An Open Letter to the Americans and Peoples of the World

September 17th, 2015

Walk through the Golden Door-Repurpose your life now and rise.

There is a deepening crisis that seems to have engulfed the world today. Our economic and social stability are being threatened by an unceasing wave of uncertainty. Fear has crept in and the meaner streaks of our natures are in full display.

We have all been affected in various ways by this menacing cloud of uncertainty. The times when all seemed nice and promising it will seem are all gone. In fact the world is undergoing a major revolution. The problem is that being in it we do not fully embrace the magnitude of what is happening to us. The generations to come will look to this time with awe.

You are an actor in a movie that is playing out now in your life. All that is required is to recast the role you play in this movie. If you are not happy, you can recast yourself as the hero of the movie that is played as your life. The times call for such and the time is now. Time is of the essence.

What will you be remembered for? Will it be said that you balked when the times called for courage? Will it be said that you stood your ground and wrote your name in capital letters on the book of life? Will it be said that your feet were firmly planted upon the path of progress and promise despite the menace of unfriendly circumstances?

It is all up to you. Where are the warriors of the earth realm; those who are ready to take over the reins and steer our destiny once more to friendly shores? This is the time. It is a paradox that it is in times of great changes such as these that the golden door of opportunity is flung open for one and all.

The fields are wide open for all who dare to uncover the hidden bounty of life. Many are in dire straits and do not know where to turn. They feel that they have reached the end of the proverbial rope and have lost all hope in the search for a better life.

This is the reason for this letter. Do not lose hope, no matter how dark the horizon appears to be. Within you is a speck of light that has the power to brighten your days. It is this eternal flame that is our saving grace. Life did not create you to be left in a vacuum. It has within it a mechanism meant to serve, protect and prosper you in all ways. This is a promise.

The purpose of this letter is to bring you back from the brink of despair and to firmly plant your feet upon the shores of promise and life. You can be reborn into your majesty no matter what has happened. You can repurpose your life to serve the mission you have given to it.

There is an inscription on the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island in the State of New York that reads:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

This statue is more than just a monument. It is indeed a living symbol of the Freedom and Opportunity of the United States of America. To millions around the world and in the United States, this status symbolizes the promise of a better life to all who hunger for such; for this country was founded on the precept that we can indeed be better no matter what our past has been.

And another teacher of old said this to his followers:

“Come to me all ye who are heavily laddened and I shall give you rest”

These are two beautiful promises to man; one divine and the other of man. They are bold, precise and full of promise. They both serve as an invitation to come to the promise of another world or reality; a world of hope, power and merit.

Life is treacherous at best but there is no reason to despair. What has happened has happened. But the present and the promise of a better tomorrow is the foundation of our faith and striving. The promise that no matter how tired, poor or wretched we have been; that no matter how burdened or deprived we are, there is the eternal promise of the golden door; the golden door of freedom and opportunity to remake our worlds according to our designs; the promise of the right to rise irrespective of station and circumstance.

What is it that inspires this great nation to boldly and passionately hold out this promise to the rest of the world? What is it that gave the power to the Nazarene to audaciously invite all that were burdened to come to him?

It is the faith and promise of a better tomorrow. It is the acknowledgment that the past is no match to the promise and possibilities of the future. It is indeed a declaration of the supremacy of man over the circumstances of his life.

Life has never been about what has happened in your life. It is simply a matter of pushing through what has happened to what you desire to experience. That is what it is all about.

How are you embracing the events of your days?

Is it with despair and despondency or with the joyful apprehension that change has come; a change which can be directed to serve the purpose of your heart?

If nothing else, life is bound to keep it fresh for us. The wisdom and power contained in the inscriptions above is life to those who indeed can discern its secret meaning.

Take for example a couple who have worked all through their lives and saved for retirement in the best financial institutions in the world only to recently find that half of their retirement savings are gone. Or the young graduate of an expensive Ivy League school who burdened with a huge school loan cannot find a job despite his extensive search. These examples can be multiplied if you care to search around you.

We are hurting as a people. Times have changed. These are trying times. What will you do if you were in the position of these folks who have done all the right things and yet find that the system has failed them?

The temptation to give up will be strong. It will be easier you may say to throw in the towel; to give up in despair.

Well, this is why I started this letter with the inscription of the lady of liberty. And let us repeat it here for the purpose of clarity:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door”

I have never read of anything with this much power. It is a bold statement of life and hope that ends with this: I lift my lamp besides the golden door.

Take this promise to heart. It was especially crafted with you and your circumstances in mind.

America is the light of the world. It shows you the way to the golden door of life. Let this be known once and for all. It is the transformer of despair into hope. She shines her light besides the golden door of opportunity: the opportunity to challenge the tyranny of your circumstances over your life and change your fortunes.

There is an arch of success and it is the golden door of opportunity that belies any crises. The trouble is we tend to stare at the crises and forget the equally present golden door of opportunity that came with it.

It does not matter what today is or what yesterday was for that matter. What does matter is what tomorrow shall become. The choice is yours to make.

This golden door, this arc of success is always open. Life is unconditionally merciful. We are under an eternal canopy of grace. It has never and will never serve us a challenge without the tools and wherewithal to resolve it.

What is required of you is to challenge your status quo. Become an undertaker, put your creative genius to work and fend for yourself. It is OK If you fail and yes, you will fail but you may as well come out winning.

This here is the game changer. Be willing to take the risk to fail. It is this entrepreneurial courage which will serve as a prelude to your ultimate success.

Dear Friend, I know how tired and tried you are. You may now be poor, homeless, unemployed, sick or lonely; do not give up. Dust yourself up and look up on the far horizons of your life, see the beckoning lamp of lady liberty. See her rays of light as they wash upon the golden door of opportunity and freedom. Take heart and be of good cheer for all is not lost.

Set your sights upon the bright rays of light and hope captured in the inscription on lady liberty in a horizon darkened by the fiery storms of uncertainty and change. Take heart and comfort in the warmth and promise of this light. Let this light of hope be your guide and you will be great again. The power that got you going in the first place has never abandoned you. It will accompany you again to even greater heights for your is an experience in providence.

You have the inalienable and divinely endowed right to rise into the prosperity that you have envisioned. It is this right that is the trademark of this great country. You did this in the past and you will do this again; for your destiny is unique and your purpose is divine.

You are the light of the world; the peoples of the far flung corners of this earth look up to you. This is not of your own accord. There is a subtle twist to your story that inspires all from the four corners of the earth realm.

The world looks unto your shores as a beacon of hope. It looks to you for guidance and leadership in a time of turmoil in this journey called life. You must not fail; dig deep upon the deep reserve of power embedded in your soul and rekindle the flame of hope and triumph that has been the trade mark of your existence.

Christopher Columbus was led to these shores by providence. History tells us that his goal was to journey to the Far East. It was out of providence that he landed upon these shores.

No one in this present time can safely tell what the future holds for us. But we know that life is good and we are of the firm conviction that these United States of America still is the last best hope of Man on earth.

A cloudy day only obstructs the sun for a while. With fairer winds, such clouds of doom and gloom will drift away to other horizons and the bright light and golden rays of your sun will shine again for all to see and bask in.

In the meanwhile stay on the positive side of things. Nothing lasts forever. Life, the sun of your existence cannot be overtaken by the clouds and darkness of moments of crises and despair. Be strong my friends, you will pull through; for there are forces presently and incessantly working to birth the dreams and aspirations you hold dear.

Watch for the golden rays of the lamp of hope as they part the dark clouds and the mists of despair in your life. You are born of the light and you were born to win. Loosing is not part of the plan.

Many seek that you fail. Do not fret even as they plot their evil schemes. They fight a losing battle for the power through which you came to be is not of this realm. You are the shining city upon the hill; the battle is not yours to fight.

The pain you now experience is because of the emptiness in your life. Fill up your hearts with joy and hope in the bountiful promise of tomorrow and watch the pain and emptiness fade away. All the troubles you face are because of this emptiness. Be filled once and for all with the living waters of hope for a better tomorrow.

Seek that which gives life, let it fill the void in your life. It is not things that can fill up this void of your soul. It seeks only itself. It seeks only a reconciliation of sorts. Come back home to where you belong.

Long before the birth of this nation life on earth had seemingly come to a standstill. The birth of America was a refreshing impulse to the dying world of old Europe. We are a nation purposed by providence. What is in you is greater than what your obstacles or challenges are; for within you gushes a fresh spring of hope, freedom and opportunity. You are the tree of truth; sourced from the everlasting fountain of life you cannot fail.

We are all unique and the sun shines on all. Rise up and claim what is uniquely yours; affirm your right to life, liberty and private property. Do not covet what does not belong to you. Become an undertaker. Take your life in your own hands and seek the guiding light of providence. Nothing can replace this power not even the ever encroaching hand of government.

Avoid the litany of excuses that is often used by the weak to explain away their misfortunes. Life is a fair demonstration of a cosmic intelligence that cannot be fully understood by man. You have been abundantly supplied by the power who gave life to you.

Let not this be an idle appeal. Let me share a story with you. On an early Saturday morning I was in my office working when I suddenly I heard the cries of a little baby. The cries became more intense as I looked through the waiting room of my office. As I looked further, I saw one of my clients tugging along a squealing and reluctant toddler. She must have been two or three years old.

They were making quite a scene and I wondered what the matter was, for the toddler seemed reluctant to follow the instructions of her mother. As I further observed, it became evident that there was a crisis of some sort.

From what I gathered, the child had some crackers in her hands as they both walked into the office. For some reason the toddler’s crackers fell off on the carpet. And of course the child will not have it. She reached down to pick up her fallen crackers.

The mother knew that the carpet was dirty. She instead beckoned for her child to leave the dirty crackers alone. The child will not have it and continued to raise hell. The mother who was a little confused at the time kept pulling the child away from the fallen crackers. This went on for a while as I watched the scene.

Then it suddenly occurred to me that the mother still had a fresh pack of crackers in her hands. And so to quiet things down, I asked her to offer her what she had in her hands instead of not allowing her to pick up that which fell off.

She immediately offered the open packet of crackers to the toddler and she magically ceased from crying. She started to fumble with the new pack of crackers that was now in her possession. The problem was instantly solved.

We quickly settled our business and they left the office to continue their day. As I thought this over, it dawned on me that this is how we also operate in relation to the power of supply in our lives.

Change can come in our lives at any given time and when it comes we sometimes lose our house, cars, job, spouse, health or anything for that matter. And just like the toddler in our story, our first reaction is always to try to go after what we have lost. We try hard to regain the house, keep the car or the house even as our situations make that difficult.

We quickly embrace the false comfort of victimhood.We cry and cling on to what has seemingly been lost.

And like the toddler’s mother, the power of providence keeps asking us to let go. It continuously asks us to let go of all these things; but we resist and create all kinds of scenes because we are attached to these things; whereas what life is saying to us is to abandon what we had for a more bountiful future and promise.

You hold on to what you know because you are uncertain of what the future is. It is as if you have been imprisoned in the saying that: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.In so doing you live in fear and hopelessness.

Nothing is lost in nature. The system is built to sustain itself.

Let go of what is gone and be ready for the provisions of a new season. Life always provides. It is cosmically engineered to nourish and expand its own. Do not fear or fret as the scenes of your life shifts ever so frequently.

Stand firm in the knowledge that you are not alone. You are a child of the Promise. Be firm and resolute in your understanding that the forces of supply and sustenance of the race is hard at work. And soon you will again be in the company of the dreams of your heart.

My dear friends, in the meantime, smile even when there seem to be no reason to smile. Hope, even when there is no reason to hope. Live, even if there seem to be nothing to live for; in doing so you will break the back of the tyranny of your circumstances and proclaim your supremacy over the changing medium of matter.

I do not take your challenges lightly. What I take lightly is the power of these challenges to overtake the surging currents of abundant life coursing through you.

These currents are of love, infinite grace and mercy. Swim in them as you count the days of your life and at long last you will come to understand what was meant by these words on the statue of liberty: “I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

And you shall have the courage and wisdom to walk through this golden door to a life of freedom, opportunity and prosperity again.

It is a promise.


Copyright 2012 Hugues Nkamwa. All rights reserved worldwide

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