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Overcome the Fear of Death

March 17th, 2012

Most of us are afraid to die. In other words we have not accepted the reality in which we live in. This is psychotic and is the reason for the imbalance and disharmony that many feel in their lives today.

To be happy and live a life of meaning and purpose, it is essential to come to terms with death as a part of the equation of life. This realization will refresh your spiritual countenance and thus allow you to have a fuller experience in this your journey on earth.

Suffice to say here that you have been dead before. It was not a bad experience, that is why you are here now, alive. Have you ever asked yourself the question of where you were before you were born? If not, go ahead and ask yourself this question sincerely.

The reason I say this is because you came from the land of the dead. Death should not be a surprise to you for you were reborn from the land of the dead so to speak.

The ignorance sorrounding what happens after death is the cause for much unhappiness in life today. The concepts of heaven and hell created and sold for mass consumption has done more harm than good in the lives of men.

The first thing of course is to note that you do not die. The process that is called death is the shedding of the outer shell or casing of the spirit essence that you are. This cannot die. You are eternal.

I understand this post is a little off the mark. The reason I dwelled on this today is because the fear of death is the mother of all the other fears in life and it is this which is stopping you from being all that you can now in this life.

You were born to die. It is as simple as that. Now,whilst you have life, find a way to make it meaningful and filled with purpose. Let your time here count for something.

The desire to preserve physical life and prolong our days on earth is laudable, but since nature will always have its way, we may as well go with the natural pull by obeying the call to return when the time arrives.

All the other species of life on the earth have seemingly accepted this fact of life. The trees, the birds, animals and so forth are not afraid to die. It is us that still have a problem with this even though no one has overcome the cycle of birth and death in this life.

Wake up each day knowing that it certainly is a bonus and use this time to do your chores with a grateful heart.

You will get happier everyday despite your troubles when you practise this. Health professionals will tell you that people who are near the end of their lives become happier and more peaceful as if a certain spell has been cast upon them. And this is because they have finally accepted the eternal truth of their lives.

Do yourself a favor and challenge the fear of death that has cast a cloud of powerlessness over your life. Do all in your power to live a just and balanced life. Judge none, and be open to all. You will become happier with time and soon realize the great folly of life here on earth.

Life is love, all of your life is in the hands of the creative vortex of THE GREAT DESIGN.

You were born for the experience and nothing else; that is why you take nothing on your way out just as you brought nothing on your way in.

Yours in total success,


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