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How to Tap into The Power of Your Inner Sight

March 22nd, 2012

All that happens in your life follows the energetic contours of an image that is held by you. In other words you are the one who is responsible for supplying the power needed to sustain the experiences you are now living through.

This may seem surprising to many but it is the truth all the same. You are the life line of all that happens in your life. The image that is held in the alter of your inner sanctum is what is revealed to you in your daily life. This is because you are a creative entity. You were not designed to be passive in life. You are configured to be creative in life. You are an organic divine entity, full of vigor and the cosmic energy to remake your world at will.

You have often heard it said that a people without a vision shall perish and this is an organic truth. You see your vision with the inner sight. The eyes of your power is your inner sight.

You see, you have physical eyes to see and find your way around the world of physical things. But in the realm of invisible things you will not be able to see with your physical eyes. That is why the untrained live in fear. They are working only with the physical eyes and when they do not see what they want in their present experience they say it is not there. They limit their reality to what the physical eyes can see.

This is wrong, and this is why there is so much suffering in the world today. All things that you see around you today were pulled from the invisible realm by the creative actions of the creative and and daring among us.

To succeed in all you do you must go within through whatever means possible and make contact with the power center of your life. Go in there where no one has the right to enter and begin to formulate for yourself what is you desire to entertain in your life. This is where work needs to be done.

As you begin to take control of your inner space so to speak you will begin to realize a certain order in your outer affairs. Do not stop after a few attempts at this. Dig deeper into the very core of who you are and once in there make sure you are identifying yourself with who you want yourself to be.

Here are a few tips to help you begin to discover the power of your inner sight:

1. Forgive all.

Blame none for your predicaments in life. This is crucial, for it allows you to begin the journey back to to the land of your complete innocence. Do not be concerned about the moral leanings of your society. Blame none, not even yourself for what has happened.

2. Reserve your right to think.

This is a basic right freely given to all human beings. The right to think is inalienable. No one can take it from you except you decide to give it away. Never let anything worth considering pass through you without undergoing the rigor of your thought process. This faculty was put in you for reason. Use it.

3. Embrace dissent.

It will be a dull life if everyone agreed with everyone. Life will be a dull expression of human vitality at best. Healthy disagreements are necessary for ideas to flourish. And good ideas run the world. It is necessary that you question the things that affect you until proven otherwise. Do not shy away from having contrary view points or being the odd one in the group. Life flourishes on the potpourri of ideas and diverse view points coming from the brains of its creation.

4. Reserve your right to self expression.

This goes without saying, it is essential that you embrace the fact that you can fully express yourself without fear. Self expression is vital to your survival here on earth. All in all make sure that the picture that is being outed is sourced from the inner core of your life.

5. Protect your inner space.

If you do not tend to the inner room of your life it will be overrun by intrusive forces which you may have little or no control over. There is no vacuum in nature. So pre populate this space with the ideals and designs of your heart and all will be well. Do this daily and stay alert at all times if you can and you will come to a full control of the energetic impulses of your inner room.

Life is a manifesto of freedom. You are free and it is free flowing towards you and all who are willing to recieve. Do nothing; for you are already in the presence.

All in all you need is to give direction to this free flowing energy of life. You can only do this by allowing it to fill  the moulds of the image that you have created from within and it will be so.

If you take a moment and begin to implement these factors in your life you will begin to experience a strong desire for self authentification. Be glad when this happens. It is normal to feel this way and do not shy away from it.

There is nothing that makes the inner you as happy as when it realizes that you have finally understood that it is the other side of you, without which it can not fully be complete in itself.

Yours in total success,


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