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Winning from Within

March 31st, 2012

You win from within. Most people look out on to their circumstances to win. They say, if I was this and that or had this or that happened to me, I would have won.They place the power to achieve their dreams beyond their reach and wonder why things are not the way they want.

The battle of life is fought from within not here in the play fields of your circumstances. Your power, the power in you is the power of all that is in life. It is within you.

Challenge your circumstances if you do not want them. Do not accept the dictates of your circumstances if you are not OK with them. You do not have to accept them.

Life is a war. I do not know where the idea that this earth is a peaceful place came from. We are in the battlefield of the spiritual currents powering this universe. You cannot afford to be passive or pacifist with what gives in your life.

To win here you have to become a warrior. Wage the war to survive and you will know true peace. Not the fragile peace of those who have linked their destiny to the influence of their circumstances. You will experience the peace of the holy warriors who live and die by the precept that the power within them is greater than the power of the circumstances in which they experience life.

Your circumstances, those that you do not want will not change unless a deliberate effort on your part is consistently made to overcome them. This is what differentiates the winners from the losers in life.

Go within anyway you know how. It is from here that the forces that shape the outcomes of your life are birthed.

The good news is that you are in charge of this inner space of your life. At least you are designed to be in charge, if nothing else.

So here, start from within. Start now with what you have, where you are. Don’t say, I will start tommorrow when the sun comes up for example. Start now, in the play fields of your inner garden, begin to design what it is that you wish to experience here.

Start now, create the energy streams of what you desire. You do not have to have the thing to feel its energetic pulse. Call forth the feeling of the thing and start the art of creating the thing in your life.

This is in fact why we have come to this earth. It is all so that we can again learn to master the art of creating for ourselves what it is that we need from the cosmic film of life surrounding us at all times.

Wavering and floating aimlessly in the universal currents of life not knowing where to turn is the height of an unconscious life.

You are created from the very substance that powers all life. This is a self evident truth. Why we have refused to acknowledge this fact in the conduct of our lives is beyond my understanding.

Life will not be satisfied until all its creatures have taken their rightful place in the scheme of things. And this includes you my friend. You cannot escape from life.

We are all condemned to come face to face sooner or later with the majestic power that runs within us.

The wise will rush to meet this force while the untrained sits ideally by, in the hope that something is going to change in his circumstances to make his miseries go away.

This is a folly to be avoided at all cost. You win from within.

Yours in total success,


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