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Repurpose your Life Now and Rise.

February 10th, 2012

There is a deepening crisis that seems to have engulfed the world today. Our economic and social stability are being threatened by an unceasing wave of uncertainty. Fear has crept in and the meaner streaks of our natures are in full display.

We have all been affected in various ways by this menacing cloud of uncertainty. The times when all seemed nice and promising it will seem are all gone.

In fact the world is undergoing a major revolution. The problem is that being in it we do not fully embrace the magnitude of what is happening to us. The generations to come will look to this time with awe.

You are an actor in a movie that is playing out now in your life. All that is required is to recast the role you play in this movie. If you are not happy, you can recast yourself as the hero of the movie that is played as your life. The times call for such and the time is now. Time is of the essence.

What will you be remembered for? Will it be said that you balked when the times called for courage? Will it be said that you stood your ground and wrote your name in capital letters on the book of life? Will it be said that your feet were firmly planted upon the path of progress and promise despite the menace of unfriendly circumstances?

It is all up to you. This is the time of courage. It is a paradox that it is in times of great changes such as these that the golden door of opportunity is flung open for one and all.

The fields are wide open for all who dare to uncover the hidden bounty of life. Many are in dire straits and do not know where to turn. They feel that they have reached the end of the proverbial rope and have lost all hope in the search for a better life.

This is the reason for this post. Do not lose hope, no matter how dark the horizon appears to be. Within you is a speck of light that has the power to brighten your days. It is this eternal flame that is our saving grace.

Life did not create you to be left in a vacuum. It has within it a mechanism meant to serve, protect and prosper you in all ways. This is a promise.

You can be reborn into your majesty no matter what has happened. You can repurpose your life to serve the mission you have given to it.

Walk through the triumphant arc of hope and faith and you will rise to success no matter what the past has been or the present is. Repurpose your life now and keep going.

The hope for a better tomorrow is anchored in the fact that you are a living and vitalized entity whose power cannot be matched by the feeble aura of the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Sincerely yours,


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