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Discover the Affirmative Power of Life

It is my firm conviction that this life is complete and you are complete with it. All has been given to all in equal portion. It is up to you to draw down into your life the experiences that you desire.

This is not some ideal speculation that I present here. It is the ultimate truth of the true cosmic sciences. And as such I will not invite you to mentally dissect what I say but to try it. This way you will gain the experiential knowledge that is necessary to build your faith.

The world that you now experience is nothing but the pure reflection of the inner activities of us all. It is a cosmic congregate of all that we have managed to pull out from the invisible realms so far. There is more from where these come from.

You may not know that your life has not even started given the challenges you face. You are at all times given a fresh opportunity to begin again if you so choose; for you are the incarnation of the creative principle inherent in all life.

Some think it is easier to blame circumstances and other persons for their troubles. Others have been schooled to think that their lot will be changed for the better by the instrumentalization of an external power.

You were not created to be an idle partaker in the drama of life and living. You are configured to become aware, active and responsible for the life that courses through you. Doing otherwise opens the doors of the insufficiency that you experience.

Begin today to embrace the affirmative power of life that is you. You see, you cannot have or experience what you have not affirmed in your being. You will not experience the thing no matter how you have desired it. The sealing of the thing, the supreme act that will make the thing a reality in your life is by the affirming power of your true being.

This is because there are precise laws governing this creation called life. These laws are not the physical laws governing the physical world. I am referring here to the high spiritual laws of life.

There exist a cosmic configuration that will assist you in making real that which you have offered to the power through the empowered affirmations in your life.

So, here, when you want to experience a different circumstance in your life you must first begin to grasp the thing in your imaginative body. This way you become the thing in the invisible realms first. It is very important that you do this. It is the premise of faith and what is commonly called belief. You see, if you cannot see yourself in the designs of your desires they will not take hold no matter what happens.

The laws demand that you provide a receptacle for the thing to be released from the cosmic realms. And you create this receptacle by working your imaginative body. This has nothing to do with what your current circumstances are.

This active force of creation has little or no regards for what has already been created. Its field of action is in the undefined fields of providence.

Do not want to dwell on this too much. You must know that you owe it to yourself to carve a place foryourself though this cosmic this medium.

Start small. You will lose nothing except the fears and insecurities of  an uncertain life.

Find something that you really desire to experience. Do not limit yourself. Just make it a playful exercise. Assuming that your desires is for the good of the whole, begin to imagine that you are in the presence of this experience. Do so persistently despite the fact that it may all seem like a game of your imagination. Keep at it and you will be surprised sooner or later by the realization of the experience in your life.

It is the way life works. There is no other way as efficient as this. And it is the realization of this truth that is the rebirth that all who have life here seek; to be reborn into the glorious majesty of your supreme inheritance in life.

All of Christ’s healing for those of you who are Christians were based on this truth. The power behind the so called miracles was in the cosmic realms of the miracle recipients. It was simple as that. The Christ was nothing but the divine catalyst.

All he did was to provide the cosmic impulse that was neccessary to allow his followers to access their own supreme power.

It is why he said repeatedly that all he has done, you too can do. This was not empty talk, dear readers. Life is an equal opportunity affair. Release yourself from the bondage of ignorance and embrace the truth of life.

You are a sufficient being created and infinitely resourced by the gracious hands of providence now and forever.

The sublime power to change all and take possession of the land of your dreams rests squarely within you.

Yours in total success,


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