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The Importance of Goals.

February 6th, 2012

A popular teacher in ancient times stated and I quote : “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you”

This was not empty talk. It really does not matter what the kingdom is for you. What matters is to first seek out the goal. Set your sights on the goal and all else will be added onto you.

This was an all-important insight into the working of the universe that was given to us by this ancient teacher from Galilee.

You may not agree with the ideals and ideas he preached about but you can certainly relate to the truth of the importance he placed on setting goals.

I say this because many of us get bogged down with the challenges of life. Things may not be going the way we wished and we may be caught up in a lot of difficulties.

The challenge here is not to run away from these curve balls or to consider yourself ill fortuned. The challenge is to reorganize your goals. Setting your goals invites the magic of the universe into your life.

Once you are clear and certain about what you want to achieve, your focus will change. And as your focus changes and is shifted to the things you have desired, the universe will respond in its own magical way to fulfill them.

This is because life exists for you. There is no better conduit of the power of life on this earth than man. Your attention so to speak is the headlamp of this power. It gives it direction. Shine this on whatever you have desired and you will live to see that come to be.

So, here are three things to remember on the importance of setting your goals and achieving them.

1. Find out what you desire and be certain about it.

A goal must be specific and you must be convinced that this is what you want. If you are unsure about your desires, the universe will reflect these uncertainties in the results you get.

2. Do not take any challenge as a rebuke from the universe.

All that has happened so far in your life is nothing but the effects of your past activity. It is not a divine rebuke or sentencing. Don’t compound the problem by thinking that you have not found favor with a being up in the sky or whatever. This is not so.

3. Begin to move in the direction of your goal today.

Start driving the results you desire by doing the things that you need to do to get the job done. It does not have to be a big step. A simple mental action such as associating a happy thought and disposition to your idea and ideal will suffice.

Start where you are. Doing the above things will generate an excitement in your spirit which when harnessed will fuel your actions. Under the watchful eyes of the power of all life your harvest will certainly be as you have desired, envisioned and acted.

It is this quickening of the mind that is required to get you going to the place of your desires and none other than you can set the ball rolling.

Yours in total success,


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