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7 Ways to Help you Reclaim your Power to Succeed

March 18th, 2009

Catching the sunThe greatest danger in these times of change and uncertainty is that we tend to lower our sights. There is a real danger that the dreamer in us will be put to sleep.

Think instead of the mighty opportunities unleashed in your life. Seek instead to find out how you can reclaim your power and seize the day with audacity. You can become a winner again.

Here are 7 ways you can begin to take control again of your life and achieve your goals:

1. Acknowledge your Desires.

Be open to your desires and longings. To desire is a great thing. Your desire is the mechanism through which you tell the universe you are not satisfied with where you are.

2. Choose wisely.

The power of choice will allow you to zoom in on the desire that you have in your mind. Desire in itself is not sufficient to bring that which you want to your life. You must decide that it is what you want. This is what allows you to be committed to your goal.

3. Seek and you shall find.

Ask of life and you shall receive. The goal you have, the direction you have imagined for your life is an act of asking. Having set your goal and committed in your heart through your choosing the universe will respond.

4. Have faith.

Faith is the saving grace of mankind. All that has ever been achieved by man was done by faith. Faith is nothing but your ability to retain and train your focus points in life to be in harmony with the goals you have.

5. Relax.

The feeling of tension and excessive stress is the projection of the energy of fear into your life. At any given time your mind is crowded with all kinds of thoughts, fears and projections which do not serve your goal or your purpose. If the receptacle is clogged nothing is going to collect in it. Empty your mind of the imprints of your past actions. Just be relaxed.

6. Be grateful.

It is the most effective way to find success in life. There are a million things to be grateful for. To be happy and thankful takes you away from feeling like a victim. It gives you the feeling of being in charge of your life.

7. Accept your power.

All of life has but one purpose. It is for you to come to the complete understanding of the one universal power unconditionally available to you. To simply accept that you are that which you have made yourself to become is the crux of all life.

You can recreate whatever you have lost in these hard times. This is the opportunity that now stands before you. Jump in and play. Play big for once again only those who dream mighty dreams can accomplish mighty deeds.

Yours in total success,


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