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7 Steps to Help You Survive and Succeed in any Recession

March 4th, 2009

horseraceI decided to launch this site because of the great challenges we face; these are difficult times. Times such as these call for drastic measures in our personal lives.

When all else seems to fail do not give up. Go within and do the work that has to be done to retain control of your life and the experiences you live through.

Here are 7 total success insights to allow you to quickly regain your footing and live the successful life:

1. Act Boldly. Do not be timid. Face the challenges of your life with courage and audacity. If you are poor seek to become wealthy, really wealthy. If you want to grow your enterprise, create monster goals.

2. Set new goals. Do not let your circumstances or environment define you or what you are capable of. If you are now poor great! Then what? Become something else.

3. Attach emotions to your goals. Attach strong emotions to the goals you have created for yourself. Do not attach any emotions to the fact that times are hard. Do not feed what you do not want.

4. Create an ideal for your life. Create a sound, certain and long term ideal for the life you intend to live. This can be a single philosophy of a life of total fulfilling success.

5. Embody this ideal. Become the leader and embodiment of this philosophy. This is needed for the ideal of the life you have created to survive.

6. Belief in your ideal. Belief in the ideal and goal you have created and be willing to do all in your power so it can have life. Belief that you are the ideal.

7. Refuse to negotiate. Decide that you are not going to compromise your ideal life or goal. Coming from a position of defeat you have nothing more to loose. Your aim is to build clout over the circumstances of your life; any offer to make peace with the things you do not want in your life will undercut your power.

You will inevitably succeed in whatever you do if you follow these tips. It is your life. To reach great heights and achieve awesome goals you have to find great depth within you. Times are hard, dig deep within you and create the success that you deserve. In this time hope is not enough; act with certainty and total success will be yours.

Yours in total success


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