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The Folly Of Victimhood

June 10th, 2012

What makes you alive is the active cosmic breath that animates all. It is this power that is responsible for awakening your spiritual senses and ability to realize and experience the fullness of life.

The great tragedy is that not knowing the full potential of this cosmic power we tend to wallow in our failings and insecurities much longer than it is necessary.

The environment in which you live should have no role to play in determining for you what your tomorrow will be. You are equal to the task no matter what it is. This is because what is in you is stronger that what is outside of you.

It is common practice to wail in pity in the wake of the challenges in life.This is again a misconception of what life is and what is expected of it.

I say this only to say that no matter how bad the past has been the future can be shaped to your liking. All that is necessary is to focus not on the rather harsh environs of the life you live but to focus on the throbbing vital force of life which ever forward moving, can be consciously harnessed to serve the purpose of your heart.

Appreciate you for who you are not for what you have created or failed to create. You see, the creator doesn’t take pride in his creations in as much as in the creative power in them.

Much of the vast continent of Africa, for example, harbors wealth yet untold but the children of this continent continue to suffer immeasurably from want and disease. Why is this so? It is simply because they have not realized that they have the power to create the change that is needed for them to accept the full spectrum of their inheritance as children of the one power of all life.

It is easy in the face of challenges to give in to the feeling of victim hood. This here must be avoided at all cost. You are never a victim. You may not know this but it is true all the same. No one Living or death can influence the pathways you have chosen to express the life in you unless you give them the permission.

And you do so spiritually speaking by identifying yourself as a victim. By identifying yourself as a victim you are acknowledging and affirming the power of the thing or circumstances you are a victim of over your life. You have given the keys to the thing or circumstances in other words to continue to mess with you.

So, who are you Kidding? You cannot continually affirm an issue and expect that issue to go away. You cannot continue to be saying and affirming that you have been dealt a bad card in life and in the same breath expect the card to change.

To do so will be spiritually dishonest. Knowing who you are, you can play the hand you have been dealt with the vision and firm conviction that all will be for your ultimate good and advancement and it will be so.

The great secret that has been hidden from the masses in all this time is that you ought to be fully independent and self reliant for your livelihood no matter what is going on in your life. In other words do not rely on the promises of anyone to make a headway for yourself in this world. It is a lie; not your parents, Governments, friends or family. To do so is to set up yourself for failure in life.

This  is why it is said so often that God is a jealous God. In other words you have been configured to seek and receive direct sustenance from the primary source of life and no other source.

You must therefore become totally responsible for your whereabouts no matter what is touted in the public square. Doing so, you will guarantee for yourself a life of peace, prosperity and total success. I am not knocking down grace in life. That too has its place but let it come to you as a surprise and not as an expectation.

A lot of us today have to rethink the premise on which we live life. Things have changed so much. The securities upon which society was built seem to be crumbling and crumbling fast.

A new paradigm has to be introduced into the public place for us to fully assume the mantle of power that is implicitly and interestingly unleashed in such times as these.

You are only alive because you are a cosmic entity endowed with the power to influence the environment in which you have life. Do not take this lightly. It is easy to bounce around all day long not knowing what this life means to you. This is why you may be experiencing a harsh and challenging life.

To smoothen things out for you seek to regain the mantle of power. Give the vessel you are sailing in some direction. Take charge of the journey and set sail.

Living in the past you reignite the death coals of years gone by. Why will you do that when the present, uncut, waits for you in all its splendour and promise.

Stay here, my friends, and now, with the tools of the trade that has been given you by life, chisel out the masterpiece of the life you desire to create.

Stay at it, one stroke at a time. As you sculpt, life will sculpt with you. All it seeks is to bring out of you that which the grand architect itself has in the blueprint of this adventure called life.

How else will you come to know what it is in store for you without unwrapping the gift that is you. You are a resource of infinite value to life. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Take pride in you not what your circumstances are saying about you. Take pride in the fact that in you is a vortex of creative energy capable of removing the mountains in your life if you so desire.

In recognizing this power, you recognize the hand of your father who art in heaven and through whom all things are possible.

This is why you are a gift to life. Take this to heart and do the work that is required of you. We are all laborers in the vineyard of providence. There is no use in lamenting in this time of great challenge. No one has been denied.

All was given to you at birth and it is still so today. It is all up to you.

Work is needed but in the private workshop of who you think you are. Doing what is required in there you will discover the full range of all that you were meant to be in the first place.

A Promise…it is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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