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Be Present in the Now to Succeed in Your Life

April 12th, 2012

Let bygones be bygones. You have often been told. This is not just another proverb or saying of the times. It carries with it the deep wisdom of the universe. It is a perfect tool to get you centered again in the truth of who you are.

Time is linear in the modern concept of today. We have the past, the present and the future clearly demarcated for our common use. The problem is we have a tendency to hold on to the past as if it is a separate entity in itself. The same is true of the future.

The tragedy is that in doing so we forget about the present time. The present, which is where you are here and now is the cornerstone of our life experience. The past was once a present and the future was the present before it transitioned into the future. So, if anything, focus on the nows of the life you have in order to control or at least give some direction and sense to the life you are living.

The reason for this is because if you focus on the past in your life you will not be able to be mindful of the things that are in your present; in doing so your unattended present will roll over into your future undefined by you. This is why it will always seem as if you are spinning your wheels on the same spot when you are trying to change things for yourself by dwelling on the past.

The solution is not to focus on the past or the future for that matter but to be here and now in this present moment . Here are a few tips to help you become centered in the present and get the job done:

1. Firmly plant your energies in the fertile unspoiled fields of the present.

Your attention is all you have. If you focus it on the present it will allow you to see what needs to be done and set you on the path of getting it done.

2. Act and do so now.

Do something now; anything to move you towards your goal. It is not the size of what you do that matters but the idea of being active in the garden of your life.

3. Forgive yourself and others.

What ties you to the past despite your effort is un forgiveness. Forgive yourself and all others for their actions whatever it is. Just forgive. Let it go instantly. You want to free the powerhouse of your attention at all time so that it will do the work that needs doing.

4. Do not be afraid to fail.

The fear of failure is man’s suicide. I do not know where this fear of failing came from. You are meant to fail because you learn best through your own mistakes. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. This will cause you to be stuck in a time warp. You need to set yourself free. Come down from your high horse and get your hands dirty.

5. Let it be fun.

Don’t take yourself too seriously now. Life is more than that. Have fun, be light about the process. Nothing is that important to have you walking around all uptight as if the universe is about to crumble. Have fun, be light in your temperament and go about your business.

This life we have is a mystery only because you want it to be. Nothing is hidden or a secret. All you have to do is to bring to bear the power that is in you on the challenges that you are facing. That is it. If you do so you will find success beyond measure.

The idea is to wake up every morning with the will and desire to claim your day and make it work for you. It is your day! Life is created to serve you and not the other way around; to do so you must be present in this present time. Summon the powers of all that you are and begin to cross out those challenges that you may have on your to do list.

Consider your attention as one would an electrical current. It is energy in its purest form. Shine this light on your present and you will find the keys to your future success.

All is in the present. It is the repository of your past and the seed bed of all that will happen in your future. Take up the challenge to be more present in your present and you will rediscover your true might and power in no time.

Yours in total success,


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