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Overcoming Despair in Life

February 3rd, 2012

One of the greatest obstacles in your desire to be successful in life is despair. It is an overriding feeling that there is no hope, that all is lost in your affairs. This indeed is the one reason why we fail.

Life is an obstacle course by design. It is so that you can through your own efforts wake of from the slumber of unconsciousness or not being aware of whom you are.

I know this may sound crazy but it is the truth. Do not yield to the ever present temptation of giving up in the face of challenges and obstacles no matter what they are. Strive and do all in your power to maintain a flicker of hope in your spirit. That tiny flame is all that is needed to keep the door of providence open. And you need to keep that door open because life will ultimately come gushing in so long as you stay the course.

I have no illusions on the toll any kind of distress can have on one’s psyche. It is normal to feel the pain and shock of changing circumstances especially when you think you have done all that is needed to move ahead.To continuously drive your destiny, do not allow despair of any kind to set in.

Find something in these moments of trial to do. Talk to somebody who can cheer you up. Listen to some music, go for a walk. Do something for God’s sakes.This is so important because in despair you have given up the fight. In other words you have become a victim. And once you define yourself as such the game is over. For nothing can come out of the spirit of one who has not owned up to his power.

The most important influence in your life is not what goes on around you, or what others say, or think of you. It is what you think of yourself. It is how you have defined yourself. This here will be the game changer for you.

In despair, you sentence yourself in the prison of death and hopelessness. In hope and cheerfulness you open the doors of opportunity and possibilities. It is this openness that will serve as the entry way for the cosmic power of life to display its miracles.

All is meant for your ultimate elevation into the heights that you have determined for yourself. It is a game of sorts that we play being alive. The end purpose of which is to bring us to the subtle realization of our trueselves; that you are not a pauper but a prince though clothed in rags.

Take this to heart, my friend; nothing is etched in stone in this changing medium of the earth realm. Do not get fooled into submission by the false pronouncements of your circumstances. Dust yourself up and get back into the play fields of life. Work within to keep the tiny flicker of hope alive. It is this light that will lead you out of the trying tunnels of your travails to the glorious realization of all you have ever wished for yourself.

Try it. You have nothing to lose.

Yours in total success,

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