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Innovate and Succeed in Your Life

April 28th, 2009

Stand AloneYou have been gifted with life for a reason. Find that reason and live the life you have been given. Do not look at yourself as the oddball in life. Think differently if things are not working for you. Act differently.

Those who progress and succeed in life are those who think and live. They do not agree to live, they think to live. The conformist has never amounted to much in life. They are followers.

This is also true in the everyday work world. People who are paid to think make more than those who are paid to agree.

You now have the opportunity to change the fortunes of your career or your life if you choose to.

Here are three quick tips to help you become innovative and succeed:

1. Think creatively.

It is easy to follow patterns of thought established in your mind when confronted with a challenge. A challenge is what it is because it is a new thing. To solve it you have to think differently. To think differently you have to think creatively. Challenges comes from the same place that solutions are found. They are products of the mind.

2. Develop the art of listening.

Challenges can put you on the defensive. In such moments strive to listen as much as you can. To take in the full dimension of any challenge you have to really listen. Just be open as wide as you can. This will quiet your mind. In the tranquility and still waters of your attention the solutions that you seek will gently swim to the surface.

3. Expect to succeed.

Without hope there is no enthusiasm in what you do. Enthusiasm will keep you connected to the possibilities of the future.This is essential to keep your cool in crises. It is this calmness in the midst of the storms of your life that will allow you to act in accordance to your goals.

The secret of success in all you do is to be innovative. Challenges and problems are what they are because they are new to you. To solve them go beyond your routines. Think and succeed. Being innovative and creative in all you do will create massive success in your life.

Yours in total success,

Hugues Nkamwa

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