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Call Out your Destiny in Life

March 18th, 2012

Each has a name for himself that is known only to him. If he has failed in life it is because he has called out failure. Notice I did not say that he caused it. He called it out instead. He called failure into his being.

If a man has succeeded in his life it is because he has called out success.What we experience in life is what we call into our existence.

This is the trick of the ages. Your reality is nothing but the outing of the energetic impulses that are most active within you. Nothing can be done to change your condition without changing your energetic impulses.

Life is intransigent in this regard. Now, how does this apply to you? If you are faced with a challenge or difficult task you can choose to affront and overcome the challenge or you can give up in despair.

Most humans do not seek to affront the challenges they face,they give up in despair seeking to blame their conditions on whatever seems appropriate for them.

Life can be overbearing at times, we know that; but if you affront the challenge and commit to overcoming it you will become victorious in no time. This is because challenges are nothing but a manifestation of disharmony with what gives in our lives and what we want.

And so to bring everything back into balance all we have to do is to do all in our power to make sure that what we are experiencing is in harmony with what we want.

All who have life here below will at one time or another go through this test in their lives. How they manage this process is a of course a testament to how far they have come in recognizing the power which lies within them.

Now, here are a couple of pointers to help you call out your destiny in this life:

1.Do not be ashamed of your past.

If you do so you will become anxious and unsure about your present and certainly will become afraid of the future.

2. Swim upstream into the head waters of life.

Do not be content with what society has preprogrammed for you. Customize your life by going to the source of the thing that moves you.

3. Live from the heart.

You will not survive long enough if you dwell not within the throbbing heart of your life. Let all be dictated to you through your inner core.

4. Raise up your offering to the power that gave you life.

Bless all and bless the power from whence you came. It is easy to take it fro granted that you are alive. But there is a power that is responsible for putting you together. Give thanks and praise as often as you can.

When you are in despair call upon the name of the one who created you. Call his name in earnest even as you cannot see him. He will answer you, for his charge is to keep you safe from the hands of the wicked as you go through this wilderness of life.

Ask him to show his face; challenge him to reveal his majesty onto your enemies and knock and the door shall be opened.You are a flame of the supreme power of life. No one can put out this fire that is in you.

This is the same scenario that happened to Christ at the ninth hour on the cross when he cried out:”Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani” - “My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me?” This was a cry of despair. It was also a cry of hope and a very powerful prayer in and of itself.

And I think it followed that, after he cried this prayer, he quickly said it is finished and took the last breath of his life and gave up the ghost.

Let me just say here that his call was answered and when he said that “it is finished” it was indeed confirmation that his suffering had ended.

You too who is alive today can conjure the power of life in your moments of challenge and rest assured that it will be answered in quick succession. And you can comfortably say it is finished too when the request is fulfilled.

The power of life does not hide itself from you. In fact it wants you to know it and to live your life knowing that it has your back.This is why you have challenges. They help us grow in faith and spiritual maturity. They will help you to come into a fuller realization of the power in you through which all that you desire will come to be.

Shout out your battle cry if need be. There is one in each of us to help us rally the forces of the seen and unseen to do our bidding, for we are made out of the image of the omnipotent father of all creation.

You sure can do better in your life, do not be bitter about what has transpired. It doesn’t matter. Pick up the pieces of what is left and seek the alliance of the one who sent you here. With time you will emerge victorious.

Not because of your might and power but because of the might and power of the one who gave you the breadth of this life.

Yours in total success,


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