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The Secret Power of Gratitude

April 21st, 2009

Be grateful, stay open.It is easy to get fixated on your problems in life. This is a trap you must avoid to find total success in your life.

Remember that all that comes to you is a consequence of your attention.

If your attention is constantly on how life has served you bad cards nothing is going to get better.

Life is going to continue to serve you with the bad cards. These are the cards of your focus.

The secret then is to find ways to become grateful in all you do in life. Count your blessings. Be fixated on the revelations of life’s goodness to you. They will be amplified by the power of your attention.

Count the things you are grateful for one by one. Single them out. By doing so you realign the major currents of your attention and imaginative power.

Don’t think about what you do not have or what has not yet happened. Think instead about what you have received so far. And you will continue to receive.

Every idea or ideal fashioned in your mind becomes your property. If you fashion thoughts of lack and hardship. You will have to own up to the energy of lack and hardship you have created.

And if you fashion thoughts of abundance and success. You will receive abundance and success in life.

Now, the way to have thoughts and feelings of abundance in difficult times is to be grateful. Be grateful for whatever good has already come in your life. This is the quickest way to reopen the fountain of providential supply.

What are you grateful for today? Take a piece of paper and write these down. Be thankful that you have received so that you shall continue to receive. Go ahead and live your life. It is a gift that keeps on giving if you know how to stay open to it.

Life is an obstacle course at best. The quickest way for you to clear the obstacles and achieve your goals is to be creatively grateful. Create a mental platform of success. You affirm this platform daily by being grateful for what already is.

Yours in total success,


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