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Time Management: A Key to Your Total Success in Life. Part B

February 16th, 2012

This is a continuation of the previous post. It is a way to get to the nitty gritty of the art of effectively utilizing time so as to achieve your goals.

Just as a reminder; know that all things will ultimate bow to the supreme pull of your attention and power through time.


The issue here is that when faced with unforeseen circumstances we give up in defeat even without trying. Whereas if we could but just begin to apply ourselves to the task at hand we may as well emerge victorious afterall.


The trick is to use time to your advantage as it relates to achieving your goals in life.


So here it is: No matter what goals you have or circumstances you are facing, the tips below will help you get a handle on your time.


Establish daily goals.

This is necessary to maintain focus and focus is the primary mover in all great achievers.


Prioritize your daily goals.

Of course it is not enough to set daily goals. You must prioritze your daily goals to reflect the importance of its impact on you achieving your ultimate goal.


Make a daily to do list.

This is a logical sequence from prioritizing your goals. Once you have prioritized what needs to be done, break this down to a “what and when” daily schedule.

Question what has been done before.

In otherwords do not just go through the motions. As you begin to execute items from your daily to do list, question established procedures. This is only so that your mind can be open to other solutions.


Physically and mentally organize yourself.

This is crucial because you are the executor of the plan and to make sure the outcome of your actions are in line with your goal you have to get organized.


Delegate when necessary.

The goal is yours to achieve but the how is not dependent on your efforts alone. Leverage the physical and human resources in your life as best as you can.


Learn to multitask.

Let nothing take your attention away from what you need to do to achieve your goal. You can certainly multitask. You may decide to keep your day job while working at your pet projects for example.


Many people find easy excuses by saying that they do not have enough time to carry though with their goals. This is a lie. It is simply not true. 


Here you have it. These tips are tried and true. In applying them to any goal you have you will rediscover the true power that you have over your circumstances, be they what they are. Just keep at it no matter what it is.


Problems or challenges are nothing but little scenes of life unfamiliar to your mind. That is why they appear scary and frightening to you.  As you begin to apply yourself constantly at the task facing you, your ever creative mind will find a way to change it or adapt to it.


The choice is always yours. Life has left it on you to make the descision to  live in fear or in courage and understanding.


In the meantime life and its invigorating impulses are unconditionally flowing towards you unshaken by the resolve in your heart. It’s only desire being to fulfilll whatever you have put your mind to.


 Yours in total succeess,




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