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The Power of Your Calling in Life

March 11th, 2012

Answer the call of your life and succeed in all you do.

Success in life should not be a mystery. You are wired to succeed. Do not let the results you have accomplished this far stop you if you are not satisfied.

What you have is not as important as who you are. In other words, your state of mind is more important that the circumstances in which you have life. And your state of mind is an infinite resource, which means all things are within your reach if you apply yourself to the task at hand.

The untrained amongst you seek the failure of those who have tasted the sweet nectar of success. You see, they seek to bring them down because they cannot stand the reality of the fact that these have harnessed or tapped into the power to succeed in life. This, you must avoid for it will bring more harm than good to your life.

Bow before those who have excelled in the secret craft of carving for themselves a place under the sun. It is not to their human self that you bow. You bow in reverence of the power that is manifested in their life. In so doing you are acknowledging the verity contained in their lives. And what is true of them is true of you too, for you are all made of the same primal essence of life.

Help those who are in the throes of self knowledge and growth. Encourage those who are in the struggle to free themselves from the tyranny of deceit in life. Become an apostle for the growth and good of all life and you too shall find success in all you do. The hand that feeds will not be left unfed.

We all have the power of life in us. Your everyday is nothing but a time credit of 24 hours placed at your disposal by the unconditional mercies of the creator. Use this time credit wisely. Use it the best way you know how to further the life in you and the society you live in.

The everlasting fount of the great provider is at your disposal. It is at your beck and call. Do not worry if you do not now have. It does not mean a thing not to have. Just be clear enough on what you want and commit to it.

And then with the everlasting resource of time on your side, challenge life, the great provider to make real the thing you have decided to create here below. It is that simple. You do your part and life does its part.

You do your part by acting in such a way that you are in alignement with your goals. And life will reconfigure itself, interfacing with you in such a way as to validate the goals you have impressed on it. Let no one tell you otherwise.

For example, you may desire to become a great pianist although you do not have any skills. Do not expect life to create a pianist out of you without your input. You can take piano lessons and do all the things that is neccessary to play the piano. You must do those things and as you do them life will begin to help you in the process in ways only you can discern for yourself.

Success in whatever you desire is within the reach of all who are bold enough to get off the trodden path of their routines.

Be consistent with your efforts and keep the flames of the passion of your desire burning. And with time you will see marked changes in who you are now and who you were before. And that is all there is to life. You are the one you have been waiting for.

Life is fair to all. Everyone has his moment, star and day in the cosmic scheme of things.

Flee from hate, mischief, jealousy, spite and anger as much as you can. Do not bury your visions or the dreams of your heart. Vow to bring these to pass and it will be so. Each man has his work cut out for him at birth. No other can do this for you. And you have been cosmically outfitted for this purpose.

You will never find the peace and freedom you desire unless you buckle down to the tasks of your life. Own the secret song in your heart and you will at last breathe in the rarefied air of true success in life.

Life is waiting for you; willing to assist you in answering the true calling of your soul. It does not waste itself and it will not allow you to waste yourself, for you and it are one. Time is of the essence.

Yours in total success,


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