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Fail Your Way to Success - 3 Reasons Why Failure Can Lead You to Success

Smile in failure and succeedOur culture is  addicted to success. This is the problem you are facing when you fail. You loose your self esteem and look at your self in shame and disgrace. Some even sadly jump off buildings and take away their lives.

Do not ever give up hope in the face of any challenge. There is ample provision for every season.

You can fail your way to success. You can fail into a success that is bigger than where you were before.

Here are 3 reasons to fail your way to success:

1. Easy come easy go, so the saying goes.

The void that comes with failure creates a challenge which can inspire you to act. What you go after and acquire through honest labor does not go away easy. To which we may say what is hard to come by is hard to let go. Failure gives you the ability to cherish what you will  acquire. Such an attitude is a must have to be able to succeed in all you do.

2. Failure will let you rediscover yourself.

You see, you will never know the fullness of who you are unless you have failed. Your true colors will only shine after you have seen defeat and utter humiliation. Exposed to the core of your being your true values will shine like the rising sun. It is this rediscovery of who you are that can let you become successful again. Rising from the ashes of defeat you have nothing to hide. You can only look on to the core of who you truly are.

3. Failure is necessary to keep things interesting in life.

Life is an adventure. All success and no failure makes life a dull run. We all need a little tension here and there from time to time to keep things in perspective. Embrace them when they come. It is what it is. Keep this in mind as you strive to become better. You need a cold shower once in a while to shake things up and succeed.

Now, I do not expect you to go through life failing because of what you have read here. The idea is to put your best foot forward always. If by all means you find success wonderful. But if you fail as we often do, do not despair.

Know that your success is contained in the wrap of your failures. Get up, dust off yourself if you fail. Pick up the pieces again. The milk is spilled and spoiled but there is still enough cows in the barn of life for milking. Do not despair. Go back to the farm of life and milk again.

Yours in total success,


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