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The Hidden Wisdom of Challenges in Life

March 13th, 2014

Challenges are nothing but portals of creativity and growth. If all fails it means that you now can succeed. Beyond your failures are the open fields of your success.

Remember that all pain is the beginning of healing. A challenge when creatively and positively handled must open up to growth.

Whenever you experience any pain or dissatisfaction in your life it is because you have a vision that is not aligned with your present circumstances. This is the first step of progress in life and it is a good thing.

Handled appropriately, the challenges or dissapointments we face, serve as a platform for our creative response. It serves as a stimulant in otherwords. It gives us the opportunity to summon the infinite and intuitive intelligence within us.

Without trials, pain or hardship you will be untested. Being untested you will never know your true power or what you are made of. You will not be able to tap into the infinite and intuitive intelligence in you. You will not be weathered.

And it is this knowledge of who you are and what you are made of that we all need to overcome the challenges that life throws at us at all times.

Know that tribulations lead to perseverance. Perseverance builds character and character is the bedrock of hope. Be glad therefore when you are hopeful because hope is the forerunner of faith. And faith is the doorway of true knowledge. Be patient in the face of trials and tribulations; remain steadfast and focused. You shall be exalted in the end.

Seek not to run away from the things that defy your desires. They are windows of growth that cannot be equaled in this world. Accept all that is now in your life with gratitude. And work presently and dilgently not to overcome them, but to make manifest that which sings in your heart despite them.

This is the way. Challenges are gifts in disguise. Remain true and steadfast in your desires. And life will bend. It will configure itself with time to validate and affirm that which you have first made firm in your heart.

So is it that the bold, daring and most successful amonsgt us, not afraid of what challenges lie ahead, march on triumphantly in life.

And you can do the same.

Yours in total success,


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