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How to Embrace Your Passion in Life

April 16th, 2009

Passion is the keyAll enduring change in life is created by individuals who embraced their passions. In doing so they answered the call of a higher power. In this time of economic challenge  seek your bliss and follow it.

You will become successful if you accept who you are. It may not yet be success in economic terms but you will find immediate intangible success.

This is a necessary platform for any success you can experience in your life.

I had written a post before on why following your passion is the route to find total success. Now, here are a few tips on how to embrace that passion and succeed:

1. Identify what moves you.

Scan the very ideas that run through your mind as to what you can best do. As these ideas run through your mind watch out for  the feelings associated with each idea. You will know which ones carry the greatest power. Explore these.

2. Do the work as you see it.

We are all artists in our own right. Paint the picture as you have seen it. Play the music as you hear it. Do the work as it is given to you. No more no less.

3. Do not concern yourself how it is received.

Ideas that move the world are not always immediately welcomed by the society. Do not be concerned by that. Carry on  as you think and see fit. Let your fire burn bright even in the face of opposition and rejection. Soldier on.

4. See yourself as a messenger.

The power responsible for the message will take care of the message. You are at best a caretaker. Your duty is to give out the message. Be about the sacred commission of your heart.

Your life is meant to be lived out for a purpose. Seek that purpose and execute it to its full extent. You cannot be given a task or vision that you cannot accomplish. In the ideal or the passion of your life are the resources needed for its fulfillment.

Your life is a supreme gift to you. Be true to the silent whisperings of your heart. You will inevitable find immediate and lasting success if you follow the drum beat of your heart.

Yours in total success,


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