at all levels.

Seek ye first the kingdom…and all else will be added unto you.

In love and light; this is it.

Yours in total success,


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Make Life Simple

April 24th, 2014

Life is indeed simple. It was not meant to be complicated. Imagine a place and time where all is given. Dwell within that imagined world as if it is true.

Now, go about your daily business of fending for yourself and those that depend on you. And in doing so, have love in your heart and malice towards none.

Open up to the rays of light that seek to help you blossom like the flowers of May. What has happened does not matter. It is what you are now focused on that is important.

And so seed the thoughts of the things you desire. Of good health, it is possible, of peace and harmony, it is possible, of wealth and abundance, it is possible. In fact all is possible.

It is the seed and the seeding process that is important, nothing else. And you can do the seeding. Start now, if you will.

Think differently and set new standards for yourself. Intelligence is everywhere and new ideas for life and living are at your disposal at all times. Be inspired to live the good life and strive to be all you can.

Life can be good, in fact it is meant to be good if you can up and drive your dreams. You can make it a fun ride. Jump in and lets go places.

Yours in total success,


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The Folly of Wanting in life - The Power of True Gratitude

March 17th, 2014

What makes us suffer in this life is the idea of wanting. In other words, we lead a need based life. You see, with wanting, a feeling of need is created. A cosmic void is created in the psyche which your human machine strives to fill.

But here is the trick: without wanting, the void would never have been there in the first place.

In fact, the goals we set for ourselves or the things we desire ought to add to an already full heart. This is why it is important to give thanks for where we are now. And to do so no matter what gives in your life. This is the art of true gratitude.

It is not one of conditional gratitude. No, it is of unconditional gratitude. Be grateful to the power of all life for all that you have now received. And then seek.

This is essential to keep the gifts flowing; essential to keep the door of providence open. This is critical because, as we know, like attracts like. Birds of the same feather flock together. Energies of the same calibration and vibration must come together by natural law.

If you create out of lack or want, the main energy field you are creating from will be one of lack and need. Regardless of how much you desire to change your fortunes, there will always be need and want, simply because of your basic vibrational pattern.

So, give thanks first for what already is and all will be well. For a full heart can only become fuller.

And the old book says: to him who has, shall more be given, and to him who has not, even the little that he has, shall be taken away.

Yours in total success,


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The Hidden Wisdom of Challenges in Life

March 13th, 2014

Challenges are nothing but portals of creativity and growth. If all fails it means that you now can succeed. Beyond your failures are the open fields of your success.

Remember that all pain is the beginning of healing. A challenge when creatively and positively handled must open up to growth.

Whenever you experience any pain or dissatisfaction in your life it is because you have a vision that is not aligned with your present circumstances. This is the first step of progress in life and it is a good thing.

Handled appropriately, the challenges or dissapointments we face, serve as a platform for our creative response. It serves as a stimulant in otherwords. It gives us the opportunity to summon the infinite and intuitive intelligence within us.

Without trials, pain or hardship you will be untested. Being untested you will never know your true power or what you are made of. You will not be able to tap into the infinite and intuitive intelligence in you. You will not be weathered.

And it is this knowledge of who you are and what you are made of that we all need to overcome the challenges that life throws at us at all times.

Know that tribulations lead to perseverance. Perseverance builds character and character is the bedrock of hope. Be glad therefore when you are hopeful because hope is the forerunner of faith. And faith is the doorway of true knowledge. Be patient in the face of trials and tribulations; remain steadfast and focused. You shall be exalted in the end.

Seek not to run away from the things that defy your desires. They are windows of growth that cannot be equaled in this world. Accept all that is now in your life with gratitude. And work presently and dilgently not to overcome them, but to make manifest that which sings in your heart despite them.

This is the way. Challenges are gifts in disguise. Remain true and steadfast in your desires. And life will bend. It will configure itself with time to validate and affirm that which you have first made firm in your heart.

So is it that the bold, daring and most successful amonsgt us, not afraid of what challenges lie ahead, march on triumphantly in life.

And you can do the same.

Yours in total success,


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Dream Big and Succeed in Life

March 13th, 2014

Shoot for the stars in all you do. Let life be your judge not man or circumstance; dream and dream big. Boldness rules the world. Think instead of the mighty opportunities unleashed in your life when facing challenges. Seek instead to find out how you can reclaim your power and seize the day with audacity. You can become a winner again.

Take your strength from the wellsprings of possibility not the catastrophic happenings of your circumstances or your past. Do not depend on anyone or external power for your life and wellbeing. Seek instead the alliance of the greater hand of the life force through which all things are made possible. Seek the power instead, and choose the life you want to live.

Burn in the furnace of your desires and out of your ashes will rise a new dawn of the circumstances you once only dreamt of. You see, a circumstance, whatever it is, is nothing but the crystallization of consciousness.

And your consciousness can be molded into any shape or form you desire. Herein lies the power to remake your world. Dream big; it is a first step.

Yours in total success,


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Desire - A Gift of Creation

March 13th, 2014

In all you do, know that if you want, you can. Desire is the starting point of all creation. No one can hold away from you that which you have accepted within and sanctified with your sacred power.

As the river flows to the sea, so will the things desired and consciously willed by you, flow towards you. The power of life is your unconditional and everlasting partner in all you do.

You are a force of nature. You do matter and the things that happen to you can be made to respect the direction you want them to follow. You are not a lifeless entity walking the wide expanses of earth not knowing what to do.

You are a force to be reckoned with. Let your life count for something whatever that may be.

Believe in the power of life; rest in the perfect assurance that your desire has been met. Choose the life you want to live and create the circumstances you want to experience. It is all a game.

And remember that you cannot desire what you have not percieved. In other words if you desire it, it is simply because you, your trueself is already in possesion of it.

Now claim it, whatever it is. Make it what you will, where it matters most.

Yours in total success,


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The Golden Arc of Success

March 13th, 2014

There is an arc of success in all that happens in our lives. It is the golden door of opportunity that belies any crises that we are facing or going through. The trouble is, we tend to stare at the crises and forget the equally present golden door of opportunity that came with it.

It does not matter what today is or what yesterday was for that matter. What does matter is what tomorrow shall become. The choice is yours to make. This here is our power.

This golden door, this arc of success is always open. Life is unconditionally merciful. We are under an eternal canopy of grace. It has never and will never serve us a challenge without the tools and wherewithal to resolve it.

What is required of you is to challenge your status quo. Become an undertaker, put your creative genius to work and fend for yourself. It is OK If you fail and yes, you will fail but, you may as well come out winning.

This here is the game changer. Be willing to take the risk to fail. It is this entrepreneurial courage which will serve as a prelude to your ultimate success.

Above all, remember these words: Life is whole and infinitely just. You are surrounded at all times by the unlimited supply of providence. And you have access to the unconditional power of redemption. Believe in the virtues of Grace, Industry and Charity. Life rewards effort regardless of your past or present.

Believe in the love of the creator and its creation. Take comfort in the power of giving. Share what you have, where you are.

You shall succeed come rain or shine; and fulfilled too. Nothing in your life is an overdose. The cosmic measure of creation is exact and infinitely precise. Work with what is and what shall become, will be. If you WILL IT, IT WILL.

This here is an uncommon insight from the bottom of my heart. Do not take lightly.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of the “I AM”

March 13th, 2014

We postulate that which we become. Life is an exact mirror of our postulates. What you assume to be true remains your truth. Life is a subjective reality; to each his or her own.

Now, if you desire to become wealthy, for example, you will have to BE wealthy; note that you will not be required to have wealth to become wealthy. You will only be required to “BE WEALTHY”. To be wealthy is a state of being. And you can capture this state of being by the postulates that run through your mind.

What you affirm through the “I AM “is what life will give back to you. It will confirm your affirmations. That is its job. It is to firm up your circumstances so that they will align with your convictions and affirmations.

You always “are”. There is no way you will “be” not.

Now, are you what you want to “Be “or not; and if not, why?

Well, here is a suggestion. Figure out for yourself what you desire or want. Now, BE IT. How; by holding it in your being as if it already is.

The BEING state is more important in life than the HAVING state. We have somehow gotten this twisted overtime. BE IT and you will HAVE IT. This is a law.

So here: what do you want to become. Or better still who do you say you are?

Answer: I am……..???(Please complete.)

It is your life BE what you want. More later.

Yours in total success,


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Ten Precepts to a Successful and Fulfilling Life

March 13th, 2014

If there was ever a creed to follow on how to triumphantly live this life it will not be much different from the ten pointers I have listed below.

Do not take them lightly. I urge you to meditate on them as frequently as you can. And If you do so a sacred song will burst forth from within you; a song of freedom and triumph over the tyranny of the material forces over your life.
It is a promise.

Here they are:

1. Life is unconditionally good and neutral. It is your choice to make it what you want.

2. There exists an infinite storehouse of limitless supply for all. You can access this if you know how.

3. You are as the creator is; created in its image and likeness. See the magnificence of its creation around you.

4. Your ability to succeed is determined by your recognition of your like nature to the power of all creation.

5. You are called by life to regain this awareness. This will occur sooner or later whether you like it or not.

6. You are now and always will be in the presence of this power. It is how open you are to it that is the question.

7. Your separation from this creative power is the cause of all your suffering and lack. You hold the key to your own salvation.

8. You are called by life to reconcile yourself to your natural greatness. This too will happen sooner or later.

9. You can succeed at any goal you have set for yourself. All is possible. You are the key.

10. You will make mistakes on your journey to total success. And you will also ultimately get it right.

Now, Life can be a challenging adventure. I believe we have all had our fair share. The difficulties we face can only make us stronger, wiser and more determined to succeed.

I share these with you not to make light of your challenges but so that you too can gain in strength when faced with adversity or when weathering the storms of change in your life.

Yours in total success,


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It Is All Good

March 13th, 2014

This here is another life giving excerpt from the Great William W. Atkinson, enjoy!

Never lose sight of the fact that the “good things” of life are but playthings–part of the game. And you must be perfectly willing to lay them aside when the time comes to “pass into the next class” and not cry and mourn, because you must leave your playthings behind you.

Do not allow yourself to become unduly attached to them. They are for your use and pleasure but are not a part of you–not essential to your happiness in the next stage.

Despise them not because of their lack of “reality.” They are great things relatively–and you may as well have all the fun out of them that you can. Don’t be a “spiritual prig”–standing aside and refusing to join in the game.

But do not tie yourself to them. They are good to use and play with–but not good enough to use you and to make you a plaything. Don’t let the toys turn the tables on you.

This is the difference between the Master of Circumstances and the Slave of Circumstances. The Slave thinks that these playthings are real and that he is not good enough to have them. He gets only a few toys, because he is afraid to ask for more–and he misses most of the fun.

And then–considering the toys to be real and not realizing that there are plenty more where these came from–he attaches himself to the little trinkets that have come his way and allows himself to be made a slave of them. He is afraid that they may be taken away from him, and he is afraid to toddle across the floor and help himself to the others.

The Master knows that all are his for the asking. He demands that which he needs from day-to-day and does not worry about over-loading himself–for he knows that there are “lots more” and that he cannot be cheated out of them.
He plays and plays well–and has a good time in the play.
And he learns his Kindergarten lessons in the playing.
But he does not become too much attached to his toys. He is willing to fling away the worn-out toys and reach out for a new one.

And when he is called into the next room for promotion, he drops on the floor the worn-out toys of the day… and with glistening eyes and confident attitude of mind… marches into the next room… into the Great Unknown… with a smile on his face.

He is not afraid, for he hears the voice of the Teacher and knows that s/he is there waiting for him–in that Great Next Room.

Fear none and fear nothing, not even that thing called death.

Life is waiting in all its forms whether here or in the hereafter for the adventurous amongst you. We are nothing but play things in the hands of the great cosmic creative power of life.

Do not hold back. Come out and play, knowing that the corrective hand of the law and its strong fragrance of infinite grace and compassion will ultimately tiumph in guiding us towards our great and unique destiny.

Yours in total success


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