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The Five Laws that Determine Your Success in Life.

February 27th, 2012

The universe is governed by a unique set of laws that is infallible and universal in operation. These laws are the underpinning of the smooth operation of what is known as life here on earth.

When times are easy and milk and honey flows, no one pays attention to these guiding principles of life. And when times are hard as they are today, many wonder as to what has gone wrong. They are caught flatfooted in the game of life becuase they were playing the game without knowing the rules.

And so here are the five laws that will help you to gain a better picture of what is going on in your life:

1. The Law of Economy.

Life does not waste itself. It creates and sustains the universe through the judicious use of its power and influence. In other words those who have, deserve to have and those who have not, deserve not to have. This is the bottom line. Do not be fooled by the smooth pronouncements of the masses. This has nothing to do with the so called ethics and moral sentries of the society you live in.

2. The Law of Efficiency.

Life operates silently but efficiently. It produces in you as it sees fit to serve the purpose of your life. All is equally endowed with a unique and specific task which only you can best actualize. If you find this out and commit to it, life in its ever just operation will rush to your aid. Doing otherwise will put you out of your element. In such instances mediocrity and a less than full life will be your lot.

3. The Law of Sufficiency.

You will only have what is neccessary to fully actualize the life that is in you. No more, no less.You will only have what your cup can handle. Life does not waste itself. All is given according to the recieiving medium. No more, no less.

4. The Law of Expansion.

Life is not static. It is perpetually in motion. It seeks to expand itself into ever greater dimensions of itslef. Ever expanding, it will respond to those who are equally expansive in thought, vision and goal. Question the status quo in which you find yourself. Be bold and courageous and life will rush in to fill in the void you have created with the neccessary experiences desired by you.

5. The Law of Service.

This is indeed the mother law of all of the above. To serve and to serve without an eye towards personal gain is the royal road to your total success in life. Those who serve have a far greater receiving receptacle for the life forces to flow in than those who do not.

Life in itself is an experience of unconditional service. If you must have, give. To give, you must have. Life will make sure that the giver’s cup runneth over.

These five laws are not to be taken lightly. You are not an accident. You were designed for a particular purpose whose mission your soul aches to fulfill. Nothing is lost, not even in these moments of trials, when things are so hard. The gifts of spirit are never lost.

Seek the alliance of the insvisible hand of providence and stake out your life for something greater than all you have done so far. And at the end of it all you will be surprised at your own wonderful success.

No one held you back. No one is now holding you back. You are the one who has imprisoned yourself. You can break free from this prison of self if you so desire. Use the laws above to gain a better perspective in the affairs of your days . Wake up from your slumber and be the mighty star of life that you were created to be and become.

Yours in total success,


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