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Quick Tips to Help You Achieve your Goals

February 27th, 2009

danceThe challenges you face in life will scare you into becoming complacent and do nothing to overcome them. Challenges that are not faced down will scare you into lowering your expectations in life.They will allow you to think small and make peace with lack and mediocrity. Do not buy into that.

In the face of whatever difficulties you face set new and big goals. Do not let a crises go to waste. Use the difficulty or crises at hand as a stepping stone to bigger things.

1. Cut your goals down to bite sizes. The reason you are the way you are and not what you want to be is because you do not believe you can achieve the life you intend for yourself.

2. Believe that you can achieve. Stand on the platform of faith. Retrain yourself to belief in you.

3. Act with precision and consistency. All is possible. Apply yourself constantly to your chores and with time you will find ultimate success.

4. Have the courage to dream. Keep dreaming no matter the challenge you face. Dream big dreams, they are attainable. Take a bite of this dream one day at a time and in a few seasons you will eat the whole thing. It works.

Remember that a goal is a goal. It is a projection of what you want to be or what you want to achieve in the future. Let this goal be the best of what you intend to occur in your life. Act as if you are the creator of life; give all to yourself and believe.

You will overcome all your challenges if you learn how to do this. Successful people did not become successful by playing small and petty in the face of their challenges. They always went for the kill. And so can you.

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