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3 Quick Tips to Overcome your Fears in any Recession

March 13th, 2009

istock_000002150508xsmall5Larry Summers, key adviser to President Obama said today that fear has gripped the nation. “Fear begets Fear” he said, and urged all of us to get rid of this excessive fear in order to reverse the downturn in the faltering economy.

The problem has now become psychological. Folks are not going to get rid of their economic fears just because Larry said so. You need practical tools to aid you in this process.

Here are three quick tips to get rid of excessive fear in your life and begin to succeed despite the downturn:

1. Jump in and play now.

Do not wait until the stars are perfectly aligned to start living your life again. Jump in and play now. Fear will immobilize your will to act. Act now; progress is only made through action, not inaction.

2. Be willing to fail.

The fear of failure is the bedrock of all fears. To break the back of any fears you have to be willing to fail. Progress and success in life follows new initiatives. Fear of failing will cause you to loose the will to take the initiative to try out new things.

3. Develop a will of steel.

Develop a will of steel. No matter what happens in your life do not give up. Make a promise to yourself that you will be back. You will rise again in defeat. This attitude builds the kind of fortitude that can overcome any challenge in your life.

There is nothing as crazy as sitting on the sidelines of life immobilized by fear when facing great challenges. Exercise your will to survive during these times by taking the bull by the horns. Do what you need to do to reverse the downward spiral of your life and succeed again.

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