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Live the Authentic Life

April 18th, 2012

I had decided long ago to dedicate the rest of the time I have here on this earth to explore the reasons why we are here. And it has slowly but surely dawned on me that the reason we are here is to simply reclaim our power. This is not an easy task.

There is a present danger that has engulfed the world today and that is groupthink. People want to conform; they want to be like the Jones. This is where the great challenge is. Do you. You were not created to conform into a thought matrix created by others. You will lose your unique identity and personality in doing so. And it is this uniqueness that is indeed the foundation of our common progress and survival as a race.

No one has a monopoly on how to live this life. You are just as important as the next person around you. Honor that which is uniquely yours and express the value that comes from within you.

Do not fear the world, for the battle was won when you took in the breath of life at birth. The father of creation does not create imperfection. And above all, remember that you are a star in your own right. Burn and burn brightly so that the light which is in you can be seen by all.

Do not worry if you do not receive any accolades or the praises of men. Forge on in the knowledge that some stars are only seen when the sky is darkest. Worry not about tomorrow for you are today active in the cosmic furnace of your life; keep at it and let tomorrow meet you there, where all is brewed according to your tastes and designs.

Go out in life with the dynamic faith in Life. Call its name in good and bad times. Invoke the name of the one power of all life. He is an equal opportunity power and responds to all who have impressed upon it.

It is common practice for most people to swear in the name of the father of all creation. Such an utterance when not backed by your actions, feelings, thought and imaginings is nothing but empty talk.

Call out the name of the most high if you know not his power. And when you call it, know in your heart that it has heard you. It has heard and answered you. Be still and know then that He is the Power, the creator of the heavens and earth. Do not waver in doubt and remorse. Be glad for all your days are kissed with the comforting presence of the one power of all that is. Such is the mighty revelation to the children of faith.

Now, with such an assurance turn on the faucet to the inner fountain in your life and let the waters of life that are in you flow out abundantly to all. Do not fret or cower in the face of the challenges you will surely face.

Know once and for all that you have now been taken care of. Go out to life in full force. Be, say and do the things that you have set your eyes on. To be and do otherwise is cowardice. You have been called upon by the law of creation to discover your true power. Act now in the name of the one who began it all.

You see most people want to be happy. They want to be happy, peaceful, prosperous and successful. This is a normal desire. The challenge is; you do not know how to find the true peace and fulfillment that your soul craves. You have been thought to think that it is through material seeking only that you will find your paradise but it is not so.

Go within and rest your burdens unto the hands of the one power of all life. As was said in the days gone and still true today, “Come to me all you who are burdened and heavy laden and I shall give you rest.”

Come to the awareness of the sacred heart within you and find the eternal grace that your spirit craves. By yourself you will find certain anguish and pain. Seek the alliance of the power of all life and you will find true comfort and rest. All your days will be blessed by the sure knowledge that you are at one with the father who created the heavens and the stars.

It is this realization that will give you the final peace and happiness that you long for. It is this realization of your alliance and intimate complicity with the first cause of all creation that will enable you to love all as you love yourself and to love the God of creation with all your might and power.

How do you do this? It is simply by honoring the supreme urges of life that flows through you at all time. Have the courage to be and do as is dictated from the inner sanctum of who you are. Be authentic.

Doing otherwise is to negate the power of life that is within you and whose only purpose is to see that you and it are one.

This is the reason you are alive today. It is to reclaim your power. It is right here with you now, waiting.

Yours in total success


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