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Build Instant Leadership Credibility in Times of Crises: 4 Quick Tips

April 27th, 2009

Leading in crisesThese are extraordinary times for any leader. Heads of governments, captains of industries, church and community leaders are all facing an immense challenge: It is how to build loyalty from your team or continue to uphold the necessary loyalty  to lead.

In times of crises stakeholders are concerned. They look to the helm  for guidance. Their desire is to trust that you can successfully navigate the crises they are facing. Perception is key here.

Here are 4 quick ways to instantly build the credibility needed to become effective at the helm:

1. Become a transformational leader.

Project yourself as a leader willing to embrace change. Cast your self as a transformational leader. This  will set up a reservoir of goodwill from your team and stakeholders. It  will create an expectation of change in the mindset of your underlings. This is important to build loyalty from your team.

2. Master your transitional phase.

Every leader goes through this phase when a crises hit. It is critical to master your “first 100 days or 90 days phase.” as the crises situation looms. This is because all eyes are on you at this time. Nothing that you do will receive the same scrutiny as in this period. Seek to demonstrate sterling leadership qualities in this phase.

3. Create situations to proof your mettle.

This is done not just to promote yourself but to build credibility in times of crises. There is always a pile of unknown challenges when facing the uncharted waters of a crises situation. Choose one of these as they present themselves early on. Highlight or amplify this challenge. Make sure you have  ready made ways to quickly and efficiently resolve the challenge.

4. Communicate with an aim to win hearts.

Now things are going to be turpsy turvy going in. This is normal, seek then to calm  the jittery nerves of your team and stakeholders. You do this by working at winning the hearts of your team and stakeholders. An efficient public relations effort on your part will do the trick in no time.

Things are not rosy these days for you as a leader. The size of the challenge you face doesn’t matter at this time. What matters is how to effectively project an image of competence. Your primary challenge will be to transform your nominal  authority to lead into a perception of trust and confidence from your group.

With this earned capital of  renewed trust and goodwill you will have an easy start in leading. It will be easier for you to do your job. You will be successful in negotiating the change that is needed for your organization to survive and thrive.

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