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The Simple Way to a Success Filled and Fully Filled Life

March 13th, 2014

The simple way is simple indeed. It is not to have power, influence or wealth or health for that matter. Not that these do not matter. They do and we should go for them if need be. But, the simple way is a heart full of love. A heart full of love is indeed a platform of power; a power of a different kind.

Life is a gift, a wholesome gift. In other words nothing is out of place. All, everything is in place; there to serve you. This is why it is a gift. Such recognition will build a grateful heart in you.

And what will you be grateful for? It will be for life; to be able to love or to learn to love. This is all. This is the gift.

A pure heart is the goal. A heart of love is a pure heart. Not one filled with jealousy, spite, envy, hatred, greed and so on. Hearts with these attributes are not pure. They are not fully filled or success filled despite the appearances. They thirst of the divine waters of love.

So whatever you do, be pure of heart. Some know how to. They are already in the bliss of the simple way. Others do not yet know. These too will know with time. None shall be left unattended.

You are here to learn to love; be simple. Be grateful to be here; to love. And you will find the true and profound peace of the heart, of the simple way.

And it is this that will lead you to into an over flowingly fully filled and success filled life.

Yours into total success,


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